Contact of Express Scripts customer service (phone, email)

Find below the customer service details of Express Scripts. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the pharmacy services company.

Head Office
1 Express Way,
St. Louis, MO 63121
United States

Phone: 800-282-2881 (general)
Phone: 866-529-4917 (Medicare members)
Phone: 877-363-1303 (Tricare members)
Phone: 800-711-5672 (website support)
Email: [email protected]

About Express Scripts
Express Scripts is a pharmacy benefit management company that makes all your prescription ordering hassle free and safe and is a name to reckon with in the healthcare industry in the United States. Founded in 1986 with its headquarters at St. Louis, Missouri, Express Scripts Holding Company has a place in the top 25 companies and is one of the largest pharmacy benefit management organizations in the US. It is now a subsidiary of Cigna and that has strengthened its capabilities even more. It helps you order your prescriptions through a simple seamless process and you are guaranteed accurate medicines from your desired pharmaceutical brand delivered to your doorstep. Since you are dealing with experts in the field, you are assured that the right medicines are delivered to you. Express Scripts is known for its all day customer support system that is state of the art and any query or problem you have will be sorted out in no time.

The pandemic has disrupted our lives and we try to avoid any unnecessary trips. Express Scripts is well aware of this fact, and extends full support to you to keep you as safe as possible. Their express home delivery system ensures that timely availability of prescriptions are on hand and all shipments are free of charge. You can also order and stock up on your long-term medicines for as much as three months at a time, saving you repeated orders.

Ordering your medicines on Express Scripts is extremely easy and you can do it in one of three ways- register and log in online, through your mobile app or by getting your doctor to e-prescribe you a three month supply of your medicines. You may choose the option most convenient to you. Through the Express Scripts website, you can order medicines, refill prescriptions, check your order history, get automatic refills of regular medicines, check out the prices of medications and check your claims and balances. It helps you locate pharmacies near you, and this is an especially useful feature when you are travelling.

Registering at Express Scripts is easy and just requires a few details. Initially you need to detail your profile and address. You have to provide your preferred mode of payment and related details. They also give you options in the way they communicate with you – messages, email, by phone etc. You can designate a caregiver and Express Scripts will communicate with them and ensure that your prescriptions are accurately filled in and delivered.

When you are a part of the Express Scripts community, you will have access to important information such as medical recalls, and how to dispose of expired drugs – both at home or if you wish, you may opt for the drug take-back programs, so you are sure that your expired, unused or unwanted drugs are disposed of properly and safely. This will also ensure that you do not act in a way that is harmful to the environment by inadvertently flushing drugs or by using the wrong disposal methods.

Along with your prescriptions, Express Scripts provides updates on prescription drugs in pediatric doses, for animals, cosmetic products, dietary supplements and certain food products. You can also be informed about medical devices, nutrition products, tobacco products, radiation emitting products, vaccines and other products.


  1. I need help with the two-step verification. I have spent way too much time trying to accomplish that task! I assumed it would be a simple task that would take maybe five minutes at the most. As it has turned out I have spent many many hours and I have still not been able to do it. I am very very frustrated.

  2. Keisha Morgan Reply

    I have been trying to get a dexcom prescription authorized, since may 2022. Express scripts has requested the same information numerous times and I have physically watched my civ nurse fax the docs. They claim to not have received them. One person has told me that instead of the docs being uploaded to one claim, I have multiple claims open for the same request. Resolution specialist I spoke with Nov 17 stated that she didn’t see any new docs and reassured me that she would PERSONALLY call my dr to explain what was needed AND she would call me with an update. Guess what, no call from her (not surprised). Today, December 5, I go to my dr office and they confirmed and showed me the fax confirmation of when the docs were faxed. The young lady at the desk said Ms Morgan I will resend myself to 866-684-4477. Lets see if they get the docs now. This whole process needs to be revamped because the reps are not actually calling, they are only sending out generic denial letters. I still haven’t received a response from my previous email to express scripts with the complaint.

  3. Express scripts is very unreliable. Provide the worst drug options. You get the run around. My medication has been removed from the list with no option to make part payment.
    I worked for the city for so many years to be treated this way. Very sad. I did not choose express scripts.

  4. Sharon Dunn Reply

    For the past 2 months, I have attempted to call and ask for verification for what I paid ES in 2021. I’m always verbally given the same amount ($760.16). When I request for information in an email or letter , I am only furnished a printout. The printout never gives the exact amount I paid. I received one yesterday that shows I paid $2,072.12. I know for a fact, I did not pay that much. All 6 people I have talked to at ES, have furnished the same number. I have to verify all of my expenses for the entire year for healthcare premiums for my annual recertification to HUD. I had no issue whatsoever getting CVS to provide the correct information I paid them for Jan. 21- June 21. I used CVS prior to switching to ES. All I need is the specific amount given in a letter of email. Just written verification of exact amount ($760.16). I don’t understand why it’s been so difficult to receive what I need.

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