Contact of Reemployment Assistance Florida (phone, email)

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Find below customer service details of Reemployment Assistance, Florida. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the government agency.

Head Office
Dept of Economic Opportunity
107 East Madison Street
Caldwell Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4120

Phone: 1-800-204-2418 (general)
Phone: 850-487-2685 (Appeals Commission)
Phone: 1-877-846-8770 (employer support)
Email: [email protected] (appeal support)
Email: [email protected] (comments)

About Reemployment Assistance
The state unemployment insurance programs are designed to help workers affected by mass layoffs or unemployed for other reasons. Every state in the US has mechanisms in place for workers to file for unemployment benefits. The unemployment insurance (UI) program in Florida is called Reemployment Assistance Benefits. Workers can avail benefits for up to 12 weeks within a single calendar year. Like other states, the requirements remain the same. The claimant must be unemployed for no fault of their own and are able and willing to work. The eligibility requirement also stipulates that the claimant must have worked in Florida during the past 12 to 18 months. After receiving the application, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) studies the case and determines whether one is eligible for benefits.

Filing a claim can be done through the DEO website. Besides online application, the office also invites workers to make claims at local office. The claim forms can be viewed and downloaded on the website. When preparing the same, you will need to provide your Social Security Number, driver’s license number (or other secondary identification) as well as employment history. Information of employers worked with in the past 18 months will also have to be provided. For non-US residents, alien registration numbers and work authorization forms will have to be furnished. The candidates must meet the state’s requirements for wages earned or time worked during the “base period” (first four calendar quarters). The requirements vary according to state. The program also requires that all candidates enroll in Workforce Services to ensure they are actively searching for employment.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has developed the Connect platform for candidates to submit application online. The FAQ section has useful information for those unsure of the process and want to learn on the eligibility requirements. Once an application has been submitted and approved, expect payment in two to three weeks. Payment can be received in the form of debit card or direct bank deposit. Eligible workers will receive the Florida Debit Card that can be used for withdrawal. Enrolees must request benefit payment in Connect on a biweekly basis. For those whose application was rejected, you have the option to file an appeal requesting an administrative hearing. Request for an appeal can be submitted by mail, fax or online. According to the website, “the appeals hearing will be held by telephone with all involved parties on a conference call”. For complaints or queries on filing claim, appeal, payment, or others, reach the DEO support.

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  1. I lost my job on April 15th. For 7 weeks I have been trying to get through to Connect online, and/or the UIA number, at the same time. I Finally got through and was able to complete it on Friday May 29th. June 1st it stated on Connect that every week Retroactive $3,375.00 will be direct deposited on June 1st. I checked my account Monday June 1st, Tuesday June 2nd, Wednesday June 3rd, and Thursday June 4th it Still wasn’t there! I called UIA. The lady that answered said they sent it to an Old Bank Account that has been Closed for Years! Even though, I had put My Bank account information in That Is Active! Then I received a paper check in the mail on June 4th, for $275.00 One Week! And it Still says on the UIA website that I received a payment of $3,375.00 on June 2nd! Which I did Not! I went back into the website, and added my Correct Bank Account Again, for the Second time.

  2. It is insane the amount of stress you have to go through to claim unemployment. The government sure has no problem collecting taxes from every check. They also make sure to reach you by phone and text when it comes to voting. If you reach them for assistance , all you get is crickets. It’s ridiculous the obstacles we have to go through for assistance .

  3. Can you please explain why we are not receiving the federal benefits? This clearly states that we are supposed to receive both state and federal unemployment within the same week! I have already received four or more weeks of state unemployment and not even one federal check! I feel this is unfair! I have done my part to get approved And then to not receive any federal? I have had several 12 hour days just trying to claim my weeks on a broken system. Not including constantly calling just to get a busy signal or to be told they can not help me with my problem. Also constant emails asking for help with no reply. All of this just for the small amount of $134 they approved my state benefits for. It’s a shame! Now I’m faced with the decision should I try to pay a bill or take care of my child? No mother should have to beg for help that should have already been approved and sent! I have worked since I was 17 and always paid my taxes! I have also took care of my children and all of their needs as a Independent mother but when faced with a shut down I have no choice but to rely on the government who is supposed to help us in this crisis!

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