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Here is how to contact celebrity chef Graham Elliot

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He is your Michelin Star, a Chicago-based American chef who is also the recipient of numerous awards for his extraordinary culinary skills. Young and dynamic, he has enjoyed an illustrious culinary career besides being a restaurateur at the age of 45.

Graham Elliot is your amiable, charming, unassuming, and friendly celebrity chef and popular tv star. He has been on the MasterChef programs, The Great American Recipe, Family Food Fight, Craziest Restaurants in America, Covert Kitchens, to name a few. He was the youngest chef to receive critical acclaim from some of the major publications before he hit 30. He added another feather to his cap when he got invited to cook for former US president Barack Obama on his 49th birthday.

Not too long back Graham dealt with serious weight issues that resulted in various complications that threatened to claim his life prematurely. In less than a year, he succeeded in knocking off 130lbs through surgery and overhauling his lifestyle.

He is your sweet, uncontroversial television personality and food celebrity who loves to be loved. If you are an admirer and love his creations, the following are some of the ways through which you can try to connect with Elliot and his team. Here are the top three ways you can connect with the Chicago-based chef.

Through PR Manager and Publicist

Celebrities can be contacted through their representatives, who are typically their PR managers, agents, and publicists. Agents can be contacted for booking them for public events and promotional outings, the PR guys are approached for celebrity endorsements and interviews. A celebrity in high demand will be even less accessible with a hectic schedule and full calendar.

If you are a person with the right contacts and if you are capable of pulling the right strings, you might land a chance of meeting with our Elliot guy. The preliminary stages would require you to approach Graham’s official agent, publicist, and/or assistant who can help you with his availability and pricing. You can try reaching out via email first to either of the following contact persons, Zach Field of Field Artist Management ([email protected]) or Andy Stabile of ICM Partners ([email protected]). If you get lucky to hear back from either one of them who can confirm Elliot’s availability dates for you, you have succeeded in squeezing water from the stone.

Through Social Media and the Website

Graham Elliot is not only a global celebrity chef but an influencer too. If your intentions are good, motives are clear, if you have loads of persistence, and a plan of action in place – you can well-nigh expect your star to revert to your fan queries and reactions on his social media pages. Celebrities dominate social media and imagine the mileage you will get from having them respond to you. Just so you may know, the following are Elliot’s official pages on popular social media platforms –  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. The official website is You can watch and follow a host of tv show cooking programs aired on YouTube. You can leave your fan comment and may well have someone from his team respond to you.

Fan Mail

If you are a resident of the States and are ardent about reaching out to Graham Elliot for an autograph, another way of doing it is to physically post a stamped and self-addressed envelope with a request letter to the address below, and our guy may readily oblige by all means. The following is Graham’s fan mail address –Graham Elliot, GEB Chicago, 841 W. Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607.

Alternatively, you can send a photo of yours to the address above and request for Graham’s signature. You also have the option of emailing any one of his agents mentioned above in point 1, and request for his signed autograph.

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