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Contact Duolingo: Find below customer service details of Duolingo, US. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
5900 Penn Avenue,
Pittsburgh PA 15206,
United States

Customer Support
Email: [email protected] (for English Test)
Email: [email protected] (Android queries)

About Duolingo
Duolingo is a popular platform for learning languages. It was launched in the year 2011 and currently boasts of more than 120 million users. Led by Luis von Ahn, the company has its headquarters at Pittsburgh, US. Duolingo is available free of charge for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. The language learning platform is also now available for the classroom.

Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges. The app motivates users by tracking how many days they spend learning a language. Each week apparently more than 6 billion challenges are completed on Duolingo.

For starters, there are more than 68 different language courses to choose from. As for the languages, you have Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Greek, Ukrainian, Welsh, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Indonesia, Hindi and Chinese. For more information or queries on installation, lost password, troubleshooting, or others, reach the Duolingo customer service.


  1. I’ve used Duolingo for two years, lived it so paid for the plus version. today I lost the app from my phone so downloaded it again but lost my leaderboard, challenges, awards etc.
    Can I get it back as it’s competitiveness helped me.

    • Tracy Spencer Reply

      My situation is somewhat similar to Noreen Byrne. I have emailed multiple times, and still no answer. Finally, today I sent a snail mail letter to the company. Do anyone get answers and/or resolutions?!!!

  2. It takes me far fewer lessons to earn a crown than it used to. For example, I now only need to complete 4 lessons to receive my final crown. The 5th time around, which used to take 20 lessons, now only takes 4 lessons to complete. I miss the lessons!
    Otherwise, I’m very happy with Duolingo!!!

    • I have tried using DuoLingo three different times over the years. I am mystified by the approach. The company claims that within weeks it brings people to a level of competency equal to a couple of semesters in a college course. But in any college language course I have ever taken, within one semester a person is able to carry on a simple conversation. With Duolingo I am basically learning single words, and all the verb constructions are first person singular. I can say something useless like “I am a woman”, but nothing possibly useful like, “How are you?’ How long do you have to use the program before you actually start conversing?

  3. I’ve enjoyed Duolingo for several months and have learned a lot, however recently when I have to choose a multiple choice, the boxes where the choices are displayed, are no longer visible. Just 6 blank boxes which means you have to guess blindly which results in you getting the wrong answer, unless your lucky. It’s so frustrating because I know the right answers when conjugating a verb.
    Please fix it because I truly enjoy and learn a lot with Duolingo. Merci!

    • I am on a 640 day streak, I play duolingo on my iPad but I’m unable to access it because I keep getting a message when I try to open and it’s saying your duolingo is out of date update to unlock the latest features, when I press for update it takes me to the App Store, I press the update button and it just takes me back to the message, Please can you help me I don’t want to lose my 640 day streak, but think I’m going to have to delete duolingo and start again.

      • I have duo installed on two tablets, an android Samsung and an iPad. I want to uninstall duo from the ipad and reinstall a clean version for my wife to use. However fully deleting the app and data via the ipad settings and then reinstalling is also restoring the deleted app data. I have removed my email details from the iPad but the same thing happens. Can you please help me.
        Many thanks

  4. Lisa M Barraco Reply

    I discovered that I have 2 accounts currently. Is there a way to merge the accounts. I am using the Italian version and enjoying it very much. I have the mobile version on my phone and at home on my ipad. Please help. Thank you.

  5. Leslie Davies Reply

    I had progressed a long way (21000 + points) through a french course. Tried to continue today only to find I had lost the course and was fed a lot of unwanted stuff that required that I restart from the begining. Aw! C’mon.???

    • I recently deleted the wrong language and have lost over a years worth of work! Is there any way to get my progress back? The interesting thing is that the stories are still showing as fully completed, it’s just the lessons that I am having to start again.

  6. Please do not send me warnings with exclamation points that I am about to lose my streak if I haven’t finished my lesson by 10 pm. “You are about to lose your streak!!” I find this kind of messaging to be an abuse of the communication access I have given you. You have no idea what can happen in a person’s daily life. While I don’t mind being reminded to complete my lesson, receiving this kind of exclamatory message is offensive. The idea of sending it every evening if I haven’t finished by 10 pm is appalling. People come home from car accidents, a work crisis, a family sorrow to find some application is sending them alarming messages about their ‘streak’. Please do not send me this message again.

  7. I am rather shocked that you do not include Arabic as a language! Though I was pleased to see Irish as well as Spanish and German. But why no Arabic? Someone else was shocked that you didn’t offer Tagalog.

  8. I recently updated my tablet , hence Duolingo as well. I do not like the new, “losing health”and feeling pressured to purchase unlimited or feel stupid for your mistakes. I prefer to keep trying until I learn something without pressure.

  9. Dora Smith Reply

    Duolingo enforces translations that are too specific, and it is too clear their teachers and graders can’t speak English and they can’t always speak the language they are teaching either.

    Their French course is full of problems. For example.

    “Ma tante n’a plus de lait”. I translated it, “My aunt does not have more milk”. It was marked wrong. I had to say “My aunt is out of milk”. These are two valid English ways to say exactly the same thing. There is a lengthy forum discussion about different possible permutations on translating that sentence, most participants in which clearly don’t understand English worse than they don’t understand French. A few people said stuff like, “Why can’t you say my aunt is out of milk”.

    “Il ne peut plus marcher. I put “He can not walk more”. Duolingo marked it off, and said the correct answer is, “He can not walk ANYMORE”. Anymore is not even an English word. “He can not walk more” and “He can not walk any more” are the same statement.

    There was a lengthy forum discussion among people who clearly don’t know ENGLISH about various conceivable permutations of that sentence. Obviously Duolingo’s enforced wrong answer has been debated for a long time.

    Another, and proving this is no fluke: “Le garcon ne peut plus lire”. I put, “The boy can not read more”. Duolingo marked that off and said the correct answer is “The boy cannot read ANYMORE”. Again, a long debate on the forum among people who clearly aren’t native speakers of English and don’t know how to speak it.

    Then I decided to try Duolingo’s version of the correct answer, but in correct English. “Je ne sais plus”. I put, “I do not know any more”. Duolingo said, “You have an extra space. I do not know ANYMORE”. Again, a long debate about it on the forum.

    This is just one set of examples of the same thing; Every subject area at Duolingo it’s something like this.

    And here is how they pronounce “nous avons” at Duolingo. “ju avon”. The correct pronunciation is “Nus avon”. The teachers of the course do not know that usually the final consonant is pronounced if the next word starts with a vowel; they state that the final consonant is never pronounced. I researched it; the s would be pronounced in every major dialect of French. AND the “ju” is coming from the fact that Duolingo’s French teachers are native speakers of the Chilean dialect of Spanish. Weak consonants just become j or ch. Their speech is often impossible to understand in the French course!

    The problem occurs far less often with their Spanish course, because they’re native speakers of Spanish and they know what they’re talking about.

  10. Gerda Dehandschutter Reply

    I was duolingo member before and i enjoyed it.
    My problem is that now i can’t use anymore my e-mail adress nor my former password.
    Subsequently it is impossible for me to make any progress.
    How should i resolve this obstacle and could you gave some intructions,
    Thanks a lot

  11. Karen Maxwell Reply

    It would be very helpful if the ‘words’ section was arranged alphabetically rather than by date used. It is impossible to find a word quickly.

  12. Barbara Naeser Reply

    I can no longer get into free Duolingo to practice. This started yesterday. I get to the point of selecting something like food, the wheel starts thinking and then everything disappears. Is there a set number of hours for free or what is going on???

  13. Renee Belson Reply

    I am not happy with the Italian Duolingo. After almost a year, I have not learned many useful phrases. Instead I learn “he hurts himself with a knife” and ” but I am a married woman ” and “you unite the workers” . There are many stupid sentences as well as sentences about hurting animals, boyfriend/girlfriend issues and communist propaganda. My sister is learning Spanish on Duolingo and told me how she is learning so much useful travel phrases. She has learned none of the bizarre things I am in Italian. She can make reservations, order food, and other helpful things in Spanish. I have not learned these things after almost a year in Italian!

  14. I want to change my email address and when I go to settings it is greyed out and it will not allow me to change it. how do I change the email address?

  15. I am using the russian and spanish apps. No problem with the russian app but I cannot move above section one in any of the spanish lessons without having to pay 400 gems. Plus I receive no gems for completing a lesson. How do I resolve these problems?. I would like to move further in Spanish but I cannot.

  16. Rosemary Thorpe Reply

    Please help me. I want to change to an hour of learning. I only know school French but after a test you put me in basics 1 !! It is stuck and iv3 tole you things like I am a girl and you are a boy till I’m tired of you wasting my time. I thought basics would be good but you never move on. I have t been able to play since yesterday and now it’s stuck. How can I change to an hour, be put where I should after my test, and speak French which has been my aim?

  17. Hella Hackett Reply

    I have used The German programme for a couple of years, but now you have changed the programme and I find it very poor. If you have only have little time during the day and you make several mistake it is not available for several hours or you pay for it to to tinue which is out for me.
    Please reinstate the old way to give the slow learners a chance.
    Thank you for your help.

  18. Mary Higgins Reply

    I’m doing my lessons and the (cancel/quit) keeps coming up to drive me crazy. Or I press the chest for reward and all three open at once with Come back tomorrow Very frustrating. Do you ever fix these bugs?

  19. I lost my ability to open Duolingo after a Windows 10 update. I cannot remember my username or password.

    I have complete the form for “forgotten password, We will send you instructions on how to reset your password by email”, and received the message “Please check your email”. Unfortunately, after trying many times, I have still not received the email.
    Please help!

  20. I lost my streak as I was offline, however, I had downloaded lessons and had completed these whilst off-line. These should be synched back when i came back on-line and the streak should not have been stopped. I would like the streak re-set please.

  21. Myrna phelps Reply

    There are quite a few mistakes in the Turkish language site. Because of that I lost points because no health erroneously was left. Cannot get to the other languages then either. My opinion: stupid system!

  22. Hello
    I have been using duo lingo for the last 5-6 months.
    Last week when I was working on the sections time and occupations the whole thing froze. When I went back in 2 days later the app wanted me to start at the beginning. I have passed the first check point but cannot go any further it won’t even let me redo what I have already done as it wants me to sign up for a profile which I cannot do because you already recognise my email and the app will not use it.
    The programme is good and I want to continue from where I left off. I had over 950 gems but this was changed to 500.
    Have you changed the structure of the app? If so it would have been good to be forewarned. Your help would be appreciated

    • The same thing has happened to me. After using Duolingo to learn French for a number of months, Duolingo is now looking to create a profile and won’t accept my email address as it already recognises it.

      I would really appreciate learning how to fix this issue.

  23. William Crawford Reply

    I have been, I believe on your top level of Spanish for 4 months or more but it stays at 65% no matter what. Is this the maximum potential for your software or is this a program bug? Iam using the paid version.

  24. Please can you help me figure out how to change the language on my home page. It used to be English but I accidentally changed it to some Arabic language. There is no drop down menu by my avatar to change it back to English. Have even considered cancelling my account but because the language is indecipherable I can’t even do that.

  25. Good morning- I am using the free version of Duolingo to learn Danish.I started about 9-10 months ago on my computer but switched to my ipad 8-9 months ago as I could practice in the car or out of town.This time , for the first time I was asked to sign in on the ipad and when the app opened it read that I had just completed Basic 1 at 15 pc Danish. I am on a 74 day run and had started Attributes, close to completion. You have stopped my run, (this is not about points but about a daily routine)and the ability to continue learning Danish. I don’t care about points,adverts, what ever. I started something and I want to complete it and have invested 9 months. Please get back to me and let me know what you are going to do about it. When can I continue because I am not going back to Basic 1.

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