Contact of Canadian Tire customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Canadian Tire: Find below customer service details of Canadian Tire, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Canadian Tire
2180 Yonge Street
P.O. Box 770, Station K
Toronto, ON M4P 2V8
Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-SHOP-CTR (1-866-746-7287)
Phone: 1-800-387-8803
Phone: 1-888-727-7478 (roadside assistance)
Email: [email protected]

About Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire is a retailer of automotive, sports and leisure products in Canada. Founded by Alfred Billes and William Billes in 1922, the company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and currently operates in over 1,700 locations. Employing more than 58,000, the Canadian Tire’s subsidiaries include PartSource, Forzani Group, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Gas+, CT REIT, FGL Sports and Mark’s.

Canadian Tire services over 10,000 cars a day. The roadside assistance is available 24/7 across Canada and the US. There is Silver and Gold plan membership with a range of features. Members enjoy towing to any destination, unlimited number of tows to any Canadian Tire service center, fuel delivery and flat tire change.

On the Canadian Tire website, you can shop by departments such as Automotive, Outdoor Living, Tools & Hardware and Kitchen/Storage. Product categories include racks/carriers, trailers/towing accessories car seats, exterior car cleaning, oils/fluids, auto body repair, tires, car electronics, air tools/compressors, snowblowers, electrical, hardware, interior/exterior paints, power tools, hand tools, personal care products, small appliances, kitchen tools, home decor, furniture, home electronics, lawn/garden tools, outdoor power equipments, among others.

There is a Sale section for those looking for hot bargains. You can search online from over 130,000 products. You can narrow search results by price, brand, rating or sale items. Products can be purchased online through Visa, MasterCard or American Express. You can pay online and then pick the items at any of the Canadian Tire store. If you are unhappy with your product, you can return same within 90 days of purchase. To locate a Canadian Tire store nearest to your address click here. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, roadside assistance, shipping, warranty, or others reach the Canadian Tire customer service.

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  1. Yesterday at Kelsey Dr. C.T. in St. John’s, I purchased a Reflex Rear Wiper Blade (021-0910-4) which both the online and in-store parts finder said would be a direct fit for my 2018 Hyundai Accent GL H/B. I’ve changed dozens of wiper blades in my 40 years as of driving, without issue, but this supposed direct fit blade jammed while installing it, which told me that it was not in fact a direct fit. In the attempt to remove the jammed blade, the OEM rear wiper arm snapped in two pieces. It is now useless and will cost upwards of $100 to replace both the arm and the blade from the local Hyundai Dealer. Local parts manager at Kelsey Dr. C.T. DID refund the cost of the blade, but DID NOT offer to repair the damage caused to my vehicle by the incorrect part which is advertised as a direct fit item.
    I should not have to pay out of pocket for this damage and Canadian Tire should perform a complete repair at no cost to me, or at least compensate me for repairs carried out elsewhere

  2. Prema Panikker Reply

    Canadian Tire offers a lot of good quality products and services.
    I enjoy shopping at Canadian Tire and always will.
    I like buying toys, tires, bikes from Canadian Tire.
    They have one of the best staff that I have ever seen.

  3. I am wondering why Canadian Tire continues to carry and advertise automobile wheel covers that are such poor quality . If you look at customer reviews, most are very negative and most state that these wheel covers fall off most of the time. I am one such customer. Bought a set of four. 2 days later i lost one. 4 days later another one fell off. main problem is that the “teeth on the covers that snap onto the rim of the wheel are plastic and not strong enough to withstand a bump in the road, potholes, gravel rough roads, etc. I have read that there are wheel covers available that have metal teeth and they never fall off. However, i have not yet been able to locate a supplier of these. Would be great for customers and Can. Tire if Can. Tire were to get rid of these cheap poor quality covers and replace them with covers that have steel teeth. Ed

  4. deborah miller Reply

    I bought a 10kg bag of yard salt on saturday – brought it home on the backseat of my car – put it on the wood dry floor of my garage and on monday opened it and dumped it into a bucket used only for salt – tight lid to keep it dry – only to find the bottom of the bag had wet salt in it. I took the empty wet inside bag to the store and the owner Stephan told me to “use a knife or screw driver to break the salt when it hardens (which was my complaint about wet salt)..or bring the bag with the salt back. I am a 70 year old woman with a history of back surgery and now 3 vertebrae with no discs and I should do that?! Carting and dumping heavy bags is limited in my state – told him so – had the receipt – he did not offer to replace the wet stuff or refund. The co-workers all remarked on the wet interior of the bag – was pretty obvious – both ends of the bag were sealed – I had opened it below that – good thing there is another store I can shop in St Stephen NB. Bad bad on Can Tire. shame on you

  5. Hongbo Zeng Reply

    I purchased a car battery Motomaster Elimindtor 3 with 4 years warranty from your store located Dundas East London January 10, 2018 winter time to replace the old one, and it worked good the last whole winter and summer. But it started to fail in recent one month. Yesterday (February 17, 2019 ) I brought in the battery again, requested a replacement because two times failure in one month indicates the battery is defect for winter performance , the battery is just one year old, I cannot bring in the battery for the rest of 3 years winter time to spend a day recharge it in your shop until the warranty is over. But the manager John Aristone refused and told me it was failed because the winter temperature, and the car sitting too long (I told him I drove once a week for around one hour country road).
    Isn’t the battery designed to work for Canada climate and market, and there was no issue last winter time that the car was not driven even over three weeks. And he said last winter time was different….. what an excuse!!! As a customer, I am no expert of the battery, but I just felt no peaceful for a battery like this.

  6. Tarek Aridi Reply

    Hello, I have a warranty issue with a part of my car. In Less than a year, this will be the third time that I will have to change the lower control arm for my Mitsubishi outlander 2007. the item is under warranty however this is not covering labor and I will need to balance the wheels each time I change this part. There must be something wrong with the quality of the parts and it is definitely defective since also that the car usage is very minimal and very short milage is driven between each change of the part. I appreciate if Canadian tire must look into this matter and 1st of all provide a different part brand and 2ndly provide me the parts and labor and all required free of charge.
    Thank you for your care and support

  7. Katrina Hagen Reply

    Good Afternoon,
    I am a Nova Scotian, 18 year old, female who will be attending full-time university courses at the Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus in the fall of 2019. I am a student-athlete who struggles with a visual impairment but has the dream of completing my four year degree in Bachelor of Science. I will not allow my disability to get in the way of the goal that I have set for myself. I will have to move myself to Truro being faced with living costs and the costs of tuition which are currently having an impact on the goal that I have set for myself and what I have already worked so hard for. After completing an online course at Dalhousie university and receiving an A as a final grade, I am currently enrolled in my second online course in which I am upholding an A+ grade. I was unable to attend full time university in 2018 as I was travelling for baseball and made a return for the sake of family matters. Despite the things holding me back, I plan on achieving my goal of finishing this degree and would appreciate any financial support that I am able to find. Having you play a part in helping me do so with additional financial support would be appreciated beyond belief. I would like to than you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kindest Regards, Katrina Hagen

  8. Rohan Ragoo Reply

    I was at Eaton Centre Store on Jan 9th, 11AM. I wanted to purchase a tool in locked casing. I waited until employee was finished with a client and asked to get product. Employee then took a phone call, said he will be back and left. I waited and waited.

    1. I waited to be next to be served.
    2. He took a phone client instead.
    3. I had money in my hands to purchase a product.
    4. Him and I was right at casing to open it – would of taken no more than a minute.

    Customer service desk is right next to aisle. I asked employee behind counter if someone else can get me product – His name was ANDRE.
    He said I need to press button. I said person was there with me and he left.

    His comment was :
    This comment was way out of line and I told him so – no apology.

    So now I have to bring a personal shopper to get serviced – this was derogatory and 0 on scale of service.

    Phone calls get priority on people waiting to BUY a product and you are told off – been shopping for a while at Canadian Tire and this is horrendous.

  9. Julie Edgar Reply

    I have never went to a website to complain before i am 50 yrs old and have worked in retail ever since i have been 17 and still do. I am a manager of a retail shoe company and i would never treat a customer the way i was treated at your store in Coppersmith Plaza today. I went to return some Christmas lights today with my receipt and debit card there were purchased on. The lady at customer service said she would not take them back because they were a Christmas product. I asked to speak to a manager.
    A young man came and also told me told me he would not return then because Christmas products were packed up. But on the counter was a Norma Christmas bulb. I was told by the first lady that i would have to wait a year to return them . I told her that would be past my 90 days and she just shrugged her shoulders. No where on the receipt does it say that i can not return them. Just that i have 90 days to return. Then he looked at me and said well we did have signs up.All i wanted was my money back for something that i did not use and my husband that we would need. That said i really think the manager should take some classes in how to deal with customers if that was me i would off just returned the product and made my customer happy. Is that not what it is all about.

  10. I went to your store twice after Jan.1 and even though your website indicated Christmas items were in the aisles, they were not. This was in your Saskatoon, Preston Crossing location. It is frustrating to plan a trip to your store from checking your website and to find nothing on the shelves. I have time off from work over the holidays, and did not want merchandise shipped. Please keep your website updated.

  11. Jeff Meyers Reply

    Hello. I would like to tell you about my experience at your store in Sherbrooke, QC at Les Placements Michel Mayrand, 4100 boul Josaphat Rancourt this Dec 17 2018 during the lunch hour.
    Rarely have I experienced such a pitiful display of customer service. I asked for help in searching for a product (Atomic Beam Lantern) and the “help” I got from your staff was wayyyyy below subpar. I even took a picture (from your website) of the product to show the clerks hoping to speed up the process. The 1st girl I showed the picture too said “sorry, doesn’t look familiar”. She didn’T even try. The next guy I asked couldn’t help me either. Poor guy was in training and alone and had no clue what to do. I then found 2 co-workers talking so I asked them…they tried to help me and said it should somewhere in front of the store…they could of least tried to show me personally. The another guy I stopped, he said I should go to the sports counter and press the ringer for service. After finding the ringer, a girl appeared and typed in the product…saying it should be in front, if there are any left. I asked if she could show me where? Boy, that seemed to piss her off…How dare I ask her for help.
    Basically, I really felt like leaving all my stuff I was going to buy and walk out. Not one person said hello or even smiled. It is no wonder more and more people will shop on Amazon now. And I will not go back to that store.
    And your company needs to do a major overhaul in public relations because I do not see such a store surviving in such a competitive market.


  12. I just ordered online for the first time from Canadian tire and wanted to make sure it went through ~ had not received an email. Asked Pearl ( lady online) just to make sure I did everything right and she put me through to a technician expert …. not sure why? AND it would of coast me b/c they were asking for my credit card. I hope it’s not this difficult ordering online.

  13. Emily Regier Reply

    My husband and I bought a Christmas tree from the Canadian Tire in Windsor Ontario last year and were very happy with it. However, we unpacked it this year and the middle lights of it weren’t working! We tried different fuses, outlets, checking all the lights, but still it wouldn’t work. So we returned it to the store we bought it at and they agreed to replace it with the same model but new. We took that one home, and when we opened it, it was missing the base and the spare lights and fuses it was supposed to come with!! So we had to drive BACK and explain that they gave us one with missing parts.
    They replaced it with yet ANOTHER model. This one so far works, but I’m pretty unimpressed with the product itself; I don’t know if it was a packing issue, a product defect, or what. I guess I’m just writing this to suggest selling more quality items, items that won’t cause inconveniences like this. The staff at the store were great and everything it’s just the product itself I’m concerned with.

  14. John Hardy Reply

    Canadian Tire believes “The Customer is always Wrong!”

    Canadian tire Ogilvy rd.
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1K 3X9

    I had been in this Canadian Tire store several times that week. I’m a big sale person. I pick out what I want in your store and wait for it to go on sale. I was looking for a folding table that was on sale. As I was walking around the store I checked out for an air mattress to see what was available. You had one exactly like I was looking for on sale for $57.00. While I was thinking about it I went looking for the table and I couldn’t find one. When I finally did find one I had forgotten about the air mattress. I didn’t remember until I was parking at home. I figured it would still be on sale in the morning so I would go over and get it. The next day didn’t work as planned and I was not able to make it back to Canadian Tire. I went back the next day (3rd day) and to my surprise it was still on sale. I grabbed it and brought it to the counter. The girl punches it in and she wants over $100.00?? I said no it’s on sale for $57.00. She looks around then says ok, can you go get the tag. OK so I went and got the tag. She looks at the tag and says something about the wrong color so that can’t be it. I said well it is the only Tag there and it is on more then one of the same product under the same tag? So we decided to call a manager over. So he comes over and she hands him the tag and he immediately starts lecturing me on tag etiquette. He says the first thing you never do is bring the tag to the front, how do I know where you really got it from? So now I am stupid and a thief according to him. Before he can continue his lecture the Cashier says I told him to go get the tag. He looks at me and says I can’t give it to you at this price. I said that tag has been on the items all week if not the previous weekend also. I know it has been on all this week so far because this is my third trip to pick it up. He says ok wait a minute and walks away. He comes back about 10 minutes later and gives me a price of $115.00. You guy’s should have seen that tag long before I did, your in the store all week. He says he can’t do anything for me. So I asked for the owners number and he said it won’t help you anyway he’s on holidays. So I asked for the head office number and got that.
    This is not the first time I have had problems at this store. I tried to return A set of brake pads I did not need once about a week after I bought it and they refuse to take it back. The box was open and there was a little grease from my hands on the box. I had wiped it off but it wasn’t totally clean. It was a plain white box! They said the pads looked used? I never took them out of the box really. And when I went to talk to the Manger or owner of the Store , not sure what he was but he had a real bad attitude and made me start to heat up and the situation was getting worse. So I Just left. I took the Brake Pads to the Orleans store to see if they would take it back. I told them I tried to take it back at the store where I bought them but they refused to take them back saying they were used! The guy looked them over and he said there is nothing wrong with them and you can tell they have not been used. So they took them back for me. If they weren’t so far from me I would have continued shopping there.
    They had more then enough time to get that tag off the item and I feel they should have given me that air mattress at the sale price advertised. If not then I simply will not shop at Canadian Tire again, and I don’t mean just that store. I am tired of getting screwed around for my money and retail stores like yours (this one) have gotten much worse where Customer Support or Customer Service is concerned. These days is seems the Customer is always wrong until proven right, it shouldn’t be that way. If you ask someone where something is in this store they don’t take you there they point to an isle whether it’s 2 isles away or 10 isles away. You usually have to go get someon eventually because nothing is ever where it is suppose to be.

    6. Integrity, Ethics and Social Responsibility
    • Obtaining reasonable assurance as to the integrity of the CEO and other
    senior management and that the CEO and other senior management
    strive to create a culture of integrity throughout the Company.
    • Approving the Company’s Code of Business Conduct for Employees and
    Directors and Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers (the “Codes”),
    monitoring compliance with the Codes and receiving reports on adherence
    to the Codes.
    • Approving other policies and practices for dealing with matters related to
    integrity, ethics and social responsibility.

    I wonder how lying and Mis-leading advertising sits with the Boards Ethics and Integrity and social responsibility Code?

  15. Nancy Sharron Reply

    Hi , you have had a promotion on , you spend $150 and rec $30 promo card back in Sept 28 /18 .

    I purchased an item , so i would get a promo card , but not knowing that the promo card is only good for 1 wk , for myself I cannot go to the store all the time because I am a far distance away , so therefore my card expired , very disappointed that I have lost out , I will deffinately make sure in the future that I ck the expiration for those cards before I make another purchase !!

  16. Henry Payne Reply

    I placed an order for 4 Goodyear Eagle Sport Tires on September 26th, and was advised that I would be able to pick them up at my Canadian Tire Store on October 8th.Everytime I call I am told my order is being processed, This to me is just not good order # is 6062230717390, If I had know that you could not be honest with me I would have gone elseware to buy my tires.

  17. Lito Romano Reply

    Completely disappointed with Canadian Tire Home Services. I purchased a Bryant home furnace, heater and A/C and two month after the warranty expired in October, my furnace breaks down costing me $400 to repair. My issue is this, the problem originated within the five year warranty period and only surfaced in October when the weather cooled and i turned on the furnace. There is no way that I would have know that the furnace was malfunctioning two months earlier as we were in the middle of a heat wave. Canadian Tire gave me no leaway. In fact the customer service centre is horrible. I called on October 5 and was told someone would call me back within 48 hours. I had to call back 10 days later. Was put on hold for 15 minutes only to have the rep hang up on me. No call back from the rep. So..I called back….again on hold for 15 minutes this time and the rep was completely unsympathetic. I try to buy Canadian when I can, but my recent experience will make me think twice about shopping at Canadian Tire.

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