Contact of Scoot airline customer service

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Contact Scoot (airline): Find below customer service details of Singapore’s Scoot airline. Besides contact details, the page offers information on the airline’s products and services. Reach the Scoot customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Scoot Head Office
Scoot Pte Ltd
Changi Airport Terminal 1
80 Airport Boulevard
#04-09, Singapore, 819642

Scoot Customer Service
Phone: +65 3158 3388 (Singapore)

International Support
Australia: +612 8520 1888
China: +86 400 120 3055
Japan: +886 9 7348 2980
Thailand: +66 2021 0000
Hong Kong: +852 5808 5588

About Scoot Pte Ltd
scootScoot is a low cost Singapore airline that was established in the year 2011. A subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, Scoot flies to some 20 destinations across Asia and the world. The airline operates a modern fleet of planes from its main hub at Singapore Changi Airport. The partner airlines are Tigerair, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Nok Air and Virgin Australia.

Some of the destinations Scoot operates its flights include Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Osaka, Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong and Bangkok. A detailed route map and schedule is provided on the website. Visitors to the website can also book a flight online and even manage or make changes to their booking by logging into their account. As for baggage, economy fliers are allowed to carry a cabin bag of upto 7kg. As for checked baggage, you can carry upto 32kg. ScootBiz fliers can carry upto 15kg of cabin baggage onboard.

Are you connecting between Scoot or other airline? You might want to explore Scoot-Thru, a service to help you avoid the hassles of immigration, collecting and checking in baggage, among others. Scoot-Thru can be purchased online during the booking. And there is also PlusPerks that will allow you to earn KrisFlyer miles, provide you with a preferred seat with extra legroom, and offer you priority check-in and boarding.

As for the inflight experience, Scoot provides you with inflight wi-fi connectivity. There is also inflght entertainment service, showcasing some of the latest Hollywood movies, TV shows, among others. As for food, you can now pre-book your meal from the wide range of choices. The website lists the meals, beverages and snacks that can be enjoyed during a flight.

Ready to fly? Check out the deals area for some of the best prices. Also there is a web check-in option for those looking to save time. For further information or making changes to your booking, cancellation, refund, lost baggage, reach the Scoot customer service via phone or email.

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  1. Shalini Bhoopathy Reply


    I have been trying to get a refund for my flight with PNR I5SN6P from past 1 month. I did not travel due to corona virus outbreak alert in Singapore. Please refund.

    I have been trying to reach scoot through call centre but no one picked up the call.



    Regards on my Flight this coming sunday 22/3/20. Flight scoot TR301 is it cancelled? Why is there no updates on it. And i expect to get a cash back from your company if is cancelled. I would not want any voucher back and to book under scoot again. Its the worst service company and dont expect us to book again when the service is not up to standard. Kindly let me know asap regards on my flight if it is cancelled scoot flight TR301 sunday 22/3/20 ??

  3. Margrit de Vries Reply

    For 2 days now I have been trying to change my flight booking to a new date. Received an email that due to circumstances I was allow a date change, fees waived for the change.
    Explanation given how to change flight in portal under manage booking, only for 2 days now to show “error…. scoot detroz? error. The scoot call centre phone lines in Australia unable to connect due to high volume of calls probably and another advertised line 61 02 85201888 disconnected. Facebook message, messenger…. nothing is working and am now very close to that 4 hr cut off date.
    Funny that if you want to book a flight all seems to be working! Not happy and for sure poor customer service!

  4. Jasmin Habal Reply

    Good day. I Just want to ask about my condition. I booked a flight with Scoot this March 14,2020.My flight is from Perth, Western Australia to Manila, Philippines. I am Jasmin Habal who currently lives here in Albany, Western Australia. My Philippine passport is expiring on April 6,2020 and I am planning to renew it in the Philippines . I already asked the immigration in the Philippines and they said I will be allowed to travel back to Philippines even if my passport is expiring on March 14,2020. I am a permanent resident now here in Australia. Hope you could help me answer my question. Thank you very much.

  5. Dear Scoot
    I booked return flights in Dec 2017 for my husband and I to fly from Singapore to Perth on 17 Feb 2018 and 24 Feb 2018. Although it was quite a long time ago, I need to bring to your attention the issue of the e-visa for Australia which I paid for in my e-booking together with the air ticket booking. It cost us $19 X2. To our consternation, when we checked-in at Changi for our flight, we were told to go to another counter to apply and pay fpr the visa to Australia. There was no record in their database that we had paid through Scoot. I sincerely hope this issue does not happen again the next time we book for Scoot flights. Thank you.

  6. My opinion in general is that it is the WORST company in which I have traveled. I had a 3-hour flight and then another 12-hour flight with Scoot. On the website it says that it includes a large suitcase (in general) and then that in economic it includes two handbags (I think I remember well). In addition it puts several options of weight: 1 without weight, 2 20 kg (don’t remember €), 3 25 kg (don’t remember €), etc. Which let me to think that if I carried 15 kg of checked luggage I didn’t have to pay, and in fact, I had finally to pay € 100, what an amount of money!! I think they are SEWER RATS that badly explains things on the website to lead to DECEIT/SCAM. This comment may not show what I try to explain, but if you see it on the website it will be understood.
    In addition, paying food were shown on the website, and I also thought it would be an extra, because of course, paying your 12h flight ticket, how could it be so incredibly RATS of not giving you a minimum of food and drink? I don’t think I need to write that a miserable bottle of water 2 €. SOAB. The truth is that I have nothing to claim because I’m sure they have it more than studied, but this comment that I will put in all the pages that I can, then people will see how disgusting they are, based on the bad explanation of their website to get more money in one way or another. And I say more, if we put 2 real minutes to read comments about this company, you will know I am not exaggerated.
    Conclusion: PAY FOR A FLIGHT THAT IS MORE EXPENSIVE WITH ANOTHER COMPANY and you will not have economic or food problems, or any problem in general, it worths. Actually, its possible to be CHEAPER than with Scoot.

  7. Hello,
    My baggage is broken by the scoot Airline from singapore to Berlin.
    I do everything at the Airport, but now i get an E-Mail-Adress, wich doesnt work. Its [email protected].
    Can somebody Tell me the right E-Mail-Adress?
    Thank you very much.

  8. Colleen and Darren Reply

    Date: 26th January 2019
    I am writing to complain about Scoot services or lack of.

    Firstly,when I initially tried to book our flights, the tickets were cancelled due to non-payment. I attempted to find out why,via Scoot, to no avail. My third attempt was successful when my husband’s card was used. Although he is the “Primary Card User” I have never had an issue with any other service until now. My husband had to take an extra 2 days off work in order to accommodate our later return home.

    Secondly, on Tuesday 8th January 2019, our flight TR17, from Perth to Singapore was delayed by approximately 3 hours. This meant we missed our connecting flight,TR 392,to Manila. We put it down as an experience grateful that we at least had clean and decent,albeit small rooms,transport and 2 meals. It was an inconvenience not to have one’s luggage but thankfully I had packed some items including important and legal medication. What annoyed us the most was that we missed out on a day’s holiday/preparation for the wedding we were attending whereby I was matron of honour.

    Thirdly, on Sunday 20th January 2019,we boarded our flight TR16, on time, from Singapore to Perth. Surprise, surprise! We discovered that we had been allocated different seats to the ones we had paid for. We had paid for extra leg room on all 4 flights with Scoot due to my husband and 2 sons ranging in height from 6 foot 1 inch to 6 foot 7inches and myself with a medical condition called Fibromyalgia. When I queried “Kelly”the flight attendant she organised for a ground crew member to come speak with me. There was not much that could be done as it was a fully booked flight. What I did not appreciate was the fact that “Kelly” said that it was my responsibility/fault as I should have picked this up in Manila and have dealt with it there. I did pick it up but not until we were in Singapore. Perhaps Scoot could have at least warned us or offered alternative flights but no! Nothing!

    On this flight I found the toilets to be smelly and the floors unclean. I noticed this just after the seatbelt light went off post take off.

    Finally, we expect to be fully compensated for our non-existant extra leg room on flight TR16 and will not accept “Credit” from Scoot as we do not intend on utilising you ever again. I will consider complaining to Consumer Affairs dependent on your response plus warn our many friends to avoid Scoot at all costs.

    Please confirm your receipt of this email and possibly your response at your earliest convenience.


    Colleen and Darren Blight.

    • I agree with you. I’m really dissappointed with scoot as my booking ticket was rescheduled by scoot. When i tried to call the call centre there’s no answer from them

  9. Margaret Tan Reply

    After booking flight B7WEWJ to Chiangmai on October 31st 2019 to join a Mekong cruise I am endlessly frustrated by being unable to book my return flight from Vientiane back to Singapore on November 11th. The booking is for my husband and myself. It either tells me ‘if making a booking for another please confirm permission to process their data’ or ‘Unknown – Booking not paid in full. Please pay full amount’ HELP! What am I doing wrong.

  10. Dear Scoot,

    I am writing this comment to express my extreme disappointment and anger with your airline. I have tried calling your company several times but there was no satisfactory answer from your staffs.
    It has officially been few days since YOUR airline has lost my luggage. Throughout these few days, not once did your staff ever call me back with regards to my lost luggage. Instead, I, the passenger, has to be the one calling the airline on a daily basis.
    To me, this alone, is simply unacceptable customer service. I had higher hopes for your airline’s efficiency, but Scoot has unfortunately, proven me wrong, time and time again.
    To reiterate my story about my lost luggage: My friend and I were returning from Ho Chi Min City to Singapore on 07 Jan 2018 (Flight: TR307). Upon landing, I was redirected to the “lost and found” department in Changi Airport. I filled in the required Property Irregularity Report (PIR), there has been NO calls or emails with updates regarding our lost luggage.
    I have been calling “SATS Baggage Services” countless times since the event, and yet, there has been no response! It really makes one wonder if you guys are actually attempting to locate my baggage or not? Every time I call the baggage services hotline, I am always given the reply from the auto reply service “Our call center is currently experiencing a high volume of calls.” High volume of calls?? No one even pick up my calls!! I wonder is there anyone working in there? Please.
    In my own opinion, it is NOT professional and ethical to claim that just because there is no return calls or emails, no work can be done? We went on a holiday with no worries because we trusted your esteemed airline. Time and time again, throughout these few days, you have disappointed me and my friends very very much.
    With regards to the above, I sincerely hope that Scoot will be able to contact Ho Chi Min’s Airport as soon as possible and give us a satisfactory answer too.
    I am writing to request that Scoot assist immediately to contact Scoot Ho Chi Min City to find out the status of my lost luggage. I have been putting up with great inconvenience and stress of losing my belongings, and I expect Scoot to handle this professionally and promptly. Please do not tell me to deal with SATS. This is a problem that Scoot has to take care of. What is most disappointing is that Singapore SATS can tell you that they have sent emails to them everyday and still no reply.

    Thank you.

  11. Dear Sir;

    I’m a regular Scoot flyer between China & Singapore and incidents in June, Aug & Oct this year just prompted me to highlight the following :-

    1) June, Aug flights : Scootalogue items unavailable
    even flight was departing from Singapore. Same
    excuse, “forgotten to replenish”
    2) Aug, Oct flights : China immigration arrival cards
    unavailable. Same excuse “ordered (don’t know from
    where) but not supplied”
    Wouldn’t you agree with me that this is a very
    inconvenient issue especially to older folks who
    may need help in filling or those that are
    visiting China for the 1st time?
    3) Oct flight: I requested to speak to Inflight Crew
    Chief but a stewardess came over and introduced
    herself as person-in-charge of ECONOMY class. Do
    you mean economy class passengers have no access
    or is the “chief” reserve for business class only?
    Such response is Class Segregation and shldn’t
    happen in any airline let alone from SIA Group
    Pls don’t think that he’s busy because he was (&
    only)chatting with fellow Malay passenger in front
    of me for almost half hour each time

    I hope Scoot top management will rectify such issues with better crew training, logistics, etc and erase
    any perceived class segregation views on budget flyers

    Seriously, if given a choice I’ll never fly Scoot … but then I thought isn’t kindof patriotic to support own country airline (& jobs) even in a small way

    Cheers; Kelvin

  12. My boss booked a flight with Scoot to fly off on 23 Oct, unfortunately he had a bad fall and can’t travel on confirmed date, hence we sent in a request for refund of the ticket to scoot.

    Scoot gotten back on 27 Oct on the refund with a voucher with 6 months validity to be issued to us. It does indicate scoot will take 6 to 8 weeks to process. However, now my boss is well to travel, and would like to travel to the same destination this month 27th. We tried contacting scoot hoping to have the voucher refund expedite. I was asked lots of questions for verification purposes, but towards the end of the verification, I was just simply told they can’t do anything as the case has been escalate to department in-charged. I asked for ways to reach the department but was only simply asked to refer to scoot website Help Link??

    I would like to check is this how the airline works? No flexibility at all for special case? We have no idea when he is good to fly and hence unable to advise the next date and time, we also understand it requires time to process, but a 6 to 8 weeks time, isn’t this too long to take just to issue a voucher for a missed flight?

    Please kindly get the appropriate personnel to be in touch with us asap @97602702, as this is a business trip and we need to liaise with our working partners on the visit, thanks!

  13. Eric Henderson Reply

    Will NEVER ever book with Scoot again, cheaper fare or no. Got ripped off in Phuket for excess baggage to the tune of 8000baht when we didn’t have any excess baggage, 1 checked in bag weighing 12 kgs and 1 checked IN BAG weighing 11 kg. I HATE BEING RIPPED OFF and that’s what we were. No useful response from “customer service”???? But I won’t give up – will go higher if necessary.

  14. KWAN CHING WAI Reply

    I had booked a flight with Scoot flying from Ipoh to Kuching on 20 February 2019. The flight number is Scoot Flight 483 and the Confirmation Number is #Y7MH8Z. Full payment was made via credit card.

    However, on 8 August 2018, I received an email saying that my flight has been rescheduled and will now operate according to the new schedule. However, I was also given the option to accept the new schedule or cancel the booking with full refund.

    I decided to cancel the booking as the new schedule did not fit into my travel plans. I called up your Call Centre @ 01546000021 to cancel my booking. I was told that the cancellation request will be process and to expect the refund within 6 to 8 weeks and that the Payment Department will be confirming the matter via email to me within a week of my request.

    However, it is already 2 months and I have yet to received any word from your Payment Department.

    I hope you can look into the matter and reply to me urgently at my email address.

  15. Rick stephen Reply

    Dear SCOOT
    In reference to my last flight on SCOOT Booking D29ZYL, I need to register how disappointed I was – not with the actual flight due to bad weather but the check in.
    I took the option of booking the extra chairs (2) which was a mistake.
    When checking in the girl booked me into the spare seat, then claimed I did not have luggage allowance and needed to pay, this I refused as I had already had booked full fare and seated 2A, plus additional 2B and 2 C.
    Then she tagged my luggage wrong and sent it through.
    The manager came over and finally it was sorted out, I then asked them to cancel my flight back from Ningbo through the system ( I Understand no refund as per policy ) but it freed up the seat and to cancel the extra seat request.
    This was not done and now I receive on Monday my confirmation after I came back via Shanghai on SQ, plus the additional $55 charge which I would like reimbursed.

    When on the flight on Thursday even with the extra seats allocated so I could rest as in your promotion, crew allowed others to sit in that seat, is this correct on how to do a promotion ?

    I am a reasonable regular flyer on SCOOT so is my wife and other colleagues as we have business in NingBo. We have other issues that our Krisflyer points are never added and need to chase these as well, but this flight was totally a muck up from the check in and
    Staff not listening too busy playing on their handphones.

    Please confirm the return of the $55 as per request as seat not taken and cancelled

    • Magesh Sundararaman Reply

      I experienced a similar problem now. Though I specified the milage points and the system showed the amount after deducting the points, the full amount was taken from my card without using the milage points. I followed up with Scoot and got the following response. If the milage points cannot be used in Scoot that is fine. But providing an option to use and not honoring is not acceptable.

      We wish to reiterate the email that we have sent recently.

      We refer to your request received through our Online Feedback Form.

      Our record shows that there is no attempt made to redeem the miles in your booking.

      As such, we regret that we are unable to accede with your request.

      Do note that you may contact our Call Centre if you need assistance to book your flight.

      We do apologise for the inconvenience caused.

      Thank you.

      Yours sincerely,

      Charlie Smith
      Customer Support Representative
      on behalf of Scoot

      I understand that Scoot is a budget airlines but does it mean the Customer Experience is compromised on their budget airlines?

      Note: Anyone trying to use the milage points, please take a screen shot to prove yourself that you have used the slider to choose the milage points that you wanna use.

  16. Anthony Wong Reply

    I flew to Hawaii cha Osaka on August 23. TR 700

    Checked in as usual 2 hours early. Went to the designated boarding gate at 1030am n was informed that due to typhoon in Osaka flight was delayed till 11pm same day.

    Waited till 11pm and took the flight to Osaka then Honolulu.

    On board I asked the crew if they waited at changi airport. Their reply that they were informed at 6am that morning not to report to work.

    I thought it was off that Scoot could inform their crew that the flight to Osaka was delayed 12 hours; yet no one informed me via email or my mobile. And still checked me in like as if the flight was taking off at 11am.

    The staff st the boarding gate informing me of the flight delay was not very experience. She appeared to be as a part time staff. And instructions were not clear as to what we could do.

    I went to Scoot transfer counter at 6pm that same evening to verify the new gate. I find your staff can be more attentive and smart. Think we was more engrossed in his mobile phone than serving customers.

    TG flight to n back from Hawaii was thankfully pleasant.

    I shared my experience with the crew on the way back but to date I’ve heared nothing from Scoot. And I flew biz class.

  17. Dear sir/madam,

    I would like to ask for your help to have a look on the flight I took at 12th July.

    I left my uplift wired in-ear headphones on the Scoot plane. My book ref was J8G5TW, the flight was TR905 Macau to Singapore at 17.55, seat 15B but I switched with my groupmate to 15F which by the path. It supposed to be a hand shaped size white cotton bag, inside within “House of Marley” in-ear black headphones at the net folder at the back of the seat in front of 15F. Wish it could be found.
    I know it has been a week ago, but please let me know if the headphone is still on the plane. Thanks a lot!

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,
    Weng Si Lo

  18. Just to let you guys know that it was a very painful and unforgetable experiences for wife and myself flying for the first time with Scoots.
    I booked a flight from 11 Jun to 16 Jun 2018 to Penang since Sept 2017 and thought I had a great deal paying $418.50 including Chubb Insurance.
    However my wife was taken ill on 11 Jun and I called customer service on 10 Jun to move my flight to 12 Jun instead.
    I was poorly advise of what to do and I was desperate and wanting to make that trip.
    I was told that it would cost me another $424.70 for the change.
    Though I did not fully understood why but when ahead.
    With this bad experiences it will be our last time flying with Scoots

  19. I would like to draw your attention to the ground crew or cabin crew’s carelessness in not checking the magazine and info leaflets at the back of the seats.

    I was on flight TR869 from Bangkok (5pm flight) to Singapore on 5 April 2018. I was browsing through the magazine and in-flight sales brochure when I saw another booklet in the Japan language. As I flipped through the pages, I was shocked. It was almost a pornographic book of naked women in suggestive poses amidst advertisements.

    Imagine if children or young teens view these books, it would be so inappropriate and in very bad taste. I alerted the cabin crew and she apologised and took the 2 copies from me. She commented that they could have come from the other sector (meaning from Japan). If the crew had cleaned the plane properly, they would have seen the books and threw them away.

    I took pictures of the book cover and some lewd pictures inside. It is not proper to post it here but I am willing to send to your organisation if you need evidence.

  20. Dear Scoot team,

    I had booked a ticket from Lucknow to Singapore and then to Gold coast(with booking reference- N1GT2L)


    Return to India was scheduled from Sidney via Singapore on 1 August(booking reference- E96D9Q)

    Now due to some personal issues I had to cancel my tour which I am planning on a later date in July/August 2018. Hence I want to know could I postponed the itinerary with my new date which is not yet confirmed?

    If not then kindly refund my amount. I know that the ticket is non refundable, hence I am only asking for the Airport taxes which are refundable.

    Looking forward to your cooperation.

    Thank you…regards, Chandra Shekhar

  21. Vijaya Ranga Reply

    Attention: Customer Service Officer, Scoot Airways

    Respected sir/madam,

    This is with regard to the bad experience we had at the counter, while on our travel in Scoot from Singapore to Hanoi and back booking reference F7LZXJ – travel dates 21 & 24-Dec-2017, group-booking done via MILLENNIUM TOURS & TRAVEL PTE LTD.

    1. To start with, our first bad experience was with Scoot counter 12 staff at Changi Airport. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of the staff as the Counter Staff do NOT wear any name badge. It was a group check-in for 12 passengers. The lady serving at the counter checked all passports and informed one of that one of the passenger cannot travel as its validity is less than 6 months, while in reality it had 7 months validity and the new passport that was applied had not yet arrived. In short, she just didn’t bother to check the details.

    2. Further, she repeatedly shouted and asked us to check-in one by one, though ours was group check-in. After few minutes, she said there is some problem with payment and sked us to move out of the queue and wait. We had arrived at airport at 5.15AM for 8PM flight. The time was ticking, but we continued to wait and our turn never came. She didn’t have a smile on her face throughout and our time was running out.

    3. We escalated the matter to her boss / manager and she duly cleared all of us quickly. The manager was friendly & helpful. This experience did pour cold water on the spirit of our holiday trip.

    4. Based on what we heard from her, we did inform the problem we faced to our travel agent and Mr. Balaji from MILLENNIUM TOURS & TRAVEL PTE LTD duly checked with Scoot airlines to confirm that there will be no problem during our return journey. The call center confirmed to him that there won’t be any problem in the return journey. Mr. Balaji also informed us that the travel agency deposited the payment on the 21 Nov but it reflected in their system only on 27 Nov even though sent by FAST Transfer and they continuously called airlines.

    5. We had similar problem at Hanoi Noi Bai International, Terminal 2 on our return journey. Although we had arrived at airport at 10.20AM, 2 hours well before the departure, we were asked to sit & wait due to same problem (we were told it’s some pricing problem). We spoke to travel agent & he in-turn called your call center and put the call on conference with us. It easily took about an hour to get the issue resolved. They have mailed about the problem to Scoot airlines the same day asking for an investigation & received a response from Scoot asking for some more time for investigation.

    6. In short, both our onward & return journey was in jeopardy, due to airlines staffing as well as technical problems. This was a big blot / sour point, on our otherwise good holiday. If we had not taken a local phone connection at Vietnam, the issue could have been even worse.

    We would like to know what went wrong.


    We fly frequently Jaipur to Singapore and Back.

    Since last one month I am facing great difficulty in making bookings on Scoot.
    At the payment gateway the message comes
    “Your payment denied”
    where as my card is good, there is no reason from my card company to decline. I checked with them also, they say it is not presented to them for payment.

    There is no option, no call centre in India, no customer care help line number.

    This is not expected from Scoot / Singapore Airline

  23. Ng Cheng Soon Reply

    Hi Scoot,

    We are your return customers but that is all going to change after this morning’s ordeal.

    You guys took out the option for individual passengers to opt in/out of flybag options etc (in a way ‘forcing’ passengers to buy services they dont require) and when we tried to avoid these unnecessary spendings by booking through 2 separate transactions and things go awfully wrong, we are left in the lurch with totally no recourse. Guess what, we ended up paying $60 additional (instead of saving $48) simply because my wife’s purchase went through for herself and my elder son while my purchase for myself and younger son was rejected with error message “ticket class sold out”. What else could we do after my wife’s transaction went through other than to unwillingly purchase the higher priced tickets??

    A desperate call to your customer service was returned with not very helpful messages like how ticket prices are out of their control and no refund can be given etc..

    Where is the fairness in this deal? Truly saddened and disappointed with Scoot.

    Best regards,

  24. Chua Chong Jin Reply

    I had a lousy experience with Scoot recently when travelling from Dalian to Singapore on 3 Sep 2017.
    After arriving at the airport, was told by your counter staff that my flight TR167 (STD 1200)had been delayed to 1845 hrs, asked me to come back to the airport around 1715-1815 hrs, I checked in as per normal and was given seat 12D. I have following feedback :
    1. According to cabin crew, she knew about the delay early in the morning around 6.00am by the company and yet passenger like myself was not informed for such a long delay. ( I am always contactable through email ) The hassle of travelling to the airport with so many hours in between waiting and waiting was really exhausting. I had to take one extra day of Annual Leave for my work since I reached home at 4.00am on the second day instead (STA 2115 hrs)
    2. The cabin crew gave me the FLIGHT DELAY NOTICE when we started chatting on board, the flight eventually departed Dalian more than 7 hours late without any compensation.
    3. Boeing B787 Dreamliner is such a beautiful aircraft with its beautiful interior design and colourful cabin lighting, unfortunately your floor carpets on the aisle looked dirty, fading and full of stains. it really spoit the whole ambience of the cabin.
    4. When we arrived at Qingdao airport, the airport staff guiding us were unsure where we should go, seemed to be confused as where we should go.
    I usually travel to Dalian via Shanghai or Beijing by Chinese National Airlines, they are getting better nowadays, hope Scoot will be able to improve its service in this aspect.

    your faithfull
    CJ Chua

  25. Peggy Daniel Reply

    Trying to find out my flight from KL to Perth on 01/09 and return on 08/09 to Penang and there is not even one reply. My name is Saw Guat Bee. Booked on the 09/08 and till now there is never any answer. Very disappointed. If there is no more seat, do have courtesy to email me. Thanks.

  26. Dear Sir/ Madam
    Booking reference: KZKIYB (Scoot Ticket)
    I am writing to make a complaint about your call centre. We travelled to Perth from Singapore on Scoot and then we had a return flight booked to Singapore from the Gold Coast. We wanted to upgrade our seats to business class for our return flight to Singapore and when we went on line it did not give us an option to do this so we had no option but to call your call centre.

    On the 16th July 2017 my cousin called your call centre to see if we could upgrade our seats out of Gold Coast to business class. She spoke to a girl called Maria.

    Initially she said this can’t be done as we had purchased excess baggage to be taken on the flight. As this did not make any sense, my cousin asked Maria to see what can be done and to let her know the cost difference to upgrade the seats on the flight.
    After a 40-minute conversation, Maria managed to upgrade all 4 of our seats and told my cousin that the cost difference would be from the current price which we assumed that this was the cost of the upgrade.
    Once she sent the confirmation, we went on line and checked and she has charged us the full cost of business class seats and not the cost difference. Please see attached. Instead of upgrading with the price difference, now we have been charged Economy class fare + Business class fare for Gold coast – Singapore sector. It’s very disturbing how staff don’t give proper information as mess-around with passengers. We have travelled with major airlines as well as low cost airlines in the past but has never ever come across a situation like this before.
    My husband then called the call centre again (on the same day) and spoke to a person called Jason and Chan. He also asked to speak to a supervisor but no one was able to resolve our problem of being overcharged for our seats back to Singapore. The call centre agents indirectly accepted the mistake and Jason at one point also said that Maria may be a trainee. Chan confirmed that Jason has escalated the issue and this will be resolved soon. We were told that someone will call to help, we had two few seconds calls and the phone copy of the calls have been attached.

    My husband had to call the call centre several times and was on the phone for over an hour and no one would help us. When he asked to speak to the Supervisor they kept saying he is on another call and at the end although they said they would return the call it is close to a week and a half now and no one has returned the call. I have attached calls made to the call centre taken from the phone. It is very disappointing to see that the problem was not resolved, I have been overcharged for 4 seats and the quality of the service provided by the call centre was terrible. The more concerning issue is that there was no urgency or initiative by the call centre to help us resolve the issue.
    We will be taking our flight to Singapore this week on Scoot and then our connection to Dubai on Emirates, would I travel Scoot again – I am not sure. Would I recommend Scoot to anyone else –it really depends on how this issue is resolved.
    My contact details are given below and I would appreciate a response to this and a resolution.

    Please find attached all the necessary information for the inquiry. We made the decision to fly Scoot solely based on the recommendation from my cousin whom we were staying. He recommended as this was a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines and his experience with Scoot. We are extremely disappointed how this issue was handled by the reservation / call centre and no one has made any effort to give us a feedback till now (27.07.2017).

  27. Hi,

    I have made too a booking (travelling date: 18th Septemern to 27th September 2017) from Male to Manila i received the booking reference and says that i will received booking confirmation containing my internary with in 24 hours but till now no confirmation yet, i tried to call their customer hotline too but no responsed from them. Its making me feel dissapointed the way of they taking care about the assurance of the passenger to book thru merging to Tiger Airways. I hope this comment will make them response to have my itinerary.

    • I have experienced exactly the same issue as you have, the customer service support level is somlow it doesn’t register.

      Like you I have tried phoning them many times without getting to a person to talk to, I have emailed many times without getting a single reply, I have Facebook messaged them multiple times and did get a single reply telling me how busy they are so be patient and wait.

      I have tried to find any mention of their head of customer service but the details can’t be found. I have tried to find details of their board members but again no result.

      The customer service of this airline is non-existent, a total fail no matter how you might grade their service level.

      Can only hope they read the feedback relative to their crappy support service.

  28. Bruce Evans Reply

    I took a Scoot flight on 23July from Sydney to Singapore. The ticket was purchased a few days prior on Scoots Website app. I attemped Poli Pay but the Scoot site indicated that due to the close departure date, my application was rejected even after all payment details were filled in (StGeorge Bank). I then used my regular bank (NAB) to complete the ticket transaction. After confirmation by email from Scoot, I checked both banks (StGeorge & NAB), I was charged once by each bank. StGeorge has contacted Scoots BSB for an immediate refund, still pending. Note:
    Be careful when using Poli Pay or any other internet direct billing.
    I am awaiting a refund from Scoot. My flight was very good. Regards Bruce Evans

  29. Mareete McGuinn Reply

    After our flight was cancelled by Scoot we were told to get a taxi and go home and call back the next day to see what would happens to our flight. We were promised we would be reimbursed the full taxi fare and we just needed to go online and submit the claim. It has now been over a month, taken 4 phones calls, 1 email and submitting the claim and still I have received not reimbursement. We had to get a taxi at midnight from the airport home, being two young girls who live at different residences. We then had to get back to the airport the next day which we have not even tried to claim. After waiting online for up to an hour Scoot advised we would actually only be able to claim $50 reimbursement per person despite the taxi fare costing $157.24. Scoot keep promising timeframes for when I can this yet keep not adhering to them. When I called Scoot again today, they advised we would actually only receive $50 in total. So I was first promised full reimbursement, then $50 person, now only $50 in total and I will have to wait 6-8 weeks for this. This is compelelty unacceptable given this was Scoot’s responsibility and given their staff have made the promises of reimburments.

  30. Anne Gilbert Reply

    I was trying to book Scoot flights on the website but it kept defaulting and wanting emails and passenger info etc re-entered. I presumed that the booking hadn’t worked so I went to Expedia and booked (Scoot) on their website. Imagine my surprise when I got an email confirming my Scoot booking!!. I thought I was double booked; I have since discovered that I am not double booked but this whole experience has been a nightmare. Scoot deliberately seems to evade customer contact and I suggest that they are in contravention of Australian Consumer law and this is who we should all be approaching.

  31. Ann Ibrahim Reply


    I’m writing to Scoot to ask for REFUND for the service which we did not receive.

    My booking reference is EYHZPN. Travel date: 21 April, 2017 – Sin/Perth.

    I bid for business class seat and Scoot confirmed that I was successful and debited my card $300.

    Upon boarding the flight, the Business Class was double booked and my husband and I had to be bumped to Economy Class. We were told that we will be refunded and asked to ring to report the issue upon arrival back in Perth, Australia.

    I’ve rang so many times and were told that my issue has been escalated but so far no refund has been made.

    It’s really frustrating to try to reach your customer service centre number as it is always not reachable – either number busy or wait on the line for more than 20 minutes.

    Could someone from the Customer Service team please process this and update me?

    Thank you.

  32. Gordon Webster Reply

    You might be operating the latest 787 but hopefully they will be operated better than you website for bookings.

    It is really poor and it has been like it for weeks.

    I tried to make a one way booking and after getting to second page the website wanted a return date and that is as far as I could get and foolishly tried a number of times. On another attempt the girl with the yellow cape said “Please wait a moment… Won’t take a jiffy.”, but she must have got lost on the way or stopped over in Jakarta because she has been away for a long time and doesn’t look coming back anytime soon. I really have to question your slogan below because at the moment it doesn’t ring true.

    “It’s in our DNA

    Scoot offers an impeccable delivery service with personality, a contemporary feel and the choice to only pay for what matters to you. We announced ourselves to the world publicly on November 1st 2011 and, since then, we have grown spectacularly thanks to our customers and fans.”

    One more thing, I tried calling the Sydney number that offered 24hr assistance to advise that your website was not responding as expected. There was a very nice lady who must have been sitting on a rotating chair just announcing a message every 30 seconds that they were experiencing a very high number of calls. This lady needs a rest she must be exhausted. I know I was exasperated and eventually I had pity on the lady and hung up.

    By the way the girl in the yellow cape still hasn’t come back. Hope she isn’t lost!

  33. Gillian keary Reply

    We havent even left the country yet and aldready I am regretting booking with Scoot, we have had our flights changed twice, and the date of our departure has been changed by three days, so all our european flights are in jepordy. Thanks for nothing scoot,definetly not recommending you or flying with you in the future!

  34. Thong Li San Reply

    Hi, I have made an booking ref no. P43S6S (traveling date : 15/10/17-23/10/17) from Singapore to Taipei this morning (02/05/17) at 7.49am (during promotion time 0700 -1400).After booking & payment made, I found that the total fare was overcharged & the confirmation emailed to me was dated 01/05/2017. FYI, from Singapore to Taipei (departure time :0045-0540), air fare should be $108 instead of $184. When we received the confirmation from Scoot via email, we called your customer service immediately for clarification but after numerous call & time spend calling for few hours (since morning till afternoon), no one answer the call at all. We hope that your management will look into this issue seriously & do the refund to me asap. FYI, I did check few website and noticed that the departure fare all shown $108 only (before 1400 today).

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