Contact of StarTrack Australia customer service (phone, email)

Contact StarTrack: Find below customer service details of StarTrack in Australia, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the logistics company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Star Track Express Pty Ltd
Level 2 219-241 Clevland Street Sydney,
NSW 2016 Australia

Customer Service
Phone: 13 2345
Phone: 13 13 20
Phone: 1800 028 361 (technical)

About StarTrack
StarTrack is a courier, logistics and freight delivery company in Australia founded in the year 1974. It boasts of warehouses in capital cities, modern freight sortation terminals and depots, and a 3,000 pick-up and delivery fleet. Headquartered in Sydney, the company employs more than 10,000 across the country.

Most StarTrack outlets open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Part of the Australian Postal Corporation, the company offers 24 hours delivery with access to over 750 vehicles. Customers can get live tracking, SMS/email alerts and estimated delivery time details.

StarTrack offers three key services for couriers – Standard, Express and Immediate Priority. StarTrack’s services are popular among leading e-tailers across the country. Thanks to the reliable delivery and returns, and other ecommerce solutions, the company is able to have an edge over the competition.

For sending packages, there is Regular, Next Day, Same Day Metro and Same Day Interstate services. Under logistics, you have the Third Party Warehousing (3PL), B2C Logistics and B2B Logistics services. StarTrack Transit Warranty provides security for all parcels and freight. It covers damages and safe transport of valuable items. Customers can track status of delivery using the tool on the website. You can also redirect your missed delivery, calculate transit time and book a new pickup online. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, transit time, delivery, or others reach the StarTrack customer service.


  1. The shipit web site to locate your delivery is the most useless site ever invented. Everything on this site is for display and no action can be taken. Last time I looked my parcel had been redirected to the Philippines. As far as Startrack is concerned they are no better. Driver stated no access or no one home. I left strict instructions for delivery to be left at front door and all responsibility would be mine. Driver disregarded instructions and left absolutely nothing to say where the parcel was, where to collect or was it to be re-delivered as there procedure demands. I have spent 8 hours trying to find out where it is, but to no avail.

  2. Have just received a ‘You have a Parcel’ card for a delivery I have been waiting on. Text message states that delivery was attempted but no one in attendance. Complete rubbish! I have been home all day & certainly was here at the time the card was left in my letter box. If I had looked out my window I would have seen him/her putting it in the letterbox. The delivery person made no attempt to deliver the parcel. How they expect to get a signature when they make no effort to come to the front door is beyond me. There are a number of steps from the street to our front door , but access is certainly not difficult & does not fit any of the criteria specified for preventing delivery. Other delivery people have no trouble delivering parcels to our front door. There is absolutely no excuse for refusing to check if the person is at home. It would only take a minute to come to the front door. When you pay for delivery you expect to get delivery.

  3. Zane Williams Reply

    Call to ask where my parcel is they say delivery driver attempted to deliver but address doesn’t exist , the address is a main road and clearly shown on maps even the customer support says shows on their own maps . The order is taken back to depot to be sent back to the other side of Australia as they refuse to intercept and deliver as requested by Australia Post . Then parcel is unable to be found and told to contact sender . Complete waste of time and untrustworthy company

  4. Second time I have had a parcel delivered and then taken back to a Depot that is an hour away when I have a post office in walking distance.
    The first time I went and picked it up and it was on the truck back to my house attempting to redeliver. Thank you but where was the notification to say that there would be a redelivery attempt. Had a lovely drive there and back again to find I had missed the truck yet again. It was hen returned to the depot over an hour away, again even though the post office was open. A second trip was made to the depot.
    I have again had another delivery taken to the depot. I have attempted to call this time to find out where it is. Only available is automatic talk backs. Still no wiser as to whether I go for a drive or not
    I found someone to talk too, customer service number #2 and was told we have nothing to do with it I must call card number. So I have emailed now automatic reply I will be answered in two business days. Again no wiser as to where my parcel is and why it wasn’t dropped at local post office. Extremely unsatisfied.

  5. Angelika Shamsai Reply

    I would just like to add my grievances to the above. Star Track just dumped my parcel next to the garbage bin at the beginning of our long driveway. As a receivers signature the driver put: behind bin.
    If they don’t want to deliver to the house then don’t. But don’t just dump it – anybody walking past can pick it up. I will not order anything anymore if delivered by this company and also will let my supplier know!

  6. Geraldine Rimmer Reply

    Just when Australia Post had improved and was giving good, really good, service, although the only way it had been bad was to ‘knock and run’, I had to go through a nightmare when a parcel I ordered came not through Australia Post, but this Startrack. Not only did the delivery person ‘knock and run’ – if, indeed, he or she came at all, this simply was the start. I still cannot believe it. Evasion, misleading information, confounding and confusing information too over days. No accountability. As I said, a nightmare. I am now unwilling to buy anything online unless I know that it will definitely not be delivered by Startrack.

    • Hayley Gorlitz-Wilson Reply

      I totally agree!! This was my experience too, very disappointed with Startrack, it is definitely worth noting as a company never to use them and as a customer I will now only buy when I can use a parcel locker so I don’t have to deal with this drama!

  7. James Harvey Reply

    I am very annoyed at the poor service provided by startrack today.
    At 12.21pm today a card was left at the front door.
    This was when my wife was at home and there were gardeners working in the front garden.
    The gardener advised the delivery man we were at home.
    After phone calls and emails (taking up about 30 mins) I am advised the delivery will be made “sometime on Monday’ with a phone call first.
    This is the second occasion that this type of occurrence has occurred.
    This is CRAP SERVICE. We will not use again.
    This complaint will be forwarded to the business who sent the parcel.

  8. debbie Taylor Reply

    I wish to complain after a delivery this morning at 7:55am by Startrack. This person absolutely bashes on the front door (which is an expensive crime stopper door. I also asked him last week to not bash on the front door so hard as we are not deaf.., typically he did not give a damn. Also last week’s delivery was marked Fragile to which he throws the box onto the seat on my front porch to get a signature. Rude and uncaring – not great service for your company. I let this behaviour slide last week, but after today’s experience not happy and I wonder what happens if I am not home is he going to bash the door down???

  9. Jenny Butler Reply

    Good morning
    I have just watched your delivery driver at my Buderim address drive off with a package for delivery to this address. No attempt was made to ring the doorbell or knock on the door as I was in my office and saw the truck. By the time I realised he had driven off and went to pick up the package I assumed he left there was just a card under the mat that I no one was home and he couldn’t deliver the parcel. I have then tried to call you on every number I could find to see if he could come back and all I get are options options options for account, tracking etc.
    Please let me know if the parcel can be delivered to the above address today.

  10. Teresa Romer Reply

    I wish to be assisted by customer service to lodge a damages claim by a delivery driver on Friday the 19th of October at approximately 12:30pm. The driver failed to apply the handbrake on his truck, whilst he was out of the vehicle the truck started to roll backwards, mounting the gutter and running into our 16ft mesh security gate. The damage that was evident was bent/split steel pool, and latching mechanism. please be in contact as soon as possible to discuss this matter.

  11. Cartridge World Mackay Reply

    We are extremely unhappy with your service at the present moment and will be looking for other delivery services if our issue is not resolved. 2 deliveries haven’t got to us till about 3/3:30pm this week and 1 was even at 4:45pm last week which is way to late for our deliveries to go out as our delivery runs go out at 12noon /1pm. This is the only time we have staff to cover. Mary-Ann Mogford used to have our parcels to us by 12:30pm most days (so we know it is possible) and if we do not receive our parcels earlier we will no longer be able to use startrack. We were very happy with your delivery before when our Driver was Mary-Ann Mogford, but since our Driver has changed our deliveries have been later and later. The delivery today still has not arrived and it is 4:30pm. 1 item in todays delivery had to be forwarded onwards which we were unable to do due to it not arriving. Our Customer was very unhappy about this. We have also spoken to our supplier about this matter and they’ve had several other complaints about Startrack’s delivery too.

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