Contact of FlySafair customer service (phone, email)

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Contact FlySafair: Find below customer service details of FlySafair, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the airline. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Northern Perimeter Road,
O.R. Tambo International Airport,
Bonaero Park, 1619, South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 087 135 1351
Email: [email protected]

About FlySafair
FlySafair is a South African low cost airline founded in 2013. The airline, a subsidiary of Safair, operates from its hubs at Cape Town International Airport, OR Tambo International Airport and Lanseria International Airport. With a fleet of 9 aircraft, the airline connects fliers to close to 7 destinations with more than 1190 flights each month. The destinations include Cape Town, Durban, East London, George (Western Cape), Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Headquartered at Johannesburg, FlySafair employs more than 700 across the country.

FlySafair has a strong network of agents who facilitate the booking of tickets. Fliers can also visit the website to book flights by selecting the origin, destination and date. Payment for tickets be made using Visa or MasterCard. Upon confirmation, you can view tickets by signing into your account and even manage the same online. Fliers can even check-in online by booking reference and surname. If you need to track the flight status or schedule, access the respective links on the homepage.

You can select your seat and pre-book meal on the website. As for baggage restrictions, fliers can carry a free hand luggage of 7kg. For checked baggages, you can purchase a single 20kg bag by paying online or at the airport. For more information or queries on reservation, refund, cancellation, lost baggage, or others, reach the FlySafair customer service.

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  1. Total ripoff, taking advantage of passengers in midst of crisis. On the 22/07/21 I booked to fly my daughter back from OR to KZN to her mother after spending time with me. I felt driving was too dangerous due to unrest etc. On arrival in Durban was told too late to catch next return flight, which I had already booked and paid, and still over an hour away, and would need to book later flight. No problem a little annoyed. BUT, to be told I still had to pay in another R1800 difference, One way return flight KZN to OR R2275. Just an absolute ripoff. You have just lost a very loyal and frequent flyer on your airline.

  2. I was always happy with Flysafair and recommended to other businesses and family. But lately we have experienced bad service with Cape Town Terminal Agents. It was regarding our parents who were in their mid 80. All requirements was made on bookings but the Terminal Agent and Staff handled it very unprofessionally. Cancel on their own terms without any reason. Never thought that it will end this way. Is it because it was a white old man? It is the second time we had this problem. Flight FA310 | 19 May 2021 6:20 | Flight No SBTCNo

  3. On Sunday (16 May 2021) my flight was from Cape Town to Lanseria at 6 am departing time. At the baggage collection at Lanseria my bag was not on the carousel. The security personnel mentioned that my bag has been routed to Durban. I need to know who in their proper mind can route a bag at 6 in the morning to Durban. The Safair operator at CT leaves much to be desired. If she stops chatting to her colleague maybe the correct details could have been captured. The call center for lost bag queries leaves much to be desired. It is Wednesday and the so called supervisor has not called me. The two females operators who took my calls, by their own admission do not have a clue of their working operations. Till date no one from Safair has contacted me. Safair your service delivery and ethics is not what you pride your self to be.

  4. Sri Devi Saminathan Reply

    I flew to Lanseria airport on Sunday the 18 April 2021 and was scheduled to fly back on the 22 April at 8pm. I took the later flight because I was supposed to finish campus at 4pm so that would be enough time to get to the airport. It so happens that I finished at 10 am on the last day.

    Flysafair systems were down so the only way I could get my flight changed was to go directly to the airport. I rushed to the airport and got there at 11:40. I remember seeing a 1pm flight when I was booking my tickets so I thought I could make it. The time was changed to 12 and the lady at the airport desk refused to change my flight because you need to be at the airport 1.5 hours early.

    I said I know that but I finished campus early we were supposed to finish at 4pm and this mean I now need to sit and wait for 8 hours for my flight. Been a professional myself I understand protocol, however your system was down. If it was up I could of changed my flight whilst travelling to the airport and downloaded my boarding pass and ran to the gate in time as the flight did not even start to board and its quiet at Lanseria at midday there was no queue. Since your system was down I feel that you guys could of been a bit more courteous.

    Instead I had to sit and wait for 8 hours when I could of gone home early to rest. I guess it was my unlucky day to meet someone who just didn’t want to make the changes. I had an experience with a different airline along time ago I was 5 minutes late in the morning due to a unforeseen circumstance, They actually called the plane and told them to wait for me which they did.

    I guess there is a reason why you guys are cheaper than the rest. Disappointed.

  5. Shareesha P Reply

    I contacted the airline via email 2 weeks ago to cancel a flight as I am undergoing major surgery. To date the help desk is still returning my email. I tried calling, was placed on hold for over 20 minutes.
    I emailed 2 agents directly after chatting to people who had direct contact with agents from Fly Safair, hoping this would be resolved. I received a response of either a voucher or refund, both situations will make me lose a certain % of my flight booking. I stated that medically, I am unable to fly due to this surgery and the doctor provided a note. I was told according to the terms and conditions I need to be in hospital in order to receive a full refund however I cannot drive or fly for 2 weeks and will be recovering at home due to medical consequences. Surely this airline employs competent staff? How many more emails must be sent?

  6. I booked two separate flights in March 2020. The same week it was announced the country is going into lockdown. I requested a refund from them and received a voucher. This week, one year later I requested again for my refund as i am not flying to Cape Town anytime soon.
    I was advised that I will only receive 55% of my money and even worse, their senior management will decide IF i can get MY money back. As if I got their permission to book the flights.
    Furthermore should this be approved I have to wait 21 days. As if they had to wait 21 days for payment. Am I now having to make up of for loss of revenue due to something I can’t control.
    It’s now referred to as cancellation. Did I cancel the flight?
    Also, you cannot get hold of someone. As pathetic as the website. And the agent responding to my whatsapp message… no comment. Suppose you’re there for numbers.

    Flysafair – definitely not recommended.

  7. My family and I were on the Flysafair flight at 17:20 yesterday, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Monday 4 January 2021. The level of distress we experienced during that treacherous flight urged me enough to formally raise my concerns.

    Flight FA217 was the most terrifying experience of my life, my family and I felt that our lives were in danger. We are well traveled and have never experienced such a scary flight before.

    I do not know why or how the plane was moving in such a state, all I can tell you is that I’m still shaken up even today. I hope that our complaints and concerns as loyal customers are carefully reviewed, failure to do so would only display carelessness on your part.

  8. Yesterday I was traveling from East London to O.R. Tambo International on The 17:55 flight. I was traveling with my three daughters.On check in, I was told that they needed hard copies for my 10 and 7 year olds. They did not take the soft copies I have used in Johannesburg for various flight. I was referred to the support desk and was treated with disdain and a high level of unprofessionalism. I went to downtown East London as most facilities were closed as a result of a holiday. I eventually came back few minutes before departure. I was surprised that Safair still require hard copies while it is known and well documented that Covid19 spreads on exchange of papers. Kindly attend to this issue as it exposes your passengers and your employees unnecessarily

  9. I was on a flight on the 9th of September 2020 from CPT to JHB and when asked for water I received this bottle of ‘water’….see picture attached.

    It in fact was not water but SANITIZER!

    Luckily I was a little suspicious when I saw the bottle was opened and no label on. I put it to my lips to take a sip and smelled it was not water but sanitizer!!.

    Can u imagine the consequences if I took a sip of this ??? Having my mask on i couldn’t have smelled it and taken a big gulp as I had tablets in my mouth ready to swallow.

    It was a male flight attendant.

    I would like to know how such a mistake can be made? I could have died if I drank that water.

    I demand some proper investigation into this matter with feedback to myself.

    This is very serious as it could happen to someone else maybe an elderly person!

    I travel very often and will reconsider the airline I choose from now on.

  10. Hi and to whom it may concern.
    Please could u tell me where these prices come from. Utter madness, crazy, never. How could u guys charge this to go to Durban, its a price of a international ticket.
    What’s happening to ur airline, r u guys trying to stop us South African from flying with ur airlines.

    I’ve being to Durban twice in the last 2 months and it was always in the R500.
    Please dont tell me greed is on ur plate now.

    Very shockingly. We fly as it safer than our roads, we want our children to experience flying, but now it leaves us no choice but to drive.

    Very upet mom

  11. I was on Flight FA217 from Cape Town to Johannesburg on 21 Feb.2020 with my one year old baby on my lap. Halfway through the flight I needed to change my baby’s diaper and asked the air hostess where the baby changing station was. She informed me that the flight had nowhere for me to change a diaper, but I can use a bathroom stall in the front or back of the plane. When I reached the front of the plane, the head hostess told me rudely I’m not allowed to use the front bathroom, I must go to the back. So, I had to walk all the way to the back and then I had to perform the difficult task of changing a diaper on top of a toilet seat. My baby bumped her head and everything was a mess. Why does Safair allow infants on a plane that does not have baby changing facilities? This can’t be the first complaint you receive regarding this matter. Why are the air hostesses not properly trained to assist people with babies? Worst of all, how can the head hostess not allow a mother to use a bathroom on a plane with no other changing option? The situation is inhumane as the flight does not cater for basic human needs and instead of assisting a desperate person, as one expects of air hostesses in a service industry, I was treated rudely and not assisted at all. This is unacceptable.

  12. I just spoke to a consultant via your call center, by the name of Portia, who was absolutely amazing. She sorted out my query within less than 2minutes!! WOW!! What a gem! She was so friendly and professional! She is truly an asset to your company! Thank you so much, Portia!

  13. Poor service, delayed flights, zero care from ground staff, customer services do not adequately respond to complaints. I nearly missed my connecting flight to London and my children’s Christmas ruined. I am appalled by this airline. They did nothing to assist with my bags and clearly do not care. Worst airline I’ve ever used.

  14. Blatant theft, which is accepted by this airline. Surely they have camera’s to prove the staff help themselves to cash, jewellery, perfume, clothes or generally whatever they fancy. What a rewarding job to thieve on the innocent. This is shocking and clearly is of no concern to this flysafair airline. My husband was told to handover his handlagge as there was no space on the earoplane, they would keep it, you mean, ” open it, go through it, and remove what they fancied”. R2000 was missing. They said the onus was on him. So everyone, take care, they steal and smile in your face.

  15. Totally upset had to b at an auction at 230 booked flight and had to wait as the flight was delayed I now have lost my app and the vehicle I was purchasing at an action I am so upset as I have lost the vehicle I had to pick up my accommodation n flight was just a big loss as time is very important very upset with fly safair I lost completely so sad that I’m going all the way for nothing all because of safair being delayed

  16. I have unfortunately had a bad experience with the ground staff for FlySafair. Firstly, I was unable to check in online a day prior to the flight due to “technical difficulties”, and then, arriving 35 minutes prior to departure, I was told that I would not be able to board the flight due to being too late (even though I had no luggage, and could comfortably walk to the flight with plenty of time to spare). I could have been convinced to stay with the airline had this been communicated courteously with me; however, I was simply directed to “desk 144” at OR tambo where I was asked, brusquely, “Do I look like ticket sales?”, and generally treated with disdain.

    I have preferred FlySafair for years now and recommended it to friends, not because of the cost of the ticket, but because of the quality and efficiency of service. I am afraid I will no longer be using this airline in the future, or recommending it to anyone. I certainly did go to “ticket sales”, but for British Airways, whose staff have always acted with the utmost professionalism.

  17. I flew to Durban and Back this past weekend with Flysafair. I choose to fly on this airline because of the on-time stats.
    Our flight was slightly delayed on Friday due to a change in gate. The announcement is made to the people in front and no one at the back can hear. It was however managed OK. We just waited in the queue for a long time.
    The return flight was on time with no hitches.
    I only have an issue with the baggage policy that is not enforced. I fly frequently and understand the baggage policy and travel with a back pack when I do not have checked luggage. I get on the plane and there is no place for my back pack in the overhead cabins due to passengers large suitcases.
    I do believe that the luggage policy needs to be enforced and Flysafair needs to be a lot stricter. Passengers sometimes cannot even carry their own bags to be stowed away overhead. Passengers are carrying 3 bags and cause havoc when boarding and disembarking.
    Some feedback on this subject would be appreciated.

  18. Pieter Venter Reply

    Me and my family fly yesterday from Jhb to George and pay for luggage and a golf club shaft R150 plus R285.
    Getting on the plane people arrive with suitcases bigger than mine at least 15 kg and put that in the overhead spaces. It was so heavy one lady was not able to pick it up so i had to help her fitting it in the overhead space.
    There was about 30 over weight and over size cases on the flight. Some people got 3 cases plus handbag between the two of them.
    This is unacceptable that we pay for everything and others just get past your staff and in the process robbed you from income and make people like me frustrated.
    Can i please get your feedback on this issue, before we fly with you again.

  19. I am currently sitting on FA163, our flight to Cape Town was supposed to leave at 2pm it’s now 3pm and we’ve been sitting on the plane for over an hour! There was an incident where a passenger needed to be removed, the whole process took half an hour we are now waiting for paperwork to be finished up before we can take off. This is highly disappointing! Your procedures need some real thought put into it that don’t inconvenience your passengers!

  20. Ravi Maistry Reply

    Cannot get hold of the the call center for the past two days.
    Unfortunately already booked the flights for the family.
    Next time would not mind spending more with other airlines to get better service !!!!!!!!!

  21. I booked two return tickets from CPT to JHB online this morning (9 July 2019). The transaction for the flights went through my account three times and I cannot get through to anyone at Safair. This is completely unacceptable.

  22. I had an ansolutely amazing flight this evening, owed mostly to the wonderful and absolutely customer orientated flight attendants – I did not get their names but please do pass on my regards and biggest thanks to those attendants on DBPVYA – Cptwn to Dbn – Time: 20:05/Date: 01.07.2019. A summary of events – I boarded the plane with tears filled in my eyes and the very first attendant at the entrance asked me so concerningly if I was okay and if I needed a tissue, poor guy almost looked like he wanted to cry with me, he was so empathetic without even knowing why I was crying(I was flying back to Durban with my Fiancé wokring and now living in Capetown, I was so down and out), I sat on my seat (33C) and buckled up, sobbing inconsolably and the kind – wonderful hearted flight attendant passes me a whole box of tissues, I was beside myself to think that the customer service didnt end at the door but followed me through to my seating. I couldn’t even thank him as my eyes were filled with tears and my voice all jerky. As we were about to take off the second flight attendant approached me to find out if I was okay. This goes such a long way to prove just what Customer Service means to your onboard team! Everyone so empathic and so accomodating. I just want to congratulate and thank the wonderful team for the goodness you showed me this evening, I can gladly say it made my trip sooo much better and left me feeling like a weight was lifted off my tears as they each shared a bit of my heartache. Thank you so so much for instilling such values in your staff and for hiring people who actually do what they do because they genuinely care and seek to comfort every single passanger on the flight. Today I was not just a seat number but a person on board a flight full of warm hearts and smiles.

  23. I flew with flysafair today for the first time (from OR Tambo to Durban). I am extremely upset that their staff cannot be trusted. The zips of my bag were strapped with a cable tie however when I received my bag, the cable tie was cut. I was surprised that they checked my bag without me being present. When I got home and completed unpacking, I realised that my Marc Jocobs perfume that costs around R1400 was stolen. It was relatively new. I wanted to save money by buying a cheaper ticket, but they stole something of much greater value. If it’s only hand luggage that you are carrying then you are safe.

  24. Caroline Savage Reply

    A ground staff by the name of Lungi, at the ticket desk of OR Thambo airport was so wonderful and helpful to myself and my mom on the 5th of May 2019. We almost missed the flight and she ran all the way with us until we got onto the flight and to this day we talk about her and comend her wonderful service. She was so professional and kind to us.thank you so much Lungi.

  25. Marie Wege Reply

    My daughter, Ms Andrea Wege , used FLYSAFAIR (booking made by Hillsong Church Cape Town) on 22 April 2019 at 12:00 from OR Tambo to Cape Town. Flight number looks like FA256. When she received her baggage in Cape Town, she discovered that the ty-ropes on her suitcase were cut and her suitcase broken into . Her very expensive perfume, Dolche & Gabana Light Blue was stolen.

    On 10 June 2019 my daughter was booked again on FLYSAFAIR (booking made by Hillsong Church Cape Town). Flight FA292 on 10 June 2019 was used to fly from OR Tambo to Cape Town. Once again when the baggage arrived, the ty-ropes were cur and the suitcase was broken into. My daughter will inform her Employer not to make use of SAFAIR again as this now happened twice and only on the SAFAIR flights. The time when Kulula was used nothing like this has ever happened.

  26. I do not believe that if the Customer Service manager is on leave for 4days, there is no other person to resolve queries at Flysafair. I was told I have to wait until Wednesday for the manager to come back. Very odd and strange.

  27. Jerome Margro Reply

    Very dissatisfied with gentleman that assisted me at the check in piont at east london airport on the 9th of May 2019. Unacceptable attitude and unprofessional. I had to greet him than he puts my boarding pass on the counter and with a very rude tone of voice teling me to check my name and he statrs talking to his co worker on duty.

  28. So get into the website from waiting room, choose my R5 flight options, record my personal details go to payment, put in my credit card details, only to get Oops error message from your server. Went through this process 6/7 times, same payment error every time only for you to through me back in waiting room?!!!! Bitterly unfair that your error caused me not to buy after I had/qualified for my discounted tickets? Highly disgusted with Safair!!!!

  29. Di Nicolay Reply

    My husband is having a back op in Cape Town and will be flying back to East London afterwards. He is not allowed to sit for more than an hour per day and has to lie down or stand. Would it be ok if he just sits fortake off and landing and stands for the rest of the time?

    • On Tuesday 23 April we returned from the UK and flew Safair to George. About 30 min from landing a very acrid smell of electrical wiring burning was detected, and the cabin crew hurried up and down checking the overhead hatches, probably for signs of smoke. They spoke to the pilot and co-pilot over the intercom/phone and shortly afterwards the captain announced we would be landing within 10 minutes. I presume he made every effort to land as quickly as possible, and to their credit the cabin crew remained calm. It was the longest 10 minutes in my life! I felt concern for the passengers waiting to board, as the plane was on a quick turnaround. t\The cabin crew affirmed that they had all smelt it and the technicians would be looking for the problem.
      I have since ascertained that the air-conditioning motor had burnt and the system was shut down. It was to be prepared in Johannesburg on their return.
      Without any information about the possible source of the smell we (the passengers) were flying blind, so to say, and expecting a catastrophic event. It’s possible the Captain and crew did not know the exact source either, but it would have been helpful if they could have announced that there was a problem but it was not deemed serious.
      Thankfully there was no hysteria or panic on board; I think everybody was too busy saying their prayers (I certainly was!)

  30. Virginia Anne Fenske Reply

    I fly Safair only and visit my elderly 92 year mother at least 4 times a year in Durban. I had the worst experience on Sunday 27 January 2018. My flight from Durban was due to leave at 5:15 FA 271 Booking Ref UGRXQD to Johannesburg. When I was in the queue to board we were informed that our flight was delayed for 30 minutes due to technical problems. That aircraft had just landed from Johannesburg. After more than 30 minutes we were informed that there was no time available for a flight and we were issued with a R80 meal voucher. Later we were told that a flight was leaving Johannesburg and we would be on it, we waited and waited, the attendants could give us no more information. Eventually we were notified that a flight was available at 10:30 this did not happen. The next notification we received was that an empty aircraft was coming up from Johannesburg and we would be leaving at 11:43. I had been at the airport from 4pm and arrived back in Johannesburg at 12:50am. Needless to say I had to tell my life partner (70 years old) that I could not expect him to fetch me so late at night. I enquired about and Uber to transport me home and was quoted R650! I had not budgeted for this expense and was fortunate enough to find an Airport Taxi driver who took me home on his way after his shift and I paid R350. I am a woman 60 years old and I had to travel in a taxi late at night I was very upset and afraid, I arrived home at 2am exhausted tired and very stressed then I had to get up at 5:30am for work. I emailed a complaint to Customer Service at Safair Operations asking for some form of compensation and after a day I got an email to say that that the delay was unavoidable due to safety and NO other compensation other than the R80 meal voucher was all Safair would offer. I am not prepared to let this matter go.

  31. John Walker Reply

    My wife and I have been frequent flyers with FlySafair for a number of years and it has been the airline of choice because of price punctuality and service. We fly frequently to George. Cannot understand why you are now increasing the basic airfares of R699 per leg to R1009 per leg. An increase of some 40%! Please can you explain.


    We missed our flight Kulula to OR Tambo so we booked a flight on safair, when we were booking the man at the counter advised us that the aircraft lands at Lanseria we said no we need to go to O.R Tambo he was adamant that the flight landed in Lanseria so my husband said don’t worry we will take the 2 tickets and then ask someone to come fetch us as we reside close to OR Tambo so we bought 2 tickets

    When we were checking in the lady in the front said we will be at the emergency exit 16D and 16E and if need be in case of an emergency would we be willing to help , we said yes that’s no problem she then advised us unfortunately the emergency exit seats do not have windows , so we said no that’s fine

    Whilst we were in the queue at check in I got speaking to a lady who was in front of me and she advised me where she lives the area and I said that’s the area I live I advised her that is she getting a lift all the way from lanseria to her home which is close to mine she then said no the plane lands at O.R Tambo I told her what the person at the ticket counter told me that the plane lands at Lanseria and we already made arrangements to be picked up at Lanseria she then said she hopes its not the case as she already told her daughter to collect her at OR Tambo she then went to the front to go and ask , she was then advised that it lands at OR Tambo and came back to tell us , I then luckily got hold of my husband cousin to change the arrangements

    We caught a flight from George to O.R Tambo leaving at 18h00 27.01.2019 last night when we got on board the aircraft the stewards were friendly and well-presented and I told my husband that the plane looks really good with plenty feet space we went to our seats and hello and behold it had a window , surely the staff who work at the airport who supply the paying passenger with the information should know what they are talking about and should also know where the plane lands

    We left on time but this was the absolute worst flight I have ever experienced and we fly with kulula a lot Ive never experienced something like this the pilot flew that plane as if he was still in training it felts like the longest flight ,people were screaming the one lady was crying , I felt sick my husband wanted to throw up , the pilot was climbing going higher then felt like he was nose diving as fast as he possibly could then he went up again and then nose-dived again , the people were screaming in that plane , he circled about 5 times around Waterkloof area it was nauseating. Whilst I do understand that the weather conditions weren’t great there is no need to nose dive , there is passengers on the plane , this was by far the worst flight I have ever been on when the Pilot landed everyone clapped that’s how relieved they were that the plane had actually landed

    When we eventually got off the plane as I was leaving I heard the air-hostess the gentlemen saying on the phone the plane is broken, maybe one should ask why and see how the Pilot flies that plane when we got into the bus as he landed the plane so far away everyone was complaining all I can say is the flight was shocking and I’m sure those people are very grateful to be on the ground! When we got home we were so nauseous and this feeling didn’t go away till early hours this morning

  33. I really want to thank the good customer care and the attention i got from one of your staff Funeka Sekele
    The lady knows her work and what she is hired for, she asked me questions as per their work the replied accordingly looking her to see if this comes from her or its a just asking because have to,after that i asked her questions to see if she knows her work,she nswered accordingly and ended up asking where i work, i say to Safair keep on doing good to clients you are super you are not like other airlines which i cant mention, I was from Johannesburg to Capetown.

  34. Wayne Hall Reply

    I was on your flight from Johannesburg to George and the flight was delayed for more than three hours. Unfortunately because of the overcrowded situation we were forced in during the delay I picked up some kind of bug and was sick in bed, first four days in Knynsa. Unfortunately my luggage only arrived a day later which at come via Cape Town. The cellophane wrapping around my luggage had been half removed as well as my bag had been cut open on the one side and belongings where removed.
    My flight back to Johannesburg was another bad experience because of the unorganized staff with no indication of direction which way to go and no announcements. I had to take a later flight to Johannesburg at an additional cost and had to stay over at Johannesburg AirPort and the next day find away from back to LHA to get my car in the long term parking.
    Not a very pleasant experience and very costly .
    On a positive note one of your Male staff at Georgia was really helpful to get me back to Johannesburg. Hoping to hear from you soon Wayne Hall

  35. Anusha Nathoo Reply

    I would like to commend one of your ground level staff (Safair Port Elizabeth office), – Mr Chris Manentsa, in the way he handled a late boarding of a customer. A friend was suppose to board a flight on Sunday, 16th December at 8.30pm, to leave at 8.50pm, but before she could board, medical authorisation was first required to airlift her daughter, who was critically ill, to Durban. It was senseless my friend getting on the plane, without knowing if her daughter would be arriving in Durban. Mr Chris Manentsa, knew the urgency and the necessity of my friend going on the place and he indicated that he would hold the boarding till the maximum time required and within the last minute my friend received authorisation that her daughter would be airlifted and within minutes he whisked her through to boarding, as the plane was literally waiting for her. it was really a matter of touch and go. Mr Manentsa, was patience and so compassionate during this critical time and we would like to thank him for the way he handled the situation and went the extra mile. he was certainly living up to the motto of “care in the air”.

  36. I recently flew with Flysafair from Lanseria to Cape Town. I just want to say that this airline has the most amazing people. Everybody from the booking agents till the cabin crew. They were all help full and friendly. I unfortunately had to use another airline on my return flight and what a nightmare. Fly safair is extremely punctual and professional. I will definately be using them again. Thank you Flysafair team.

  37. Good day Sir/Madam

    On the 21.11.2018 I was boarding at OR Tambo Airport traveling to East London with after 17:00 flight.

    Apparently the security system went off when I passed which I never noticed until a lady security officer asked to search me. I smiled because I thought she was joking, she repeated herself and the male officer also started looking at me. I opened my eyes with shocked and traumatized asking how is that possible in front of a crowd.

    The lady asked me again to search and I started crying the guy asked if I want a private search and I said of course, by the way why am I being searched because no one is searched here she said the alarm went off, I cried because of trauma and it was the first time being searched at the airport. I was at the airport the previous day and it didn’t went off, why in OR in such a huge crowded airport? I asked them.

    I feel it would have been better if she excused herself and explain to me what happened or ask if i have noticed that the alarm went off and take me to the office than asking to search me in front of people. That was uncalled for.

    I was traumatised and the lady from the office tried to calm me down I even lost my boarding pass and she assisted me by taking me to the gate where I gave them my ID and I passed through.

  38. On Saturday 10 November 2018, I took a flight from JHB to CPT on FlySafair. As I entered the plan I was asked to leave my carry on luggage outside and they would put it in stowaway due to lack of space on board. When I got to CPT my bag was nowhere to be found and that was the last time I saw my luggage. I am hurt and disappointed by this incident, with no one from FlySafair managing the issue with me.

  39. Mrs Hilary Green Reply

    I have used this airline several times but this time around I need to give some feedback. I flew back from Port Elizabeth to Durban on the 16:50 flight today being the 10th November 2018, reference BTNRK, let me tell you the ground service was appalling ! The woman who I dealt with on checking in my luggage, was so rude I couldn believe the kind of service she gave. Nobody was in the queue at thie time, but she simply shouted “NEXT” ! There was no greeting whatsoever just a blank stare saying “ID”, no smile or enjoy your flight or trying to make a customer feel welcome. I wonder what sort of CUSTOMER SERVICE training is given. She should never be in a position dealing with people. At the end of the day, she is the first point of contact ! I would rather spend my hard earned money using another airline in future. I trust my comments will be taken note of but probably not. Wait and see.

  40. JA Koekemoer Reply

    For the first time in my life I decided to make a booking on FlySafair. On the 26th of May at 05H50 we took of from OR Tambo to Cape Town to watch rugby. From the word go we were treated like royalty. Friendly cabin crew. Nice seats. What a comfortable flight. Unfortunately I had to book with one of the other colour airlines coming back due to flight availablity with FlySafair. In future I will most definitely make FlySafair my choice of airline. NO OTHER AIRLINE CAN COMPETE WITH YOU GUYS. Thanks for the awesome flight

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