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Head Office
10114 W Sam Houston Pkwy S,
Houston, Texas,
United States

Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

HIDIVE is an official and independent anime streaming platform that is popular with manga lovers around the world. It enables subscribers to watch their favorite manga TV shows, movies and series, safely and legally. HIDIVE is owned by Sentai and hence has all of the Sentai series of anime streaming on its platform. HIDIVE subscribers also get exclusive viewing rights to 24 episodes of the Penguindrum series. The company was founded in 2017 with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and within a very short time, it has made a place for itself in the anime space. HIDIVE has acquired the rights to over 500 series, OVSs and movies, and offers them to anime lovers at a very reasonable rate.

Membership to HIDIVE costs $4.99 a month. First time users get a free seven-day trial to check if they are satisfied with what is available on the platform. Payment for subscriptions on the platform can be done using all major credit cards and PayPal. You can cancel same any time by signing into your account. With HIDIVE, one can watch all popular manga including access to English dubbed content and streaming uninterrupted by ads. You can stream the manga from your phone to the big screen and enjoy it even better. Since this is an on demand streaming service, you can watch your favorite series and episodes when and where you want to.

The HIDIVE app can be downloaded onto your Android and iOS devices and you can now watch anime on multiple devices. Also download and watch on Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and Fire Tablet. To increase effective streaming experience, viewers can use many types of assistive listening headsets, hearing aids, headphones or neck loops. To cater to a global audience, HIDIVE makes it possible for viewers to access subtitles in many local languages, with captions of spoken dialogues appearing on screen for complete understanding.

HIDIVE is a cut above other anime streaming platforms as it offers extra streaming options other than simulcasts, dubs, TV Series, movies, exclusives and live-action titles. With HIDIVE, you can change the color of your anime subtitles, switch between censored and uncensored anime, and even chat with fellow anime enthusiasts while legally streaming HD anime. You can choose from various genres of anime such as action, adventure, comedy, drama, family, kids, fantasy, horror, LGBT, live action, mystery, thriller, romance, Sci-Fi and sports.

Popular titles available on HIDIVE, among a host of others are, Call of the Night, Akiba Maid War, Delinquent Hamsters, Chance Pop Session, Kenda Master Ken, Utano Prince Sama, Vanguard Will Dress, My Life as Inukai-sans Dog, Spy Classroom, Ippon Again!, Endo and Kobayashi, Farming life in another world, Reincarnated as a Sword, Giant Beasts of Ars, The Eminence in Shadows, Tsurune- The Linking Shot, Lupin The 3rd, Penguindrum, The Promised Neverland, Bloom Into You, Parasyte: The Maxim, NO Game NO Life, The Big O, Flip Flappers, Akame Ga Kill!, When They Cry, Nana, Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor and Against All Rules.

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Last Update: January 17, 2023