Contact Royal Jordanian Airlines: Find below customer service details of Royal Jordanian Airlines, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Royal Jordanian. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Royal Jordanian services.

Royal Jordanian Customer Service
In Jordan: 962 6 5100000

Royal Jordanian Head Office
Housing Bank
Commercial Center Queen Noor St.
P .O .Box: 302
Amman 11118

Phone: 6 – 5202000
Fax: 6 – 5672527
Email: [email protected]

Royal Jordanian Reservation/Refund
6 – 5100000
6 – 5202490
Email: [email protected]

Irbid Office
Baghdad St.,P.O.BOX 245
Irbid 962
Phone 5100000

Aqaba Airport Office
King Hussein Int. Airport, Aqaba
Phone: 3 2018633
Fax: 3 2016555
Email: [email protected]

Reservations/Refund (UK)
Space one, 1 Beadon Road, 6th Floor, Hammersmith, London W6 0EA

Phone: 08719 112 112
Fax: 020 874 85251

Reservations/Refund (US)
6 East 43rd Street, 27th floor, New York, NY 10017
Phone: 01-212-949-0060
Fax: 01-212-949-0488
Email: [email protected]
Airport Contact: 01-718-656-0666

Cargo Contact
Phone: 01-718-553-2753;
Fax: 01-718-656-1311

Reservations/Refund (UAE)

Business avenue building. -Al Etihad Road P.O.Box 4534 Dubai – UAE

Phone: 4 2944 288 / 4 2944 322
Fax: 4 2944 199
Email: [email protected]
Airport Office: 4 2166810/ 4 2166811

Reservations/Refund (Australia)
level 10 HCF House, 403 George St Sydney N.S.W 2000 Australia

1300855057 or (02) 92442701
+61-1300855057 or 61-2 92442701
Fax: (02) 92903306
Email: [email protected]

Royal Jordanian Baggage Claim
00962 4793161/2 (Amman)
0031 207952700 (Amsterdam)
00971 25052771 (Abu Dhabi)
0034 934013263 (Barcelona)
0032 27233111 (Brussels)
00 20 2 2674548 (Cairo)
00773 7736866020 (Chicago)
0094 0197332418 (Colombo)
00966 38837406 (Dammam)
0091 1125654591 (Delhi)
00974 4656433 (Doha)
00971 42245383 (Dubai)
00 49- 6969050941 (Frankfurt)
0090 2124655757 (Istanbul)
00965 4345555 (Kuwait)
0044 02087501066 (London)
0074 9336666 (Moscow)
0091 2226828569 (Mumbai)
00 49 8997592550 (Munich)
0039 0665954252 (Rome)
00216 71755000 (Tunis)
0041 438132408 (Zurich)

Flight Schedule
To check flight schedule online click here

Flight Status
To check Royal Jordanian flight status online click here

You can web check-in to your flights up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. For web check-in click here

Baggage Information
Carry-On Baggage: Crown Class passengers can carry two pieces with weight not exceeding 7kg. Economy Class passengers can carry one piece of baggage only.

Checked Baggage: Crown Class passengers can carry one piece of baggage with max weight of 30kg. Economy Class passengers can carry only upto max 20kg. Those flying to North America can carry two pieces with 32 kg. Economy Class passengers can carry two pieces with max 23 kg.

Royal Plus
Royal Plus is a frequent flier program of Royal Jordanian. You earn miles every time you fly with Royal Jordanian or its partner airlines. You also earn miles on hotel booking and car rentals. In addition to that you have special privileges like excess baggage benefits and lounge access. Membership Tiers include Blue, silver (Ruby), Gold (Sapphire), Platinum (Emerald). To join now click here

Royal Jordanian Destinations
Royal Jordanian flies to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Washington, New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Dublin, London, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid, Tunis, Tripoli, Rome, Milan, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Khartoum, Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha, Dammam, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Dubai, Kuwait,  Colombo, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and more.

About Royal Jordanian Airlines
royal-jordanian-pictureRoyal Jordanian Airlines was founded in the year 1963 as Alia Airlines and was established after a Royal Decree from King Hussein of Jordan. Royal Jordanian is the national carrier of Jordan and flies to over 58 destinations on four continents with its main base at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman. The airline is a member of oneworld airline alliance which has American Airlines, British Airways and other big names. Royal Jordanian’s vision is to be the “Airline of choice connecting Jordan and the Levant with the world”. The airline has over 4,400 employees and has its headquarter at Amman. Royal Jordanian’s subsidiaries include Royal Wings, a company dedicated to charter business.

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  1. Silva Reply

    Worse airlines ever. They are #1 in taking stuff from passengers bags. It was a couple of passengers complaining about missing stuff. They empty one full bag of mine and stole many stuff from the other one. If you complaine, they have the worse Customer service system. They will keep you in circles until you give up your self. very bad service inside the airplane. Crews barely how up to give you water or drink. Very low class and not clean airlines. For a 16 hours flight The crew came one time to offer water or drinks. The food was directly from the can.

  2. Bushra Hossain Reply

    This letter refers to our (myself together with my wife) return trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for Umrah purposes. We bought this package from Travel Express and they arranged the flights from London Heathrow and back by Royal Jordanian Airlines. Our forward journey (flight nos. RJ112 / RJ704) was on 28 March 2015 and we returned (flight nos. RJ705 / RJ111) on 06 April 2015. On both legs of our journey we encountered problems. They are as follows:

    (a) Although we had confirmed flights but still we were made to wait very long time (until a couple of minutes before the actual departure of the plane). We also faced the real prospect of my wife travelling alone because she was checked in but I was not. This was against the Saudi Law. Staff at the counter was even trying to convince me for delayed travel with compensation. This is something we have not had any experience of before. Eventually I was given a boarding pass (hand written) and rushed to the plane. Inside the plane we had to sit at separate places.

    (b) On arrival at the Jeddah airport we found out that our luggage was missing. It contained all our clothing. This was reported and logged. The reference number for this was JEDRJ20306.

    (c) Anybody performing Umrah would know that special clothing is necessary for both male and female. Since we did not have our clothing we had to buy these locally to complete the formalities. We were not prepared of this additional costs involved.

    (d) On our return to London we again found out that the baggage we checked in at the Jeddah Airport was missing. This was reported and logged. Copy of the computer printout is enclosed.

    (e) The missing luggage during our forward journey, JEDRJ20306, was eventually located in Heathrow and was held here for our collection. We collected this on our return but we found it damaged. This was shown to the airline staff and logged. Computer printout for this is enclosed. We were told that somebody will contact us (file reference LHRRJ10030) within 24–48 hours regarding the replacement of the damaged (broken at the base and the handle ripped off) suitcase. So far nothing has happened to this respect.

  3. Tahira Ali Reply

    I boarded on Friday 18th November 2016 the flight from London Heathrow flight number RJ112 for Amman in Jordan.
    My seat number was 24C when we left the aircraft local time 11pm I left my diary of 2016 in the cabin hold above my seat number 24C.
    I was in transit in Amman scheduled to go to Bangkok. The flight no RJ182 left at 2am local time on the 19th November and I realised my diary was missing hence I reported this to the cabin crew flight bursur and was advised to send you an emaial.

    It may be sent to lost or found department in your airport in Amman.
    Please care to reply urgently if the cleaners may have handed the diary in.
    Thank you

  4. Kian Hattar Reply

    What’s the point posting customer service number but never answer
    I have been waiting for a refund since October bcoz you guys destroyed a brand new baggage for me and now it’s February still no refund, now I am leaving the country.
    Besides, the fact I threw-up 4 times in your airplane and was begging for medicine and water several times no one brought me, I had to go to the kitchen sick and tired to get me water and pill while you guys generously gave me one pill only!! in the past you were great and i only flew with you but now I am so honest when i say never ever again

  5. taufiq Reply

    I’ve purchased a return ticket on 28 January 2015 to Amman from Cairo and used my debit card for payment.

    The deduction has been made by RJ and I left my debit card with my wife.

    Upon check-in at Cairo airport this morning (8:00am GMT+2), the ground staffs and station manager insist that I have to produce the credit card used for the payment.

    I was asked to purchase a new return flight due to this matter.

    Appreciate if you could look into it and process a refund for this case.

  6. Nadeem E Salameh Reply

    I purchased tickets from Royal Jordanian from Beirut to Amman round trip. I booked and paid for it in the U.S. using my American Express card. When my wife and I arrived at the airport in Beirut to board our flight to Amman, we were refused boarding because the American Express card was not with me. I explained that I don’t carry American Express in the Middle East because it is not accepted at most places, the RJ employee insisted that I cannot board. I had my printed itinerary with the confirmation number, passports to prove identity, and I also had on my iPhone the number of the American Express card used to book the flight, with the security code and expiration date. I asked him to verify the number of the card using the security code and expiration date, he refused.
    I asked him to sell me the seats again, he also refused. I realized that he had overbooked the flight, and gave away my seats. He told me the flight was booked. I asked him what will happen to the 2 vacant seats, and why does he not sell them to me AGAIN, he told me “The flight is booked, no seats available”.
    I had to go to MEA and buy business seats to travel to Amman, and complete my trip.

  7. Balbinder Reply

    Dear Sir,
    My flight is booked for Larnaca on Monday morning at 05:30 hrs from India. I want to postponned it for a week due to family emergency. Please suggest the way to do it. India customer care numbers of Delhi & Mumbai are not answering.

  8. Rajaa Mohssen Reply

    My family traveled to Yemen through Jordanian Airlines. They have a total of 8 bags and there is 4 MISSING bags. Please contact us a soon as possible. I am extermly unhappy with the service provided.

    Flight info:
    Royal Jordanian – Flight RJ 0268 (May 30, 2013)
    Royal Jordanian – Flight RJ 0672 (May 31, 2013)

  9. jazree Reply

    my client lost her luggage on 28th november from KUL-AMM and we already make a report. But until now, we have not receive anything from RJ. please advise as our client has valued and sentimental items in her luggage!

  10. Rumesha Reply

    I am trying to understand how much luggage I am allowed to carry from ORD-AMM and MED-AMM for a One World Sapphire member?

  11. rj traveller Reply

    thank you for all the information!
    I have a question. While I am doing web Check-in, there is a field called “Number”. What shall I fill there?

  12. nihad Reply

    please i am trying to check in on line but i am not able to do so, always shows system error, my e ticket number is xx
    RJ confirmation #6A80FX, I need my 2 boarding passes
    1. montreal – amman flight no.268
    2. amman-dubai flight no.612

  13. Bose Reply

    May i know whether i can cancel my eticket as my visa was not approved. If yes how can I do?

    • customer help Reply

      it depends..please read the cancellation terms printed on your ticket..else simply call the customer support

  14. Najma Reply

    dear sir,
    kindly send me the correct mail add where i can reach your admin staff at royal jordanian.
    much thanks.

  15. RAID Reply

    Dear sir
    Good day
    I and my colleague are doctors from Iraq and we came to zurich for training on tumor surgeries according to a ministry order and we used royal jordan to reach zurich from Amman by two ways ticket .We reached here in the 2nd of November and we have to leave on the 1st of February .My questions are
    1-should we have visa to enter Jordan,and if yes how and from where we get it,
    2-where is the office of Royal Jordan in zurich and what is their phone number?
    Thank You

  16. Andrew Barclay Reply

    I need to send a letter to the RJ UK head office, what is the address?

  17. wan yat CHOO Reply

    Hi, I have made reservation via online booking Jordanian Airlines to fly to bangkok from kuala lumpur on 9 december.I have made the payment and confirmed. How do I get the e-ticket? and when can i do the check in via online?

  18. ramzi sleilaty Reply

    i am leaving canada for good now and going back to lebanon, do i have the right for more kilos? extra baggages?

  19. ereiy26 Reply

    Is 20kg maximum weight for luggage applied to all international flights? I’m from Malaysia and will fly to Jordan for educational purposes. I think my luggage would exceed 20kg max weight.

    Can you provide international customer care hotline services number? If possible JR office in malaysia.


    • CCC - Sam Reply

      yes my friend ..its max 20kg..I got you details of Royal Jordanian in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..see let us know how it went..

      Phone: 603 – 2148 7500
      Address: Deks Air (M) Sdn Bhd, 5th floor,Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P.Ramlee 50250 Kuala Lumpur
      Email: [email protected]

  20. william McKee Reply

    Could you please tell me how much each kilo of excess baggage costs on economy class ticket from London to Amman?


    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Economy passengers can carry up to 20kg and Crown class passengers up to 30kg. For excessive baggage, the Royal Jordanian website does not provide adequate information. Kindly reach the customer care to get exact details..

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      it means one passenger is allowed to carry 20kg max. If there are two passengers, then both will be 40kg.

  21. mukadam d s Reply

    While travelling from Rome to Amman by ur JR airlines my three bagages got misplaced (File Reference AMMRJ22834). As per internet information bagages were received at airport. But nobody from Airlines contacted me so far, nor I am getting response on phone. Will u please help me in getting cell no. of concerned official to whom i should contact to collect my bagages at Mumbai Airport? Thanks.

  22. Jason Reply

    Why did you steal my luggage and why won’t anyone from customer service email me back?

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      somebody stole your luggage? did you report the same to RJ?

  23. Moin Reply

    Kindly provide me Jeddah station manager contacy phone no/mobile no, with reards to my delayed baggage.

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      just call the main customer care..they will help you on the baggage..

  24. Shree Kant Bansal Reply

    Dear sir,

    We have a parcel approx 15 kg weight which is sample for a tender want to send jorden. In jorden we have a Business Associate.
    We can not book this parcel through DHL and other courier company.
    This parcel will collect personally by our person at Jorden Air Port.
    Kindly suggest us?
    Awaiting your favorable response.
    Shree Kant Bansal

    • CCC - Sam Reply

      you should talk to the customer care representative at the number given on this page..

  25. azhari Mohamed Ali Reply

    Pls provide me with your office address & phones in Khartoum. Cargo office also, pls.

    Azhari Mohamed Ali

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