The handsome Tamil actor was born Saravanan Sivakumar but is popular in the Kollywood industry by his nickname – Suriya. He eventually forayed into films in the mid to late ‘90s after having worked in the garment industry for a while. He is the son of the noted Tamil actor Sivakumar and the elder brother of the award-winning actor, Karthik Sivakumar.

Despite a smashing debut at the box office, his film graph soon fell when his subsequent films bombed, and eventually, his career in acting took a beating. But as they say, the misses are as good as the hits because they churn out the best in you. In a few years, Suriya returned with a vengeance! The next few ventures turned the table and virtually made him a star overnight because of his unforgettable performances and versatility – landing him prestigious awards year after year. He proved to all filmmakers that he was a dependable actor who could generate big grossers! He became the new poster boy of Kollywood.

Suriya also made a mark on the small screen by turning into a host/presenter with a popular TV show and becoming a brand ambassador for several other products. He is a producer to reckon with and a man with a golden heart for several of his charitable works.

Here’s what to do as a fan, journo, or an entrepreneur with a business contract or offer for endorsements for Suriya.

Through PR Manager and Publicist

As a marketer, perhaps you already are aware of the mileage you and your product can get from a celebrity pitch. If you are looking to launch a brand with a popular face and personality like Suriya to raise awareness and back your product, you will have to spend some time drawing up a solid program with a list of the name/s and contact information of his immediate assistants/agents/or PR. You do not have to reach out to all of them at once, but you might have to try them all to see who responds first.

Once you get through, you will need to put your communication to good use to convey your purpose. Remember, for any endorsements, Suriya’s agent might ask for literature to study your product features to verify that the star doesn’t accidentally promote risky products. The final approval may come only after several rounds of meetings and negotiations.

For a public event, donations, appearance, show, or interview with Suriya, however, you do not have to go on a spree to convince his people, but you still may need time on your side to finally reach someone on his management team to agree to, give the availability of dates, and convey his prices to you. Having said that, did we mention actor Suriya has his own production house? The name of Suriya’s production house is 2D Entertainment. You could try connecting with folks at helm through the website here.

Connect Through Facebook or Twitter

Fans can have a variety of reasons to connect with their idols on their social networks– an inexplicable hero-worship; the attraction in the fact that they are mostly remote and obscure; the curiosity that drives people to unearth hitherto unknown facts of their private lives which seem a tad mysterious— stars are virtually the Gods of present-day humanity to many!

Social media is again a powerful tool for celebrities to interact more freely with their fans and keep them updated with teasers from their latest movie outings – an important marketing gimmick. The platforms are mediums for them to share videos and pictures from important life events and celebrations with their admirers who are keen to follow.

Like every star, Suriya, too, has his presence on social media. You can still afford to see him from closer quarters on your smart device or PC, if not in flesh and blood elsewhere on a ‘Meet-and-Greet’. Check out what’s the latest in his life on Facebook or Twitter, and you will be surprised to know that he does respond to fan messages and feedback.

Write a Fan Mail

Stars do not usually share their contact details with all for privacy and security reasons, but Suriya is a rare exception. The following are the actor’s contact details that have been retrieved from the internet. However, it is advisable to cross-check the details once before you send out a personal note to the star.

If you prefer sending a gift or fan letter to Suriya, no separate fan mail address has been provided but you may send a self-addressed envelope to his Foundation office address which has been updated as – Agaram Foundation, 15, Krishna street, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017, Tamil Nadu. The foundation’s office email is [email protected]

We wish you good luck and sincerely hope you can connect with your favorite star against all odds.

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Last Update: January 19, 2023