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3 ways to apply for a birth certificate in Italy

The Italian birth certificate is a legal certificate that is issued by the competent authorities belonging to the Italian Comune (Municipality). The birth certificate is responsible for containing the personal details of the person in whose name the certificate is issued, such as his/her first name, second name, surname, date and place of birth.

People who are citizens of Italy, as well as foreign citizens who are associated with an Italian national, can proceed to obtain a birth certificate. The birth certificate is issued for a broad range of legal reasons, including applying for dual citizenship in Italy.

It should be known that in Italy, there is no regional or national register containing records of births taking place within the country or in foreign lands. Furthermore, Italian consulates never issue birth certificates. Instead, birth certificates are issued by the municipality within whose jurisdiction the birth has taken place. However, in case the birth has taken place in a foreign land, then the place where the original act of the birth was officially recorded, will be considered. For instance, if you had taken birth in the United Kingdom, and your Italian ancestors were born in Rome, then you can apply for your birth certificate from Rome’s Municipal Corporation.

Additionally, in Italy, there are four different kinds of birth certificates that you can apply for, namely: the regular birth certificate, the extract of the birth record, the multilingual extract of the birth record or a complete copy of the birth record.

Applying For Birth Certificate In-Person

The primary method of obtaining a birth certificate in Italy is to visit the municipal office located in the region or place of birth and proceed to draft an application for the same.

To obtain the birth certificate, the applicant should provide relevant details relating to the birthplace, birth date, parent names, and name of the applicant (at birth) along with additional documents for identity-proof, showcasing the family relations between the parents and the applicant. If any of the aforementioned information is not provided properly, then the respective Italian municipality will not be able to provide the birth certificate.

Applying For Birth Certificate By Post

When requesting a birth certificate in Italy by post, you have to first write down an application (in the Italian language) for the same with your full name at birth, your birthplace, date of your birth along with your parents’ name. You also have to provide documents for your identification.

In case you’re applying by post from a foreign land, then be sure to opt for international reply coupons when sending your request, so that the respective Italian Comune will be able to send your birth certificate without having to pay for the shipping costs. Besides, most Italian Comunes will be able to waive the processing fee for foreigners needing their birth certificates.

Once done, mail your request application to the following address:
Ufficio dello Stato Civile
Comune di (Name Of The City)
Provincia di (Name Of The Province)

Applying For Birth Certificate Online

It should be learned that no Italian Comune or Municipality support the online application process for obtaining a birth certificate. However, there are several reputable third-party legal services (online) based in Italy, that can assist you in obtaining your birth certificate on your behalf. One such example is Italy Certificates.

To apply for a birth certificate in Italy online via third-party legal websites such as Italy Certificates, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly, head over to the website responsible for handling and issuing requests for birth certificates.
  2. Select the type of birth certificate you need. Then provide additional details relating to your identification (including any documents). Once you’ve submitted your request and made the payment, your birth certificate will be obtained from the respective Italian Comune on your behalf by the company’s legal team.
  3. Once obtained, the documents will be shipped to your designated address including worldwide delivery.

Note that depending upon the Comune, birth certificates are issued within seven days.

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