Contact of Menards customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Menards: Find below customer service details of Menards, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the home improvement store chain. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Menard, Inc
5101 Menard Drive,
Eau Claire, WI 54703
United States

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 715-876-5911 (corporate)
Phone: 715-876-2600 (transportation HQ)

About Menards
Menards is a US-based chain of home improvement stores. Named after the founder John Menard Jr, the company today operates in more than 300 locations and claims to be the third largest home improvement chain. Operating since 1960, Menards employs more than 45,000 and has its headquarters at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, US. Products sold include hardware, garden supplies, building materials, tools, light fixtures, home appliances, doors, windows, paint, plumbing supplies and automotive products.

The family-owned company’s stores span locations that include Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The stores not only stock products from leading brands in the home improvement industry, but also Menards’ own in-house brands Midwest Manufacturing, Masterforce, Dakota, Mastercraft, Grip Fast, Tuscany and Tool Shop.

There is a store locator on the website to help customers locate a Menards outlet in their city. The details will show the store-specific pricing, inventory and hours. Before visiting the store, you can know the trending and those on discount on the Weekly Ad which is published online. If looking to customise a product, you can sign in to your Menards account and view and modify designs. It can include countertops, cabinets, windows, garages, and roofing. Not sure on the right tool needed for your project? Navigate to the Buying Guides section for help.

For those interested in shopping online, the website lists products categorised under departments like Appliances, Electrical, Hardware, Kitchen or Outdoors. Products you can shop include cooktops, freezers, range hoods, refrigerators, small appliances, bathroom hardware, building materials, door locks, exterior doors, garage doors, windows, alarm systems, electrical tools, home electronics, lighting, carpet, hardwood flooring, cabinet hardware, air filters, heaters, venting, thermostats, furniture, kitchen appliances,among others.

Purchases on can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and Menards gift cards. Short on cash? There are credit programs offering financing on large purchases. You can apply for a Contractor Card, Big Card or Commercial Card on the website. Get more details by speaking to Menards support. During checkout, you can see the shipping options and costs. Most ordered are processed within 2 days. The shipping timeframe depends on the product and the destination. Shoppers have the option to order online and pick the item from local store.

If you received a damaged product, report same within 3 days for exchange or refund. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, cancellation, refund, warranty, career, or others, reach the Menards support.

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    Was at Menards in Chesterfield twp. mi on 10-22-21 Friday to look for shower doors . Saw display which had one with discount tag for 217.00 . asked saleslady she said it had to be ordered would arrive 11-19-21. I wasn’t sure about color so left store and returned 1Hour later and told same person I wanted to order door, she said she’d be right back. She returned with a male employee, she said you want to order it I said yes she said its 359.00 , I said no its 217.00 male employee said if I would had bought it when I first came 1 hour earlier he would have honored it, I said I wanted to speak to store manager to which he replied he was the store manager. I told him I shop there all the time [3 or 4 times a week and I would not anymore and would post on social media. I turned to walk away he says have thanks for coming in. Very sarcastic, he needs lesson in customer service skills. Unprofessional, unethical.

  2. Barbara L Drewel Reply

    I have a positive review , my contractor purchased roofing materials for my sons home. It was purchased on September 22, 2021 to my account , being delivered on September 30, 2021. Everything was perfect , except I never received my receipt, so I stopped at the desk spent a hour there they couldn’t find anything and told me to check with contractor again as his name was on the order. He didn’t have paperwork either, called service desk was passed from one person to another told me to check again with contractor , which I did he still didn’t have anything ! I called again but this time contacting the building dept .,employee Paula Christensen answered what a amazing associate ! She went above and beyond to help me get a transaction recovery slip so I could get my rebate ! Yeah to Paula Christensen for her hard work and amazing customer service ! Thank you Paula ! ……… Barb Drewel

  3. I’m building a new home and have been talking with Ross and Rick in building materials. Its been a month and a half since I stopped in and asked for an estimate on siding and shingles. I have called once a week along with stopping into the store once a week. I’m trying to place an order but neither one of those employees are assisting me. Every time I stop into the store I’m told “sorry, just give me a couple days and I will have it for you by this weekend”. It’ hard to beg a company to take your money. I have already place an order with another company for the shingles due to my builder needing them to continue to work. I’m trying to do business with you Manards. Please read this and help. I have treated both employees with dignity and respect each time I call and stop in. I can not place an order with out knowing how much I need to order.

    In reference to the Menards in Baxter, MN.

  4. Dale Sprinkle Reply

    May 28,2021 Angola Ind. went to pick up an order I placed 05/26/21 on line, originally to be delivered.
    After receiving a phone call stating the driver had cut his schedule for delivery’s to 3 days a week ( #1 so much for 7 days a week for delivery’s promotion) and wouldn’t be able to accommodate my date, I asked if they could pull it and I would pick it up because my schedule didn’t work with the one given to me. I was told first they would refund the delivery charge, (#2 still waiting to see that) and yes they would have it ready for pick up upon my arrival on Friday the 28th, I actually thanked him and hung up. When I arrived to pick up, I was told at the gate that my order should be at the pick up desk, just park and go in and someone would be able to help me. I go to the desk and was told it was not pulled and I would have to get it myself,, (#3 so much for curb side). Still I was in need of my order so I went to pull it all, a $1500.00 dollar order. Asking for help was nothing less than an insult, Not sure if they were told to treat me like they did or what, but the people in yard would send inside for certain things and people inside said no it was outside. I literally spent 3 hours picking up an order that should have been delivered than should have been pulled.
    Between myself and the company I work for I spend thousands of dollars a year at stores like Menards, Which for the year I have spent maybe $4k at just Menards, I will not just not be shopping there anymore I will be doing my best to persuade others from going there.
    Sorry for the length of this comment but this is the only way to express to yourself when there is an issue, managers can’t and won’t help, the complaint forms offered don’t let you explain the problem and there is no phone person to talk to its all messaging service, so STAY AWAY SAVE YOURSELF.

  5. I went to the Menards in Manchester MO. to buy a BBQ grill. I found one and asked if I could buy that one and the associate said he would look for one in back. I told him do I need to put it together, senior citizen, and he said yes. you mean to tell me you have no one to put the grill together, expecting to have to pay extra, no. so all those 11% rebates for $135, and a Menard gift card for $50, don’t mean a thing as I can’t buy what I want, walked out the door. Now I don’t ever plan to walk into the store again, just as I haven’t for over 8 years at Loews over flooring subcontractor issues.

  6. I’m surprised I have not seen anyone question your “11% off everything” promotion every week. It is for all practical reasons an 11% up charge, that you can get back by sending in your request for a refund. You have never priced things $3.36 (maybe $2.99), or $515.73 (maybe $459.00) etc. Your whole advertising promo at 11% is a joke. I used to enjoy looking at your weekly ads and plan my weekly trip….no more.

  7. I was just in your Princeton Indiana store. I am waiting to tell you about the experience I had with this store. My husband and I went there today, January 1st 2020 to pick up a tool piece and I was not wearing my mask all the way up and the manager was verbally attacking me for not having it on and I was in complete distress and unable to respond to him properly because of my PSTD. I also have sickness that prevents me from wearing one properly. There was no advisory anywhere on the same. My husband had his PPE on and he grabbed what he needed real fast and we went to check out while the manager was verbally attacking him so we get to the check out and the manager said VOID that transaction.
    I am very disappointed at the way people are treated at this store. There are many more people who have shared the same experience as myself.

    • I have never been so upset by anyone else other than that way I was talked to yesterday afternoon by one of the employees. After shopping and going up to the cache register with $490.00 worth of items, the rude cashier looked at me and said “you need to have your mask cover your nose”. I explained to her that I am asthmatic and I was having an attack. This “employee” immediately hit the bell. A few seconds later, the bell lady came to the isle and immediately said I need to wear my mask. No hello, no nothing. I explained the same thing to her and the “employee” cashier. The bell lady said “it’s not my policy, it’s corporate”. I asked her, if I drop dead from an asthma attack, who’s call would that be. The “bell girl” said, “sir, you have options to shop anywhere you want, I suggest you utilize them”. She immediately turned around and walked away. This is the most humiliating, belittling statement that I have ever heard from a customer service person. The store was Wyoming Michigan, Clyde Park.

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