Being a baseball team and a major cultural icon of the city of Chicago, the history of the Chicago Cubs is marked by both epic triumphs and crushing defeats. Winner of the 2016 World Series Championship, the team was founded in 1876 as the Chicago White Stockings. During their early days, they enjoyed major success, winning three World Series before the turn of the 20th century. However, since 1907, they have fallen short of expectations on countless occasions, winning no trophies for the subsequent 108 years until 2016.

Breaking a 108-year curse is not easy, but the story of the Chicago Cubs is a reminder that even the longest droughts can be broken and dreams are always achievable, especially if you work hard enough. Additionally, the contribution of the Ricketts family, who are the owners of the organization, must be applauded for the team’s recent success. And the biggest piece of evidence that the Cubs will continue to taste success in the coming days is its commitment towards improving its player recruitment, sporting facilities, and helping fans have the ideal experience at Wrigley Field (the home ground of the Chicago Cubs).

If you are someone who has recently been to a Cubs game and want to share feedback on your experience – be it with the ticket purchasing process or the stadium tour – our comprehensive guide can help you connect with the correct authorities effortlessly.

Here is How to Contact

The ideal way to get in touch with the Chicago Cubs is via phone at 800-THE-CUBS. Alternatively, you can also contact them via email at [email protected]. And lastly, if you desire to physically mail them, you can do that at the following address: Wrigley Field, 1060 West Addison, Chicago, IL 60613.

It should also be known that the Cubs Front Office is located at 1101 West Waveland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613, where you can visit in person.

Feedback on Tickets or Stadium Experience

If you are planning to provide feedback on tickets that you have purchased (either single-game tickets or season passes) or want to share your positive or negative experience at Wrigley Field, then you can do so by following the below-mentioned steps judiciously.

Providing Feedback via Phone

  1. Start the process by first giving a phone call to Chicago Cubs customer support at 800-THE-CUBS. Phone lines are open from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 AM and 5 PM CT.
  2. Navigate through the on-call options and select the option to speak to a customer care executive.
  3. Once a customer service agent connects to your call, provide your name and ticket details (or membership number for season ticket holders), and then share the feedback you want. Ensure that you keep your conversation short and to-the-point.
  4. After that, the customer service representative will either provide you with an immediate solution to your issue or feedback or will ask you to wait for an official response from the organization staff.

Providing Feedback via Email

  1. Begin your journey by first drafting an email from your choice of email ID, preferably from the one that was used to purchase the tickets.
  2. In the email, provide your name, ticket details (individual or season ticket details), seating details inside the stadium (for providing feedback on the stadium experience), and the feedback you want to share. When sharing a stadium experience, you can attach photos or videos to your email.
  3. After that, send the email to [email protected].
  4. Wait for a follow-up response from the organization’s customer service addressing your issue.

Please note that you can also provide your feedback on tickets or the stadium experience via physical mail at the following address: Wrigley Field, 1060 West Addison, Chicago, IL 60613.

Always remember that the organization receives large quantities of mail every day, and a quick response might not always be possible. Also, it is not recommended to send any tangible item (something of value) to the aforementioned address because it is not guaranteed that the same will be returned.

How to Connect Through Social Media

In addition to the above-mentioned communication channels provided above, you can also contact the Chicago Cubs via social media on Facebook, Threads, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter). But, before you decide to contact the relevant authorities, there are some specific important information that you need to keep in mind.

Starting with fan assistance during games, which can be triggered by texting with the keyword ‘Friendly’ along with your seating location and issue at 773-207-2106. Your message will be responded to as soon as possible. Additionally, you can also call the Fan Services Hotline at 773-388-8270 or use the ‘Ask Fan Services’ service via the MLB Ballpark app on your smartphone.

Lastly, if you want to experience a Wrigley Field tour to get an insight into the behind-the-scenes look at the much loved home of the Chicago Cubs, then you can either call at 773-388-8270 or visit the official website to purchase a tour ticket.

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Last Update: April 15, 2024