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Contact Fastway Couriers: Find below customer service details of Fastway Couriers in Australia, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Fastway Global Ltd
Level 1, Shed 5 Lever Street, Ahuriri
Napier, New Zealand

Customer Service
Phone: 08 8345 2300 (Adelaide)
Phone: 07 3868 1144 (Brisbane)
Phone: 03 9320 8100 (Melbourne)
Phone: 02 9737 8288 (Sydney)
Email: (corporate)

About Fastway Couriers
Fastway Couriers is a leading parcel delivery company in Australia that was first established in 1983 in New Zealand. The company today boasts of more than 700 franchises. It also has presence in New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa.

Fastway depots can be found in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Central Coast, Gold Coast, Mackay, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Tamworth, Wide Bay and Wollongong, among other areas. The company offers both domestic and international delivery services. It can be simple documents, parcels with weight up to 10kg and even more than 10kg. If sending within 10kg, customers can use the Parcel Connect portal that allows you to locate nearest store and get an instant quote by providing the weight and delivery. With Parcel Connect customers can send, collect or return parcels at their local convenience store easily.

For online retailers, Fastway offers flat rate pricing for 1kg, 3kg and 9kg cubed items. Customers also enjoy limited liability coverage at no extra cost. Once a package has been sent, Fastway allows users to track their shipment with reference number right on the website. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, delivery, returns, or others reach the Fastway customer service.


  1. I had tracked my item bought online sitting in the warehouse for days unwilling to deliever to the customers. Very bad service. I don’t recommend anyone using it.

  2. You leave parcels at the hub and then says I wasn’t home…..every time, 20 times in a row. You have one job to deliver parcels and you are paid for that. Im disabled and dont leave the home so how can i not be home. I call and your staff say they will redeliver then when you call again say its past 30 days and you are too late and they open an investigation, which then concludes your too late and its your fault leaving me with all the lost costs.

  3. Worst service ever called your customer service number and got told my parcel was delivered to the wrong address even though your website states that someone signed for it. Then I got told only the courier knows where he delivered it to and that you would have to instigate the matter and retrieve the parcel from the address and deliver it to me. In what world would you think I would want a parcel that has been at someone’s house for five days with this pandemic. Only to be told you would be in contact with me in two days in a generic email. I can’t believe reputable company’s would even use a courier service like you.

  4. Frank Jockel Reply

    Absolutely the worst courier company in Australia, if not the world. No customer service at all. No way to contact them that does not involve a robot response from an email bot. My delivery was received by them from China on 30th September and has never been seen since. No response to repeated emails and no package. Never ever use Aramex .

  5. Appalling service! I contacted Aramex on the 14th of June to supply them with the correct mailing address. They assured me the parcel would be delivered without issue as they hadn’t even picked up the parcel from Kogan. On Monday the 21/06 Aramex attempted delivery to the wrong address. I contacted the Wollongong/Unanderra depot on the 21st and they apologised for their error assuring me it will be delivered the next day. The parcel didn’t arrive, I contacted them they apologised and guaranteed it would be delivered the next day. This has happened every day for the last week. This morning I contacted them and they assured me it will be out for delivery today. I contacted them at 4pm, they told me it will be delivered next week, when I informed them it was not good enough, they told me it was my problem. I asked to speak to the manager and they refused, they told me to make a complaint online if I wanted to talk to someone and then get help for my mental health. I will not ever order items online that uses any delivery service other than Australia post.

  6. Absolutely disgusting. The online help is useless. I was supposed to get a parcel coming from Sydney to queensland. Left Sydney on 7th and went to Melbourne not queensland on the 8th contacted them asking a simple why is it in Melbourne response was takes 4 days still waiting and website says still in Melbourne..sent yet another message online to ask well its past your so called 4 days so where is it. Same bs response of 4 days. They do not let you answer them as they just apparently say it was closed. Annoyed at the lack of information online. Annoyed at the lack of communication they do not give. Annoyed at no reason why my parcel went from one state to a further away state from where I am.

  7. David Hanison Reply

    Unbelievably poor service. Seond time this company were given a package to deliver to me and they have failed to deliver. This time it was 48 roses for a 50th anniversary. So the flowers are sitting SOMEWHERE and the company has gone home for the weekend! Can only hope they lose Blookex’s busienss as a consequence.

  8. The worst company in the world. No customer service and tell you lies just to get rid of you, my package is waiting at their depo for weeks but unable to deliver or I can’t request to pick up myself because they can’t do their job and process the paperwork

  9. Michael. O’Halloran Reply

    Your service leaves a lot to be desired. I have bee waiting on a parcell from Qld to Vic since 12th Aug.
    It has some very important personal items from my mother last possessions.
    I asked on the 16th that this be checked and today 18th I get an email saying they don’t know where it is and might take another two days to give me an answer.
    You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  10. Fastway / Aramex have no customer service at all. The online enquiries only tell you what you can already see on the tracking page of your website. Nobody at depots answer phone calls and the depots are closed to customers so you can’t go there in person to find where your parcel is.
    My parcel was picked up on July 29th. I then put in an equiry on Aug 3rd. Its now Aug 17th and I’ve had no response at all about my enquiry. The online chat just told me what I already knew. There have been no updates on my parcel since it was picked up on July 29th. That was 3 weeks ago. There is nobody to contact to find out where my parcel actually is. 2 weeks with no response to my enquiry is unacceptable. Worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

  11. Philip RODGER Reply

    Fastway would have to be the most unreliable couriers that I have ever dealt with.

    Frequently they accept an order, pick the item up, transport it to the Gold Coast, refuse to deliver to my suburb and return it to the supplier as undeliverable. They waste so much of my time and their own resources in the process.

  12. Yvonne Lang Reply

    Hi Fastway,
    Good to see delivery was prompt before Christmas, however all parcels delivered by Fastway, were so fast, they were ALL delivered to my neighbour’s house, not mine. My neighbour complained to me that even though he was home, there was never a knock to alert him to a delivery. Your drivers are certainly consistent as at least 10 deliveries were made before Christmas, one was a regular delivery, that usually comes to my house, but it too went to my neighbour. I will have another delivery soon, I wonder where it will go? Lucky I have a good neighbour who held onto ALL parcels. Some deliveries had the specific instructions “2nd HOUSE from CORNER” written as part of the address, but this made no difference. Rarely do I have a problem with Aust Post, and never with DHL.

  13. I have been waiting for my parcel from 17/12/19, when I found a we missed you card in mailbox, I was home all day, Then I tried redelivery as advised and was told it will be redelivered on 20/12/19, again I was home all day, not even a attempt was made to redeliver, I contacted Fastway again and was told it will be redelivered on 23/12/19, again nothing happened. What is going on, will I ever get my parcel or will be running around because of the dishonesty on the company’s or the delivery drivers account. To make matters worse, today is 26/12/19, and it was supposed to be a Xmas gift for my little girl.. She is always looking for it to arrive since. Thanks Fastway for spoiling a little girl’s Xmas.

  14. The Brisbane depot at Hendra is hopeless. The customer service is ridiculous. They give you a tracking number for what I have no idea. This is the second time delivery has been messed up. They say they tried to deliver even though I was home. Their collection point is further than the company I ordered it from which makes no sense. When I ask to speak to the manager surprise not available. Then finally they tell me that my parcel is with a third party company and have no way of contacting them as they don’t have the number. I have to submit a re-deliver to get it delivered otherwise they won’t deliver it. Good news is that Australia Post is awesome and have just been informed that I can request any parcels to be sent via Australia Post in the future. But at the moment still no parcel and still no information to when the parcel will arrive. Thanks Abdul at the Hendra office your customer service has a long way to go.

  15. I have been trying to contact you for weeks now. Left messages with your customer service team. We are a Fastway customer but you have stopped delivering to us. Even though you deliver 2km down the road. My prepaid vouchers are useless. 10 of our suppliers have stopped using you. Today you delivered our live chicks to a place up the road not related to us. I can think of no other solution to get your attention than A TV story about how you treat day old chicks to save a few bucks. Call me urgently +61 413 123 000. I can no longer spend hours on hold to speak to a customer service rep that thinks Byron Bay is 2 minutes from Perth. And who cant help me anyway.And who doesn’t pass on messages. Why don’t you call customers back?

  16. Susan Ford Reply

    Fastway, you have major issues at your Bendigo Victoria Australia depot. Companies pay you good money to actually deliver their goods to their customers, you accept payment for parcels with the address to Heathcote Victoria then contact the recipient and tell them you don’t deliver to their address even though they live on the main street of the town. That’s the cases that you actually get the address right and don’t send the parcel to the completely wrong state even despite the label address being spot on correct. Your customer service is nothing short of a shambles and a complete desgrace. Your Bendigo depot is made up of people who are incapable of doing their job correctly or even giving a damn. I pity the companies that use your service. Genuinely pity them.

  17. My tracking number is BJ1500028561 I was advised my email my parcel would be delivered on the 4th and then on the 5th.I have now been advised the parcel can not be delivered/My wife and I have been here all day both days I could not understand until I read on line comments about your business but now I get it.I rang the hot line to re direct the parcel to the local post office but was told this could only be done by me on line.As the post office is on a main road in a shopping area with heaps of parking the courier would not be able to find it so I give up/

  18. The worst company in the world .
    You sent an email saying successfully delivered two weeks ago.
    That did not happen. I was home when this email came through .
    No slip was left. .
    No parcel dropt off .
    After many many attempts to get in contact I have received nothing but automatic responses .
    You could not get much worse if you actually made an effort to do your job.
    Oh and wait it’s not just that I’m still waiting for my iPhone parcel , I just ordered dog food
    Home all day.
    Would the courier knock if he or she was to actually attempt the job ?
    No they wouldn’t .
    It was just left st the front door with no attempt to carry out there job.
    Another fine example of how terrible fastway couriers AU is do not use them .
    I repeat do not use fastway couriers au

  19. I would like the opportunity to be able to choose to pay my top-up on your MY FASTWAY site through Funds Transfer rather than by Credit Card which incurs a $3.80 Credit card fee each time even though it is not over a $1000.00 transaction.This may seem like a small amount of money but over time adds up. It also dictates to your client’s that they must have access to & use a Credit Card whereas some businesses may prefer like me to use Funds Transfer. Could you please look into this matter & respond at your earliest convenience.

  20. I’ve been waiting for delivery number NZ0002146550 that was supposed to arrive on Wednesday 9th January.
    On 11th January, we stayed home until 3.30 pm but the item was not delivered.

    On checking the Fastway website, I saw that it claimed that delivery was attempted and a card was left on Thursday 10th January. I checked the letterbox and my front door and could not find a card from Fastway anywhere.

    I then checked my security cameras and did not find any evidence of a courier or Fastway vehicle ever having attended our address after 3.30.

    This has caused us great inconvenience because we still have not received our parcel.

    Furthermore, I am concerned that someone claims to have attended our address and left a card, when there is NO evidence of anyone even attending.

    Where is my parcel? Why has it taken 10 days to come from Sydney and still not been delivered.

    I’ve been on hold for almost 20 minutes waiting for someone to answer the phone, without success.

    I need someone to call me to get my parcel delivered asap as it is totally unacceptable for my parcel not to have been delivered by now.


  21. Gary Clegg Reply

    As expected no reply from you. your organisation either doesn’t really have a customer service department or they just don’t care.Previous experience tells me you couldn’t care less if a parcel is delivered or not!! Your tracking system is just rubbish!!
    You leave me no choice but to visit the Mayfield West depot to sort the matter out as I previously promised.
    This may not be a pleasant experience for the staff there but I will get an answer!!!!!! one way or another

  22. Bruno Blachon Reply

    This is the 2nd parcel lost by your incompetent company. I’m trying to locate my second parcel (GZ0000817069)that was collected in Vic on the 28th Dec 2018. Is there anyone capable of tracking this parcel I would really really appreciate it. Thank you

  23. Karen Inglis Reply

    I have been waiting 6 business days for a parcel sent from Brisbane to Hervey Bay – posted on 19/12/18 Where is it!!!!
    As per all of the reviews Fastaway is a disgraceful LACK of service- too late for Xmas now – please reply

  24. Bruno Blachon Reply

    I must say that Fastway courier should change there name to NOWAY couriers. Your service is disgusting with no care in the world. I contacted the company a parcel lost and all I got back was a generated emails telling me our late & busy you are. I will use social media and tell all what a waste of time it is to use your services. Now I must tell a family member that I don’t have there present.Hope you have a great Christmas. Kind regards (a very pissed off customer) Bruno

  25. Paul Muller Reply

    Missing parcel. I know it arrived in Sydney on the 7th December. Having made an equiery in Adelaide today the 14th December. I am not happy and have made a complaint to the seller that the tracking is not being performed.
    Your person in Adelaide said they didn’t know where it was and welcom to the world of online shopping. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
    I am considering thanking further action as this is just not good enough. Seems people are paying for tracking and it’s not being done

  26. gordon lester Reply


    Why does slowway take on parcels they know they cant deliver
    Then try to screw extra money out of me.
    Your company is slow and incompetent and take no responsibility for anything
    You have no idea where the parcels are at any given time
    And take over a week to make any de scissions on when it it is going to be delivered
    My 8 year old has cried herself to sleep because of your incompetent ness coming up to Christmas we ordered a sleigh and still waiting for you to deliver
    I guess we will be lucky to see it by Christmas coming by your useless company
    I bet you don’t do this to the corporate world its a clear message the normal person does not matter to you
    Will never use or recommend fastway to anybody and will in future make sure ebay businesses do not use you as you are not interested in the little person
    No regards Gordon Lester

  27. your idea of logistics is beggars belief, you can not control logistics from offshore, especially when the people you talk to have little or no knowledge. The driver who tried to deliver my parcel, was incompetent to say the least.As I was in the shower I yelled out I was coming,instead he took off, when I came out he had gone, I phoned & was told redelivery would be on wed 17th, so I wait all day, no parcel. After calling again, I am told it has been left at a pharmacy. so I have wasted a day, been lied to by people who have no idea. Therefore I have stated the item goes back to the sender, at your expense. I have contacted Ebay, began a return. Had I been told the truth I would probably have got it, in the first instance. Only when I kept asking, was I told I was talking to someone from offshore. When will you realize logistics is communication. I will never use Fastway again. Telstra, combank & others have brought call centres back onshore, I suggest you do the same. thanks for all your bullshit.I was born in Napier,I know the situation.track number is cca1001303390. E bay have lost a customer. A phone call to confirm delivery, or a email. no forget it you lot don’t care!!!

  28. Michael & Margaret Jones Reply

    Your company has had a parcel for me for nearly 2 weeks. Originally I gave a post box address and was told the parcel couldn’t`t be delivered so I changed it to a street address. Since then I have given the same address to 5 seperate people who all assured me the parcel would be delivered. It has since gone from Sydney to Adelaide back to Sydney then to another Sydney depot back to Adelaide and today we have been told it has now gone to Melbourne even though the Adelaide office assured us on Friday that they had it and it would be delivered today (Monday). Your company is the worst company we have ever dealt with and you can rest assured that I will be sending out as many bad reviews as I can. This is an absolutely shocking way to run a business and I am amazed that you are still in business. Later today we will contact England and will be informing them that your company should be dropped immediately from their list of couriers.

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