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Contact Duolingo: Find below customer service details of Duolingo, US. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for support, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
5900 Penn Avenue,
Pittsburgh PA 15206,
United States

Customer Support
Email: [email protected] (for English Test)
Email: [email protected] (Android queries)

About Duolingo
Duolingo is a popular platform for learning languages. It was launched in the year 2011 and currently boasts of more than 120 million users. Led by Luis von Ahn, the company has its headquarters at Pittsburgh, US. Duolingo is available free of charge for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. The language learning platform is also now available for the classroom.

Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges. The app motivates users by tracking how many days they spend learning a language. Each week apparently more than 6 billion challenges are completed on Duolingo.

For starters, there are more than 68 different language courses to choose from. As for the languages, you have Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Greek, Ukrainian, Welsh, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Indonesia, Hindi and Chinese. For more information or queries on installation, lost password, troubleshooting, or others, reach the Duolingo customer service.

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  1. Lack of communication. There are zero replies to reported glitches…of which there are many. This week 5th August, suddenly the XP points were cut in half for the English Spanish course. No news of this, no warnings. Now ok I’m using this as a learning tool but I like the competition too. What gibbon at duolingo decided to do this in the middle of the week? Totally unfair but given Duolingos lack of support and constant inconsistency and lack of attention, I guess it should be expected.

  2. I loved Duolingo when I started using it but today I cancelled my subscription because I’m finding it takes up too much of my time in a negative way and it’s stressful. I’m not a ‘gamer’ by any means but the league system has made me tense about staying in the diamond league and I find I am doing lessons to get XP rather than enjoying learning. When I started, I didn’t know what the leagues were and I was really enjoying taking my time over classes and writing down notes. Now I just rush through what I can to get points, often easier less challenging levels. So I have cancelled my subscription and will find a different learning app that doesn’t send annoying notifications that you are being ‘demoted’ or hassling you about your streak Just letting you know. It’s a pity because there are lots of good things about Duolingo, just don’t want to be around that stressful gamer mentality. Au revoir!

  3. DEBORAH Dawson Reply

    I love Duolingo, but I’m considering changing to another Spanish app because of being incessantly bombarded with a mesothelioma treatment add. I have no idea why I’ve been targeted by this particular add, which I’ve probably seen at leat a thousand times. I have no reason to believe I have mesothelioma, nor do I know anyone who does. This is really creeping me out! I need it to stop! Help!

  4. I am a huge fan and learner on Duolingo but I am having issues and I really need some help. I have reached legendary level on “present tense 1” in my Spanish. Because I am stuck on level 1, although it is legendary, I am unable to move onto any future lessons. I have reached past level 1 in all lessons, and when I press the newest lesson (which is grayed out) it says “reach level 1 in all skills above to unlock this”. When I continue to practice in the legendary level it still doesn’t move me forward because it is stuck on level 1. I am really motivated to continue learning and Duolingo has helped me so much, I even got Duolingo “super”. Please let me know how I can fix this technological issue so I can continue learning!!! I don’t know where else to find help.

  5. John Reagan Reply

    There is a problem with the Latin program. After a recent update to my Samsung Note 20 the spell check wants to correct the Latin text I type into English.
    So Feminae becomes Seminar. Then you quickly click submit and it is the wrong answer.

  6. Mohamed Saad Reply

    Unfortunately, the team in charge of the Arabic interface of the English/Arabic course are too weak in Arabic. They put rigid, sometimes too poor and ridiculous, templates of Arabic translation/vocabulary. Many comments have been raised, but no improvement. You should consider hiring people who really know Arabic!

  7. Judy James Reply

    It is not helpful when a moderator is a) incorrect and b) rude as well. In the Spanish module hundreds of learners reported that in one lesson the English translation
    of “quick” was incorrect and should have been “quickly.” The moderator fired back that it didn’t matter what you may have been taught, that “quick” was correct. There are *rules* for English grammar for modifiers of nouns vs. modifiers of verbs. The moderator was wrong and represented Duolingo very poorly in this case.

  8. Today I’m not able to bring up any heart practices. The day didn’t start with 5 hearts and there’s no way I can get a practice. When I click the practice, a dancing Duolingo comes up and that’s it. The practice never starts. What can I do?

  9. I find the arbitrary nature of judging spelling errors annoying. I have made errors in Spanish that should have been wrong and other spelling errors that involved an extra letter. This happened twice in legendary challenges where I was down to my last error and at the end of a challenge about to succeed and lost. I don’t understand why this keeps happening.

  10. I have been overwhelmed with emails from Duolingo in the past month. All emails are in Spanish and I don’t even speak it. All emails are directed to someone named Raul and that’s not even my name, but for some reason they keep sending me emails 2 or 3 times a week. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact customer service but I’ve had no luck so far. Is there anyway to contact them by phone?

  11. Hi – I’ve been using DuoLingo now on a 245 day streak for Portuguese (entirely new to me and for travels to Portugal), Spanish (a refresher of my basic knowledge), and German (a deep refresher of my long ago and much deeper knowledge). My wife is doing the same for Portuguese and Spanish (a 50+ day streak). Here’s our #1 comment.

    Why are we learning phrases such as ‘the elephant is pretty’ or ‘the butterfly writes a letter’ when what we really need is a constant drill and expansion into useful everyday phrases, common words, foods, numbers, days of the week, family and community relationships, simple and ordinary interactions? A traveler or visitor to a country (or even going into Spanish speaking stores and places in the USA) needs to be able to talk about basic things … not only to order food, but to change an order, say you want something else, and so on. Colors, numbers, foods. While it is useful from a grammatical perspective to know that “our cows drink milk”, this is not very helpful without a bigger set of the most used 1,000 words of vocabulary.

    Since we also use RosettaStone, we would like to thank you at DuoLingo for the ‘tips’ — explanations in someone’s native language (English for us) — about what we’re learning. Sometimes this is just too hard to ‘intuit’ as RosettaStone makes you do. Having spent 3 years in junior/high school Latin and 3 more in high school/college German — both of which are heavy on grammatical rules — I appreciate getting your ‘tips’, but would also suggest that you consider having some kind of appendix to the complete grammar rule tables.

    • Dave Roberts Reply

      I agree with Joel completely, I’ve been doing the Czech course for over a year now, and on a recent visit to Prague, I could only recognise some words and not able to hold a conversation with anyone. The Duo Lingo course is so rigid I’ve not even got to the numbers yet, so wasn’t able to buy or order anything without help, a good job my partner is Czech. The sentences Duo Lingo use are really pointless and need to be more intuitive. I’ve had to suffer the following pointless phrases that I would not even use in my own native language.
      The dog does not see mice but cats
      We are looking for large pigs and a big cow
      Are you waiting for our bear?
      Matej, why do you eat cats and dogs?
      Are you definitely my husband?
      I really think using Duo Lingo on its own has been a waste of time, and now I’m moving away from it and making use of podcast. The audio is much better, and explanation much easier to understand.

  12. Hi all, I would like to thank all the people working in the Duolingo team for their amazing work and all the help they are giving to people to learn a new language. I think it is amazing. I also had the pleasure to see the main site of the Duolingo in Pittsburgh. My heart filled with joy when I saw it. Also, if possible I would like to give a suggestion to the user based on my experience. I am having really fun learning with Duolingo but I noticed that I was becoming very competitive because I wanted to stay in the Diamond League. But then, I took 1 week break because I think that learning a new language with Duolingo should be a pleasure and not a duty.

  13. I passed checkpoint 7 in French and now when i get stuck in lessons and when i finish a lesson successfully, it doesn’t go to the next lesson and sometimes i have to repeat a lesson five or six times so that it goes to the next. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. It’s really frustrating.

  14. Jane Dawson Reply

    I have completed all subjects in level 3. Now onto level 4 which is exactly the same as levels 1,2,3. Basic and very frustrating . I don’t want to go over everything again to achieve level4. Where is the progression? Having to type in pathetic phrases all over again isn’t what I expected.

  15. I am very disappointed with the Duolingo test. My brother paid the first time to take the test and he had a connection problem, so it was cancelled. The second time, he had his phone in the room, a friend sent him a text, so he turned to turn off his phone, it was just like 2 seconds and the test was cancelled. True, he should have definitely not had his phone at that moment and that is on him, but it was 2 seconds, how can anybody cheat in less than 2 seconds?! Anyhow, he tried to do it again, so he paid a third time to take the test and he had no problem, but when he got his results, oh surprise! They cancelled the test because the previous time they “cancelled his account” due to a violation of their terms and conditions, but surely they took the money. It is not an expensive test, but it honestly was absolutely ridiculous and the test is not even that good. TOEFL and IELTS might be expensive, but you get what you pay for, an actual way to test your academic English skills and no ridiculous drama. I never take a moment to write this kind of thing, but I found this was a total disappointment and a waste of time and money.

  16. I had 709 days in my streak. I went on a cruise, bought the internet package specifically so I could keep up with my Spanish streak and something went wrong and it now says I have a 4 day streak.

    • Kaitlyn Koski Reply

      Same here. I was forced to buy more streak freezes cause I didn’t want to lose my 760+ streak. I’m so pissed. Woke up this morning to see that it didn’t save again for the third time this week

      • Eimer Noone Reply

        I was on a 133 day streak and lost it all, so disappointed, woke up this morning to see that I was back at zero. Is there any way of restoring my streak. My Internet was weak yesterday so obviously it didn’t save

  17. Grant Miller Reply

    I have been doing the Japanese course for over 350 days. In the past two weeks, I have witnessed many errors in many of the modules. When I select a word, it shows another word. I have sent several video links showing this. It is getting very frustrating. I’ve enjoyed this course, but these hover mistakes are getting more and more common. Is there someone who can contact me so that I can show these constant errors?

    • I have submitted multiple big reports. My streaks and data are not saving. I have over a 760+ day streak and the other day I was forced to purchase more streak freezes cause I ran out. I want to get a response back and my money back if I have to keep buying streak freezes. Please address this issue with the data not saving. I work hard studying and don’t want to loose that data

  18. Re. the Latin program. The unit titled “Market” introduces the Imperative case with the following assertion: “Command sentences do not have a subject.” I believe that this assertion is in error. First, long ago, it was routinely taught that the subject of an imperative sentence is an understood “you.” Second, a sentence, by definition, must include a subject and a predicate.

  19. Was interested in the bonus lessons for learning German, clicked on the lesson icon to see any available information on it. Instead of showing information or a “do you want to purchase this item” it immediately took my gems. I’m not at all pleased with this as it only seems logical to have an “approve purchase” screen/pop up, but no, it took a 1000 gems from me when I was saving them in case I had to buy streak freezes. Not happy.

  20. Chaplinatord Reply

    I’m a bilingual speaker of both Chinese and English. When I went to do the English course final test from Chinese, the test is so ridiculous that it’s completely impossible to get through the test without making more than 3 mistakes according to Duolingo. Those mistakes are so minimal, that it shouldn’t be considered mistake at all. For example, it corrects me when I typed “car accident” instead of “car crash”, which both has the same translation in Chinese! Please fix this problem because there aren’t a lot of people who can speak both languages as fluent as me and can’t pass the test because of the systematic problems from the website!

  21. Why do I keep getting the screen for ex boost but doesn’t let me past that screen. Has happened several times. It’s definitely annoying.

  22. I had achieved a 500+streak and had 2 freezes saved. I had a rough weekend and didn’t have time to do my lesson. I wasn’t worried because I had the 2 freezes. Well I went to do my lesson today and found that I am starting all over again and half of my circles have been shattered. I could restore my streak for 5oo gems but I don’t have that many. I spent them all. The streak freezes don’t work and duo is too stingy with the gems compared to the cost of things. I am so discouraged I will probably not touch duo again!

  23. Been a member since Feb 2020. It is very difficult if not impossible to earn over 4000 XP in one week. I’ve been demoted from Diamond and now I will probably demote from Obsidian due to members earning thousands of XP and I simply cannot compete with that. What has changed in Duolingo that members can earn this many XP?

  24. I really enjoy Duolingo, in general. I love that they make it fun, competitive, and that it gives you a small (instant) reward every time that you do your lessons (even if it’s something as silly as a trophy or a daily streak notification) as a good method to incentivize daily use/ practice.

    There’s only two things I’d like to see, as upgrades (to make this platform perfect). One is challenging, the other is not. I realize I’m just one person, and that this is just one simple opinion, but my two request would be:

    1) Don’t make something available for points, if that’s not what you want users to utilize, to rack up quick points in the league(s). Murphy’s Law states that anything that can happen will happen. When your policy states that you’re not allowed to do something repetitive over and over in order to “form four points” (tech support) Then what essentially is happening (even when unintentional) is Incentivizing individuals to cheat to get ahead of their competition.

    It’s frustrating that doing things correctly, not when you first place. Essentially, if you want to win, or even have a prayer to compete, for the diamond league trophy, you will have to try and work all week to farm enough points to out compete other people who will cheat to gain an advantage. My request, is simply that….

    1) Don’t make something available, for points, if you do not want it to be used in a manner that is not allowed, or acceptable, for accumulating XP points.

    I think it’s fair to say, that anyone who has competed in league play, knows that you have to cheat in oder to win the Gold. Unfortunately, moderation is made on an individual basis, through reporting. Therefore it’s whether you get caught or not that matters. Because if it’s not you someone else will do the same thing, until they are caught, or reprimanded.

    This might be more of a challenge, but why not destroy your competition, by adding in a listening feature, alongside your ability to record your self practicing speech? As an example, some words that I say correctly in German, never credit me, whether I’d send them correctly or not. I tested this hypothesis, by trying it in my own native tongue (via from an English learner’s perspective) and it won’t count “butter” as correct (and a have a very common midwestern US English accent. I’m not criticizing your grading methods, as all new things get tweaked and improved as they go. But for some of those small flaws, or if somebody has a more difficult accent, to grade. So..

    2) Why not include a playback feature, so you can a listen to what you said, to see if your voice matches Duo Lingo’s character recordings/ speech prompt.

  25. 1) I can’t find any way to contact Duo for help on the app. Not even a FAQ section.
    2) I don’t mind paying for Duo. However, while the app is advertised with both monthly and yearly rates, if you try to pay, the app will only do the yearly membership.
    3) I can’t afford to pay the year all at once. If monthly is not an option, don’t offer it.
    Please fix these issues.

  26. Duolingo shut down for maintenance abruptly on March 26. I has just uncovered an XP boost and had used 5 minutes of it when the maintenance stopped my learning in its tracks. When the unscheduled maintenance was completed the rest of my XP boost had disappeared. I was relying on maximizing my XP from this boost to save my position in the diamond league but now I fear I won’t be able to earn enough XP and will likely be demoted to Obsidian. Duolingo should provide a 15 minute warning that the site will be down for maintenance so people can hold off uncovering the 2xXP boosts until after maintenance is done.

  27. Duolingo has discontinued the forum program where you could read discussions about sentence structures, word order, and clarification on usage questions, effective March 22, 2022. Of course there is no phone contact number. But, they do offer for a fee of $1 to join, plus $50/mo a new program where you can directly communicate with a representative. Really??? Aren’t questions and answers part of the learning process? I’m really disappointed in this decision and impacts my learning ability, plus a bait and switch method of doing business!!

    • I will probably stop using Duolingo when my subscription runs out. This is the first time in my life that I have been denied freedom of speech or expression. Without being able give them information to correct their mistakes, I hate having to sit and read old comments about incorrect English usage, knowing that learners are being given poor translations and no way to do anything about it. Duolingo was such a fun way to learn, but now it’s childish, both in it’s infantile graphics and its stubbornness to admit its own errors. I have a way to voice my opinion. I will sadly vote with my exit.

  28. Sylvia Davis Reply

    I want to jump ahead and do more work with verbs. The site will not let me jump ahead until I have reached a certain level in all the lessons leading up to what I really want to do. This is frustrating. I have studied quite a few languages and know what I want/need. Right now I am bored silly, but don’t want to quit. I have paid $60.

  29. I am a paid annual subscriber. It doesn’t take long to realise Duolingo is always after your money, time booster, more gems. Recently it got worse with the Time Challenge. The clock starts ticking away but it takes at least 10 seconds for the first question to respond, waiting much of the valuable time. It’s verging on being a scam. I shan’t be renewing my subscription.

    • Yeah I hate that. Tried the challenges and they’re a scam. You need the stupid gems in order to do the challenges to level up. That time challenge is stupid because you can never get back the amount of gems you invested to take the challenge.

  30. Today I couldn’t do my lessons in time because Duolingo was down for some work. I dropped down in the leader board. It wasn’t my fault. How can I get back to my position.

  31. I have the same problem as Patricia above. Duolingo is not calculating my grade and then freeze so that I can’t make any further progress. I have done 2 or 3 lessons each day and should have had around 120 points but none of these have appeared in my score

  32. Robert king Reply

    When I went to begin my Spanish lessons this morning on Unit 4, I discovered that I was at the very beginning even though I had 335 consecutive days to my credit. Now I realize that I have to pay to make contact with Duolingo. And since annual payment is turned over automatically, I have to wonder if I’m trapped. Why should it be so difficult to correct this problem? This reflects badly on Duolingo. I’m greatly disappointed.

  33. I can’t find a way to vote to add Croatian as a new language. What can I do to suggest this? My 11 year old is asking to learn it. Her grandmother is from Croatia and she’s already mastering Spanish and Japanese through the app.

    • Chrissy D'Alto Reply

      I am frustrated because I can’t complete the unit 2 checkpoint in Spanish. There are no images or audio so I cannot answer correctly. I tried to uninstall it. Nothing has worked.

  34. Once again I’ve lost the progress Ive made tonight because duolingo can’t connect to the Playstore.
    I’m out of jewels or hearts or something, so I’m stuck.
    Just like the writer above wrote, your improvements to duolingo are retrograde.

  35. The French course has just undergone a makeover which I consider to be retrograde. Instead of using mostly sentences in the lessons, one is invited to make many pairings of English and French words. This has three downsides:
    the first being that it’s random and bitty and so you don’t get a sense of building on your skill throughout the lesson nor of the so-called “subject” of that lesson;
    the second is that the same, basic words are endlessly repeated instead of building on new vocabulary
    the third – and, to me, most important, is that there is no indication of WHETHER NOUNS ARE MASCULINE OR FEMININE whereas full sentences usually do this in context by adding prepositions and adjectives. For any learner this is one of the most important skills and I endlessly repeat the easy lessons to drum the gender of nouns into my memory. Now you’ve pulled the rug from under me. Please, please correct this flawed approach as quickly as possible!

  36. Duolingo sent me to a website to help me fix a problem. They told me it would cost $1.00 and that would be returned to me. Well, what liars! That company charged me $46 beyond the $1.00.

  37. All week Duolingo has not calculated or at least not shown calculations for my daily points. Today, March 4 it didn’t credit me with any lessons at all despite earning 153 points according to my count. Just a few minutes ago it would not let me open any lessons.

    • I have the same issue as Patricia. Suddenly the lesson page no longer shows how much XP we’ve earned each day. I was going into the Profiles page and could find it there, but no my friends are no longer showing on the Profiles page! How can I know how much XP I’ve earned each day? I typically complete many lessons each day. This is frustrating!

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