Contact of Discovery Plus customer service

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Find below the customer service details of Discovery Plus. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the subscription service.

Head Office
1 Discovery Place,
Silver Spring,
MD 20910, United States

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Web: Support (US)
Web: Support (UK)

 About Discovery Plus

When it comes to uber informative content, nothing and no one tops Discovery, Inc. An American multinational mass media company, Discovery, Inc has left a mark on the world of mass media. Headquartered in New York City, the leading entertainment provider was established in the year 1985. The company operates a group of channels that showcase factual and lifestyle-related content. Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Science Channel, and TLC are all a part of the network.  The streak of success for Discovery Inc continued well into the year 2018 when they acquired Scripps Network Interactive, thus adding multiple channels such as Food Network, HGTV, and travel channel into the portfolio. The network also has interests in many local channels across multiple countries. Recently, the channel introduced its very own streaming platform popularly known as Discovery Plus. Launched in the year 2020, the streaming service is available in the US, UK and some Asian countries. The streaming service has caught the attention of viewers across the globe because it features programming from all the channels that the network owns. Therefore, the content is extremely versatile, and there is something for everyone. As of January 5, 2021, the platform already has more than 5 million users.

Interestingly, the platform was named Dplay in certain countries, however, it was soon changed to Discovery Plus. The platform offers ad-free and pre-paid plans that allow the viewers to not only watch the original discovery programming but also get access to the content produced exclusively for different countries. This ensures that viewers can have a taste of quality programming across the globe. The factual programs offer a very high level of authenticity since the programs are produced by the natives of various nations. Upon logging into the website, the viewers will be able to watch the network channels live. It can be short documentaries or shows which cover various subjects such as adventure, food, science, animals, and lifestyle. Discovery Plus comes with additional options of child lock, which allows parents to control the content their children have access to. 

Discovery Plus has launched a mobile application that allows users to view the content right from their mobile phones. The application can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play. The website offers a premium subscription, which allows the users to stream original content. This subscription can be purchased right on the website itself. Upon logging in, you can simply click on the “premium” option. Visit the Help section if you have queries on activation, payment or cancellation. 

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  1. This is a Joke! The customer service people get back to you, but they use the same pre-scripted text over and over and never actually address your problem. They may have a lot of people now, but they will lose them with this poor customer service.

  2. I have the same problem as Linda. I just created my account, verified everything was correct, and written down, but I’m told I have the wrong email, or password, when I know for a fact I don’t. I even changed the password once to make sure I had it right, but still get the same thing. If this is how they’re gonna treat me, and other customers, right off the bat then unless I can get into my account, AND get a decent reason as to what’s happening I have absolutely no problem unsubscribing faster than it took me to subscribe!

  3. I agree with the contact by phone option. Nothing replaces being able to talk to someone in person to get a problem solved. I had to send an email and let me guess, more than likely no one will get back to me. I am still going to stay on as a customer for a little while and if I don’t get answers I will opt to unsubscribe. I am addicted to 90-day Fiance’ but if I can’t find a way to see new episodes of The Single Life and Happily After I’ll just watch the Sunday night shows and be done with it. Every time I click on Single, there’s that stupid Big Ed in his Elvis Presley costumes and I want to throw up. Really!! tell me you have to keep fast-forwarding to see anything more current. If there isn’t anything new, stop baiting people by advertising that there is.

  4. I am also looking for a phone number. I will not sign up for anything that does not have customer service available through a phone number. Younger people might prefer computer contact. However, many people prefer contact through phone. Emailing to solve any issue takes 2-4 times longer. Who wants to type every question one has? Two way communication by typing everything? Are you crazy?????? Why do you think we have a voice in our body???? Discovery+ looks like something I’d enjoy. However, NOT with no available phone numbers for customer service.

    • Yes, I guess this is the place we leave our frustrations about DISCOVERY PLUS. we’re all familiar with bait & switch cause this is what their called. I was greeted every month with. overcharges on my bill! No EXPLANATION of course. Then they kicked me off , only because i asked my credit card to stop the overcharge. Nice huh.

  5. John Reeder Reply

    I have subscription to Discover plus. I can cast it to two of my home TVs. I have Lg big screen TV. On my Prime App I can get free7 day trial. Is possible to get Discovery+ on my lg TV on prime and not have two charges only one since already member?

  6. I cannot find a phone number or even an email and I am already a customer. I am unable to access my account. The prompt is telling me to join up or sign in. When I attempt to sign in, it keeps telling me it is the wrong password. It is NOT. I need some help with this. I am tempted to cancel and restart this. How on earth can a company survive without a contact for problems?

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