Contact of Redbubble customer service (phone, address)

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Contact Redbubble: Find below customer service details of Redbubble, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the online retailer. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Redbubble Limited
Level 3, 271 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Customer Service
Phone: +61 3 9650 0138 (Melbourne)

About Redbubble
Redbubble is an online retailer of on-demand products in Australia. Founded in the year 2006, the company has its headquarters at Melbourne, Victoria and employs close to 170. Artists on the platform can sell their art works on a variety of products. The website boasts of more than 10 million visitors each month. Additionally, it has some 450,000 active artists on the platform.

Products with beautifully designed art works featured on the website include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, scarves, smartphone cases, wall arts (posters, canvas prints, art boards, art prints, framed prints), stickers, bags, calendars, postcards, spiral notebooks, greeting cards, throw pillows, duvet covers, mugs, and clocks.

On the website, you have the option to choose color, size, design, among others. You can read detailed description, see the reviews and know the artist. Payment for purchases can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Shoppers have 90 days to submit a return. You can get a replacement, voucher or full refund. Shipping is handled by UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS. You can track your order online.

If you are an artist, you can easily sign up on the website and start uploading your designs. Some of the popular collections featured on the website include Pop Culture, Animals, Art Styles, Patterns, Home Decor, Into The Wild, Food, Seasons, Funny, Colors and Hobbies. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, shipping, or others reach the Redbubble customer service.

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  1. Bruce Hochstetler Reply

    Ordered some masks on June 22. Order was shipped June 26 from N.C. It’s now in Carrollton, TX, arrived July 2. It’s still there, it’s now July 8. It’s been sitting in Carrollton for 6 days and counting. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM REDBUBBLE EVER AGAIN!!!

  2. Astrid Robitaille Reply

    As with all the comments here, I placed an order and never received my merchandise. The status states it was shipped but I haven’t received it, and when I click “where’s my order?” And put in my order number I get a message saying the order doesn’t exist! Yet my card was charged and it is listed in my order history as shipped. I’m also finding it impossible to contact customer support!! This is getting ridiculous!!!

    • Same exact thing is happening to us!! So ridiculous and then there’s no way to contact them, I’m in the US and the California number is disconnected!! I think this website is a scam based off what everyone else has said in these reviews.

    • The same thing is happening to me too!! I spent $60 on a gift for my friend, and only received a poster. There’s still $40 worth of merchandise missing, and I am unable to contact anyone. The website says that a confirmation email should have sent, but it never did. Now, the website is saying that my order doesn’t exist.

  3. My order shipped in July and it’s august and it’s still not here. Starting to feel ripped off. There is absolutely no easy way to contact Redbubble for an answer and some of the emails saying the address doesn’t exist.

  4. Alexis Hermelo Reply

    I ordered stickers on July 24 and they got shipped on July 29 and it said I would be here through the 31st of July and 1st of August. And it’s currently August 3rd and the package is still not here it still just says package manufacturerd and shipped. So I’m still waiting for my package and spent 14 dollars so if I’m not gonna get my stickers I’ll need a refund.

  5. taylor burnett Reply

    I ordered some stickers on July 19th and the ETD was July 23-25. It is now the 29th and i have yet to receive my stickers or any email explaining the delay. If I do not get the stickers in a couple of days or an email regarding them, then I will cancel my order and ask for a refund.

    • Alexis Hermelo Reply

      Have you gotten your stickers yet because the same thing happened to me and I’m not sure if I should wait or cancel my order and get a refund?

      • Carter logan Reply

        Same here. I’m livid. There’s almost no way to contact them and for some reason I can’t find my order on their site. It just says my order number is wrong when it definitely isn’t

  6. Good afternoon. I received a notification about my order saying that it has been shipped on 15 April and the estimated delivery date was supposed to be between 19 and 25 of April. To date (11.5.2019) I haven’t received the order yet (Order No 26708618 ). Could somebody help me, please?
    Thank you

  7. Debrah Hasisi Reply

    I have sent you several requests for my order confirmation summary but have never received call reply. I need to return an item and cannot complete the process without the order number. You made the mistake by sending the wrong item and I am not paying for something I didn’t not want. Please contact me as soon as possible as this is becoming more and more frustrating to me. Thank you.

  8. I ordered a T-shirt this week and the item was delivered today. Unfortunately, it was the wrong item! It is not the T-shirt I ordered. I am extremely frustrated about the fact that your company is obviously happy to sell in countries where you don’t have any kind of customer services, in my case in the UK. There is not a telephone number to be found or even a proper customer service email. This is absolutely appalling and unacceptable.

    Could anyone come back to me please as soon as possible? I need the item by tomorrow evening and I have the horrible feeling that I will not get it. I am truly, truly disappointment about this and the complete disregard that you obviously feel for your customers.

    Order #26284158

  9. Deborah Burkey Reply

    I submitted a request for an exchange and have not gotten a reply. I can’t find a way to call for customer service to verify my request. Is there a number?

    My daughter loves your products and I was hoping that I found a good source for gifts for her but it doesn’t really work if I can’t communicate with customer service when there is a problem.

  10. The quality of posters was actually terrible, my home printer could have done a better job.I kindly request a full refund, I have no quarrel in returning posters if need be but frankly this is a con. I can send photo evidence of the poor quality, they resemble pirated front covers blown up. Look forward to hearing back from you.

  11. Olivia Howard Reply

    I ordered 16 stickers last week and I received an email today claiming it was delivered at my house at around 2PM. There were no packages by my door and my mailbox is empty. My order number is #25445627. This is my first time ordering from you and I’m very disappointed.

  12. Gabriel LaPlant Reply

    The customer service was great! They got back to me immediately about my unreceived items with the live chat, and when it turned out it was lost in post, they put in a replacement order. Much easier to deal with than UPS.

  13. I ordered a soccer poster and it was delivered promptly BUT it was poorly packed and damaged down the sides.

    I have sent photos of the damage and the packaging and the reference is 4974003 but despite texts and attempts to phone I seem to be getting nowhere.

    Where are you Ahmad?

    • I too ordered ceramic coffee cups from Redbubble. They were so poorly packaged they arrived with multiple chips around the rims.
      I had ordered three items but only one item number appeared on summary.
      Unable to return or exchange items.

  14. George Baumert Reply

    Horrible exchange service ~ I received wrong size and the site I’m directed to will not allow me to submit an exchange or return ~ why? My order is 25365583

  15. Gillian Turner Reply

    I ordered 2 ‘queen’ T-shirts on November 28, 2018….paid via PayPal! I have yet to receive these items. Please advise as to the status of this order ASAP

  16. Taylor Gindlesperger Reply

    On December 25th, I placed an order of 10 stickers. On an email that I received confirming the purchase and updating me that it has been sent, the estimated delivery date was Jan 2-8. It is now Jan 16 and I have no idea where my package is. I am a college student so I set the shipping address to the FedEx store that is on campus. I have been tracking my package since it failed to arrive by Jan 8. On the UPS tracking site that I was sent to, it still says that the scheduled delivery date is Jan 2, and that the package has not completed the “delivered” phase. Right now, it is Jan 16, and the package is still not here. Also, on the UPS site, (I am not sure if this is just a fluke or if RedBubble failed to complete the address label that I filled out) it says that the shipping address is “STANFORD, CA, 94305, US”. Obviously, that package cannot arrive if there is no name or street address. In my confirmation email, my name and street address are included, so why is it not filled out on the UPS site? The tracking site also says that on Dec. 29, my package was “transferred to post office” in East Palo Alto, CA. That is the last update. If it is at a post office, which one? And why has it not made its way to me and the address that I filled out?

  17. Taylor Gindlesperger Reply

    Hello, I placed an order the day after Christmas. I received an email that it had been shipped and would arrive between January 2-8.. It is January 14 and it still has not arrived. I have tracked it and that UPS page gave me no help. What happened???

  18. Eleanor Hvizdash Reply

    I was supposed to receive my order by Dec,24, 2018, haven’t received it yet! The money was taken from my account before the 24th! I’ve called Fedex and the tell me when it is shipped they will send me a delivery date. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift!

  19. I have been trying for days to contact customer service. I have left emails with redbubble and also the artist of the shirt, in which neither one has replied. This will be my first and last purchase!!

  20. Christina Sorchini Reply

    Unbelievable!!! Why is there no customer support by phone! I ordered and paid for two $25 gift certificates and they only emailed one! Can’t even submit an email regarding an already placed order on the site! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! What a scam.

  21. I ordered a t-shirt that was clearly not advertised correctly. I was lead to believe that it was an “Under Armour” t-shirt. WRONG. It is a generic t-shirt with an “Under Armour” logo printed on it. I am trying to get in touch with redbubble for a full refund. I do not want a voucher–I want my money back. Also, there is no place to leave a review of the t-shirt to warn other shoppers of this bait and switch.

  22. My order was supposed to be delivered Dec 21, 2018. It is already dec 24. I paid extra for express freight so it would arrive prior to Christmas. My order is #24656205. If I dont receive it by tom, i would like a refund.

  23. Blake Woodhall Reply

    This company makes it impossible to get in touch with a real person via email or telephone. Very frustrating. I am supposed to be getting two items by 12/24 (as promised) yet the order status has not changed (still pending).

    The worst customer service I’ve encountered in a long time. Why? Because it’s non-existent. You have insulated yourselves from contact. Worse than even the IRS.

  24. I still haven’t received my order # 23900425. I was supposed to have it by December 12th, and it’s now the 21st. It’s a red army scarf, and it’s a Christmas present for my daughter. I have a USP tracking number, but when I type it in, it says it still hasn’t arrived at the facility.

  25. Dee Marie Heaslip Reply

    Expected delivery date for my items was between 17-20th which is today, my item is a Christmas gift for someone who is leaving tomorrow and I’ve still not received it

  26. I ordered the following on cyber Monday last month just after thanks giving order no.23579902 keep it Mello hoodie and a sweat shirt for my son, I received a message order succeful/ made and shipped estimated delivery December 4th 2018. When I try to track it with ups,they are still waiting can someone explain to me what happened to my order if not I want my money back. This is so frustrating!!!!

  27. Jeannie Harithas Reply

    I am not finding anyway to contact these people. The tracking dispute keeps pushing a later date. Their site says my order number is not identified. Something truly fishy here. I pray my order arrives. But it has been way past the original delivery date. This Sucks! Not worth the stress or my $61.83 for nothing. Do Not recommend Redbubble. If i payed with Paypal can i cancel and get my money back?

  28. Karen Abbey Reply

    This is a funny coincidence as I have the same issue as Caroline Kozah 1 year later. I too was supposed to receive my order on Dec. 20, 2018 and paid extra for express delivery. I received an email today saying my order had shipped but would not be delivered until 12/21. The event I ordered them for is on 12/20. My order #24374490. If I do not receive my items by tomorrow, I will dispute the charges and ask for my money back as well.

  29. Glen Clardy Reply

    My order was suppose to be delivered in 2 to 3 days. Half will make it but the other half was out of stock and being manufactured. Website did not say it was out of stock. I would have chosen a different design. The two products were suppose to go together. I guess when you are 12 hours different in time and a different hemisphere customer service would be poor.

  30. Jacqueline Lewis Reply

    I bought an Indian Clock for my partner for Xmas this year, cost me $100.00 all up and the quality is terrible.Took months to arrive. Its bubbled on the inside. I will never buy from this company again. Very annoyed. Can’t be bothered sending it back,too much trouble. Very disappointed customer.

  31. Worse customer service. I ordered a phone case and it was suppose to be delivered by Dec 11 – 13 sent an email received a CANNED response saying check back on the 20th. Can’t talk to anyone the tracking says delivered to my local PO on the 11th you would think the company would help me but no I’m left to deal with this. I would never order from them again!

  32. I’m feeling extremely frustrated as I placed an order on the 3rd of December a Christmas present. The money has been taken out of my account but no delivery as of yet. And I’m even more frustrated as you haven’t sent me a conformation email regarding my order so I can’t even track it . So will someone please sort this out for me
    Thank you

  33. Kaylee Akins Reply

    The website told me that my zip code was not valid and the order could not be completed, yet my card was charged THREE TIMES for the order. I would like to know how to get in contact over the phone so I can talk to someone to sort this out.

  34. Amy Keglovits Reply

    I was supposed to receive my order by September 14 and paid extra for the express delivery. The tracking says it will get here by the 19th…. I think I deserve a refund. My order number is #22052913. I have not received an email or heard anything about its delay.

  35. Sydney Pfuhl Reply

    Hey, I tracked my order and it claims to be delivered but it hasnt arrived at my location. Can someone help me out here or give me a number to call so I can figure out what happned to my order? Thanks.

  36. The worst customer support I’ve ever come across!
    Nobody replies until several reminders, yet there’s a clear message before submitting a request that “it will be replied to within 4 hours”, takes 3 days each time.
    My account was suspended right after I opened it, and nobody is bothered to assist or at least explain why!! Now I’m not allowed to open any new accounts, AND the one I already have is still suspended…..
    So….? I just move on to another POD and forget about it?
    Atrocious attitude, why to offer something you don’t deliver?????

    • Marcia Hall Reply

      I agree. Worst customer service ever. Don’t order from them. I am trying to return a hoodie that came in the wrong size, has taken 3 hours, including a live chat that needed photos of the item and I still have no address of where to send the return. Very frustrating. This should be so simple to do.

    • The same thing happened to me! They have all my payment info and I can’t get ANY response from the morons. what else do you want me to say that will make you post this warning for anyone stupid enough to use redbubble?

  37. I noticed that your company has taken out of bank account $61.31. I did not order from your company.
    So if you would be kind to return my money back into my account everything will be fine. Thank you.

  38. I have been trying to get Red Bubble to get access to my profile re-opened and despite trying on multiple occasions to open a dialog with them they have not responded except to say “someone will be in touch”…. (yeah, right…).
    The phone number above does go to a real number with a voice message but it isn’t possible to get in touch with anyone to get it sorted out. This is really frustrating. Red Bubble cannot be contacted except via the website or if you have a direct phone number for them.

  39. Caroline Kozah Reply

    I was supposed to received my order on Dec. 20 and have not received it yet. I also paid extra for express delivery . My order # is 17577917. If I do not receive it by tomorrow I will dispute the charges and ask for my money back. It is a busy time, I understand, but you should be true to your facts when you post them.

    • Victoria Abe Reply

      I was supposed to receive all of my order by Feb. 26, 2018 and it is March 5 and I still have not received half of my order #18745424 (BFDI clock, barf bag bag and pillow pillow). If I do not receive them by this week I will dispute the charges and ask for a refund. My grandson will be very disappointed that our order was not fulfilled.

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