Contact of Animal Planet channel support

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Contact Animal Planet: Find below customer service details of Animal Planet, US including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the television channel.

Head Office
Discovery Communications, LLC
1 Discovery Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910
United States

Phone: 240-662-0000 (corporate)
Phone: +1-800-398-6395 (Ethics hotline)

About Animal Planet
Animal Planet is a television channel dedicated to programming of animals through various series and documentaries about domestic pets and wild animals. Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, US, the channel is owned by Discovery Inc and was launched on October 1, 1996.

It started as a channel that aired educational programs on nature through documentaries. Since 2008, it has laid emphasis on portrayal of the aggressive and predatory behavior of animals. It has now matured enough to broadcast reality programs involving personalities who work in wild or in animal-related occupations as well as those involved in investigations about various animal behavior. However, since October 2018 it has adopted a more family-centric programming and direction method.

Animal Planet has a number of sister channels such as Discovery Channel, TLC, Destination America, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, Great American Country, Discovery Life, Investigation Discovery, Motor Trend, Science Channel etc. From this channel, you can get a lot of information about wild animals and those living in seas and rivers as well as pets. It produces and broadcasts a wide variety of shows such as River Monsters, Hanging with the Hendersons, Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet and many more.  Know the entire list of upcoming shows on the Schedule section. Also you can stream shows online by signing in with your TV provider’s details.

The quality of picture and sound broadcast by the channel is incredibly good. Though the channel is mainly broadcast in English, it is also available in various other languages such as Espanol, Dutch, French, Portuguese etc. Hosting of the shows is also appreciable.

Across the US, the channel is available through satellite dish connections, cable, IPTV as well as streaming media through platforms like PlayStation, Vue, and YouTubeTV. FuboTV brings live streaming of various programs telecast by Animal Planet. You can go through the schedule of shows on the official website. There are also resources and videos through which you can learn more about pets, wild animals and make yourself familiar with their behaviors. For more information or queries on schedule, live streaming, career, or others, reach the Animal Planet support.

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  1. Do you not listen to what viewers are saying? Saved by th Barn, should have been renewed. Also Animal Cribs. These are two great shows. Renew, please!!

  2. Don’t you listen, to what people say to you? I personally know, that a lot of people contacted you. To renew Saved by the Barn. Why didn’t you renew it? It is a great show. Very informative and helpful. Also, Animal Cribs. That is another show that should continue, to have new shows. They do such fantastic work, for the people, involved. And then, you keep shows on, like River Monsters. Not a very good show. Please renew the shows, I was talking about, in the beginning. PLEASE!!!!!

  3. I watch Lone Star Law and North Woods Law. I enjoy the shows, but I think as law officers they should be required to wear seatbelts like everybody else does. They are seating a terrible example if you ask me.

  4. As a person who has worn a full brim hard hat in many professions, I just felt compelled to let Lucas of Lucas Pools know that he is wearing his full brim hard hat backwards. The longer part of the rim that goes around the hard hat is supposed to be worn in the back instead of front, like Lucas wears it. This type hard hat is primarily worn in foundry applications, and the longer brim goes in back is to protect sparks and molten metal from hitting your neck, just like a fireman’s cap is longer in the back.

  5. Wanting to find out about Amanda to the Rescue. Is it coming back for a 3rd season? I hope so…I know with codiv it is hard to say but shows like this one and Pitbulls and Parolees are vital to animal rescue. Please bring back this show. Thank you Animal Planet for all you do and especially for special need animals and Pitbulls…

    • Yes I was wondering about Amanda to the rescue and if is coming back. I also agree with another viewer who states that why do they show marathons that have nothing to do with animals such as tree house masters and insane pools.

  6. Mardi Miller Reply

    I would like to know if Wild Bear Rescue is coming back to TV.
    It was a great show we learned a lot about bears and other wildlife.
    It was filmed in British Columbia.
    Why would they take off something that was so well-received I know many people around me that have watched it.
    Can you pls advise….Thk yu.
    Mardi Miller

  7. Daniel Brewer Reply

    Please renew season 2 of Saved by the Barn. I believe the show promotes compassion and empathy at a time when it’s needed the most. Dan shows us how much animals are dependant on us. I truly believe he plays an important role in awareness, and the needs of animals.

  8. Dr.Jeff is one of my favourite shows but it is not shown as much as it needs to be. Why do you have marathons of Treemasters and similar shows that quite frankly are not animal related. Dr.Jeff shows the real need for spay/neuter programs and his generosity is heart warming. Please bring him back on-air. Also Animal Cops needs to return. Thank you

    • Agree 100%. This channel should be all about promoting animal rights, rescue and wellness. You have GREAT SHOWS such as Dr Jeff…Amanda to the Rescue favorite…Pitbulls and Parolees (I am a pitbull mom) so please..more Dr Jeff!!!

  9. Ali Cassaday Reply

    May 24, 2020

    Please renew one of your great shows: Saved By The Barn. It emphasizes kindness to all animals and demonstrates that all life has value. It is emotional and very uplifting to watch. Again, please renew it. We watch every episode.
    Ali Cassaday

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