Contact of Woolworths (Australia) customer service

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Contact Woolworths: Find below customer service details of Woolworths, Australia, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the supermarket chain and its services. Reach the Woolworths customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
1 Woolworths Way
Bella Vista NSW 2153

Customer Service
Phone: 1800 000 610 (online)
Phone: 1300 767 969 (store queries)
Phone: 0800 40 40 40 (shopping in New Zealand)
Phone: 1300 10 1234 (rewards program)
Email: [email protected] (general)
Email: [email protected] (business queries)

About Woolworths
woolworths customer serviceWoolworths is a leading Australian supermarket chain, founded in the year 1924. In addition to Australia, the company also has operations in New Zealand and India. Currently, Woolworths network consists of over 3,000 stores, serving close to 28 million customers each week. Headquartered in Bella Vista, New South Wales, the company employs more than 200,000 across Australia and New Zealand. Woolworth’s associate brands include Countdown, Thomas Dux, Food For Less, Flemings, Caltex Woolworths, Big W, EziBuy, Masters Home Improvement and Masters.

Shoppers can easily locate a store using a postcode or suburb here. For those who prefer to shop online, Woolworths extensive e-catalog will make your shopping exciting. You can shop by categories such as Fruit & Veg, Bakery, Meat/Seafood, Deli, Eggs/Dairy, Pantry, Confectionary & Snacks, Drinks, Toiletries, Beauty, Health, Entertainment and Outdoor. You can add items to your cart and check out using Visa or MasterCard.

All orders above certain value enjoy free delivery. There is same day delivery as well as next day delivery. You can select your preferred delivery time and even track delivery online. Did you know? You can even shop online and collect the products at stores nearest to your address. All products purchased online or at store are covered by the Woolworths Supermarkets Returns Policy. You can request for exchange or return for refund if you are not happy with the purchase. Read the Returns Policy on the website to gather more information.

Do you frequently shop at Woolworths? Take advantage of the rewards programme to earn points on every purchase. Members of the Woolworths Rewards programme also get access to exclusive offers and discounts. You can register yourself online by visiting the website. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, warranty, or others, reach the Woolworths customer service.

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  1. Sharon Maddern Reply

    I shop at Woolworths Macquarie Fields. During my last few visits the store I have had trouble buying the flowing
    Toilet paper
    Long life milk
    Sanitary products

    Am seriously considering swapping to a different supermarket chain.
    From a very disgusted shopper.

  2. Annette Quinn Reply

    Yesterday while shopping at my local Woolworths which i have shopped at for over 25 years one of the store managers accused me of writing comments about her and another staff member which i had no idea what she was talking about i stated to her that the person who commented on the post name would of been on the post. I have never been so humiliated or embarrassed in my life to be accused of something i had not done and to have it done in front of other staff and customers and telling me that police are going to serve papers and how she has money to fight this.I know nearly all staff that work there i have never verbally abused any of your staff members and i expect the same courtesy in return.I am just so shocked by this and to becoming from not just one of your staff but a manager . I will no longer attend this store i just cant push aside the accusations that were made against me and in the way i was approached.A very upset and dissapointed loyal customer of over 40years of which 25 years were at this store and knowing after a complaint was made to head office by my daughter on my behalf that nothing was done just shows that your loyal customers dont really matter to you

  3. Whilst shopping at Woolworths Ingham QLD earlier this week, trying to buy essentials like many others, (only to be disappointed yet again as the shelves of essentials continue to be still empty of same after six long weeks.) While searching for Glen 20, I stumbled across two remaining tins on a shelf nearby of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Dust Mite Spray. These were in a cardboard box with no pricing to be seen. My intention was to take one to the checkout to find out the price before possibly purchasing it. After getting to the checkout and realizing that one had to pack their own, (ok, no problem), I began the busy task of doing this, only to look up and see that THE TIN of SPRAY had already been scanned through. Oh no, I thought, I asked the young girl if she could tell me the price; it was $11.95! That is way too expensive for me and I advised would take to service desk for a refund, only to hear another girl getting ready to take over from this staff member that rules had changed and I would not be able to get a refund. I thought that can’t be right, surely not? I proceeded to the service desk where a Woolies Staff member had her back to me whilst attending to something behind the counter. She turned around and looked at me with an expression of ‘what do you want?’ With a totally disinterested , stony faced glare, she says, ‘and how can I help you?’ I advised the situation of wanting to get a price check before purchasing, but missed the product being scanned whilst busy packing groceries and as it is too expensive, I’d like a refund please. She stared at me like I was asking for a refund of an apple that I had taken a bite from! Without saying a word, she grabbed the tin and put her hand out for the receipt I was holding and stomped off, not explaining what she was going to do, not a word spoken. After a few minutes she came back to smartly state the fact that the product had been scanned at the correct price!?!? Again, I repeated, this product is too expensive for me and she looked at me like I had two heads and said we are NOT doing any refunds, I asked why and she responded with ‘due to Covid 19’, with no apologies or gee ‘sorry about the inconvenience’ etc etc etc. I was so disgusted to hear these comments, especially after she had clearly NOT listened to me in the first place; totally missing the point from my side of things. I can understand about FRESH food products – fruit, veges, meats etc.. not getting a refund, but NOT a can of spray, which could easily be wiped down with a anti bacterial wipe if the store needed to. But really, many products in store are also touched by staff and customers alike before other customers purchase same!! Needless to say, unless one is desperate, I will NOT be wasting my money in Woolworths Ingham any time soon. Luckily, we too, also have a COLES store in town where their staff are always friendly, helpful and couteous at all times, unlike the majority of the sour, unpleasant staff at Woolies Ingham. The person at the service desk was a thin, mature aged person with dyed red hair; unfortunately she possess NO customers service skills what so ever; no smile, no manners, no care factor, nothing. So the moral of the story is: If you do not know the price of something, don’t buy it! OR, If you have time to go to service desk and find out, well and good. Otherwise, anything that is scanned will automatically be required to be purchased by the customer, whether you want it or not. Signed, disgusted!

  4. I faced a bad behavior from woolworth manager in Riverside, Launceston, Tasmania. I was charged higher for couple of items about which I informed to the manager (MEL). She sent one of her employee to check the price tag of the given items. That employee changed the place of item to show the higher price. The manager said that price is right. I asked her to accompany with me to the aisle where I saw that the item has been moved. This was confirmed by other woolworth employee there. When the manager was proved wrong I said her, it is wrong to favour employee who tried to project me a liar. I was annoyed about projecting me wrong. I said it is bad attitude from employee who did that and you were agreeying with him. She thought I am yelling and she refused to refund my money for which she agreed initially. When I asked her name— She showed me her name (MEL) and said do whatever you want. very bad behaviour from responsible person.
    I want management should take an action and tought her to behave appropriatelly to customers

  5. Darren Morris Reply

    Recently went To Kingaroy Woolworths and the shelves were empty of a lot of basic requirements like toilet paper, cleaning products and hand towel. As I was standing near the doors talking with another customer we both saw pallets of toilet paper. After we both approached a so-called manager, he stated that the toilet paper was for tomorrow and night shift had to put it out. Why, if you have customers urgently needing it that are not hoarding it, can’t he or someone with some intelligence put it out on the shelf for workers that work all day and cannot be at the store at the opening to raid it like some. Disgrace., And to be told that only night staff can do it while you have 4 women at the service counter yapping is an insult to your so-called customers you look after. We are a small country town surrounded by several smaller towns and no one in our towns are able to get basic requirements. This is because you have no one running the store with half a brain allocating staff like Aldi do, constantly stocking shelves, Why not? Many of us are having to drive to Coles in Dalby who are actually looking after us, Dalby is over an hour and a half away. Woolworths is seriously letting shoppers down in Kingaroy. People are complaining, as like me and the other customer I was speaking to, have seen toilet paper out the back. Then to be lied to saying the warehouse has not sent us any for over two weeks is an insult to our intelligence. Disgusting on the part of Woolworths.

    So is it that head office is not sending toilet paper to us, in the country or is that you have lazy staff refusing to stock shelves as they might get their hands dirty? Which is it?

    I have visited your Kingaroy every day for the last week, at different times evening opening, and at no time was there any paper on the shelf. Our people out here deserve better and I’m sick of hearing excuses, we want results. Don’t go on about there being nil in supply as I know better. Even your own company has stated you have toilet paper in abundance. It appears that your stores are too lazy to fill shelves and that Woolworth’s ordering is preferring city stores that are in a vicinity of many other stores like Coles, Foodworks, Aldi and IGA. We don’t have that luxury out here.

    Clearly shows Woolworths has dropped the ball and is ignoring the concerns of shoppers in our towns but you continue to baffle us with bullshit and lies. Simply, whoever does your purchasing and distribution for the towns out here needs to be sacked as many of us have had to either drive for hours to get some or go without. Great for hygiene.

    I and others here are starting to get sick of the lies from Woolworths and one reason why shoppers are starting to get frustrated. False advertising and lying to customers.

    As soon as they build a Coles out here and a Kmart the sooner we can all leave your stores and get better service. If a Coles was to open here, Woolworths would go broke. The service is disgusting and has been even before this virus pandemic started. They are lazy and complacent because they know you have to shop there or go without.
    I currently work in radio and believe me, I will be addressing these concerns from many people I have spoken to regarding the poor service on the part of Woolworths here.
    We deserve much better than what Woolworths has been offering. Suggest start putting suitable people in positions to look after customers rather than lie to them for poor inadequate service.
    Bring on Coles out here!!!!!

  6. I know these are challenging times for us all but I have to ask why your Priority customers aren’t getting all items in their orders if they are your priority.
    Woolworths have said in the media their distribution warehouses are full…plenty for everyone so why are the ones that need it the most, your priority customers still missing out.
    The relief & joy they would feel once approved as a priority customer soon turns to anguish & fear again when their order arrives & they find they haven’t received the things they need so desperately.
    These are the most vulnerable people in our community, we should be protecting them, not causing them stress.
    Priority customers are all either elderly, disabled, sick or suffering from major illnesses or all of the above…so don’t just call them priority customers, treat them as a priority. So many probably battling cancer & having chemo…one of the biggest side effects is diahhorea, therefore toilet paper is critical to these people.
    So if the warehouses are as full as Woolworths claim then why aren’t your priority customers receiving priority treatment.
    Their orders should be supplied in full before the shelves are filled in store. Woolworths please don’t just call them priority customers, actually show them they are, or it means absolutely nothing.
    We are all scared & worried about what’s happening in the world, so imagine how scared & isolated they must feel, necessary items to all but to the vulnerable people of our communities they are critical items…please put them first, they need you.

  7. I would like to thank a young man by the name of Steven who was working in the Dairy Department of Woolworths Skygate Qld. We were travelling to Moreton Island and needed to take supplies with us to the island. This young man made the extra effort of assisting us with our supplies. His customer service is to be commended and was very much appreciated.

  8. Fay Johnstone Reply

    Hi, On Monday evening I stopped in at your Alexandra Hills Petrol Station to fill up. The sign advertiised.. and still does…. unleaded for $1.26.7 per litre. I was charged $1,28. I pointed this out to the attendant who said he would change the sign. This did not happen. Yesterday evening driving by I could see the sign unchanged. I drove in to check the price on the bowser and it read $1.28. Do you realise false advertising is illegal? Just stop it.

  9. I have changed my milk buying habits from Aldi/Coles/Woolworths branded milk solely because of the farm gate prices paid. I believe that if Aldi/Coles/Woolworths or any other retailer wishes to sell cheap milk, it is the retailer that should wear the cost and loss of income, not the producer.
    I would happily pay more for milk than the current price if it is returned to the farmer.

  10. Helpful advice – not a complaint. Whilst at Glenorie this morning, there appeared to be representatives from management in store, prompting this email. My comments/advice is from forty years as a nurseryman. Presentation in store is paramount, however the outside has been drastically overlooked. Many plants have died (Westringia) and should be removed (pruning is not the answer or recommended) weeds are rampant, mulch has decayed and exposed irrigation hoses, garden soil/mulch has washed on to street pathways, leaves are accumulating in gutters. Privet, small and large leaf spp., Jacaranda and Camphor Laurel have been introduced by birds (to eradicate the former, they need to be removed roots and all – not cut back) if not removed soon they will become nightmare. The area is looking like an abandoned house in the suburbs and in desperate need of a make over. Peter – Rewards No 9344620230159

  11. Kathy Iles Reply

    I live in Gloucester NSW & shop at our Woolworths 2 or 3 times a week.
    I would like to ask you to please provide more selection of gluten free cereal.
    It would save me, if I have time having to go to Coles or Aldi when I visit my daughter.
    I also find that many times the water I buy (Pureau 10lt)is out of stock.
    Yes we are country but have same needs as city.
    I hope you can consider my request.
    Kind Regards
    Kathy Iles

  12. Joanne Burrows Reply

    My Son was given a wish gift card in 2017 and left it at our house when he returned to Wollongong to study. It was found, unused late in 2018. I tried to use it and was of course declined as the law regarding expiry dates had not be implemented when the card was purchased. We are extremely loyal and regular Woolworths customers and I am requesting that the small sum of $40 be honoured by your company for a struggling student. Card number: 6280 0030 9150 1929 725 password 4242. I tried to use it December 2018 as we had only found it recently and I read the date as purchased Oct 2017. There is $40 a kind relative has paid for my son to help him out free for Woolworths- I really don’t think it a huge amount for you, but it is to us and my son. I look forward to your reply. thank you Joanne Burrows

  13. Pamela Wilkinson Reply

    I recently found a piece of plastic in a can of Woolworths brand of mixed berries. It was about 2cm long, 1/2cm wide and curved. I am not looking for any compensation but maybe eyelid lift strips, false eyelashes etc should be banned on the production line. What if I hadn’t noticed and the person had some sort of eye infection? I attempted to save the plastic but it was small and clear and disappeared in the clean-up.

  14. Heather Martin Reply

    One of your employees in the Narrabri shop was removing products with today’s use or best before date (I did not see the date – he said it was today’s date) and refused to let me buy a product and said with words to the effect “we are not allowed to sell it to you.” I have checked the policy and yes you are allowed to sell it to me if the use by date is not passed. Moreover I suspect the product (pomegranate ariels) would have had a best before date and therefore can legally be sold after the date. Moreover he was quite rude about it.

  15. Richard Falzon Reply

    Hi. As a Christmas gift December 2017 (as per most years) my son gave me a Good Food gift card purchased from your Newington Store. We all shop there quite often…I am a loyal loyalty card holder.
    I have a number of the same gift cards valued at $100 each.
    I tried to redeem the value 02/01/2019 believing it still to be valid only to be told it had expired (I thought they had a 3 year expiry date).
    I contacted Good Food gift card direct whi indicated it was just over a week expired and they would not honour it’s value noting any card purchased prior to 01/04/2018 is strictly only 12 months. Bad public relations to my thinking.
    As you can see from my loyalty rewards $140 I am a loyal customer.
    I ask your help in getting a fair deal and requesting they honour the value of $100.00.
    I await your favourable reply.


  16. Christine Enders Reply

    Bought a turkey to cook for Christmas. Wanted a frozen one but only thawed out ones available. I bought it at night and drove less than 10 mins then straight in the fridge. Unfortunately on Christmas day turkey stank to high heaven when unpackaged.
    It was bought at Wadalba Woolworths and use by date was 27/12/2018. Have to say very disappointing

  17. Sharon Jeffery Reply

    Just tried woolworths shepherds pie. Would be nice if the meal was as good as the picture. Unfortunately needed a magnifying glass to find any meat. Not what is advertised very dissapointing.

  18. I placed an order for wine on Dan Murphy’s website and was advised by email that my order had been placed. It is ten days later and the order has not been received by me and I am now advised it will be another 4 days.

    This is not good customer service and in future I shall order my wines directly from the wineries.

  19. Eric Everitt Reply

    Store; Victor Harbor.Date; 28/11/2018.
    Subject; Imported fruit.
    I always make it my policy to buy Australian, especially where fruit & veg. are concerned. On occasion, Woolworths mix foreign fruit & veg with Australian products, which does not enable me to purchase Australian. This is very annoying, so I go elsewhere. Also I refuse to buy your fruit & veg. wrapped in plastic. I cannot inspect the product, perhaps I want less than what is in the package & this adds to the plastic problem. I would like an explanation for the mixing of fruit & veg with imported product & why you are increasing your use of plastic. I would like a reply, please

  20. DAVID MILLAR Reply

    I had been buying Paradise Highland Oat Biscuits for a long time and was extremely disappointed to discover that Woolworths had stopped stocking this Biscuit. Now I also find that the same brand in Malt has also disappeared due to Woolworths pushing their own brand. While I like shopping at Woolworths I intend to protest the deletion, of particularly the Highland Oat, of not shopping at Woolworths until I see these Biscuits back on your shelves.

  21. Ross O'Malley Reply

    I have been buying Woolworth’s house baked bread 680 gram loaves and am extremely disappointed in the lack of quality control one week the slices are large the next they are almost half the size obviously the baker is either not proving the dough correctly. I purchase at the Falcon store in WA 6210
    My wife is also disappointed that quiet often lines are out of stock she has been looking for home brand spray and wash and the store has been ou of stock for several weeks I have photos of the bread slices

  22. Jennifer Sim Reply

    Hello I have a complaint about a pack of almonds Woolworth brand,the taste is not fresh and crunchy. May I return this product and it does advertise you can . Await your reply, they’re really purchased in Manjimup

  23. Angel Vella Reply

    I went to the new Woolworths at Potts Point on top of Kings Cross train station as they had been advertising for several weeks that it was opening the 10/10/18. The signage for the opening was still there when I went past yesterday. The website is still advertising opening hours today from 6am! I braved the pouring rain to be there for their opening day and it took a workman from the site below to inform me that it’s still not opened due to construction delays and won’t be opening for another week! I think it’s disgraceful that the signage and website had not been updated, as I’m quite sure that I’m not the only one who braved the weather for the opening day.
    Fortunately there is a Coles across the road.

  24. Cono La Loggia Reply

    Visit to Sydney Town Hall store today 24/11/2016 at 5.30 pm. Wanted to purchase. Watermelon on special $ 1.50 per kilo cut, I requested a whole one and a was informed the price whole was $ 2.20 per kilo. After a few words with what I thought was the store manager, she told me more or less if I did not like it……..Needles to say, one les customer for Woolworths.
    Rewards card number 9344668483548

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