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Top 3 ways to contact TV cook Nigella Lawson

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She is the world’s most celebrated food writer and gastronomist, skilled in culinary arts, and one who has successfully hosted numerous cooking shows over the past two decades in the United Kingdom. Ironically though, she never started as a trained chef – all her kitchen training was with her mother at age 15. She wields the Almighty powers because when Nigella says something positive about a recipe or ingredient, sales shoot up correspondingly and things sell like hot cakes.

Nigella Lawson is everyone’s favorite food person, and her recipes are a smashing hit with the young and old alike. She doesn’t like to be identified as a celebrity chef despite being famous as the ‘domestic goddess’. Unapologetic about her love for food, and a devil-may-care attitude toward gaining those extra inches at the sides and still managing to look ravishing, Nigella is our adorable woman next door who keeps life simple and uncomplicated. By her own admission, “Between size 6 jeans and the cookie jar, I would rather be the cookie jar.” She elaborates, “Through food I have charted the stages and phases of my life because for me the recipe is a highly charged autobiographical form.”

She has been the inspiration to millions of women worldwide in mapping out the territory of her life, and living it queen-size unabashedly on her own terms. With a whopping 939k followers, her loyalists and admirers love to see and follow her chef d’oeuvre.

If you are a die-hard Nigella fan and would love to connect with her, here are the top three picks for you.

Reach Out Through Her PR Manager

Mark Hutchinson is Nigella’s PR man. He has worked with our lady for the past 15 years and even launched his consultancy agency with a bang in profile management with Nigella. However, getting through Mark will not be a cakewalk for the regular fan guy who wishes to meet their screen goddess – Nigella. Hutchinson is more of Lawson’s publicist and is your first point of contact if you are planning personal interviews or cover features with Nigella. This would mean, you will have to impress our Hutchinson guy hard and strong to get to Nigella.

Nigella Lawson is a brand, and Mark’s job involves promoting her in the best light for visibility and undiminished fame and popularity. He will not readily schedule his client’s interview unless you convince him with your flawless and meticulous strategy, breaking your objectives and messaging diligently and appropriately. He will not have anything negatively affect his client’s TRPs, public endorsements, and readership/viewership. Be prepared that he will stand guard to Nigella, and will wield considerable power and influence to decide where she would be appearing, with whom, why, and for how long. So, get your facts straight, google up more on Lawson, and lay out a genuine reason to interview her to depict her unknown sides to the public, and her fans in particular.

You can write to Mark at [email protected] , requesting him to grant you an interview with Nigella Lawson. All should be good if he comes around.

The Social Media & Email Route

Nigella Lawson, a celebrity that she is, is on virtually all the social media handles. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter – she loves sharing her recipes with her fans and responding to questions and appreciation. The idea is to connect with the audience at deeper, more intimate levels – sans all the superficiality.

It is through her social media feeds that you get to connect with her in the truest sense, and know the person that she is. She will never have another do the job for her. She answers fan queries directly and personally. She shares valuable life hacks alongside her world-famous recipes. She is fond of clicking food pictures and uploading them for her fans, throwing interesting challenges at them, and sharing her myriad experiences from her international tours. All this and more, make Lawson even more endearing to her fans.

You can ask Nigella anything about her latest and old recipes at; for recipes and news you can check out You can also connect through her official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. To send a mail, you can write to [email protected]

Connect Through TV Channels that Host Nigella

Nigella Lawson is ubiquitous! She is of course on YouTube with her best, and yet simplistic and comforting spreads. She is a regular face on MasterChef Australia, and Simply Nigella. She features on Ask Nigella Anything, Genius Kitchen. Viewers and fans get the opportunity to get up close and personal with their queries with Lawson on Genius Kitchen in this segment. You can have your favorite questions answered personally by Nigella herself – be it fielding questions about her best takes in life or responding to regular cooking questions. She does it with panache! She reveals more and more about herself and her charming personality with every question she chooses to answer.

She has appeared on and showcased her gourmet skills as a celebrity guest on several other TV channels. You can leave a trail of messages, comments, and feedback on either one of these online channels that feature exclusively on YouTube. Her YouTube channel is where you find playlists and videos of her past and present shows.


One of the best ways of connecting with a celebrity is to follow their social media accounts. You may well have your reasons to connect with them – from a simple fan connection to wanting them to endorse your brands/services/products, or even promoting them full-fledged through your blogs and articles. It is a given that they do not respond to all their fans and followers. However, if you are persistent and determined in your efforts, someday you may get lucky to have them chat with you, and your life’s best dreams come true! Just be careful not to come across too in-your-face, and be sensitive while leaving your comments for them across different social media platforms. Who knows when Nigella may have her guy call you for that special interview you waited for all your life?

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