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Contact SmartStyle: Find below customer service details of SmartStyle, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the salon chain. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Regis Corporation
7201 Metro Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN 55439
United States

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-737-3535
Phone: 1-888-456-2887
Email: [email protected]

About SmartStyle
SmartStyle is an American hair salon chain. Founded in the year 1996, SmartStyle is part of Regis Corporation and its services include women’s haircuts, men’s haircuts, kids’ haircuts, color services, styling and facial waxing. Most of SmartStyle’s salons are located inside Walmart in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company’s product line includes Biolage, Paul Mitchell, Redken, DESIGNLINE, Sexy Hair, American Crew and Nioxin.

All SmartStyle stylists are hired by Regis Corporation and they are also licensed by the state. To check price, working hours or locate a SmartStyle salon nearest to your address, click here. You can locate a salon by address, city or zip code. If you have a special occasion coming, you can purchase physical or virtual gift cards that can be used across the country. Cards are available online and at SmartStyle salons. You can also check balance online. For more information or queries on store locations, appointment, booking, payment, or others, reach the SmartStyle customer service.


  1. Alicia Walton Reply

    The level of customer service in your Arkansas locations in Sherwood and North Little Rock is appalling. Your Sherwood store is closed for hours during your normal business hours of 10 – 6pm. If you arrive btwn 2- 5 pm, you have no one on duty. The North Little Rock store hired a stylist from the Sherwood store and she refuses to service clients who travel from Sherwood. Her explanation is that she is booked for the day. When did Smartstyle start taking appointments. I’ve been a loyal customer and miss the leadership that existed in these stores 2yrs ago.

  2. Don’t go to Temple Walmart. They don’t know how to cut hair. The first girl butchered my hair. I called, complained and they told me to come in the following day, the boss will fix it. Boss didn’t show up so a different girl said she could fix them. HA!! Jokes on me!! She didn’t fix them!! Not going there ever again. These girls need to go back to school or just stop cutting hair altogether.

  3. Susan Reynolds Reply

    My son, age 6, was the recipient to get a haircut. Stylist Amy at Webb City MO Walmart (who also works at Neosho) was mean to my child. First the bad attitude I pushed through it. Then she pulled my sons hair and he cried. She denied it. And said “don’t worry you won’t be coming back after tonight”. Who says that to a child? Who treats a child like that?! Then she pushed so hard on his face with the clippers (her trimmers broke) you could hear it rough on his skin. (To trim sideburns). He started to bleed!!!!! I told her no more and finished the cut at home. She had no guilt what so ever. She charged me 19.00 even though she made him bleed and botched his hair. She shouldn’t be around children let alone people!!!!! She is right, we won’t be coming back.

  4. I went to Stylesmart I Shallotte NC this morning and asked for my ends to be trimmed. It took all of 6 minutes. I was charged $ 33 . I mentioned the price to Marie, because I thought that was a little steep. She told me “well shampoo is free, and it comes with your service”. But didn’t get a shampoo, just a trim. I know a lie when I hear one. Well, I was truly disappointed because this would be a good location for me, but to take advantage of a customer, is just plan wrong.

  5. I got my hair cut yesterday in your Walmart salon at Pontiac IL. When I went in and sat in the chair the power went off. I said that’s that, the stylist said I can see. I told her my hair was thin because of Chemo, my back was toward the mirror, she cut and cut and then she got three thinning scissors and said I need these to get it to lay down, didn’t get a shampoo because of no power. I got home and the back of my head has three bald spots, she cut and thinned so much. I cried when I saw the back, then she changed me $24.00 and all she did was cut…used nothing on me. I’ll never go back.

  6. My hair cut this morning was at the Walmart smart style in Bolton Ontario Canada. The stylist was very nice but she is no hairdresser..she struggled with the curling iron, parting my hair with her fingers. My left side is a good half inch shorter than the right side. I have short hair so it really shows..When I pointed it out her she quickly removed my cape and went to the cash, she had no idea how to fix the problem, she did not care. What training does smart style require? Went to smart style headquarters web page and to put forward a complaint they forward you to a web page so you can give them your Visa card number, and charge you to lodge a complaint.

  7. Shiela Farley Reply

    Good morning, I was just seen this morning at 1005am for a cut at the Odessa TX smart style on John Ben Shepard. I did not catch the girls name, but she was a brunette with an octopus tattoo on her left arm. My concern is that my hair is much shorter then requested. Very choppy and uneven. The stylist did not put a cape on around me untill her partner pointed it out. She was not very talkative and didn’t know where the tools that she needed where. When she finished I said thank you, paid and left to see my hair in my car mirror. I asked for a A line bob, and what I received looks like a straight cut / bowl cut, which seemed to have been cut by a person who has never cut real hair. I’m sorry that I am being rude, but my hair is awful.

  8. The smart style at Walmart is Mason City Iowa is rarely open. I’ve been buying product from there for a very long time. Three times this week I went there and nope,.closed. Product is where you make your money. Amd obviously this is under different management because its never been like that. If whoever is managing the place doesn’t care and keeps it closed, then close it permanently.

  9. I went to smartstyle at the Walmart location in Chatham Ontario. I walked up to the store front with my son just to look at the prices for hair cuts. A female employee approached us, I did not say anything to her. And stated the price for hair cuts. I thanked her and stated “My son is thinking to get his hair cut” please note my son has curly hair. The employee pointed at my son and stated ” what am I supposed to do with that” in a loud voice drawing attention to us. I stated ” cut his hair, are you not a stylist here”. Her words where insulting. My son stated “why is she making fun of my hair, all we looked at was the price board” the employees unprofessionalism and insulting and rude actions upset my son. Needless to say. We walked away. I do not suggest anyone visit this location as it appears the staff are very rude and unprofessional. As there is no way to contact head office with out a receipt to advised of service at there salons and the contact number is just a recordi g, stating to go online to contact them, which I did try. You may want to take your business else where.

  10. On October 25th 2021 I went in to Marion Ohio Salon for cut and highlights. I was told that she really didn’t want to highlight my hair for me to trust her she had 20 years experience so I thought she knew what she was doing. When I left that salon I was embarrassed by the way my hair looked the upper part of my hair was orange pumpkin orange I expressed my concern and was told the the orange would lighten up after a few washings so I paid and tipped her. I have tried to color my hair 3 times to cover this mess up and the orange just keeps it’s color I have toned my hair twice and it still has a orange glow. I heard her say she was getting worried when my hair was processing. She knew she had made a mess of my hair. I was really embarrassed and disappointed. Not only did she mess the color up my hair cut was messed up too she had cut my hair shorter on the left side than the right side.I just couldn’t believe the mess she made.I have never experienced a salon visit like this one and hope I never do again. Not to mention the money I paid for this disaster.

  11. I have never been to Smart Style before and because they are close by, I thought I’d give them a try. The Smart Style Salon in Oldsmar Florida ( inside Walmart on Tampa Road,34677) does not answer their phone. I’ve tried three different times to make an appointment for highlighting and each time I got an answering machine. I left my name and phone number each time yet no one returned my call. I have walked by the salon many times while shopping at Walmart. It never looks busy, and now I know why. The people there are not interested in answering the phone to speak with customers ( or potential clients) or to assist someone in making an appointment. It’s not that I called once,but THREE different times! A business owner myself, I do not have the time to make several phone calls or play telephone tag just to make a hair appointment. Time is money. Since they obviously don’t care, there is no way I’ll be trusting anyone there to do a decent job on my hair! There are salons on every corner in this area. I have called a few salons for information on their services and they have ALL answered their phones.

  12. Moundsville, WVSat, May 22, 2021.
    I went to have my roots touched up, my color hair medium brown with dark brown undertones. Charged me $100.00. I came out with solid black hair. Dye all over my face, so thick in and around my ears I could pull the dye out on my finger. I wondered why people looked at me while I shopped, and asked me if I was alright. Only when I got home did I understand their meaning when I looked in a mirror then with with proper lighting could I see my face, hair and found the dye in my ears. I had to shower to rinse the dye off. Still my hair stayed black.
    Also, the stylist cut my hair without my permission. Then charged me.

    Sunday I returned to the Salon, she wasn’t there.. Long story short, Monday, May 24, 2021, Salon forced me to have her to redo my hair, not another stylist, I was very upset with this decision, I told her what I wanted, again. I showed her the photos of my hair, again. Once again, the stylist wouldn’t listen and done her own color choices. Four hair treatments later and 4 1/2 hours later, my hair couldn’t take no more, nor my nerves of this woman not listening. I have pictures. Now I have blond strips in black hair. I am 63 years old. Can you believe this stylist. The stylist had the nerve to tell me it’s the trend and she liked it. I told the customer there that been watching all this, I was upset, that I would be going to another Salon to get this mess straighten out. The stylist just look at me, shrugged her shoulder likes, who cares. I just left.

  13. I took my 2 sons Jacob 13 yrs. Old and Elijah 11 yrs old to an appointment at smart style @ 4500 west stone drive in Kingsport TN. The Apt was at 2:30 on april 5 2021. When we arrived there were people standing talking to the lady at the register. We stood there for a few minutes but we were ignored. We walked away and came back 10 minutes later. We were still 5 minutes early. They were still gossiping. Finally one of the visitors acknowledged us and they walked to the back of the salon, don’t know why. They might have worked there. The lady at the register acted as if we had disturbed her. Finally after asking another lady they found our apt. Turns out the gossip lady at the register was the one cutting Jacobs hair. Elijah and I were told to sit in barber chairs next to her. Absolutely no sanitizing at all. Within a minute she went to answer the phone. She started to cut then answered the phone again. Each time leaving Jacob to wait with out explaining or saying excuse me or anything. I explained that it would be hard for Jacob to sit still for as long as it would take if she had to answer calls that often. She very rudely snapped ” It’s my job sir”! I asked if cutting hair was her job, with no reply. She then excused herself only explaining to my son that she needed a drink. Completely ignoring me and speaking to my son in a belittling way. Then the Bill was $47.00 . I gave 15 percent tip. I’ll never go there again or anywhere any of the ladies I saw there are working.

  14. I have been a consumer of Smart Style for seventeen years. I recently went to Smart Style for a color and foils etc.

    Right in the middle of getting my hair the stylist was fired. I was left in a boiling hot dryer with foils and bleach in my hair. My head was boiling. I thought it would catch fire. The color was the wrong color the cut was not completed. The said she still had to tweak it. After at thirty minute sitting in the dryer chair which I had shut off the manager came over, she did not identify herself or say hello .
    Just I am going to shampoo you. I told the color is wrong. The cut never got completed. When I checked out asked where is the stylist? I was told she is gone. I asked was fired. I noticed a man and a woman standing around holding papers in hand.
    No one apologized. I am dissapointed. Color is wrong

  15. Dr D. M. Boyer Reply

    As a professional I find it ridiculous that you would be charging an additional $3.95 surcharge for sanitation. I find that to be puzzling. Is sanitation practices something new to your salons? I know that the State Board of Cosmetology in each State has standards that should be met as well as the Department of Health. I am contacting the State Board in MO to do necessary inspections in your salons.

    • Brian morgan Reply

      The same surcharge is happening in N.C. Is this surcharge to compensate losses incurred by the COVID-19 outbreak? You should already have standards in place set by the state in order to practice. I will also follow up with the state of N.C and possibly the state attorney generals office. By the way nice job with not manning your customer service number.

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