Contact Exide Industries (India): Find below customer service details of Exide India, including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries or complaints on Exide batteries, store locations, service centers, warranty or other questions. Besides contact details the page also offers information on Exide’s products and services.

Exide Head Office
Exide Industries Limited
Exide House, 59E Chowringhee Rd
Phone: 033-22832120/33

Exide Customer Care
Have a complaint, query or feedback on Exide batteries or other products? Reach the customer care at the below number.
Phone: 1800-103-5454

Regional Offices
Chennai: 044 – 22500726
Mumbai: 022 – 26465283/84
Kolkata: 033 – 22843137
Delhi: 011 – 23627095

Service Centers
Delhi: 011 – 41845031/32
Chandigarh: 0172-5000014
Lucknow: 0522 – 4041896
Kolkata: 0522 – 4041896
Guwahati: 0361 – 2655436
Bhubaneshwar: 0674 – 2431847
Mumbai: 022 – 27750277
Ahmedabad: 079 – 26856697
Chennai: 044 – 26495008
Hyderabad: 040 – 64554697

About Exide Industries (India)
exide-batteriesExide began in India as Associated Battery Makers (Eastern) Ltd in the year 1947. The company was christened as Exide Industries Ltd in 1995. A leading manufacturer of storage batteries, Exide has six manufacturing facilities across India. The company sells automatic batters under the brands Exide, SF, Sonic and Standard Furukawa. As for industrial batteries, it sells products unders brands Index, SF, Ceil and Power Safe. The company also manufactures high-end submarine batteries. Some of Exide’s subsidiaries include Espex Batteries Ltd, Chloride Power Systems and Solutions Ltd, Chloride Alloys India Ltd and Chloride Metals Ltd (CML).

Exide is headquartered in Kolkata and has offices spread out across all major cities in the country. The leading manufacturer of lead acid batteries in India and South Asia is the sole supplier for submarine batteries to the Indian Navy. Exide’s products are used in several industries that include Railway, Defense, Mining, Hospitals, Airlines, Tele-Communications and Power Stations. As of 2011, Exide employed over 5,000 people and has over 3000 authorized dealers across the country. In 2011, the company had gross sales of Rs 5,558 crores.


  1. Purchased an Exide battery from MyPowerkart,Bangalore on Feb 19,2018. Not even 3 months done, the battery got discharged twice when my car is not used for a weeks time.

    Reported a complaint( ref SKA00016462V634) on portal on May 16,2018 by calling the customer care. No one responded until 3 days. After numerous calls a service technician showed up on May 19th,2018 and took my battery along with him.

    Am not sure what sort of pathetic service is Exide exhibiting here. Why do they dont care their customers. Has the company grownup so much that they can ignore its customers.

    This is heights that any one can continue to wait for eternity without any updates on what is plan forward. Keeping my fingers crossed until some new surprise happens.



  2. Pradip Gogoi Reply

    Its very disappointing to see such a service from a big company such as Exide.

    I had my battery complain registered and got it tested by the service center. Although it was found OK i could not even reach back my home coz of the batteries..

    I stay at 50km far from the service center and it is not physically possible to run after the service center again n again leaving all my other work. After such an incidence I repeatedly called the service manager but my call was unanswered. I got the battery tested again at localpoints and found to be defective. My question is why the same was not caught on the service station???

    Why such a harassment to the customer??

    Finally i had to spend money again and got my batteries delivered to the service center but all i get the asnwer is that my warranty is void by4days.

    Does 4days really matters??? Also i tried calling them again n again.
    Still the battery must be checked at your end.

    Really fed up with Exide. Writing this email seeking help.

    I had purchased 4batteries for my e-rickshaw and my vehicle is standing since a month and unable to earn.

    SL no A317D024566, A3H7E013979, A3H7E013989,A347E014400.
    Complian date:31/mar/18, date of purchase 19/oct/2018
    Location-Tinsukia, Assam
    M-9954474726, 7896838044

  3. Sunil Kumar Reply

    Subject:Replacement of SF Sonik batteries Sl.No.A5B7D014464 5872 and Sl.No.A5B7D013787 5872 failed within gurantee/warranty period.

    I purchased above batteries for my inverter from N.R. Trading Company, Near Railway Station, Garhi Harsaru, Gurgaon vide invoice No.302 dated 0103.2017. The batteries failed within six month from the purchase date. I informed the dealer that batteries are not giving backup even of a five minute and request made for replacement as per warranty term on 15.11.2017. The dealer informed and assured me that batteries will be replaced very soon. But unfortunately despite the repeated request on telephone my problem i.e. batteries has not been replaced so far. Therefore, it is requested that my genuine problem may be solved as early as possible.

  4. Dipankar Mukherjee Reply

    I called Exide customercare on 28th of September 2017 and logged a complaint for my bike battery which is under warranty. The complaint number is STNA00009838V169. It’s been 8 days but no-one contacted me. I called the helpline several times but I get the same speech that they are forwarding the case to the concerned department and they will contact me asap. My bike is completely useless without the battery as it doesn’t have a kick start. This is the first time I contacted Exide and experienced a pathetic service.

  5. Y. Govinda Reddy Reply

    I purchased battery for my i-10 car in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The dealer stated that the warranty period is three years. When I asked for warranty card, the Dealer stated that warranty card in the shape of of paper/SMS can not be given. Then I contactd Customer Care Center, and it also reiterated the same.

    The seller is bound to give warranty card either in the shape of paper or in the form of SMS to the customer. Denial to issue such guaranty card is an illegality.

    Therefore I demand for issue of warranty card either in the form of paper warranty or SMS message to my cellphone.

  6. Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2015
    Subject: Non settlement of claim for 50 DIN (R) Exide Battery failed within warranty period

    I purchased DIN 50 (R) Exide Battery 211 54604 for my U-Va car on 12.12.2012 from M/s Dushyant Tyre House Meerut vide invoice No. 1967 dt. 12-12-2012 with guarantee/warranty period of 30+30 month i.e. 60 months. The battery failed within warantee period and I delivered the battery with guarantee card to the dealer for replacement as per warranty terms on 02-11-2015. The dealer informed that new battery was not in stock and assured to arrange replacement within 3-4 days. No service battery was provided being not available . Copy of dealer’s invoice and receipt for battery is enclosed.

    Since then I am in constant touch with the dealer and your officed at Meerut and Ghaziabad for replacement of battery. I regret to inform that I have not yet received battery till today 26-11-2015. Your staff’s behaviour was also non-cooperative and rude.

    I also made request to settle my claim in cash (45% of total cost paid Rs. 7200/-) if battery was not available so that I could purchase new battery of other brand from market to ease my miseries i am facing without car, but none responded to my request.

    Apart from inconveniance without car I am bearing additional expenditure for hired conveyance modes in addition to agoney and anguish due to gross negligence and unbusinesslike attitude of Exice Co.

    By this mail I am requesting you to settle my claim by replacement of battery or cash award in lieu of my claim; and also for suitable compensation for my inconveniance, harashment, agoney and anguish.

    My this mail may please be forwarded to the Chairman/Managing Director of the Exide Battery Co.

    This mail may please be taken as notice from me.

    B.L. Garg
    L-823, Shastrinagar, Meerut, U.P.
    Phone: +91 9897548871

  7. Vikas Kumar Reply

    I purchased Exide Battery Bikerz Serial no . : 12EB9-B
    ….but my bike battery does not charge properly. I took it three or four times to the service station, but no solution.

  8. I purchased an exide inva tubular IT500 battery for inverter in 2012,but it is not giving backup more than five minutes with electrical load of 3 CFL of 18 watts and one ceiling fan,so please make a visit to solve my problem .Battery is guaranteed for 4 years.

  9. Dear Mr. E. Vijay Kumar,
    I am a customer of Exide Battery since last 15 years.
    I have bought a new battery Model IR350+ in the year 2012 at one of the dealer in Habsiguda, Nacharam, Hyderabad which is in warranty till March of 2015.
    I have given complaint on 28th Dec 2014 and complaint number is 15882.
    One of your staff member Mr. Naga Raju has taken my battery on 30th of Dec 2014 for testing purpose along with original warranty card and said that he will make sure that it will get repaired or replaced within one week.
    But it is now almost one month.
    The provided Naga Raju’s mobile number was switched off since the day he given us.

    I have called your staff Mr. Arup and Mahesh hundreds of times and they are talking very rude with customer (me) and saying cock and bull stories every time to pass the time till March 2015. This is observed that they are intensionally passing the time to get rid of warranty period.

    If you are not able to take an action in next 24 hours, then i am going to apply in Consumers forum along with all recorded call details of your staff.
    You can also check with your staff that how many hundreds of times I have called your office LL number & Arup cell number & Mahesh cell number.
    Shortly I am going to apply for RTI for all the info from your staff.

    @All Heads of EXIDE Industries
    Please provide a training to the staff that how to talk with customers not how to cheat with customers.
    Thanks in advance.

    Address of Exide service center I contacted as follows.

    Plot No. 98, 106, 107, 1st floor, Tadbund Crossing Road, Secunderabad – 500049
    Phone: 040 – 65163958
    Mobile: (+91) 8297225271

    Thanks & Regards

  10. Manish Modi Reply

    I had got my car battery changed on 17th May 2013 with a gaurantee of 1.5 years from a Maruti car dealer in Patiala Punjab location. Now I am transfered to Jammu location but 5 days back my car suddenly stopped. I contacted your local Exide office in Jammu for checkup they checked the battery and found that it is not getting charged and there is problem in battery. Now when I asked them the procedure for claim they told to submit the garantee card. The concern here is While shiftng from Patiala to Jammu I had lost few of my docs which was also having my bills and garantee card. Now I had arranged duplicate bill from dealer but donot have card. Hence need your suggestion of how to claim the battery as still it is under gaurantee as local team of Exide office is not supproting fr the same.

    Pls call me at 8717028766 for any clarification regarding the matter

  11. Sir,

    I purchased an Exide Battery on 3 may 2011 with 4 years warranty. Now-a-days battery is not working more than one hour. So I submitted the battery into the service centre on 3 May 2014. But till now they haven’t repaired the battery and told us to come after 25 to 30 days. Kindly help.
    Battery 6EL120
    Serial No – 32474
    Exide Show room detail:
    Indian Battery House
    Showroom: 90 Feet Road, Hanuman nagar,
    Bypass, Kankarbagh, Patna – 800020


    I have purchased one IT-500 invertor battery on 08.02.2010 with 48 months warranty from M/S AD Power Systems, Kanpur. The battery is down since Feb-2012 and it is moving dealer to your workshop under challan no 407, 942,1132 for want of good conditioning. I am very sad to note that now 18 months have passed and the battery is still in your workshop under challan no 66139 dated 20.07.2013.
    I think this type of happening is damaging the image of EXIDE CO. You are advised to please replace the battery immedately. Since it is with you since 18 months with your workshop therefore you are requested to advance the warranty months from the date of new replacement.


    I purchased an exide inva tubular 500 battery for inverter,but it only giving backup of one-half of the hour with electrical load of 3 tube lights of 15 watt each,so please make a visit to solve my problem .Battery is guaranteed for 4 years ,however only one and a half year had gone.

  14. This is in reference to my car battery that i had purchased in June 2011 from an Exide battery dealer in Ghatkopar (JB Enterprises).

    Battery Serial No. 2C1154560 (Am not sure but think battery was manufactured in April.)

    I had been facing intermittent issue with this battery in/from April -2013 and reported the same to dealer (2 to 3 times battery was drained and had to push start my car). Dealer upon checking battery confirmed that battery is bad and will need replacement. He provided me service battery and said that battery will be sent for replacement and will take 10 – 15 days.

    I got call from dealer around June end stating Exide has tested and found battery to be Ok and returned battery. I collected battery from dealer and within 10 days it started giving same problem. I reported this to Dealer and he again tested my car and battery and confirmed that battery needs to be replaced.

    This time I got update from Exide that battery clam is approved and replacement will be provided under pro rata warranty.
    On checking with Exide Mumbai workshop I got to know that battery is being replaced and I will have to pay 50% battery cost as failure is beyond free replacement warranty period.

    I don’t understand – I had already booked complaint and reported dealer about issue and both the times he confirmed battery to be faulty so how come only second time Exide confirms battery to be faulty and needs replacement. During this entire episode battery was not even used for 10 days. And now, I am being notified that battery was not faulty 2 months back but this time it is bad.

    It appears, as if the complaint has been approved knowing this is beyond 2 year free replacement period. Not able to figure out if dealer has misguided me or Exide but in both the case it’s costing/impacting me.

    I request Exide to look in to this matter and do the needful.

  15. Sir
    I purchased unicorn dazzler bike without a kick start which means my bike is totally dependent on its electric start and to ensure a smooth ride the battery has to be in perfect condition.

    I have been facing problems with the battery and I was given a battery replacement recommendation about 5 months back by the officials of my bike service station (bhasin Honda Moti nagar).

    On my first visit to exide service centre(wazirpur Indus area, in hafed building) I was told by the service guy that they do not have the stock for the replacement on 1st to 7th of every month and I should come back some other day.

    On my next visit I was told by the person in the office that the timings are till 5pm and am late so again I should come on some other day.
    On my third visit to the service station at around 5pm the office was closed and I was told by the guard that everybody left at 4pm today so I should come some other day.

    On my fourth visit i.e on 30 may 2013 at around 4:40 pm I asked the person sitting in the office for replacement of my battery, then he replied saying that service man is not here you should have come before 4:30pm. Then I asked him for a visiting card so that I could call them before coming and my time is not wasted the next time I come to the service centre to which he replied KIS KHUSHI ME CARD DU CARD TOH KHUSHI ME BAANTE JAATE HAI JAISE KISI KI SHAADI PE. After saying those words he left his seat and went out of the room.

    Then I tried getting some information from the second person who was sitting next to him but he did not replied as he was busy talking on personal phone.
    I was left with no other option so I started taking video of the whole scenario I was into and immediately that person started shouting and abusing me, he got up from his chair with an intention to hit me and pushed me out of the office and slammed the shutter down.

    Sir I expect a suitable action against such employees who do not care for the customers and because of whom the image of the co. will always suffer.
    As People working at wazirpur service centre do not have any specific timings of job and work according to their free will am still not able to get my battery replaced and now I have reached the time limit for my battery warranty.

    Now I also need a solution to my battery problem as in from where I can get the replacement and due extension for its warranty period.
    Favourable action and response eagerly awaited.
    Adv.Neeraj Chawla

  16. I purchased 17 batteries( Battery Type-EP 65-12) from your vendor-M/S Jagdamba Electricals and Electronics in July 2011.Two batteries (Battery No-4RC E1504715 and 4RC E1100248) are now out of order as checked by your service agent.

    As per our records batteries are under warranty cover for a period of 2 yrs.I also checked in with Customer Care,where i was told that batteries are very much under warranty cover.
    The warranty cards got misplaced at our end.In absence of warranty card, the dealer is reluctant to replace the batteries.
    However we have sufficient evidence and documentation to effect and ascertain the date of manufacture,purchase and installation.
    Kindly take up the matter at the earliest and suggest an alternative so that banks’ operations are not disrupted.

  17. I bought a exide inverter plus 88 battery from a registered exide authorised dealer in madurai. I asked a 100ah battery at that time that battery not exists so he asked me to buy a 88ah battery. The registered dealer has also recommended this battery that it is suitable to be fitted in a 600va inverter. So I purchased that battery and i fitted in my inverter. Within 2 months the battery failed to run and it gives backup nearly 1 hr for one fan. So I get back that battery to that dealer. He tested the battery with the technicians and finally he said the battery is unable to get claim in warranty and also he said that in claim terms the battery is not to be fitted in 600va is to be fitted only in a 500va inverter.

  18. I had purchased exide battery model i n 1500 plus 6 months back from exide dealer (add; panchsheel automobiles near delhi roadways stand,meerut city) but unfortunately now the battery was giving only 2.5 hr back up on only 160 watt load which is very less as compared to other normal battery.So i had given to my dealer with a same above complaint which was sent to the company with reference claim mrt337336 & s r no. 3e219042.Now i got sms from company that it found the same ok. So tell me now what to do? Shocked.

  19. SWARUP PADHI Reply

    A pathetic customer service rendered by your dealer… Mehta Batterries, Shantiban, Borivali(East).
    I had approached your dealer from where I had purchased a battery for my scooter. Recently the battery started giving problem for which I went to your dealer at 8.15 p.m. to get check the battery and if necessary replace with a new one.
    However, the service rendered by your dealer was highly pathetic and arrogant beyond any scope of imagination. Besides refusing to attend the owner and the employees used all kinds of faul words and abuses. I am constrained to inform you that with such an experience with Exide dealership, I have decided not to approach any of your dealer and instead switch my loyalty to any other brand for all my needs viz., Cars & Scooter. Needless to mention the owner / dealer even challenged me of complaining about the incident to Exide Company… hence the complaint. Trust it will attract the attention of appropriate authority in the company.
    Swarup Padhi / 9833866681 / Mumbai

  20. Vali Nijhawan Reply

    I had lodged a complaint for 2 batteries under valid warranty on March 3,2013-Complaint Nos.NHH000022760 & 22761 as they were found by Exide engineer as requiring replacement.
    However, a month has elapsed & Exide & their dealer Jai Bharat in Gurgaon have done nothing to replace them.
    This shows the shoddy manner in which customers are harrassed & no one is willing to take responsibility for resolving the problem as they keep passing the buck to each other.
    I have spoken to various people & they promise to call back but to no avail.
    Will never buy from Exide again.

  21. AALOK KUMAR Reply

    I purchased Yamaha SZR in 20 March’12 but your Exide battery(6K13793173, Exide 12MX5L-B) expired in just 11 months. I went for replacement at Luthra Exide Center, (Authorised Dealer) Sales & Service, Dwarka, Nashik,. Dealer sent to my battery to the exide company for replacement. After one week I got reply that battery could not be replaced due to battery exceed the warranty period from the manufacturing date. And they sent back my battery without replacement. However battery warranty period last on 20 March 2013. How this is possible that warranty period end before 1 year? If it is not get replaced I can go to consumer forum to complain it.

  22. I purchased exide INVERTER PLUS battery at Avudayanoor, from M/s Exide Battery center, 138, Thiruvenkadam Road, Sankarankovil on 16-11-2011. The battery serial no. 4J1 408780. It is giving only about 30min hrs back-up. Why? Whether the battery was charged to the full before giving to us or there is any defect in the battery ? How old is the battery manufactured ? These are some of the questions worrying me.I have complained already.You sent a message on 3.3.13 to revert within 3 days but still there is no response.My warranty claim Ref TNV 198908 SrNo 4J1408780. I am a regular user of Exide INVERTER PLUS battery. Will you kindly help?

  23. sanam chopra Reply

    Respected sir,

    I had purchased a maruti Ritz in December 2012, with Exide battery number 245836 in it.
    The battery was discharged and I had called the Exide team -Siliguri for the needful to be done. The battery was taken on 26th February 2012 and till date it is not fixed. The delay in charging has made me business loss. The promise was made from the Exide to deliver the battery next day but nothing has happened.

    Kindly look in the matter so that I can get my battery in working condition as the same was in warranty period.

    Thanks and regards,

    Sanam Chopra

  24. d m saxena Reply

    The exide battery of my scooter became defective under guarantee period, the battery was sent to the dealer for claim, the dealer is Venus Batteries, jhansi..the exide has replaced the claimed battery to the dealer but in dry condition.. the acid was to be added by the dealer and accordingly the first charging was also due, now the dealer is asking Rs 100 for the acid and the charging of the battery, is it fair?

  25. Exide battery is a d-grade battery. Its service is too late and its workers dont know that how to talk with customers specially kotdwara dealer shri jee battery.

  26. I am constrained to approach you again as under;

    I purchased two Excide Batteries from your dealer M.s Ashoka Battery, G.T. Road, Panipat vide their cash memo No. 17613 dated 07.05.2010 with a warranty of 4 years.

    My batteries went out of order during warranty period. I deposited the batteries with your dealer M/s Ashoka Battry about one and a half month back.

    They sent the batteries to Excide company .vide job order No. 331-5 and 331-3 and I was issued complaint No.NHHO00022202 dated 7.2.13. by Excide company.

    Having not received the proper reply from the dealer I lodged complaint No. 439806 with National Consumer Helpline.
    I was informed that batteries have become dead and new batteries have been sent to the dealer and I should collect from them.

    The dealer informed me that they have not received the batteries.

    On my contacting Excide Customer Care I was informed that they have sent the batteries to the dealer and have also closed my complaint.

    I am sorry to note that when I have not been given new batteries how my complaint has been closed.

    I would again request you to please get the batteries delivered to me, otherwise I shall be formed to lodge complaint before the Consumer Redressall Forum entirely at the risk and consequences of all concerned.

  27. Samkutty Chacko Reply

    I purchased Passion Pro bike in November’11 but your Exide battery expired in just 11 months. I went for replacement at Exide Power Center, (Authorised Dealer) Sales & Service, Payyanangadi, Tirur but the person said it will take 30-45 days for replacement, very strange !!!! Your company has to offer some alternatives for replacement. How can I run the byke without light, indicators, meter, and horn etc. Awaiting your reply.


  29. Purchased one Exide Battery (C/H 7×2,sl no-UPD/L223599) 500va ups from your dealer SARAF MOTOR COMPANY,AT Road,Guwahati-1. Initially it was ok but after few months (within 1yr of warranty period) it stopped giving proper backup. The battery was returned to dealer on 25/12/2012 but till today(4/1/2013) received no communication.

  30. My company bought one of your battery EP-42-12 model ,but now am completely dissatisfied with the service of your company. I was assured a warranty of 2 years, even after three complaints your company does not respond properly. Last complaint was NRUP-00002407 dt.21/12/12.

  31. rafat faisal Reply

    I purchased Exide battery 4 months back for my Honda city thinking that it is the best battery brand but i was really wrong about it. Just after using it for a month my battery started to give me problems. If i dont use my car for a day or two the car wont start at any cost. I contacted the dealer from where i purchased it but they say its not possible, as if i am lying to them. Anyways after convincing a lot they said they have to recharge the battery which surprisingly i have to pay (it has 1yr warranty) but after few days the same problem again arises now. When i go to the dealer & ask them to replace the battery they just try to ignore about it & only tell me to recharge. I have to again bear the cost. I simply want to replace the battery. If it is under one year warranty, am I not right in claiming for a replacement?

  32. I want to inform you that my exide battery for bajaj XCD135 (Battery Serial no-PATN 051604 G 11) is under warranty period but i went to the dealer, he does not give me the service am liable to. The basic problem is it is discharging quickly even if it is charged to full.

  33. I purchased Honda Dream Yuga bike three months ago. Within one month, power start function was not operational due to poor quality of Exide battery. I contacted Customer Care, but no response from them. What a poor service they offer!
    I am planning to go to consumer forum now.

  34. ashok kumar Reply

    Have been requesting for replacement of Battery Cell 500+ – Batch No. 3WB Sl No. 031657

    At my residence this time I had purchased three Exide batteries from your authorized representative PRIME LAM on 21/06/2011 VIDE BATTERY BATCH NO. 3WB AND SERIAL NO. 031657. We did complaint even after six months of span to the dealer for one battery but always it was told to get it replaced or I shall do the needful but there was no help in solving problem.

    OUR BATTERY IS TOTALLY DEFECTIVE AND EVEN SERVICE ENGINEERS whoever visited from Exide battery also agreed on the same. The battery is in poor condition and FIVE LITER OF WATER IS CONSUMED WITHIN SPAN OF 30 DAYS AND AGAIN IT BECOMES DRY.

    The battery back is low and even after A SPAN OF ONE MONTH INVERTER SHOWS CHARGING EVEN THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY PROBLEM. The battery always remains on charge only. We had checked up Inverter also so many times from Exide Dealers and it is perfectly in good condition and there is no problem with it and checked up with other batteries also.

    We did complain earlier directly to the company and representative came and LIFTED THE BATTERY and charged 250/- AS SERVICE CHARGE BATTERY. We received it back after a gap of 15 days and the problem is same.

    AGAIN WE HAVE COMPLAINED on 15/10/2012 and slip is being made ON 17/10/2012 with the remarks that Battery cell goes dry and LOW BACKUP. Daily Job Sheet prepared on 17/10/2012. WHY A CUSTOMER SHOULD SUFFER AND COMPLAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN. Yours is a Prestigious and renowned company and why this problem should arise. I have 50 years faith in the Exide batteries and this is the first time the problem is coming with your model Cell500+ battery.

  35. I purchased a toyota innova last year on 17 oct 2011. The problem initially arose with the battery and the vehicle only has run till 15000km. It just completed 13 months. We are now facing lot of problems. After a break when I started the vehicle it wont start, so had to push the car to get it started for 3 to 4 days. I feel cheated. Why dont you check the batteries before putting them in the vehicles?

  36. I purchased a bike Model No- Discover-ST125. After one week when I tried to start my bike, it will not start. I visited the Bajaj Service center. Engineer told me that my battery was very weak. There is a problem with battery. He referred me to Exide battery service center Okhla Phase-I B-24 office. They told me that they cannot replace my battery. I visited two times, but there is
    no resolution. I have taken leave from my office for replacing my bike battery but Exide company does not have procedures to replace the battery without running their system.

  37. I purchased a UPS battery and used for 8 months. It is working very good but from last month it is getting dry. I had complained more than 5 times to customer care, no one turned up.

  38. sathirajug Reply

    recently bought one of your battery but now am completely dissatisfied with the service of your company. I was assured a warranty of 4.5 year, however now my batter is lying with your company for replacement. It has been 3 months, but no response at all!!

  39. I purchased Passion Pro bike in April’12 but your Exide battery expired in just 6 months. I went for replacement at National Auto at Paldi, Ahmedabad but the person said it will take 10 days for replacement, very strange !!!! Your company has to offer some alternatives for replacement. How can users like me drive without light, indicators, meter, horn etc.

  40. RANAJIT SAHA Reply

    I purchased IT500 Exide battery at Haldia, Purba Medinipur from Skylab Electronics, Durgachak, Haldia, Purba Medinipur,Pin-721602 on 2nd April 2010. The battery serial no is 1TD 02843. It is giving only about 45 minutes back-up. Why? Whether the battery was charged to the full, it still happens? How old is the battery manufactured? I am a regular user of Exide battery & owner of LG authorized service centre. I am fed up with your poor customer service. I do not see any improvement from service centre.

  41. Pradeep Sharma Reply

    Our establishment is having a 125 KVA KCL (Kirloskar Cumins Ltd) DG set in which qty-02 batteries of following specifications were fitted:

    Battery 1:-

    (a) Make: Exide Xpress
    (b) Voltage: 12 V
    (c) Capacity: 180 AH
    (d) Terminal No. : 3C8-80402
    (e) Date of manufacture: Mar 2008
    (f) Useful life completed after fitment: 3 yrs 6 mnths

    Battery 2:-

    (d) Terminal No: 3D1-8297
    (e) Date of manufacture: Dec 2010
    (f) Useful life completed after fitment: 6 mnths

    On 09 Sep 2012 at 1345 hrs, as soon as the push button was pressed both the batteries exploded into pieces. It is to be noted that electrolyte level in batteries was found normal prior to starting of DG set. After that it was found that the starting motor is working normal and with another set of batteries, DG operations was also been checked and found normal. The cause of such unusual and dangerous incidence is still unknown. In the view of above it is advised to research on the exact cause of the incidence and avoid such occurrences in future.

  42. When we want service, people at the Exide Van say they have work load or the area and that I am not in coverage area. I am fed up with your poor customer service. I have four bike and a tata sumo which run on exide battery. I will soon replace the battery with other company.

  43. Bharat Sharma Reply

    I have a electric scooty and I purchased exide batteries for it last year. The batteries did work just after 10 months whereas local/Chinese batteries which came with scooty ran for 2 years. In March 2012 I again bought new batteries for my scooty and all of them got destroyed within 4 months. I returned to dealer and he is saying no batteries are in company’s stock. I am getting the same answer from last 2 weeks.

    Is it true that company don’t have the batteries in stock to give the replacement to customer ?

  44. Dr P C Chandra Reply

    Dear Sir, I purchased ST500 exide battery at Varanasi from M/s Battery Station, D 59/92 A Shivam Tower, Sigra-Mahmoorganj Road, Varanasi on 04-08-2012. The battery serial no. Batch No.2 Serial No. 3TD 305588. It is giving only about 2 hrs back-up. Why? Whether the battery was charged to the full before giving to us or there is any defect in the battery ? How old is the battery manufactured ? These are some of the questions bogling me. I am a regular user of Exide ST battery. The new ST Battery purchased on 4th August 2012 is to replace the old ST battery purchased about 5 yrs back which was presently giving only 2 hrs back up. I do not see any improvement by replacing the battery. Will you kindly help us ? Thanking you, With best regards

  45. Mukesh Kumar Reply

    I purchased an EXIDE invertor Battery IT-400 having S. No. 3QD-305309 on 16/07/2012 from M/s Sondhi Associates, 302, sector-1, Transport Nagar, Agra vide their Invoice No. 1598. Regret to say that the seller is not giving me warranty card and customer manual. saying there is no need for that etc. he also not provided the carton/box of Battery- Why? i am afraid that if i persist or fight with him , may be in future he will not provide me good service. Pls advise me what should i do?

    • We purchased 2 Exide 40AH Tubular Battery 12 V (6EL 40) from the your dealer LINKNET Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Cochin, Kerala on 27th oct. 2010. The Battery is warranted for 48 months.
      It was giving us a very good backup. but for the last few months the battery is giving us only 5 to 10 mints only. The UPS Techi told us that the battery has to replace. So we contact the EXIDE Costumer Care.
      They given us a complaint no (SKUP 00011006) After (with out any reaction) two weeks time I go a message says the Complaint SKUP 00011006 is closed. I went to customer Care again and registered fresh complaint and they gave us a new complaint no which is SKUP00011402.
      Today morning got a sms says my complaint no is closed. how is it possible to close a complaint no with out solve it. well any way, I think the official who reed this message will take needful step as early as possible to solve the problem before the warranty period get over and I forced to take further actions.

  46. Ramesh bahety Reply

    I bought a Micra Diesel car in August 2011.It has completed just 10 months of service to me.Just after the second free service the car battery stopped charging and on making a complaint with your customer care centre on 29/6/2012 neither loan battery could be fitted nor attention was paid inspite of my personally calling the service centre in Kolkata three times.Once the mechanic came and brought a battery which could not be fitted due to some problem. I am surprised what type of service is provided to your customer where your mechanic does not know what make/model of battery is installed in the car.Customer care centres seems are only for the name sake and they should be renamed as Customer Trouble Centres.It is surprising how ther battery could give up in just 10 months of service-it leavs a serious thought on quality control levels in your company.Seems Exide is still working in the monopilistic markets where they dont care. I have spent more on a hired car then the cost of the battery in past four days.

  47. I bought a battery for bullet from Star Auto parts, Ludhiana vide memo No4291 dt21-10-2010. Within nine months battery collapsed and i contacted the dealer who sent the battry to your exide service station. But they returned the same with the remarks that battry is O.K. and the dealer returned back the same to me after charging. Initially it worked, but now the battery again stopped working.

  48. anurag upadhyay Reply

    I recently bought one of your battery but now am completely dissatisfied with the service of your company. I was assured a warranty of 4.5 year, however now my batter is lying with your company for replacement. It has been 3 months, but no response at all!!

  49. laxmansingh rawat Reply

    I purchased hero honda bike cd deluxe self start from Nanda Automobile sector -30 Gandhinagar, Gujarat
    but my bike battery does not charge properly. I took it three or four times to the service station, but no solution.

  50. we are the manufacturer of Hosiery hand gloves which are used by your manufacturig plant.. kindly try give us the link to introduce ourselves at each plant of Exide Industries

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