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Zillow career guide: How to apply for your ideal job

If you are looking to carve a career in the world of real estate, then Zillow Group should be your ultimate destination. Since its inception in 2006, the company has been changing the way consumers purchase, sell, rent, or finance their homes. Featuring vast resources and innovative technology, Zillow is all about bringing a convenient and seamless real estate experience to the masses.

Thanks to its comprehensive database of for-sale and rental listings, Zillow has continued to remain popular over the years. In addition to that, Zillow has introduced its in-house home valuation tool, known as Zestimate, which helps users estimate the costs of properties by incorporating different metrics.

To enhance the platform’s credibility, Zillow deploys a network of local real estate professionals. As a result, the company enjoys a strong brand presence across the United States and has an active user base of more than 200 million.

Having said that, if you are someone who understands the real estate market well and thereby wants to make a career out of it, then applying for an open job position at Zillow Group can be beneficial.

How to Apply For Job Online?

Completing the online application process for careers at Zillow requires knowing some intricate steps, which can be found below.

  1. Start your job search journey by visiting the official website here.
  2. On the landing page, you will be presented with a list of available jobs that you can apply for. Additionally, you can filter your results based on your skills and preferred city/state/zip code.
  3. Proceed to browse through the open job offers and select the one that intrigues you the most by clicking on the job title.
  4. A new web page will open stating the role and responsibilities you have to perform, the qualifications you require to apply for the job, and some additional information.
  5. If the job description suits your skill set and needs, select “Apply Now”.
  6. In the next step, you will be required to create a Work Day account or sign in to your already existing one. After that, you can proceed to apply for the job role using your resume or CV. Additionally, you can also attach a cover letter with your application.
  7. Once you successfully submit your application, you will receive a confirmation message on your email address.
  8. Lastly, if your application is selected for the screening process, you will receive a follow-up email from the company asking you to appear for the interview process.

What are the Popular Job Positions Available?

Currently, the popular career options that are in demand at Zillow Group include Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Manager, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Programme Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Recruiter, Software Developer, Data Engineer, Front End Engineer, QA Engineer, Graphic Designer, Data Analyst, UX Designer, Sales Representative, Business Analyst, and Corporate Recruiter.

With that being said, interested individuals can apply for their dream jobs at Zillow via various third-party job portals such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and Flex Jobs. However, it is suggested that job seekers first register themselves on the aforementioned platforms before planning to track down desirable job positions.

What are the Employee Benefits and Perks Offered?

Like any successful enterprise, Zillow is committed to making the lives of its employees and their families better and more resourceful. From providing health benefits to offering financial assistance, the company ensures that a stable, collaborative, and productive culture can be implemented among its employees. Some of the most notable benefits are mentioned below.

Health and Mental Well-Being: Zillow offers a wide selection of medical plans to its employees based on quality, flexibility, and value. Health care also includes prescription, dental, and vision coverage. Additionally, employees and their families are taken care of for their mental health needs so that they can avoid anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts while building resilience. It should be known that health care includes HSAs (Health Savings Accounts), FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts), and gym allowances (up to $75 per month).

Financial Well-Being: Financial benefits at Zillow include equity choice, where employees can choose to invest in the stocks and shares of the company based on their short-term and long-term goals. Additionally, the company offers a 4 per cent match for employee contributions under 401(k) retirement savings. Plus, employees can also enjoy home office support, student loan support, life and disability coverage, and financial guidance.

Learning and Development: Career development is crucial for employees who want to grow their careers. Such is the reason why Zillow offers specialised training classes for its employees, courses on leadership development, and career counselling.

Paid Leave: Employees working at Zillow are encouraged to take time off from their jobs so that they can replenish their energy and become more productive. The company also offers its sabbatical programme, known as Zillow Recharge And Reboot, to offer six consecutive weeks of paid leave once an employee reaches six years of service for the company under his or her belt.

Other Benefits: Some of the lesser-known perks include parental benefits, flexible work (home, office, or a combination of both), and short-term international work authorisation for up to four weeks annually.

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