Contact of Ford South Africa customer service

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Contact Ford South Africa: Find below customer service details of Ford, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Ford Motor Company,
Simon Vermooten Rd
Waltloo, Pretoria

Customer Service
Phone: 0860 011 022 (general)
Phone: 0861 150 250 (roadside assistance)
Email: [email protected]

About Ford South Africa
Ford is an American car maker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, and with operations globally. The automaker began in South Africa as early as 1923 when it was assembling Model T cars from its Port Elizabeth facility. If looking to purchase a Ford vehicle, you can locate a dealer nearest to your address on the website. You can further download an e-brochure or request a test drive right on the webpage.

Currently, Ford’s range of models available in the South African market include Figo, Fiesta, Focus, Fiesta ST, Fusion, Focus ST, Focus RS, Mustang, EcoSport, Kuga, Everest, Ranger, Transit Connect, Tourneo Custom and Tourneo Bus. If you need financing for your first vehicle, the Ford Credit is just for you. It contains a number of financing options that allow you to pay through installment.

Ford owners enjoy 3 year Roadside Assistance. It covers break down, flat tyre, key lock out, fuel, or towing your vehicle to nearest dealer. The service is available round-the-clock 365 days a year. Regular servicing and general vehicle maintenance is offered at authorized service centers. The Genuine Ford Parts purchased and fitted carry a 12 months warranty. For more information or queries on dealer locations, payment, service center, parts, roadside assistance, or others, reach the Ford South Africa customer service.

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  1. Ford Allan Josh sevice centre Wonderboom Pretoria costing customers unnecessary money and every time its not their fault. I need urgent reply to put my total complaint to them. Since January 2021 that they serviced my Ford Ranger, I had to return my car 3 times and every time costing me money that were caused by something they did wrong but don’t want to acknowledge it. Very bad service


    I own a 2020 ford ranger 2.2 diesel. First service i had a glow plug light. After complaining of slightv smoking during start-up, ford did a software update on my second 30000km service. After this sw update my van no longer shows the glow plug light on the dashboard. Ford is insisting that this bakkie does not come with a glow plug light on this model even though i saw it prior to my 30k service. Maybe someone can please explain to me how this is possible

  3. Miliska Subban Reply

    My Ford Mustang was booked in for a service at Ford William Nicol in December 2020. The cars brakes had been replaced, but after the service the car was misfiring and shortly after the engine light had come on. I booked it back for a service and when it came back the engine light had come on a again and the water was now leaking.

    My car had cosmetic damage to the bumper which happened in May 2020. I used the car since then and I had no issues with it. The Technician at Ford William Nicol, has now made the assumption that because of the bumper damage which is pure cosmetic damage is the cause of the issue, he then went to say that the radiator seems to be abit newer than the other parts so I went to a backdoor mechanic to replace it. I am disgusted with the level of service and with the accusation and as a result they do not want to sort it out using either the motorplan/warranty to sort it out but instead want me to pay for something which I did cause, indirectly they have said that this is my fault.

    My car has been sitting there close to two weeks. Everytime I have asked for a statement saying that above I have not recieved it. I have not received any statement for any service done.

    Mind you that all these problems have arised after my car went in for a service, prior to that I have not experienced any problems with the car.

  4. Thulani Kwinana Reply

    I regret buying a Ford Mustang. My car plugs were replaced in May 2020 when the car was in for a service, last week I get an engine light , then I booked the car in with Joburg Ford… took my car in today… such a poor service I got, firstly they wanted me to pay for new plugs as the car is misfiring but the plugs replaced in May are still under 1 year warranty ????. Service adviser doesn’t update me and they just decided to keep my car and forget about me… I’m patiently waiting to be picked up from work , dololo. After throwing a tantrum then a driver picks me up at 16:45 … my car is still misfiring , now there’s an “engine” issue all of sudden… Service manager impossible to get through to… I’m so annoyed and frustrated

  5. I bought Ford ranger 10 months ago and it already giving me problems. It got a with gearbox sothe car stopped at the middle of nowhere I called breakdown and took the car to Ford at Pietermaritzburg. We arrived there at 3:30. They helped me opened the job card and show me my service adviser. So when I ask for a cartercy car they told me they dnt have cars whereas I saw almost 10 loaner cars in the yard. So one the workers told me that if you need a car here you need to fight with the service manager otherwise you not going to get it. I ask to speak to a manager and he refuse to speak to me and the other guy to tell me that he is not going to give me a car. It was late, raining, stranded. He closed his office and that was it. Any advice I want to bring back this car, I don’t want anything to do with Barloworld Ford.

    • Rory Lovett Reply

      I purchased a Ford Focus ST1 at Barloworld Ford Pietermaritzburg in July 2020. We reside in Cape Town so had the vehicle couriered down from Pietermaritzburg, took delivery at Barloworld Ford N1on 23rd July 2020. Had to sign documents which was then sent back up to Pietermaritzburg. I kept asking for the documents and number plates but nothing. Then about half way into October 2020, Marinda Basson from the Pietermaritzburg, informed me, that the docs and number plates was on it’s way. That was three weeks ago and still nothing. On the 02nd November 2020, Marinda informed me, I now had to take the vehicle and get a roadworthy certificate for me to get the documents and number plates, as the roadworthy certificate has expired. Why then tell me, a month ago, the docs and number plates was on the way when, this was not the case. I had to pay for the roadworthy certificate again when I have already paid for this which is included in the delivery fee (R 3 850.00) on the invoice presented for payment. I am absolutely “gobsmacked”, as I paid for the vehicle to be delivered to Cape Town from Pietermaritzburg out of my own pocket, including the insurance cover. The number plates fitted to the vehicle still probable belongs to the previous owner! Who knows. Trying to get any joy from Marinda is like trying to pull teeth from a chicken. I am posting here hoping that someone will end this nightmare for me. I am a firm believer and work hard in my business, to keep my clients for a life time not as once off deal. Guess the joke is on me, as I have bought five Ford vehicles for my business. Such a pity such poor service impacts Ford. Toyota looks like a better option for my fleet going forward

  6. On the 17th of September 2020, I serviced my Ford eco-boost titanium at Ford Kuilsriver. On the 19 of October 2020 my ford stopped in the middle of the highway (Working from home, hardly driving my vehicle). My insurance ended up towing my ford to Ford Tygervalley. Ford Tygervalley informed me my ford had an Engine problem. My ford is a 2013 model and barely 7 years old!!! How is this acceptable? When I arrived at Tygervalley I felt as if I was intruding, No customer service etiquette from staff. Instead I was forced to call my insurance as they kept asking for a form before my vehicle can be booked in only to discover 30minutes later it is the tow truck receipt. I have received bad service from both Ford Kuilsriver and Ford Tygervalley. I do not understand how no one picked up an error with my engine when my vehicle was serviced at Ford Kuilsriver, was there no compression checks done on my vehicle? Perhaps a warning from the service department to alert me my engine is nearing its life span. BAD SERVICE, BAD BRAND AND OVERALL BAD EXPERIENCE WITH FORD.

  7. Rika Wolfaardt Reply

    I was in the market for purchasing a double cab pick-up and through reference by Mr Andre Maritz of CWL, I contacted Ford Malmesbury, as a reputable dealership, on 2020-07-17 with regards to a 2016 Ford Ranger 3.2 XLT Double Cab that was for sale, hereinafter referred to as “vehicle”. I spoke to Mr Rikus Meissenheimer, Ford Sales Executive, with contact number 0721941145, hereinafter referred to as “consultant” who informed that he will come to my residence to show me the vehicle.

    On 2020-07-20 at 12:30, the consultant arrived at my residence with the vehicle. I test drove the vehicle and did a quick inspection on the vehicle. The vehicle at the time of inspection was in the sun, thus I could not see anything wrong at that stage. I explained to the consultant that my conditions of purchase includes that the vehicle must have no prior accident damage or body repairs, that it should contain a full service history, and that I must be the second owner of the vehicle. The consultant confirmed that the only work that was done on the vehicle was that the windscreen was replaced due to stone chip damage and that I will be the second owner. He further explained that the vehicle was traded in for a new vehicle by the original owner and that it has a full service history with Ford. Based on the latter information I informed the consultant that we can proceed with the sale.

    On 2020-07-23 at 15:40 I signed the contract with Ford Credit and took possession of the vehicle. At delivery of the vehicle, I also asked the consultant about the smash and grab pealing and bubbling on the windows of the vehicle and canopy in which he replied that I must leave the vehicle in the sun and that it will go away. That same evening I pulled the vehicle into the garage and discovered under the fluorescent lights that there is multiple dents on the tailgate of the vehicle, that the driver’s side front door had multiple “ripple” damage to it, and that there was a small dent on the passenger back door. I also noticed that one service was not stamped in the warranty booklet of the vehicle. There was also a severe squeaking sound coming from the lower back leaf springs of the vehicle. I contacted Mr Hein Louw, Used Car Sales Manager of Action Ford Malmesbury with telephone number 0828214318, the following morning 2020-07-24 at 09:30 and explained to him my observations. Mr Hein Louw informed that I must understand that it is a 2016 model, but nevertheless accommodated me by having the vehicle booked in for repairs. Mr Louw then referred to matter to the consultant for further intervention. I wrote down everything that needs to repaired and even circled the damages physically on the vehicle which I noticed. The consultant then arranged for the vehicle to be collected which was done on 2020-08-03 at 10:19. In this time I had numerous “whatsapp” conversations with the consultant in which he said that the vehicle is booked in at “Sentraal Bakwerke” in Malmesbury and that everything of concern, as indicated on my paper, will be repaired. (All whatsapp conversations as confirmation hereof is available on request).

    The vehicle was returned to me on 2020-08-14, 11 days after it was collected. Upon inspecting the vehicle I noticed that the tailgate was repaired satisfactory and that the service book has been stamped by Novel Ford Paarl. The driver front door however was not repaired as well as the small dent on the passenger back door and the squeak sound was also still there. The smash and grab film was also not repaired. I immediately contacted the consultant, who informed that they did fix and polish the door and that they could not find any squeak sound. I then sent him a voice note on whatsapp in which the squeak sound can clearly be heard. His reply was that I must bring the vehicle to Action Ford Malmesbury to have it looked at, this after the fact that the consultant informed that the matters of concern received attention and was repaired.

    I decided to take the vehicle to an independent insurance approved vehicle accident assessor at Scratch & Dent Express, Parow on 2020-08-24 at 10:00 to find out what type of damage is located on the driver front door. The assessor informed and showed me that the vehicle had indeed accident damage and that body filler was used to repair it and that the job was not done according to standards, hence why the ripple effect can be seen. He also indicated that there was a colour difference between the two doors and that the spray work failed to blend the colour. Thus, the vehicle had accident damage to which the consultant denied that the vehicle had any accident damage. I then contacted the original owner of the vehicle, Mr Jannie Engelbrecht, who informed that he never traded the vehicle in at Action Ford Malmesbury. He explained that the vehicle was traded in by him at Boland Isuzu in Paarl in 2018. I then contacted Boland Isuzu and spoke to Mariette, who informed that the vehicle was again sold in the trade to which Auto Nantes in Paarl purchased the vehicle. Auto Nantes then sold the vehicle again to Mr Jannie Van Der Merwe with telephone number 0711799881. I then contacted Mr Van Der Merwe who confirmed the latter purchase and that he traded the vehicle in at Action Ford Malmesbury. Thus, this equated that I was not the second owner as disclosed by the consultant. I then immediately contacted the consultant with regards to disclosing falsified information to me as a pre-condition of sale, in which he replied that he is “sorry”.

    I contacted the ombudsman and explained the above mentioned circumstances. He advised that I do have a case of furtherance and that I must lodge a complaint with their office. I have lodged a complaint with the Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa with case reference number 367144. The case was registered due to the falsified disclosure given by the consultant as a pre-condition of sale which is in contravention with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. The conditions in the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 states that of “reasonability, fairness and disclosure”. In this context the latter conditions were not met.

  8. I purchased a new Ranger Wildtrak 2.0 Bi Turbo from Ford Bruma, in May 2019. On a few occasions I did see smoke come out of the rear exhaust system and also get a oil smell in the morning when the vehicle is switched on. Vehicle went in for the 1st 10.000 km service at another dealership and I was told that the Injectors need to be replaced and this was done, since then the vehicle has a vibration when driving. Took the car in to Ford Bruma after a few challenges and this was for me requesting a loan vehicle. Vehicle was there for 2 weeks and I collect and drive, exactly the same problem. went back the following week and dropped the vehicle. After a week I collect and still the same issue. They also replaced a faulty sensor on the front bumper that used to beep most of the time even if you are not close to an object or vehicle. The very same day the senor was replaced the service manager drives the car and the sensor just beeps. I have been trying in the last 2-3 weeks to get the vehicle booked in to have these issues resolved, after a few phone calls no one gets back to me.
    I am told that the service manager has authority to organise a loan vehicle, he just don’t call back, I informed the service advisor that I will be contacting Ford SA to complain and she was very OK with that, even told me where to locate details for Ford SA. The service levels from Ford Bruma is a shocker, one will expect better considering one has spent just over R500k on a new vehicle and no one at Ford Bruma cares. I am begging this dealership to sort the vehicle out and I continue to go around in circles, NOT again will I purchase a FORD! Eventually when the vehicle is sorted for the final time, it will be sold! I really expect better and Ford is not going to do it!

    Service at Ford Bruma sucks and I am not impressed!

  9. Sigabe Tendani Reply

    Hello. I took my ford kuga with a water leaking on the engine at makhado action Ford on the 20th march 2020. Since today I’m still waiting for a day forward about how they gonna fixed it. When I went straight to dealership, they told me that they have put a claim for a repair but there is no response from ford warranty. When I tried to contact customer care, they always promised me that the person who is responsible to my case will contact me. What bothered me most is that I’m the one who keep contacting them in order to get information. Even the person who said to be the one responsible to my complain, never contacted me even a single day. Pls just help as I need the car very urgent as I’m struggling to go to work.

  10. I drive a ford fiesta, 2012 model. It is out of service so I pay cash, I have call newcastle ford 3 times, for the 3 times, I am promised that they would get back to me with the quotation and they never do. I first spoke to a white lady at the service department and 2 times to a Zulu guy also at the service department. They both never got back to me. Days would pass, weeks and months. The car service was due in December, last year. I am really disappointed on the service I have received and definitely will never again will I buy a car at Ford Newcastle. They do not value their customers.

  11. Mashabela Caroline Reply

    Good afternoon Ford customer care

    Trust you are well and that you are in a position to escalate this matter of urgency.

    I’m Caroline Mashabela, a person who is living with disability wheelchair bound (paraplegic). I raised a complaint about my car, Ford focus 2012 model (HX 81 HR GP) , I took it in 02 December 2019 to the dealership at Randfontein with the problem of engine mulfuction. Then they took the car to the Auto electrician they said no problem was found, after that they came up with plan B, by doing a new key, as they suspect that the car has memory problem, it was at the beginning of January and they promised that it will take 3 days to one week but even today I did not hear anything from them, when we call they said they have the problem of Ford server, till date they did not get back to me.

    As a disabled person I have a problem with transport for going to work, my life is in danger. Can you please please help me with this matter, I’m asking Ford South Africa to intervene because I’m not happy with the service, moreover lack of communication and follow up. I’m the one who is calling them but no help. This is totally disappointing and it’s disturbing. I will be happy if this matter is taken into consideration ASAP.

    Kind regards

  12. Jacen Filander Reply

    Good day,

    Two weeks ago i took my Ford Ranger for service at Barloworld Ford Tygervalley. I ask them to check something on my suspension as it was making a noise. The vehicle was there the whole and i only collected the vehicle the next morning. Upon receiving my vehicle I was told that they could not check my suspension because they were too busy. I was told by the service advisor that they need to re-book my vehicle and I said yes. Today, 18/02/2020 I took my vehicle ,all the way from Darling. The vehicle was booked in, i left only to receive a call almost a hour later saying that i need to authorise the inspection and that there is a authorisation fee that i need to pay..

    The service advisor did not tell me that when the vehicle was booked a couple of weeks ago. This morning told no-one told me about the fee.

    This is poor service, poor communication and I’m very disapointed with Barloworld Ford Tygervalley.

    I’m a Ranger lover, this is my second one but is services like this that makes a man change brands.

    Never again will i make use of Barloworld Ford Tygervalley.

    Kind regards,

  13. Sjhaan Snyman Reply

    Good afternoon

    We took delivery of our new Ford Everest 2.0Bit XLT 4×4 a week ago. I have only had the opportunity to drive the car last night at nighttime and came to realize that the Dim lights are a major safety hazard.

    I would like to know if the car should go back to the dealer to get the headlights sorted or are we allowed to replace the globes with LED? You cannot drive with this car at night time and we are planning a trip in December. There is no way that we can drive at nighttime on a road you are not familiar with. We did not have this issue with our 2015 Ranger.

    I really need URGENT assistance from Ford SA in this regard as this is not acceptable form a R700 000 SUV.

  14. Rajan Pather Reply

    Hi I have purchased ford ECO sport 5 years ago and I have changed the engine 3 times and Ford still cant explain as to why this has happened. It is very painful has I had already paid off the car and I am sitting with a potential engine failure in the coming months . I have taken extended warranty but this does not sit well with me as these cheap engines can give up any time. I have just put a new engine in June and I am still awaiting for CMH Durban to give me the engine clearance papers and the service assistance assisting me has left his job. The service manager is never on site or refuses to answer his phone.

    Any idea what I can do before I seek legal assistance.

  15. I have a complaint for Joburg City Ford, 93 Carr St, Johannesburg, 2000. We confirmed a booking for my vehicle service (Ford Eco Sport) 80 000km – on Monday 23 September – and got a booking for Saturday 28 September at 08h00. On Friday we received an SMS confirmation at 10h00 reminding us of the booking. On Friday at 16h40 my husband receives a call from the dealership informing us that they do not have filters hence we won’t be able to take our vehicle for service on Friday. My husband tried to contact the dealer service manager but could not get him. He lodged a complaint and a gentleman called him (unfortunately he is unable to remember the name) he apologized for the inconvience and was going to get the manager to call, to date we are waiting the manager of the service department to call. This is rather inconvenient and unacceptable – how can the dealership only realise at 16h40 that they don’t have parts to service my vehicle? Why then did we receive a message confirmation at 10h00? The reason my vehicle was booked on a weekend, as I use my vehicle to travel to work, and am not very close to the dealership. This was dealt very unprofessionally with not regard to the inconvenience Ford would cause with to the customer. And to add to this, the manager who should take responsibility for this has not had the decency to call us? Is this the level of service we get from Ford?

  16. My wife bought the new Ford Ecosport Titanuim 1.0 2019 model one month ago and we found out that the petrol cap does nor lock even if the vehicle is locked. The dealer said that the vehicle comes out like that and there is nothing to do about it.
    What can we do about it?

    Thank you

  17. Sulita de Kock Reply

    I have a 2005 Ford Fiesta. We discovered that it has a water leak

    We contacted our Middelburg Ford dealer today just to be told by the service department that they do not repair any Ford cars older than 2010. They were not even interested in looking at the car
    We couldn’t believe this and phoned the service manager and was told by him that Ford is not interested in helping us at all

    Ford Middelburg recently changed my timing belt with no issues regarding how old the car was

    We are really disappointed in Ford. We are loyal customers that own two Ford models

    We thought that Ford would be the best to look after my Fiesta. My car is in a very good condition and are very well looked after. This doesn’t boost confidence in the Ford brand at all
    What if I need there service in future?

    This will definitely effect our choice in buying a car in future

  18. Annamarie van blerk Reply

    I am looking for the contact details for the (a) Ombudsman that would deal with Ford complaints and (b) Ford head office. I am looking for a department that would actually take note of the complaints and do something about it. If anyone can email info to me if you have it, please. Ford… Shame on you for selling cars with all the problems, and not recalling them. Thank you

  19. I bought a new 3.2XLT. After 3 months while washing the car, I noticed that tbe spare wheel was marked, and noticed that it got a puncture. I went to the dealer as we did not check underneath and we did not agree. The only evidence I have is that the spare wheel was never moved from the car as the keys are always with me. I couldn’t have noticed this until the day I get a punch

  20. walter smith Reply

    HI Customer service,
    I want to know if I install a nudge bar on my ford ranger that is still under warranty,will it affect the warranty ?Can I buy and have it installed with anyone who is selling or must it be bought and installed at a ford dealership?

  21. Tony Govender Reply

    To Ford Customer Service ( Tel 0860 011 022)

    Simply put, I have lodged a Matter on the 01/04/2019 with reference to a Manufacturers Defect and to date (18/04/2019), this is is still unresolved. Not only is that Matter pending, the lack of communication and follow up with the Client being me is non existent, I have made more calls to Ford Customer Care and Ford Kempton than the other way around.

    Whilst this remains pending, I’m placing on record that the M/V is currently parked at my Premises and its seems like I have no options but to drive from Johannesburg to Durban with the defective issue.

    Totally disappointing.

  22. Hi Ford,

    Today I took my 2017 Ford fiesta in for its 60k km service to the very same dealership I took it to (Casseys Ford dealership in benoni) for 40k km service. They telling me now that I need to pay over 2K for a coolant pipe because it’s shading off and might burst at anytime and mess up my engine. I have never bumped anything and I asked them why they didn’t pick this up during the previous service . The owner told me it’s my problem and that I caused the wear off on a coolant pipe. I am an engineer and now I’m being told lies because I am a black female. Even after I explained my frustration of driving a full year at risk, he said my life was never at risk. When a coolant pipe burst it will cause the engine to over heat and might even lead to combustion of my car. So just because I’m black I’m being told my life is worth nothing. So the dealership didn’t wanna fix it last year, they waited till my car was out of the service plan to tell me because they didn’t wanna incurr the costs. Furthermore an incompetent technician who should have done prevenetative maintenance on my car is being protected for putting my life at risk. I am asking Ford south Africa to intervene as I am not happy with service I have gotten from Ford casseys. Please respond ASAP before I take further steps.

    Kind regards,

  23. Fritz Schoeman Reply

    Hi Customer Care

    Trust you are well and that you are in a position to escalate this matter to senior management as a matter of urgency.
    I’ve raised my complaints, as per below, and I am not winning.

    Due to the lengthy and continues issues with this high performance and massively expensive car I expect a prompt response and resolution to this matter as I can promise you this car will not come back to me.

    So here goes:

    The details:

    Dec 2017
    I purchased a new Ford Focus RS in December 2017 , I noticed after a month if I let the vehicle idle that a cloud of smoke from the exhaust pipe.
    I researched the issue online and found that there was a global recall on Ford Focus RS 2016-2017 models , Ford fitted the wrong Head gasket hence the recall.

    Feb 2018 – 21 March 2018
    I phoned Ford Woodmead to book the vehicle in for the recall early February and they told me to bring in the car a few days later 5 February 2018
    They supplied me with a rental during this time , but only for a month where the rental company wanted their car back . So after a month went past without any updates , I phoned them and they advised me that they ae waiting for a Timing lock tool to continue the repair. Eventually the received the tool and started the repair , From the 5th of March till the 21st I didn’t have any loan vehicle. My job entails driving around, the lack of transport caused a loss of income
    I received the vehicle back on the 21st of March 2018 and they confirmed the problem was xyz and they fixed it accordingly.

    End March 2018 – 23 April 2018
    After 1 day I noticed that there was a unusual sound coming from the engine when the turbo spooled up. As I didn’t want to take it back to Ford Woodmead I booked it into Ford Fury Fourways on the 22nd March 2018 as its closer to my house. I explained the history and past issues and what took place at the Woodmead branch. The Fourways team investigated and found that Woodmead did not fit an oil hose correctly and this cause the turbo to pack up. I was given another Ford Figo to run around in while waiting for the new parts to be ordered. The turbo and oil pipes was replaced and all was good.
    I received the vehicle back on the 23 April 2018.

    After another month I noticed black spots on the back of my bumper, I cleaned it off and it re-appeared the next day. Thinking that this might be overflow oil and should go away after a few days but it didn’t. I also had unusual issues with my Climate control switching to -18 degrees then the aircon pump does not work at all. To add to the matter, the Radio started making funny buzzing/ static noises, the problems stated piling up.

    July 2018
    I decided to rather live with the problems until service interval as I didn’t want to part with the vehicle again and drive a Figo for another month. I booked my vehicle in for a service on the 26th of July 2018 and informed them about the black spots , the radio and the Climate control issue. No extensive tests were done to find out what caused oil spots issues and I was told there is nothing wrong with the Radio or Climate control .I lived with the issues until November 2018 , where the plumes of smoke returned. By this time I’ve built up quite a good relationship with Andre my Service advisor and I always updated him on the issues , so he is fully aware of the history.

    November 2018 to March 2019
    I didn’t use the Ford during December and waiting till Ford’s Workshop opened in January before booking the car in again. The Vehicle was booked in on the 31 January 2019 with the Fourways team. The trouble shooting resulted that cylinder 3 didn’t seal properly and that the Engine block need to be replaced. All parts were ordered and I drove my trusted Ford Figo again. Last week the dealership phoned me a said my car is almost ready and they would like to do some drive tests and then they will call for delivery. Yesterday I received a call and was told that when they started the car there was a massive noise in the engine and they need to order a new oil pump , so I’m guessing the engine was damaged again as result of the oil pump not functioning while the car was tested. I was told they will order new Parts and let me know when the car will be ready.

    Some additional info:
    • While the Ford RS was booked in at Ford Fury I’ve been trying to setup a meeting with the Dealer Principle , but my attempts to meet with him are being deflected. I then met with the sales manager where I told him the whole story and asked\begged them to please buy the Ford RS from me at a fair price and sell me a different product. The sales manager came back to me after a few days and told me that they are willing to pay me R400 000 for the vehicle. At that time I still owed R490 000 and told them I’m not willing to take a 90 000 rand knock for a vehicle I hardly used. And to be fair I’m willing to buy another Ford Premium Product as long as they can just settle the outstanding amount. The Sales manager told me they won’t be able to assist with this request.
    • I notified Wesbank of the issue and tried to play the “Customer Protection Act Card” but they told me because the deal is older than 6 month they won’t be able to assist me and I don’t have a leg to stand on.
    • The vehicle only have +-20 000km on the clock

    So in short I’ve been paying 16 months for I car I was only able to use for 9 months , Paying R12500 per month for a Ford Figo is a bit ridiculous , Don’t you think?

    I would like to thank you again for looking at this and assisting by escalating this to the proper authorities.

  24. Good day, I bought a Ford Ecosport from a dealer in Upington (not a Ford dealer). It is a 2014 model, and had ±26 000km on the clock when I got it here in Pretoria. The weekend after that we travelled to Nelspruit, and realised that when you are in 4th or 5th gear and wants to overtake another vehicle or accelerate quickly, it seems as if there is no petrol/power coming through. It does not happen if you drive in the city for short distances. We took it to a Ford dealer in Pretoria to check it out for us, and their response were that the Workshop Manager drove the vehicle and it is fine, he says all the Ecosports does that. But that does not sound right, as I don’t see any other complaints of Ecosports on that. I’ve had the vehicle now for 2 months, and it still does the same? Any comments of advice for me on this?

  25. Hi

    I have a 2017 Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium, The car went in for normal service at the end of December. I have been feeling something has not been the same since. Car started acting up end of last week, stopped the car to have a look and I could not believe what I saw,My air flow hose was not connected and the clamp was completely screwed loose, the same airflow hoses engine mount has been completely snapped in half and even better the airflow censor’s clips was completely broken so it does not stay on the connection.I called Barloworld Ford Tygervally and told them what I had found, they put me through to who they call the “Workshop Manager” Samkelo Ntlokwana. He tells me to drive my car to them so they can look at it! I mean where do you find these people ?? I will drive my car causing more damage to it, anyway 3 hours go by where no one can help me and he calls me back saying he can come through to me with a technician to look at my car. I asked him is this person going to be able to fix it if they come through and he says no, they will just plug in a laptop to analyze the issue after I told him what I found… I booked my car in this morning with them, only to be called 6 hours later to tell me they have replaced 1 sparkplug !!! Not even why my car is there. I sent him an email with photos of what I found and still they replace a sparkplug… I did a 5 min Google and the first thing I find is that you can not just replace 1 spark plug they need to change all of them. This is something I had to explain to him. Now after wasting a whole day with only one update from them, they have not done anything with regards to the thing they broke! No call to ask if they can arrange a car for me while they break my car further. Talking with Samkelo on the phone is absolutely awful, he has no manners at all and doesn’t give you a chance to talk. I have asked to speak to Craig van Heerden twice now and I get told he will call me back, I am still waiting. I have always loved Ford and Tygervally service center but this is just a joke of a company. So FORD please tell me what you are going to do about this? Do you even read that branch’s Facebook page or Hello Peter because you should there are so many unhappy people out there that are sitting in the same boat as I and nothing gets done, these idiots just carry on? So FORD, what happens when peoples cars go in for a service and they break things and give your car back and a couple of weeks later I have an accident with my family in the car? Nothing?

  26. To whom it may concern

    I would officially like to lay a complaint and want to be contacted immediately with regards to my complaint and what the steps are going to be going forward.

    My wife currently have a ford ecosport titanium which is experiencing clutch shuddering issue, no my issue is this car only has 40000km on the clock and this will be the 2nd time the clutch has been required to be changed

    Now that is annoying as a car that has been serviced regularly by Fury Ford Fourways now requires another clutch change, I am sorry to say but that is really poor poor workmanship and service on a vehicle that you pay so much for

    My vehicle has been at fury ford fourways since friday and i had to phone in order to follow up with the status on my vehicle and i have not even been offered a courtesy car or anything and that not to sure when the vehicle is going to be done

    so now my concern is that happens when this car is out of warranty, then it will become our issue even though a clutch will be the third one in the vehicle, my other concern i have spoken to a few other people that have the same vehicle and they are experiencing the exact same thing,

    I want to know what ford is going to be doing to improve our situation on the vehicle as well as sort out my issues

    • Brett

      Is your problem been solved? I got the same problem with my Ecosport, It is with Lazarus Ford for two weeks now and they can’t solve the problem.

  27. Barend Botha Reply

    Good day
    I purchased a Kuga – the one that is the portable BRAAI
    honestly i have no dislike in the actual car and want to buy another one

    1 – we did the recall
    2 – ever since then every 2 months – this will now be the 5th time this car is going back – looses COOLANT

    We have gone into limp mode on the highway already with the car overheating as the coolant levels keep dropping

    this car has been pressure tested, parts replaced – yet again today I have had to take it to Ford N1 City to top it up – and now it needs to be booked in AGAIN to test

    The console is loose and the fans are making a noise as the console had to be taken out as they replaced the internal heater thinking it was that – it did leak as my car was wet inside by the drivers feet – but it did not solve the problem

    This car is my 6th FORD

    We paid a 150k deposit on this defective vehicle – if i settle i only get 65k out

    I want ot trade in but the level of service is atrocious

    I want to get another one thats not a DANGER to drive!!

  28. Modiri Molosiwa Reply

    I bought I Ford Ranger XLT 3.2 double cab bakkie in 2004. Since new, this vehicle was serviced by Ford Gaborone branch and I was always happy with the customer service. However on 26/12/2018 as I was driving between Francistown and Palapye the car experienced a fan belt cut. My trip with the car ended there. I had the car lifted to Ford Francistown branch for repairs on 03/01/2019. It was assessed and I was told it will need a new belt, tensioner and an oil seal. It is waiting for parts there.
    I went to Ford Gaborone branch to seek answers on why this happened in spite of regular preventive maintenance that the car never skipped. To me preventive maintenance is done to proactively act on potential problem before graduating into inconveniencing & expensive-to-repair break downs. Thus I expected the fan belt to have been checked and replaced before this breakdown. The response I got from the workshop manager is that the fan belt was never replaced because it was not necessary. There is no periodic maintenance on fan belts. I was told that only visual inspection was done when my car was there for the 135000 km service some months back and all was okay and fit for the next service (150000 km). Hence Ford cannot take responsibility. The car is now at 144000 km.
    To me this is poor and unacceptable service. This is a Ford product and the dealer should know what to replace and when. Thus ford should take responsibility for failing to proactively act on this problem that apart from the inconvenience, I have lost at least BWP 10, 000.00 on unplanned repairs just for a mere fan belt. I have lost confidence on the car as I don’t know what else is not in the preventive maintenance scope and is going to break soon.
    Please note: Taking responsibility does not necessarily mean footing the repair costs, but just to say we are sorry we failed to do that what we were supposed to do to prevent the breakdown. I call on Ford to introduce regular fan belts replacement (after 100000 km) on all their cars to prevent breakdowns. At least let the customer know of the risk and have an informed choice on whether to replace or not.
    Yours faithfully,
    Unhappy customer: Modiri Molosiwa

  29. Tasleem Cassim Reply

    I bought a brand new 2017 Ford Ecosport last year. There was a shudder on the brakes in April this year so I took it to Ford Kempster in Edwin Swales. They changed the front brake discs on 04/04/2018 @ 9749 km.I took my car for its first annual service on 16 Oct 18 at Ford Barloworld in Pinetown. It had not reached 20 000km, and the brakes made a noise upon braking. They assessed the vehicle and advised that both the front and rear brakes are to be changed, but warranty will only pay for the parts and not the labour. I refuse to accept this as this is a brand new vehicle. Why do the brakes fail every 6 months, and now it is for my account. This is unacceptable for a brand new vehicle. I have called Ford Customer Care 3 times today (20 Nov 18), with no joy. The manager at the Customer Care centre Ms. Phumzile Miya, has not returned my call. I am a single mother, driving around in a brand new car which brakes have failed and Ford has no sense of urgency to resolve this matter. If my brakes fail on the road, it will be for Ford’s account. It is now 30/11/2018 and the issue has still not been resolved.

  30. Bernard Jansen van Vuuren Reply

    Brief history:

    – Purchased the vehicle in March this year from Barloworld Ford Bruma.
    – The vehicle had done 49100 km on the date of delivery.
    – Noticed a small plume of smoke on start up, attributed to cold start etc.
    – Noticed a constant reduction in coolant level after topping up regularly.
    – Could not identify any leaks.
    – Car started overheating and was taken to Barloworld Ford Bruma.
    – After two weeks I contacted Barloworld Ford Bruma where after they informed me that the head gasket had failed and that the engine had been subsequently damaged.
    – I was informed that they do not fix but replace the engine on these cars.
    – This was done and I collected the vehicle on 31 October 2018.

    Issues from date of collection:

    – A loud clacking noise arose from the engine bay every time the clutch was depressed.
    – The vehicle was returned the following morning.
    – I was notified that I could collect the vehicle the same day.
    – Upon arrival at the dealer, the workshop manager informed me that the loud noise experienced had been as a result of a loose flywheel due to the gearbox not being correctly aligned to the engine.
    – I once again received the car.
    – After a few days a new noise arose from the engine bay which was present every time the clutch was not depressed.
    – The vehicle was returned to Barloworld Ford Bruma on 22 November 2018.
    – I was requested to rather bring the vehicle on Monday 26/11/2018.

    Status Quo:

    – I was contacted by a representative from Barloworld Ford Bruma on 27 November 2018.
    – She informed me that the clutch and flywheel had to be replaced.
    – Furthermore, she concluded that I would be liable for the costs incurred as the damage is as a result of wear and tear.
    – As she was not the representative that had before handled all the queries on the vehicle, I informed her of the history of repairs etc recently carried out.
    – I stated that in no way possible can I be held liable for damages incurred as a direct result of poor workmanship.
    – She proceeded to discuss this with the service manager who once again reiterated that Barloworld Ford Bruma will not be accountable as it is wear and tear.


    – While my vehicle was at Barloworld Ford Bruma, I had to make an effort to contact the dealership to find out about progress etc due to not being contacted for days on end.
    – No plan was made to accommodate me for the 2 week plus period I did not have a vehicle, only the evening before I received my vehicle for the first time.
    – As a result of poor workmanship, my vehicle has incurred further damages as a direct result from the actions of Barloworld Ford Bruma.
    – Subsequently, Barloworld Ford Bruma does not want to accept responsibility for the additional damages incurred on the clutch/flywheel components and maintains that is wear and tear.
    – In addition, the vehicle had gained an array of scratches. The front bumper was also re-fitted very poorly as all the clips on the bottom were out of place.
    – My entire experience with Barloworld Ford Bruma has been an unpleasant one.
    – I feel that handling a matter in this way is very unprofessional and embarrassing for a trade name such as Ford.

  31. I have a Ford Fiesta 2018 model that was purchased this year. The vehicle is currently in for warranty for the last two days since the slider bracket for the bumper is already giving problems.

    My issue with this is: Imperial Ford Cape Town knew about this issue the first time i took the car in 6 months ago. They acknowledged that the slider bracket needs to be replaced. They told me that i have to book the car in which i agreed to, they then tell me they will call me when a loan vehicle is available in the next week.

    6 Months later, i get an email that a loan vehicle is available… (6 months for a loan vehicle is pathetic.) I took my car in on Monday morning 19 November 2018, upon taking receipt of the loan vehicle we did a check to see if there were any scratches etc. We could not find any as the car is so filthy inside and out(it is actually disgusting), also i was told to replace any petrol i use, however, there was little to no petrol in the car upon receipt already. Today 21 November 2018 i had to follow up on my own as i had received no feedback.

    I then received a call back stating that they are still waiting for the slider bracket, yes the same bracket they knew about 6 months ago and failed to order in the meantime.

    This is pathetic service and if this is the way ford does things, i will never buy this crap again.

    Not buying ford again.

  32. Near death experience thank you Ford!!!

    On Thursday 25th October 2018 I quite honestly saw my life flash before me.

    I purchased my 2014 Ford Ranger 2.2 TDCI XLS double cab with 104 000km’s on the 15th January 2018. As a proud South African I was incredibly chuffed to now own my very own “bakkie”. My family, colleagues and all of our interlinked businesses own quite a few Fords and I was very proud and excited to become part of this.

    On the 9th April 2018 I was on my way to work and noticed that the vehicle had suddenly lost power and had gone into limp mode. Rather worried I headed straight to Action Ford Krugersdorp for assistance. It was brought to my attention that the TURBO PIPE/ HOSE had come off. They sorted this out for me and replaced the boost pipe and hose Turbo outlet. TAX INVOICE 14601683. I paid the R3092.35 and assumed all was ok. I am by no means a vehicle mechanic and therefore put my trust and prized possession Into the hands of these so called qualified mechanics. Although thinking back now I wonder if all the current misfortune may have been avoided back in April.

    Now only 6 months later…. also on my way to work (please also take note that I work only 9km from home) I felt and heard what seemed like a loud pop, in turn making the bakkie go into limp mode. I immediately pulled over, thinking it could possibly be that damn pipe again. Although this noise sounded a little more serious. I decided to take a very slow drive to Action Ford Krugersdorp AGAIN! After inspection I received a call stating that it was in fact the turbo which had blown. I was in utter shock. This cannot be possible. I have only put 6000km’s in this thing! The price tag I was given was R40 000, in an absolute state of disarray I decided to fetch my vehicle and sleep on it. When the guy at ford pulled up to me with my vehicle (yes he was driving my car with a blown turbo) and handed me the keys he mentioned absolutely nothing about how I should or shouldn’t drive my bakkie out of the dealership!

    I assumed because he drove it out of the workshop and around to the front that I could very slowly make it home. The distance we are talking about here is only 3.7km, I thought perhaps I should tow it but the guy didn’t seem concerned. On my way I noticed white smoke coming out of the exhaust, I then pulled over, turned the bakkie off removed the key and it just went into diesel runaway,( (FOLLOW LINK FOR EXAMPLE OF A RUNAWAY FORD RANGER)

    very very scary. I thought the vehicle was going to explode. Even after switching off the ignition removing the key and jumping out of the bakkie it continued to smoke and accelerate without any throttle. The key was removed for goodness sakes. Only once the bakkie decided to stop revving and switch off did the smoke subside. Completely shaken I called for towing.

    I do not know what state my engine is in. Only after googling this did I learn that Diesel runaway is an actual occurrence although rare it does happen. Ford has to take some sort of liability here, why did the workshop guy drive it, why did they not tell me to not drive it. Was there an issue with the turbo beforehand when I brought it in for the pipe.I am very concerned that my bakkie is now a complete write off. I took care of my turbo, starting it in the morning while helping my wife load her car (not a Ford thank goodness) and leaving it to idle before turning it off.

    In closing I expect Ford to respond immediately.

    I await your urgent reply,

    Shaun Coombes

  33. Johan Pieterse Reply

    Good morning. I have a 2 month old Ford Ranger 3.2 XLT D/Cab with a problem of interference on the FM radio on 103.40Mhz. I had taken the vehicle to Richie Ford Empangeni 2 x now and they say that there is nothing that they can do to it. I had driven in other Ford bakkies, Toyota bakkies and other vehicles in Empangeni on the same frequency with no interference on this frequency. I had a Mazda BT50 before this bakkie and never expereinced any interferance. THe workshop foreman said to me the first time that I complained about this issue, that I need to look at the connection on the back of the radio and basically left it there. They once had an issue on Focus where there was a connection on the antenna that was not clipped in properly in line (not on the back of the radio) that resolved the problem. Why is it that I that do not work on vehicles need to do something like this that I’m not qualified to do. I also had to check if another antenna might not solve the problem that I had to go and buy myself at a spare parts dealer. I had the vehicle in on Tuesday this week to have the driver seat bottom mechanism replaced due to a clack noise and had asked again for the issue on the frequency to be checked. They did not get the correct part for the seat and had to order the correct part, which meant that I had to be without a vehicle for 2 days, and on collecting the vehicle yesterday afternoon, I was informed again that nothing can be done about the interference on the frequency. They have “checked it out” and could not find any fault. Yet when I drove down the road about 150m from the dealership, there the interference was picked up. This is the worst experience I had to get something this small resolved, but the lack to attend to the matter boggles me. Not once have they driven the vehicle around the block to verify the issue and I can prove that with the tracking device fitted to my vehicle.
    I would like someone to speak to this dealership and get them to resolve this issue. It is obvious that there is a problem with the radio as there is no interference in the area.

  34. H.J. Jordaan Reply

    Good day.

    I took my Ford Ranger, 3.0TDCI Club cab 2011 model registration number CA921957 for a service on 19/09/2018.
    The service adviser, T. Coetzee phoned me to advise, that my front brakes are metal on metal , and the discs, and breakpads needs replacement, for an amount of, pus minus R6 200.
    I decided to check the situation myself, and discovered on 25/09/2018 that there was no problem with the discs, and the brake pads still had enough on, it was not “metal on metal”
    On the 25th, I phoned T coetzee, to inform her about the state of the brakes. She requested hotos, which I forwarded to her via e-mail. She would take it up with management.
    Since then I have not heard anything from her.

    Please, I need clarity, as to why Ford wanted to do the work, with the brakes still in good condition. I would have paid R6000 for what?

    Please give clarity on this matter a.s.a.p

    Thank you

  35. Tiro Lekganyane Reply

    I took my car 3 times to ford fury midrand ,they told me brakes have to be changed i bought the car this year February 2018 and i paid for them to be replaced and there’s a squeaky sound when i press the brake and i have been taking it in to be checked because they told me its not supposed to do that sound. Yesterday i took it back and still not fix, and their delivery cars or guys are so bad in driving i had to be in the car for more than an hour fetching clients all over its so disappointing.
    Please assist because I’m pregnant and some times im even scared to the car and i have been doing ups and downs to ford im literally tired

  36. Estiaan Pienaar Reply

    Good day,

    I am very unhappy with the service from Ford credit, a few weeks ago I requested that my statements get sent to a different email adress as I changed jobs recently and I have had no response, so I get no payment statements from Ford Credit anymore!

    Secondly, I phoned in today requesting my signed installment sale/lease agreements document that I URGENTLY need for SARS efiling as I am about to lose out on my vehicle travel tax claim.

    Could somebody please contact me regarding this.

  37. Mr M.V.Lukhele Reply


    I am owner of a 2016 Ford Ranger 2.2 Mt 2X4. I have been taking my car for service with 24 motors in Ermelo. All this I have been doing using the maintenance plan. However when I took my car for 100`000 Km service on Friday 24 August 2018. I was told of a condition that I did not know and I was not even told about when I bought the car or even took it for any of the services.

    This condition is that when the car exceeds the 100 000 km by over 1000 km the service plan does not cover it. I was unfair to me as customer because I had traveled for of 100km to service this without budgeting for the car service charge. I had to pay with money that I had not budgeted for, yet previously I had always serviced the car on time. Just for this once I got penalized and I am really disappointed.

  38. Riaan Potgieter Reply

    I recently had a bad experience at Ford Vredenburg. I was interested in a 2.2 Ranger. When I arrived at the dealership and enquired about the vehicle I was told to email the document to the salesman and they will contact me about. The vehicle was not even shown to me. I asked if they can work out what my installment will be if I traded in my vehicle on the Ranger. No attempt was made to try and make the sale happen. I was never asked how much the deposit will be or over what period the financing will be. I am glad that dealerships in the West Coast are doing so good. Apparently they don’t need sales. Very disappointed in Weskus Ford Vredenburg. you have just lost a client.

  39. Nic Claassen Reply

    I took my 2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 supercab for its 150 000 km service at Ford Zeerust in North West. Appr 3500 after the service were done the vehicle had a complete engine failure and Brits forward quoted R85 000.00 for a new engine.I took the vehicle for a second opinion to a approved service provider and the following were found:
    1- Radiator blocked and ineffiecient
    2- a engine mounting was broken,
    3- a sensor in the oil cooler were malfunctioning,
    I am of the opinion Ford Zeerust should have picked up this problems during the service.
    All of above contributed in the No 2 silinder failing and damaging the block.
    In the end the cost to replace the engine with a recon engine ammounts to R65 000.00 and I am of the opinion Ford should refund me for some of these costs.

  40. Shaun Petzer Reply

    I just want to raise a complain regarding our service/maintenance plan we received when we purchased our new Ford Eco Sport in 2014.

    It has been a very inconvenient period for Us, when it came to have the vehicle serviced, seeing that it is a diesel model. I have raised the issue with Ford SA regarding the re-setting of the service intervals on the dash/on board computer, as it always needed to be reset at our inconvenience and not that of Ford, just to be told that the vehicle cannot be programmed on the on board computer as the DIESEL MODELS in South Africa does not make provisions for THAT. (very confusing)

    Our Eco Sport went in for a booked service on the 25th July 18 just to be told that we have exceeded the mileage or the period and that it was supposed to be serviced in June 18.

    0ur serviced book was stamped on 08/08/17 when the previous service was done at 36800.
    I really cannot see that we have been negligent with the mileage or the time period for Fiord to refuse our service.

    I have raised this issued with Ford East London and they cannot assist,

  41. I am also having a continues problem on my brand new Everest 3.2 auto and had it 6 times at the dealers without success. I have send a mail to customer care today, but all this negative comments are making me negative and I can see a massive court case coming. Maybe all this unhappy Ford owners should form a group court case against Ford to have our money paid back to us.

  42. Hi, I bought new Ford Ecosport 1.0 Ecoboost in November 2015 at Action Ford in Lichtenburg and i took it in for 80000 service two weeks back. Sunday it just decided not to start. Then I tried to jump start but still did not get solution. The following day I decided to buy a battery maybe the problem is the battery. They fitted a new battery and the problem still prevailed that when I decided to send it back to the dealer and later that day I was told it has something to do with computer box. According to the Dealer the computer box is burnt from shock that was created when I tried to jump start the vehicle.

    What I don’t understand is how come did it burn the computer box not fuses. There is nowhere it was written that the vehicle should not be jump started and at 80000 the vehicle is still under warranty, but now i’m told I had to pay R11 464.19 to get fixed.

    Kindly assist if this is not supposed to fall under warranty I need to understand why i’m supposed to pay the full amount while the vehicle is still under warranty. Please assist

  43. Good Day

    I bought a Ford Ecosport in 2016 from Rola Ford Robertson. During 2017 there was a problem with the air conditioner’s hose which was replaced by Tygervalley Ford.17 July 2018 the car is having transmission problems, the car is currently at Diepriver Ford and they have no idea why the car wont start, so I will be without a car that I am paying for every month once again. This is really unacceptable , if this matter is not solved favorably I will be taking it further with the ombudsman. After all you cannot expect anyone to pay for something that is constantly giving problems.


  44. I bought a Ford Ecosport 1.0 Titanuim Ecoboost in 2017. On arrival i saw that the dashboard was faulty i contacted my dealer because it seemed as if it ws in an accident. Then my barrings start giving problems in January 2018 it was repaired only to hear that the previous owner drove in a pothole or something. However the problem is back this time affecting my wheel alignment. I tried contacting Ford dealer only to hear i should bring them the car again i am 165 kilometers from my nearest dealer. I do not use my car at this stage because i am scared of causing an accident.

    Can anyone please help me what should i do next, my car still under warentee.

  45. 2010 VW Golf VI 1.4 TSI HIGHLINE

    I would like to lodge a complaint before taking the matter further to legal departments/parties.

    I purchased a vehicle from Ford Hatfield in Pretoria. I signed a contract on the 11th of May 2018 and took the delivery of the vehicle the same day, within 72 hours the car was faulty. I then took it back to them to fix, today is the 17th of July 2018 with no sign of the car getting fixed.

    I have come to a conclusion that I would like to cancel the deal with Ford Hatfield ( I would like to have ABSA bank to be refunded their money), but I am being told that they can only replace my car.

    Thank you for your assistance

  46. Fahmie Menton Reply

    Good Day,

    I bought a Ford Kuga 1.6 Ecoboost 2013 Model from the Ford dealership Diep River, salesman was Bruce.this vehicle was purchased on the 06.07.2018 @ 14h00, the deal was finalized and drove off to Athlone approximately 30km and left the car there until my husband arrived from work. When he opened the bonnet for inspection he found in his utter disbelieve that the engine bay by the battery side wires metal cabling and even paint work was totally corroded which is a fire hazard give and take the reputation of the Ford Kuga, he immediately took the vehicle back at 17h00 spoke to a person that done the vehicle inspection he asked his superior what should he do with no recognition from the superior and just informed the worker,”Give them a loan car” with no apology or recognition. I have purchased vehicles from Ford in the past and even recommended people. but the service received was unacceptable, the salesman had to check that all is in working order before dispatching the vehicle.
    immediate attention is required

  47. Christo Stoltz Reply

    We bought a new Ford Ecosport diesel in November 2016. From the first service we complained about the braking. At every service we asked that the workshop fix the front brake system as it started to shudder severely when braking at higher speed. Now at 52 000 the shudder reoccurred more server and the workshop said the discs and pads needs to be replaced but is this is for my account as it is normal wear and tear. If this is the case I think I am compelled to warn perspective consumers about the inferior parts used in the production of these vehicles.

  48. mndeni comfort khumalo Reply

    I bought a ford double cab 2.2 diesel bakkie at barberton ford,i always take in for service in barberton ford. They alwys tell me dat the service interval is 15000 km but you are allowed to drive it over not above 1000 km after that interval of the service.when i brought for 120 000km i elapsed with 600km of the required interval so when i get then they told me that all the components that was supposed to be replaced by the warranty i have forfeited them because i have elapsed the exact 120 000 km.i was shocked, disappointed, irritated, felt hard done, felt betrayed, felt scammed because they never told me in advance. There are lot of issues i noticed n felt they are being biased like when you ask for a vehicle if they have taken you vehicle in for service or other mechanical checks they always say they don’t have ,they are not available.

    There is no good service at ford,the promises they give when you want to buy a vehicle,you will never get it when you encounter problems with their property.

    Am very much disappointed because there were lot of items that the warranty should have replaced. Meaning i was scammed all the money i paid for warranty. What a poor service at Ford.

  49. John Pelucci Reply

    I cannot believe that Ford cannot access a clutch assembly for my sons car as below.
    2005 Ford Focus, 170 ST Sport,Engine no 4A66666, Vin No WFOBXXGCDB4A666666. I have been dealing with Bunny and Ugan from Ford Pinetown on this matter. I purchased a sub assembly, Fly wheel and clutch kit from them. The clutch kit supplied is the incorrect size ( 230mm diameter ), should be 240mm Diameter to match the fly wheel. I was informed that Ford cannot help me in this matter. I have managed to access a kit from the UK, Euro car parts. Obviously there will be a cost for shipping of this unit. This problem has been going on now for 3 weeks or more which is not nice for my son having to borrow a car. If I can access the kit why can Ford not do this from your factory. I think this is a bad show from Ford supplying me all these parts but cannot help me with the correct clutch kit for This car.

  50. Vano Masondo Reply

    My mother went to Ford Newcastle at an arranged appointment for some part in the car that needed to be fixed. She got there and told that they had ordered a wrong part – why wait until a customer gets there????

    She was told that they will order the correct part and an appointment for today was set. She took the car in this morning and she was told to come back later to collect it. She gets there and she is told to come and collect the car tomorrow. She is a senior citizen, she had to walk to a taxi rank that is far and it is not safe. At least offer her a lift to take her home and pick her up in the morning. This is very bad customer service.

    Vano mMasondo

  51. Natalie Kruger Reply

    I am very disappointed with the service I have received from FORD. I drive a 2015 Ford Ranger 3.2XLT, I have never had any problems with this vehicle until recently.
    I drove my vehicle in limp mode all the way to Ford Krugersdorp yesterday, after my turbo was replaced by the Sandton branch about two months ago. Not having travelled 5000 km’s with the new turbo it has given problems on and off for the last few weeks. Only to be notified that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle every time. How can nothing be wrong if it keeps going into limp mode every other week!

    I am once again without transport as this is my only means of transportation. Sandton branch does not want to help me with a loan vehicle and Krugersdorp branch doesn’t have any spare vehicles. This is absolutely poor service from FORD in general, I would like to take this matter further please.

  52. Johann Southey Reply

    I bought a Ford Focus back in 2012 and have only done 70000Km on the clock. About a year ago I started having problems with the steering.

    Once I start up the car the power steering would die and I would have to restart the car for it to go away. I took the car to Ford Krugersdorp, after doing numerous tests they could not find anything wrong with the car and told me I have nothing to worry about.

    Well last week my steering completely packed up and now Ford is expecting me to pay R 28000.00 to replace my steering rack.

    For a car with only 70000Km on the clock to replace the steering rack is completely ridiculous, and for R 28000.00 !!.

    Ford will take no responsibility for their faulty parts and just expects their clients to fork out their hard earned cash to fix their rubbish parts.

    I will never buy a Ford again and I will tell everyone who I meet who wants to buy a Ford to stay away as their cars are junk.

    Very unhappy client.


  53. Rose-Mary van Niekerk Reply

    My daughter has her car for several years and her guarantee is running out today. We had to take it back for several problems. Always have no luck with good service. She is a rep and on the road a lot. It is difficult to have a new car that you should trust, BUT if fails you when you need it especially when you do your work.

  54. ICA KRUGER Reply

    I have experienced a severe problem with my 2011 FIGO having had to replace the cluster at a cost of R3260,87 at only 70000 km and I find this totally unacceptable. The dealer ALLEN JOSS FORD could not give me any reason as to why this break has occurred and was in fact not helpful at all. The invoice number being 37738 date 5 December 2017 is available for scrutiny.I want to know why this has happened as I was told by the service manager that in ten years this has only happened twice in his time ??????? This in my opnion was a factory fault and should have been handled by the dealer as a factory claim which was obviously too much trouble for the service manager to give attention too. I therefore kindly request a full refund of R3260,87 as this kind of breakage is not similar to a ford product.Please advise ?????

  55. Below is an email sent to Ford Edenvale. I was unfortunately robbed of cash on Monday while parked in my car and the thieves took my car key so that i couldn’t chase them. Once i got my spare key delivered to where the robbery took place i discovered the spare key provided was not the correct key for my vehicle. I’ve had to pay R7500 to get new keys and ignition changed out my own pocket which is unfair, and my email below was ignored. I would like to speak to someone at head office regarding this issue. Thank you.

    Afternoon Roland,

    Please confirm that the car will be ready for me to collect tomorrow as I was told earlier this morning, otherwise you need to arrange for a courtesy car for my use. I will forward the quote onto my insurance company and await feedback.
    On top of being inconvenienced by having been given the incorrect spare key to a vehicle that cost R700k a year ago, I had to wait over 2 hours before the low bed arrived to collect the car before I could actually go open up a case of robbery at the local police station. It’s all good and well to tell me that the salesman that made the error has now left your dealership (which has nothing to do with me), but this reflects poorly on Basil Green Edenvale as a whole.
    No one called me this morning to give me an update or inform me that the car had been received or looked at, I had to come past personally and find out myself. Hopefully this is not how you deal with your customers in general after they purchase a vehicle? The gent I chatted to once I arrived was helpful and assisted, but I feel if it is the dealerships mistake for supplying the incorrect key, then you guys should be taking the initiative to call the client and offer a courtesy car right from the time the incident took place.

    Just a note: the car front bumpers got some scratches when the car rolled into a wall when the bastards held us up at gunpoint before I could pull the handbrake up or take the key out the ignition, therefore I’ll need to get a quote to repair/respray. Anyone that you guys recommend or that is Ford approved?

  56. Roelien Botha Reply

    We would like to give a huge thank you to Kenny Beverley at Ford Barberton for his excellent service and his willingness to make sure his clients is satisfied. We will always buy our vehicles from JUST him because he truly is the best sales executive we have come across.

    I do hope this email gets to the highest ranked person and I do hope you contact Kenny Beverley to give him a personal thank you for representing your brand! Ford will not be the same without him!


  57. Lynnette Mitton Reply

    Our new Ford Ranger was repaired by Precision Auto Body in Pretoria West (body repairs) and Lazarus Ford Centurion (both airbags popped) and both are unable to give us written confirmation that the vehicle was repaired according to Ford SA’s standards. Ford Customer Care suggested I request the Job Card from Lazarus Ford Centurion and this is the answer I received from Tony da Silva ‘The Job card is an internal document for Lazarus Ford made out to Precision’. It seems that both Precision Auto and Lazarus Ford is not willing to take responsibility for their quality of work.

  58. Peter Le Roux Reply

    I bought a Ford Everest XLT brand new a month ago . Whilst driving on Saturday 7 April I had a mechanical failure . The vehicle is currently at the ford dealership and no one can give me an answer on when the vehicle will be ready or what they intend to do about the situation . When you phone the dealer all that is said to you is ” we are awaiting feedback from head office in Pretoria ” The cant even give you the name nor contact details from the person at “head office ” On requesting a courtesy vehicle I was simply told that sorry we don’t have any available . Since the vehicle were taken to the dealer for repair there has been no communication from them at all . I am following up twice daily without any success at all .

  59. Dr Kaizer Kaisara Reply

    Need help. I took my vehicle for service at a local dealership, in Francistown, Botswana. I ended up paying in excess of P18 000 pula and the vehicle was with them for 2 days. I collected it and the engine was not running smooth, the gearbox was not changing properly, with jerking movements. I sent it back to be fixed and had a rear spring fitted which was also broken. At the end of the day they gave me a vehicle which had the same problems, which started after the service. A week and half later while driving on a tarred road, I saw a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust, pulled to the side and stopped the engine, and realized it damaged the engine already. No dashboard warnings, and i am wondering why the vehicle would not show those before such a disaster. Please contact me as I am inclined to go the legal route if I cant get help from you

  60. Good day

    I bought a Ford Ranger 3.2, 4×4 2016 model from Ford I Thabazimbi. My vehicle reg number is DPP442L and vin number is AFAGZZMJ2GGS27461. My current mileage is 41 500km.
    My bakkie has been in for repairs for the auto gearbox, steering rack, auto transmission wiring harness traction control, power steering, and as I am typing this post my vehicle is in for repairs once again. I have been without my vehicle for almost 4 months for a number of times it has been in for repairs and every time I receive the vehicle back the problem persist. I have spoken to the branch manager,and the workshop manager, a number of times that I am furious with the constant problems with the gear box and steering rack, and request a new Ford Ranger 3.2 4×4, but my request falls on deaf ears.
    I request The AA ( Automobile Association of South Africa) to intervene in this matter as Ford is part of the AA.


    Add on: 28 March 2018
    I visited Ford today, 28 March 2018, to find out about my vehicle.
    They replied that they have to replace a valve on the NEW gearbox that was replaced in December 2017.

  61. I bought my Ford Fiesta from Ford, Middelburg in 2013 with a 3 year service plan (Service book is available). Vehicle registration nr: FYR 936MP.

    My vehicle went for all its services, even though I drove less km’s required for a service.

    20 000km 24/1/2014 Odo 14416
    40 000km 16/1/2015 Odo 24286
    60 000km 29/1/2016 Odo 39666
    80 000km 20/1/2017 Odo 53626
    100 000km 04/1/2018 Odo 62015 (Service paid see attached).

    Currently Odo standing on 62976. Note that km’s driven from service on 4 January 2018 up to now is only 916km.

    End of February 2018 my vehicle started to make a noise. On Monday, 5 March 2018 I notice oil leaking from the engine. As I was working 12 hours shift, I could only take the vehicle back to Motomid on Wednesday, 7 March 2018.

    On arrival at Motomid on 7 March, I spoke to Cornia Peacock explaining the leak and the noise. She then called the workshop, whereby one of the Technicians (mechanics) came to assist me.

    When opening the engine hood he immediately noticed the leak and informed that a seal was leaking.

    He asked how old the vehicle is and I replied 5 years. He also asked when the vehicle was last serviced, whereby I replied on 9 January 2018 for its 5 year service.

    He said that they should have replaced the timing belt on the 5 year or 100 000km service. This was never done. He said I need to make an appointment as soon as possible to have this checked out. I made the appointment for Friday, 9 March 2018.

    I took my car in on 9 March and requested that my vehicle be finished by 12:00 as I was again working 12 hours shift.

    At 12:30 I called to find out what’s happening with my vehicle. The lady answering the phone only then gave me feedback, informing the quote for repairs was R22 000. I completely lost it. She said the Mechanic and Floor Manager is on lunch but will call be back after lunch, which none of them did.

    At 14:30 I called again, requesting transport to pick me up as I didn’t have transport at all. This never happened. At 14:54 the Mechanic / Floor Manager only called me back.

    He informed me what was wrong with my vehicle. My car went in for an oil leak and noise, and now the damage came to a total of R14 67464. This included replacing the timing belt, which he also confirmed had to be replaced on 5 year service or 100 000km on 9 January 2018, which never happened.

    We had a huge argument over the phone on whose responsibility it is now for all the damages caused for not replacing the timing belt and other spares on the 5 year service and who will be paying for the damages. HE HUNG UP ON ME, WHILE STILL IN A CONVERSATION. I CALLED BACK BUT AGAIN HE HUNG UP ON ME.

    Is this how all customers are being treated by hanging up on a customer when you are still trying to sort out the problem? HE WAS VERY RUDE TOWARDS ME AND I WANT TO LOG A COMPLAINT AGAINST HIM (NICHOLAS) AS WELL AS THE LADY THAT NEVER CALLED ME TO INFORM ME ABOUT THE DAMAGES ON MY VEHICLE.

    I called ± five (5) times asking for transport, whereby the lady answering the phone ensure me that the driver is on his way. At 16:10 the called me and asked for my address. Why? This information is on the computer as well on the Job card. The impression I got was that they were playing for time not to face me, or resolve the issue.

    Eventually I was only picked up by a driver @16:30.

    Upon arrival I asked to speak to the Workshop manager. Nicholas, the guy that informed me on Wednesday, 7 March that it was a leaking seal, came to assist me.

    We had a huge argument about the pathetic workmanship and customer service. He then replied to me: “IF HE KNEW I WAS SUCH A DIFFICULT CUSTOMER HE WOULD NEVER HAD ASSISTED ME AT ALL”.

    I asked to speak to Geoffrey (Manager Ford, Middelburg) which he said he was unavailable and already left at 14:00. I then asked to speak to the mechanic (Pierre) that did the service on my car on 9 January 2018, whereby I was informed by Nicholas that he was on training.

    Nicholas also replied that him and his mechanics (technicians) refuse take responsibility for the damages on my vehicle.
    My issue is that the mechanics know that a car service at 5 years or 100 000km needs certain parts to be replaced. This is what they are trained for, and we trust them working / servicing our vehicles because they are supposed to be qualified and have knowledge of these services.

    I asked for a curtesy car which Nicholas refused me. I was stranded without transport for the whole weekend, having to take leave due to lack of transport to work and back. If my vehicle is not repaired this week, I will be stranded as well.

    I want to know who is going to take responsibility for the damages on my vehicle, because of the negligence of a Technician. I request that this issue be investigated and action taken against the Technician and Nicholas (Floor Manager/Workshop Manager) as well as the Receptionist who didn’t inform me of the damages on my vehicle.

    Nicholas surely doesn’t have any customer relationship or human relationship training and mustn’t work with customers if this is his attitude towards them. He has and ignorant attitude and is very rude.

    My vehicle is standing at Motomid, Middelburg. Nicholas informed me that I can take the vehicle home on Friday, but he refuses to take further responsibility for and further damages.

    I had to apply for and overdraft on by bank account to pay for the vehicle at this stage. Please note that I will only be paying this amount because I need a vehicle urgently but request to be refunded if found that the damages caused after the service on 9 January 2018 was due to the negligence of the mechanic that worked on my vehicle. This negligence and ignorance is a huge financial setback.

    Motomid needs to take responsibility for these damages and pay for it as well, as I was left stranded . The customer service that I received from Nicholas, the receptionist and the Technician is pathetic and I would like this matter to be investigated and feedback given to me on the outcome.

    Also note the service of Motomid will be mentioned in the Middelburg observer and a copy of this complaint will be send to your head office.

    I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO LDOGE MY COMPLAINT ANYMORE AS EVERYBODY IS SO IGNORANT AND REFUSES TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Was the timing belt replace on the 5 year service, non of the damages as quoted by them would have taken place. Because the timing belt was not replaced, I have to pay R14 000+ for their mistake.

  62. Johan Gerber Reply

    Since when does a critical safety part break? I have NEVER heard any Toyota, Isuzu or for that matter any vehicle that has a broken door latch.This is bullshit,is this a way to rip the bloody people off? Well, if this is the case i will NEVER buy a Ford again and i will go s far to sell my three which i own.Also what piss me off, go to a dealership and any bloody part start at close to R 2000.00. Are you really that desperate? If you want to be the top seller, get your act together.

  63. I have an ecosport and have a lot of transmission problems. It jerks !
    The car was built December 2016 in South Africa. It went back to the dealership but they can’t resolve the problem. They admit it’s a Ford problem. I like the car and ask that I can trade it in at full price for another one.
    I live in South America. Who do I turn to? After all, it’s built in South Africa by Ford

  64. Kwanda Kula Reply

    Brand new 2017 Ford Focus Trend 1.0T with defective parts.

    In September 2017, I bought a Brand new 2017 Ford Focus 1.0 T Trend at Ford Culemborg Cape Town. A few weeks after I bought the car, I discovered that what I thought was a very good car and purchase, was a car full of defective parts.

    First, I was constantly hearing a scratching noise when driving off from the front right tyre. I reported this to the sales manger at Ford Culemborg Cape Town , Carlo de Vincenzo, and he told me that it’s because the car is parked outside at night. I reported this again to the Service manager at Ford Culemborg Cape Town , Munsoor Kriel, and he told me that the Drive shaft in the car was faulty and they had to replace it. So a brand new car that is only a few weeks old is having to be replaced a drive shaft a few weeks after it was purchased? I was very accommodating that I let them fix the car, even though it took them weeks to source the part. On top of everything my car was returned to me with a punctured tyre, which they did not even see until I highlighted it to them, and very accommodating again I let them fix the tyre.

    Secondly, again a few after I purchased the car, I noticed that there was a gap between the roof lining and the body of the car, such that it looks torn. After I reported that the roof lining was faulty, Munsoor Kriel told me that it was because the roof lining was too short on the one side. After 4 attempts of sourcing the roof lining (after other roof linings were constantly being returned due to quality issues), they finally found the right lining after about 4 months. I was very patient and accomodating again. The roof lining was replaced, and the car looked fine when I collected it. But 2 days later the same the gap was back again. I took the car back again to Ford Culemborg Cape Town, and Munsoor Kriel told me that he does not think it’s roof lining then, and that I should give the car to them again to try and fix it.

    Because this has been a long and terrible experience for me, I asked them to take back their car or replace it with a new one, as I had given them numerous chances to fix the car and worried that the at is just going to give me more problems in future. But they told me that I will be liable for the difference between the trade in value and the settlement/ price of the new car. Why am being held financially liable for something that is not my fault at all? And what responsibility is Ford taking in this matter?

    Also a few days ago I noticed a rattling noise on the rear left door when the volume is high (and it’s not the speaker). Also the right power fold review mirror is making a squeaking noise when it’s folding.

    This has been my worst experience of buying a car, and I fully Regret buying a Ford. I would never recommend buying a car from Ford Culemborg Cape Town, or a Ford for that matter, to anyone.

    Disappointed customer.

  65. Good day, I bought a Ford Figo – Sea Grey in 2011. The “topcoat” of the paint on the hatch just under the window is beginning to peel. I went to Ford and they told me it is because of outside elements – rain sun etc, but my question is, why is the whole car not peeling, why only the part under the window on the hatch.
    I took the car to several panel beaters and they are also of the opinion that the whole car should peel if elements were the cause?

    Where do I go? Who do I speak to? Seems like nio one is willing to help.

  66. Am so tired of going back to the Ford dealer for one problem with the car.The car has been to Ford germiston for more than seven times, after a day or two after being fixed, the light reoccurs. My car has an engine light problem which is classified as a major problem in the service book. What makes me penic more is that ford cars had engine problems and they ended up being set on fire. When I bought the car I wanted to be stress free when it came to car repairs, this problem is affecting me financially because I have to find alternative transportation because there are no courtesy cars available when I bring my car for repairs. And the Ford transport does not cover the parameters where I work, i have to get off at carnival mall and wait for taxis that also delay me. The mechanics of the car should not affect me as a buyer because I bought the car on a zero mileage. The car has become a barden because no one wants to account for the reoccuring problem, I am being sent from pillar to post by the service consultants. I never said Ford must introduce a car that they can not repair. I need to use the car next week for long distance I do not know what will happen. What makes me mad is I have been waiting for a response since from monday when I reported the reoccurance of the light after it was fixed. The service manager has failed to follow up the matter, all he say is ” I’ll make sure it’s fixed” he never makes follow ups.

    I would be glad if there would be a solution to this matter.

  67. Hi, I am having endless problems with my Ford Focus and I cant seem to get someone to help me with this, i have emailed Ford Umgeni so many times regarding this matter. I took my vehicle so many times to them and the problems don’t get sorted out. Please could you assist me, I am tired of this now

  68. Fred Arpin Reply

    I bought a new Ford Ecosport Titanium diesel at Human and auto Welkom, three weeks ago. That’s when my problems started.
    1) I went for the smash and grab option. The window rubbers were not properly re-installed, I took the vehicle back.
    2) The plastic cover at the right side of the windscreen attached to the dashboard came loose. (fabric fault)
    3) Both the small covers at the back door windows fell off.
    Now what’s next?

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