Contact of Carrefour UAE customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Carrefour UAE: Find below customer service details of Carrefour, UAE, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page provides a brief overview of the supermarket chain and its services. Reach the Carrefour UAE customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Carrefour UAE,
P.O Box 22797, Dubai

Customer Service
Phone: 800-73232 (online store)
Email: [email protected]

About Carrefour UAE
carrefour UAE customer serviceCarrefour is one of the largest hypermarket chains in France. It began operations in the Middle East in the year 1995. There are about 55 hypermarkets and over 50 supermarkets across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). There is also a web store from where consumers can shop through credit/debit cards. Carrefour stores has a catalog of more than 100,000 products, from home electronics to food.

Carrefour stores can be located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujairah. In the UAE, Carrefour brand is managed by Majid Al Futtaim Retail. To purchase products online click here. Products found include smartphones, computers, home appliances, cameras, video games, camcorders, washing machines, home care products, furniture, televisions, portable audio accessories, musical instruments, audio/video systems, among others.

Products can be purchased through Visa as well as MasterCard. There is a Clearance section to narrow down on discounted products. You can track your order online. Speak to the customer service for shipping, returns/refunds or others. If you are a regular shopper, register for the Carrefour MyCLUB loyalty card for enjoying points on every purchase. You can redeem your points on new purchases. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, return, refund, online shopping, or others, reach the Carrefour UAE customer service.

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  1. Vani Khanna Reply

    I know that almost all the comments on here are bad reviews and I just want to add on to that. I’ve called carrefour everyday to fix my problem, I got a defective iPhone X from a third party seller, and they are not willing to transfer me to a manager nor provide me an email address. I’m truly sick and tired because I don’t even have a phone as the screen got messed up along with battery issues and my only fault was that I purchased it from carrefour online. My mother’s BP has gone high because their customer service is so terrible, who’s going to compensate for this? It’s going to be 2 weeks and i have not gotten a refund nor a replacement. I know the third party seller is at fault here but it was sold through carrefour’s website so who is to blame at the end of the day? please don’t buy any electronic devices from carrefour.

  2. alizeh haider Reply

    I’m having a nightmare experience with Carrefour customer service.
    In any case, your home delivery system is ridden with issues and I have already raised complaints several times before. To make it worse, your customer service is from the last century. When I asked for Carrefour’s email address so I can make a written complaint about my discount voucher repeatedly not working, I was told by a very off- handish and rude team member of yours’ named ‘Zel ‘ that Carrefour does not have an email address!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my ears! I had to go on carrefour’s website and get the email address!
    There are plenty of shopping options out there. Not wasting my time with Carrefour any longer.

  3. I tried making a purchase today and it showed an error, I tried a second time only to get the same error. Minutes later both payments had gone through. It doesn’t show under my order to be able to cancel. My cart is still displaying the items. I also received an email reminding me that I haven’t checked out my product. No phone number or email works. How are we supposed to rectify this. How can ny money be taken yet no order is displayed? Why is there no contact option that works? This is terrible.

  4. Nadia Lukyanova Reply

    What can be worse than carrefour delivery? Right! Nothing. I paid extra for express delivery, then on the app they put the status of delivery as done whereas I never received anything. After million of calls they said that driver will come. 6 hours later nothing is delivered and no one is answering the call on the customer support line.

    At least don’t lie and put expectation of EXPRESS delivery! If you don’t know how to provide such service – dont enter the market with such proposal to the customers.

  5. No Cutsomer Service Reply

    Order # 1636568205552

    Dear Sirs,

    Please stop fooling your customers and ripping them off.

    I have ordered on August 3rd a Whirlpool Fridge WQ9B1LUK for AED 3,499.00 and received the same day the confirmation. Next day on August 4th I have received the official tax invoice and an expected delivery date of August 9th. My wife call on August 8th to confirm that delivery will be done next day and got a positive reply that latest on 9th the fridge will be delivered and that we will get a phone call before delivery. On August 9th my wife called again and asked about the delivery, just to hear that delivery will not be on 9th, as the delivery will be within 7 days and not as confirmed with the online status mentioned 3 – 4 working days.
    Today on August 10th my wife called again, just to hear that you will not deliver the order, as it seems to be out of stock. Why at the previous calls we heard that you will deliver? Why don’t you inform the customer that the product is not in stock? Why do you book the credit card with the actual value immediately on order date and lie to the customer with the confirmation? Quote:We will double check our stock before processing the payment and if any of the items that you have selected are not available, these will be deducted from the final amount. You will receive an email with an updated invoice before shipping. UNQUOTE

    I will report you to Dubai consumer rights and will tell your story on any public webpage I can find. Even if it will take years, I will do my best to make sure no one ever will buy from you guys again.

    I know that service is not known the philosophy of Carrefour, but that you obviously want to cheat on your customers was new to me. Your service is the most unprofessional I ever had in my entire life and trust me, I had some bad experiences before.


  6. Placed order of electronic cooker AED 5,000/- with extended warranty, received on 27th July, made defective complaint on 28th July, still waiting for refund, called several times to call center, visited MOE customer service, despite matter is unresolved. Very disappointed with the customer service.

  7. Worst customer service ever. I ordered from them 1 month ago a product that they have promised to deliver in 4 days! A month later Nothing! every couple of days i have been calling to follow up getting zero help and support except “we will follow up With the seller” they hold zero responsibility towards their customers – they did not refund my money and they did not deliver the product. You can’t talk to management you cant raise a complaint you cant raise anything. Carrefour is maximum a supermarket but should not be operating as an online seller!

  8. Dear Team Carrefour…

    I bought Samsung LTE mobile Phone. 3rd July from Carrefour Sharjah City Center .

    When sales person explaining me the features of the phone he told me along with the phone you will get the Samsung Power Bank. ( this all he said before I made the Payment) once I made the payment and come back to give the paid invoice suddenly he told me the power bank is not in stock.he said I will write on the invoice we will call you once stock will come then you can collect it. Today is 25th July still I am waiting for the call.

    This is not a matter of AED 100 Power Bank . Dont cheat customers with the wrong commitment.
    No one Accepts this kind of service for organisation Like Carrefour.

  9. There is no after sale service, that’s it. Forget it. You paid, u did not get your items, your BAD, telephones are busy all the time. Managers just shift you around like you are an item, they are used to that. No follow up from higher management, this is known to the employees and that’s why they are acting like that. Typical in all Carrefour Stores.

  10. Horrible service. I ordered through app but the items did not come fully even though it came a week later. Toll free numbers are always busy. Instagram has no response.

  11. Jasvir Singh Reply

    Wrong item delivered on the day of promised delivery date which was returned back, thereafter its been three days no one is responding what happened to my order. No Tracking mechanism for user, all internal operation without any clarity to customer.. Just order and keep running behind. The customer care delivery inquires support executive cannot be reached before 8 minutes on the call. Very disappointing.

  12. Larissa Zoghbi Reply

    I have been calling non stop for 3 days and the agent keeps saying no one is available to help you! I have sent 3 messages and no reply. My delivery still says in progress and not yet delivered! I am so angry with Carrefour and with this stupid application it is so bad don’t download! I need Someone to contact me back immediately!!!!!

  13. I have placed the above order on 26th Nov and have been chasing for the delivery. Today is the 4th working day and the item has not yet been delivered, whereas online it shows in progress and mentions below as delivered.
    I have been calling the customer care, who have limited access and can’t reply to my queries, even there is no reply to the messages I have sent via webpage.
    I jave couple of complain nos. (1378263/1382350) which are of no use as there is no response by the webstore team to the customer care team.
    It is very upsetting that a such a huge reputational store has such poor cooperation.
    Moreover, the email mentioned on the page is not a working one.
    Kindly confirm me the status of the delivery as soon as possible.
    Awaiting your earliest response and cooperation.

    • I ordered online 3 days ago, they committed to deliver before yesterday and gave me the timings. But they never showed up. didn’t even apologies or suggest new timings. Invoiced 2000 aed and no delivery! I went to a carrefour shop physically, talked to the manager face to face, he said that he can not help….And there customer service 800 number does not work because no one answers!!! emails even they dont answer.

  14. I’m really disappointed with the service After sales.

    Calling almost everyday for (2) months now, still I didn’t get the refund (523.20 AED)

    I made a purchased online September 18, 2019, they cancelled the order (due to not available to received goods) they said they will do refund with 7 working days.

    September 18, 2019 until now November 26, 2019, I keep calling just to check the status. They keep saying same excuses “On process” “Pending”


  15. Carrefour has the worst service i have ever experienced in my life! I ordered a macbook air online for my daughters birthday, 8 days before so I would recieve it in time. I recieved a package from a courier with the wrong item and HP laptop. I have since called every day and pleaded with the only and after sales team about this and they ALL promise me the same thing “I have escalated this to the online team and marked the matter URGENT, you will hear from us today” it has now been 4 days since I recieved the wrong item. 9 days since I ordered the macbook air and still carrefour has not not called me once? The worst service ever. I will never purchase anything from carrefour online again. 800 73232 will lie to you and tell you anything you want to hear just to get you off the phone! I have written numerous emails, spoken to numerous people from carrefour and nobody cares to help at all, even this post will not make a difference or get me the help I require. I cant even have my money refunded as that will take soooooo long. I strongly advise anyone reading this to avoid shopping at carrefour online as you will waste your money and more importantly your time!

  16. Carrefour has the worst service i have ever experienced in my life! I ordered a macbook air online for my daughters birthday, 8 days before so I would recieve it in time. I recieved a package from a courier with the wrong item and HP laptop. I have since called every day and pleaded with the only and after sales team about this and they ALL promise me the same thing “I have escalated this to the online team and marked the matter URGENT, you will hear from us today” it has now been 4 days since I recieved the wrong item. 9 days since I ordered the macbook air and still carrefour has not not called me once? The worst service ever. I will never purchase anything from carrefour online again. 800 73232 will lie to you and tell you anything you want to hear just to get you off the phone!

  17. Dear Carrefour,

    Really I have a big disappointment from your delivery of the purchased items online. I have bought an item on 6 September 2019 with Order Number is 14627543566939 and they mentioned below the item “Free dev on same and next day delivery available” and when I bought the item they informed that the delivery will be within two to four working days. and now the fourth working day is over yesterday and till now the item not deliver and they told me it is not confirmed by the supplier till now. I have a question. if the item is not available with the supplier and you can not deliver it, why you are showing the Item online and giving a commitment to the customer that this item will be delivered maximum between 2 to 4 days. tomorrow and day after tomorrow are not working days. and this is not the first time I am facing this type of issue with your delivery of items since I bought a TV before 9 months and I faced the same scenario and issue. please I need real action and I want this item to be delivered as soon as possible since my son is going to the school without a backpack

  18. Good day,

    I hope that you can address this complaint as I am sick and tired of complaining about this on Twitter’s Carrefour handle.

    Each Friday, Saturday between 12 and 1pm there is a long queue, and only one teller. Today, same situation. Ten in the line before me, and seven or so behind me. There is one teller. And the store manager is shining in his/her absence. I have seen people leave their items on the shelf and walk out.

    Do you have a personnel shortage? Is your store manager not equipped sufficiently to realize that there is a problem at the checkout. It’s a pity there is not another store close to you because behavior like this will cause you to lose many customers.

    Please address this issue.

  19. Dear Team,

    My complaint is not regarding any products , but the employees of a certain branch (tecom branch)

    I walked in with my husband, and a group of staff for whatever reason were amused or not , I really don’t know the reason and were having loud conversations about us. Laughing and joking making me making me feel extremely uncomfortable( my husband did not realize it was about us, as it could have caused a problem) . I really did not know who to complain too ( as one of the people participating in the conversation was an employee who looked like the person In charge as well ( wearing white shirt and black pants). The group consisted of at least 2 Arab men and one filipino woman.

    It is appalling to see such behavior, having group conversation like they are sitting behind closed doors at home, it made my experience very unpleasant keeping in mind I am regular customer.

    I do believe action must be taken and re Train these individuals in etiquettes on how to act infront of customers must take place. They are free to talk once we leave but a certain respect must be given while we are shopping.

  20. I have been very shamed to submit the complain against Cooked Food Section in al SAQR Branch Airport road AD , Mr AMINE ZOURABANE.

    Date 19-06-2019
    Time : 1:30pm

    I had visited carrefour to get some cooked food. And I had ordered one of the food . Price was 19.75:kg food which ordered. But that gentleman displayed as 29/kg. And I was confused as different prices between actual price as displayed by the kiosk and price was different on my food. Than I asked with him what is the price of this meal ? He replied 26/kg. There were 3 individual price as he mentioned. I was very confused and I had requested to him to correct original price and give food.but he refused to give me food back.How come a costumer is begging him to give food back but that gentleman was saying to leave without food. Or do I need to accept whatever price he displayed ? And I requested to get supervisor to talk about again he denied to me to give food back and threw that box in to the dustbin . I am wondering what kind of chain of command in your organization who doesn’t listen with supervisor? Even supervisor was wondering the way he was acting without accepting his request to give food back he was very rude , high of ego,impolite , awful body language acted and worst attitude made me compelled to drop some sentences against him.

    I would like to humbly request to the concern department to take high level of investigation against him and I am looking forward to hear back with high punishment a per your organization policy.which will Be the lesson for all the staffs to become loyal with costumer and help to them instead of cheating them,

    And I don’t think this gentleman will play better roll to Grow the organization . You will increase the no of unsatisfied costumers and complains which will be difficult to maintain reputation and good will of such a nice brand if you didn’t punish him.


  21. I visited Dalma mall Carrefour about 2weeks ago I was in hurry to go for a very important meeting I pick-up few items and I decided to use my Najam card on najam cash counter.
    There were few customer on cash area so I ask cash if they are not najam customer then proceed my transaction.
    She said I will call my manager because the other customer will not be agreed.
    I told her if they have najam card they can go before me and I will wait for my trm.
    During that her manager came & i told him about the same.
    He said we don’t entertain Najam customer in busy time.
    If u want to Complain you can make a complain it sounds like he don’t care and also the way he talk was rude.

    My Question why you guys have such a massive najam signage talking about unrealistic messages ?

    Why should I buy from you guys if your staff don’t know how to respect …?

    It was very very bad experience overall. :(

  22. I brought my IBRIT SPEED X 16GB DS 4G GOLD for repair, and I was told to wait for a confirmation email from Carrefour Yas Mall, and not to come to pick up my phone unless without have this email.

    Since then I haven’t received any email from carrefour pertaining to my phone and I am still waiting.

    Please let me know the outcome of my repair and when will I expect to receive the confirmation email in order for me to get my phone.

  23. Ahamed afsar Reply

    Dear All

    I am long term customer for Carrefour. On 11th of Jan I had purchased a Nokia device at Sharjah city Centre. Two days later display was not working.16th Jan I hand over the device to customer service. My Box serial number verses device serial number is different. At first Customer service representative Rejected later I communicated with Nokia sales person inside Sharjah city Centre and he accepted. Customer service representative expressed to her collogues in her language “ why you are accepting it was their fault”. From the beginning she replied in a negative way. Here I have attached all the correspondence for your reference. Now Axiom rejected their service. If serial number is different what I have to do it’s their fault. Awaiting for your positive response.


  24. Dear Team

    I would like to request a call back from a manager regarding complaint number 1029769

    Below is the order which I placed on the 23rd October – using the attached online voucher which I received on the 24th Sept due to some delay in delivery

    Complaint 1:

    My complaint is that I used the AED 100 voucher and paid AED 61.51 with my visa card – I ordered a pack of pampers size 5 and this size that came was size 3 I called the call centre and within the day someone picked up the item and advised that the amount of AED 84.75 would be refunded.

    Complaint 2:

    I received a myclub voucher on the 19th October 2018 – when I tried to use it on the 26th October in Mall of Emirates they advised that the coupon has already been used which I never used this voucher

    I am a very unhappy customer it’s been 50 days now since I raised this complaint and since I have spoken to numerous agents who all said they will check and get back to me and I never received a call back – every time I call they say our team tried to call you on the 23rd October and you never responded – since then I called Carrefour team so many times I cant remember

    My recent call was yesterday morning where I spoke to Anna and shes said someone would call me – I called today and another gentleman said someone would call me

    I will be travelling soon and would like to resolve this before I leave – please can someone get back to me I have been a loyal customer to Carrefour but after this incident I will never order anything from you

  25. I have been double charged for the same item. The first time was 3 days ago and now again yet I am out of Dubai at the moment. I am back in my home country and can prove this. I have tried to contact Carrefour Customer Service since with no success.
    *the phone number listed on the head office website does not work (Phone: +971-4-3307364 (general))
    *the ‘Customer Service’ web page does not work – it requires a 971 prefix phone number within the form.
    *the email address [email protected] is getting returned as a message failure notice.

    Customers outside the region can not submit their complaint – VERY FRUSTRATING & NOT A GOOD SERVICE.

    Can you contact me urgently. if i do not receive a response soon I will open a case of Fraud against your company with VISA.

  26. rosemarie reyes Reply

    Been trying to call you customer service but in vain and no one is answering. It seems that the number is automatically put to answering machine which is continous playing. Is there any working number we can get in touch. Please help.

  27. Dear,

    I would like to bring to your notice the bad customer service experience I had with your sales person named Fatima.

    I was in your MOE branch today, around 9:40-9:45 pm, when I was trying to get her attention by saying ” excuse me”
    3 times but she didn’t even bother to acknowledge me. There’s no customer that she’s attending, she’s just busy cutting those free tasting bread and ignored me.
    So, I asked her where is her colleague, because there is another guy who is in-charge for the same bread that I wanted to buy. unfortunately, he went outside.
    to my surprise she answered me rudely by saying, “so you want to wait for him?”. Of course I don’t want to wait, so I told her that she need to smile and at least knowledge me.
    But again she answered me sarcastically “no need to be plastic”. Is this the right way that your sales person treat your customer?
    I’m always buying in the same branch, but this is the rudest person I have encountered. I also asked for manager, but they told me that there’s no manager at that time.
    I asked for any in-charge, they told me that he is not around. She even refused to gave her name to me, when she heard me asking for manager from her colleague.

    this overall experience is agitating, and I’m writing this mail hoping that you will address it to all your staff.
    they reflect to the image of your company.

    I hope this will not happen to the rest of your customers.

    thank you,

  28. Bought patio set to be delivered on 8th but due to you incompetent delivery agent it was only delivered on the 9th April.

    Attached find following;

    •Photos confirming the damage and non usage of purchase.

    •Packing List.

    We were in process of moving into the new villa, and the delivery team set up the purchase. I requested to leave plastic on the cushions but yet all plastic were left on chairs.

    Informed them to take the boxes with them which was dumped at our front door. The umbrella was not fixed in properly. We had movers in and did not supervise the installation neither inspected it.

    Being busy sorting out our new home, the delivery papers were signed at the door without inspection. The driver of AMI can confirm this because I still gave him some water at the door.

    One day later we notice that the glass are all shattered and umbrella is hanging skew, I phoned AMI and Angelic advised me that she will get back to me ASAP which never happened.

    I contacted Carrefour just to be told by customer service they are sorry but cant replace the item.

    This is outrages and unacceptable!!!! Either the item was defective or installation was not done properly, but either way this needs to be sorted by management not an agent.

    I would appreciate feedback today.

  29. John Jameson Reply

    I purchased a Touchscreen 11.6 Windows Yoga Notebook on December 16th as a Christmas present for my daughter. The device would not power up. I charged the device sor several hours with not success.
    I have tried to contact Carrefour Customer Service since December 23rd with no success – the phone number does not work, the ‘Customer Service’ web page does not work – it requires an 971 prefix phone number within the form. Customers outside the region can not submit their complaint – VERY FRUSTRATING & NOT A GOOD SERVICE.
    Can you email me at my email address provided with working ‘Customer Service’ contact details so that I can have the problem resolved.

  30. Loyal Customer Reply


    I want to share my experience to you in Carrefour Burjuman this morning between 9 to 9:30 am.

    I was going to buy a fruit shake blender, I decided checking inside the box (open the top and put it back) if complete to save my trip going back if something is missing. It is not sealed anyways and prone to opening by any customers.

    When we are done checking and putting it back to the cart to pay, a black guy named Robert came, telling us you are not allowed to open it. I explained to him my side that I am going to buy it just want to make sure that it is complete to save my trip of going back, we are all busy here so we cannot come back the soonest if something is missing in the box. He told us that there is already display, in a sarcastic voice that would annoy you. I have always been to Carrefour DCC at Al ghurair and all of the staff are polite and very helpful. It is my first time to encounter such kind of person thinking he was one of the customer service team. I informed the officer in Burjuman that his behavior reflects the company and that kind of person in that team might eventually affects the whole performance of the team and even the company’s image.

    I have always been loyal to Carrefour but I’m disappointed with your staff this time.

    I informed them I’m not going to buy it. I wouldn’t want to buy any from the store that disrespect customers.

    I am just sharing this to your management team.

    Your frontliners are the flag carriers and window of your company’s image.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,

    Loyal Customer

  31. Dear Sir/Madam

    I bought a Sony TV from your store in Festival City Mall on 27/12/2017 (Barcode number 2770720801048). I didn’t receive the item yet and I already have three complains:
    1- They told me that the extra one year warranty is 175 AED and that what was written on the TV tag. But at the cashier they made me pay 225 AED for the extra warranty saying that what was written on the TV is a mistake (the seller man doesn’t know that and there was another employee who is aware but you didn’t fix the price on the TV’s tag).
    2- They told me that the delivery is on Friday 29th of December 2017. I cancelled all my programs for a Friday with the family and I waited at home the whole day but no one came and no one called to confirm the delivery or to apologies. Anyhow, I called you on 800 73232 and I complained about the delivery. They told me that the driver will call me and they think that there is no chance to be delivered today. I insisted that I want it today.
    3- After my call at around 7:00 pm till now I didn’t receive any call. (By the way my complain number is 759658)

    This is unacceptable and unprofessional behavior from a respectful company.
    Hope my email find someone who really care about the customers and the company.
    Waiting for your reply ASAP and I am still waiting for the delivery today.

    P.S: I am sending this message here because I couldn’t send it to the Carrefour website. They require the phone number and you cannot type it. So weird :(

  32. Reference is made to the verbal conversations as well as correspondence by emails on the items to be delivered to me against delivery no. (00600873 & 00610650).

    It has been more than 2 weeks since receiving this notification but regrettably, the items were not delivered as assured.

    At the outset, I emphasize the fact that from the beginning I was insisting and desperately waiting for these items as I have committed to my family as gift in the coming few days. I have explained in length the details of my justification, but I am totally disappointed having come to understand by not responding to my request by your customer service personnel. On one instance I was told that I can make alternative purchase through a link where I can get my purpose served. But regretfully there was no action as assured making my expectation miserable.

    Finally I was told that my order could not be processed and it will be cancelled. Adding more, as a compensation to my inconvenience for disappointing me for more than 2 weeks, Carrefour will offer me a smartwatch worth Dhs.75 for free.

    I would like to conclude that Carrefor can consider me as one of the loyal customer by not giving the offered Smartwach worth Dhs.75. Instead I will be more than happy if my ordered items (Samsung Smartphone Galaxy J710 FD Dual SIM 4G Gold) is supplied at the same promotional price at the earliest but not later than a week time from the date of this email.

    Looking forward to have a favourable response.

  33. Your new store at ibn battuta mall has the rudest most unaccomodating staff I have ever experienced in this country. After standing in the queue for half an hour I was told by your rude cashier that only Najib card holders can pay in this counter, IT WAS NOT CLEARLY sign posted like your 10 items or less express counter… The cashier refused to ring up over 1000 aed worth of groceries and I left my goods in your store. I will never shop in your stores again if this is how your customers are treated which equates to thousands of more dirhams lost for you.. if your Najib card promotion is more important than your clients then all the best and please mark the isles accordingly

  34. I recently visited Carrefour in Festival City to buy electrical equipment. Half of Items was delivered on time, half of them I picked it up, because they were not delivered and I couldn’t communicate with somebody in charge to help me out. One Electrolux washing/dryer machine was not working properly and they told me they will send technician yesterday. Nobody came and after visiting shop today and waited 1 hour, they inform me that they can arrange a technician on Saturday. I am 20 years customer in Carrefour and this lack of organisation and bad customer treatment I never met in my life.

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