Contact Aer Lingus: Find below customer service details of Aer Lingus airline, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Aer Lingus. Besides contact details the page also offers information and links on services of Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus Head Office
Aer Lingus Limited,
Head Office Building,
Dublin Airport, Ireland
Phone: + 353-1-8868202
Fax: + 353-1-8863832

Aer Lingus Customer Care
Phone: 0818 365044
Phone: 0818 365000
Phone: +353 818 365 044 (international)

International Contacts
United States: +1-516 622 4022/4222
Austria: +43 1 5852100
Belgium: + 070 359901
Czech Republic: +420 224 815 373
France: 08 21 23 02 67
Germany: + 01805 133209
Hungary: + 00 36 1 999 1430
Italy: + 39 02
Netherlands: 0900 2658207
Spain: + 34 902 502737
Switzerland: 0041 442 86 99 33
Australia: 1300 304 016
Japan: + 81-3-5363-1166
UK: 0871 718 5000

Gold Circle Contact
Phone: 0818 365900
Phone: 0871 718 5555 (UK)
Email: [email protected]

Cargo Contact
1850 767 767 or
+ 353 1 886 6688

Group Booking
Ireland: 0818 365007
UK: 0871 718 5222

Book Aer Lingus Flight
To book a Aer Lingus flight online click here

Baggage Information
Passengers are allowed to carry one cabin baggage with dimensions 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and max weight 10kg. For regional flights, the baggage is restricted to 7kg. For checked baggage, longhaul flight passengers are allowed to carry 1 bag under 23kgs. Business Class passengers are allowed to carry 3 bags free of charge. Each bag must not exceed 32kg weight. For more details reach the Aer Lingus customer care at the details given on this page.

Lost Baggage
To track lost baggage click here. You can also reach the customer care at [email protected]

Gold Circle Club
Gold Circle Club is the Aer Lingus Frequent Flyer Programme. Members can earn reward miles every time they fly with Aer Lingus or its partner ailrines. Members can also earn points on car rental and hotel booking. The Gold Circle Club consists of three tiers, Gold Circle, Gold Circle Prestige and Gold Circle Elite. For more details or to register online click here

About Aer Lingus
aer-lingus-airline-pictureAer Lingus was founded in the year 1936. Established by the Irish Government, the airline is the national carrier of Ireland. Presently, the airline flies to over 80 routes from its main hub at Dublin Airport. Its other bases include Belfast International, Cork, London Gatwick, Shannon and Washington Dulles. Aer Lingus flew 9.3 million passengers in 2010. The airline employs about 4,000 people. Aer Lingus has codeshare agreements with American Airlines, KLM, United Airlines, British Airways and JetBlue.

Aer Lingus destinations include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Milan, Venice, Brussels, Athens, Izmir, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Naples, Rome, Helsinki, Vancouver, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Calgary, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, Washington DC, Orlando, Boston, New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami, Austin, Tampa and more.

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  1. Audrey Kasselis Reply

    Let’s see if this will work. I have tried so many web sites…!! I wish to complain very strongly about the utter mayhem in Terminal 2 on the morning of December 29th…We tried 3 self-check in bornes….all out of order. Finally, I found a very frustrated, but , polite employee, who said that he had been pleading for extra staff since weeks . He was helpful, but overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation. We saw, in all. 3 Aer Lingus staff. My nephew, checking in for New York at the same time, with a sick baby, spent an hour and a half at check-in…. This is disgraceful behavior on the part of Aer Lingus. I am ashamed for our national airline. I am absolutely certain that I am not alone in complaining about this situation.

  2. Alan R Massaro Reply

    Our flight form DUB to BDl was cancelled on 11/20/16 confirmation #2cmv4n . We were notified and called in to see what we should do the Are Lingus rep that we spoke to gave us an alternative we could fly to JFK or to Boston or wait a day then fly to BDL . JFK was out because i would have to have had some one drive from where we live to pick us up and that would have been a 7 hr round trip drive never mind the wait at the air port . We could not stay another night because of budget restraints. So we chose Boston and started calling to find some one who could drive the 2 1/2 to pick us up and bring us home. On the flight we found out from other passengers that we could have stayed one more night and Are Lingus would have put us up.Then we could have flown into BDL the next day, that would have been perfect. We were never told that Are Lingus would get us from Boston to BDL. No one offered us any of these options,not the rep we talked to on the phone there was no announcement on the plain that people from the BDL flight would be ferried from Boston. WE ALONG WITH OTHE PASSENGERS FOUND THIS OUT FROM OTHER PASSENGERS ON THE FLIGHT . So we got off the plane in Boston called our ride who was still an hour away and took the taxi ride Are Lingus offered us. MISTAKE…. WE were jammed into a taxi 4 of us no room for 8 bags no leg room no place to move for 2 1/2 hours . WE are Appalled at the way Are Lingus treated us . We hope this is not the norm . thank you

  3. Joan Reply

    I have tried to change flights on line but it wont let me. Living in Singapore so rang Australia office. They cant help but advised I need the Irish desk. This is a great way to stop any contacts as one has the pay for the priviledge! Surely Aer Lingus you can do better than this. This is a cynical way to manage any dissatisified customers or customers with queries ensuring there is no easy way to find an on line contact.

  4. Mary Richardson Reply

    Hi Aer Lingus Customer Care

    I have sent a long letter to you in July and in Sept received a case number Case Reference: 327326

    I have sent about 3 follow ups in the 2 months that have passed with no reply whatsoever

    I am very disappointed with this customer service and would appreciate if you could reply at your earliest convenience


  5. Michael Reply

    I found it rather unusual that the Air Lingus customer support agent told me that Air Lingus does not have a mechanism to provide immediate confirmation of having received notification from a customer of the cancellation of a flight. The lack of doing so places your customers in limbo — indeed jeopardy — should the airline fail to find or otherwise properly marshal such records. MSB.

  6. Scott Siegfort Reply

    I have flown from the U.S. to England on 4 occasions flying 4 different airlines. My latest journey was flying on Aer Lingus from Orlando, Fl. USA to Birmingham, England on December 20th, 2014. When I first purchased my ticket in August, 2014, I chose what I thought would be an excellent seat. I am 6’4″ and 300 lbs. My 3 previous journeys were flying on American, Air Canada, and British Airways and my seats were nery comfortable. This, however, was not the case with my Aer Lingus flight. From the very first moment I sat down, I was under severe discomfort. Though I had much more than enough legroom, I could not get my bottom all the way back in the seat because it was much too narrow. I had severe discomfort for the remaining 8 hours of flight and repeatedly attempted to find a comfortable position but even with the most comfortable position of angling by backside so only 1/2 of it was making contact with the seat, I WAS IN PAIN! (my 1 hour flight from Dublin to Birmingham was verfy comfortable because it was a different model plane) In any event I will not subject my body to that pain for my return flight on 1/10/2015. If I need to fly on a different airline back to Orlando, I will do so although I would hate to spend over $600 to do so. I would ask that Aer Lingus would upgrade my ticket to a better seat that would not be painful. If I need to spent an additional several hundred dollars, I will regretfully do so. I ask that you would help make my return journey mush more pleasant.

  7. martina Reply

    I am just wondering if you accept citizen cards for people travelling from Dublin to london heathrow? I am not having my passport with me right now. Is citizencard id enough?

  8. adrianna sawuck Reply

    Could someone please email me a contact address for complaints department in Dublin and England. No I do not want a telephone no. I have already written a letter. Thank you.

    • Wendy Leftwich Reply

      So can’t help as I’m also looking for the the same. Can anyone help? Thanks you.

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