Contact Tamil Nadu Electricity Board: Find below customer care details of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), including phone and address. You can reach the below contact for queries on electricity bills, online payment, new connections, complaints on services, office locations or other questions.

TNEB Head Office
NPKRR Maaligai,
144,Anna Salai, Chennai – 600 002.
Phone: 044-28520131

Customer Care
Phone: 155333

Phone: 28521057 / 28521300 (Chairman)
Phone: 28521378 (Director Transmission)
Phone: 28521088 (Director Operation)

Local Contacts
Chennai North: 28521949 / 28224423
Chennai South: 28594234 / 24715121
Madurai: 0452 – 2537528 / 2538159
Salem: 0424 2272207
Vellore: 0416-2242969

Online Payment
To pay your electricity bills online or to view your bills click here.

About Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board was established in the year 1957. The Board in 2010 was restructured into Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) Ltd; and Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation (TANTRANSCO) Ltd. Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Ltd has a total of 1309 substations.The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board caters to some 212 lakh consumers. It has electrified some 63956 towns and villages in Tamil Nadu. The company has recorded its highest ever hydel generation by producing 6,455 Million Units in 2007-08. It has a total installed capacity of 10,214 MW. The Board in addition has some 1.92 lakh distribution transformers.

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    I have paid my EB Bill twice for Feb 2018 through on line.How I can get reimbursement?Whether it is automatically return to my bank acccount or it will be adjusted in my next bill OUR service no. 095500023285

  2. balaji retnam Reply

    I have paid my EB Bill twice for Feb 2018 through on line.How I can get reimbursement?Whether it is automatically return to my bank acccount or it will be adjusted in my next bill ?

  3. Manikandan Reply

    Still im not getting my payment which is paid through online. They didnt convert that as advance pay. I dont know how to track this. They dont have customer care to contact. Worst management.

  4. C.Chitharanjan Reply

    I am from Madurai

    Customer care number is not working
    Local contact Nos. 2 are also not working
    – for clarification

    I want to clarify the calculations of bill as there is difference from the tariff and the actual

  5. Suresh Reply

    I paid my EB bill of Rs.205 through my credit card on July 10th 2015. At that time, the status said “Previous transaction was pending”. I waited for 2 more days. But there was no change on the status. So I paid the amount at the counter. Now, when I checked my credit card statement I know the amount is debited.So please refund the amount. I registered a complaint. No response. Online payment system is not reliable. I would suggest the people to pay the bill at the counter not through online.

  6. K.S.Eswaran Reply

    I am residing at Plot No.10, Balamurugan Nagar, Perumalpattu, Tiruvallur District. My service No.551-001-3009. Meter reading is, not, being taken regularly. The staff deputed for taking the reading, whenever unable to attend the house in person to take reading, they leave their phone number and if the staff do not come to take the reading till the last day, I used to contact them over phone and inform the reading so that the transaction may be smooth. At the end of March, one lady, new staff, came and took the reading. When I requested her phone number for informing the reading in case of her inability to attend in person to take the reading, she refused. But now 31-05-2015 is the due date for taking the reading. Nobody from EB came to take the reading. But they simply record as “DOOR LOCKED”. Without attending their work and without co-operating the Consumer for smooth transaction, they record falsely as the Door is locked. Now in my house, the construction of compound wall is in progress and door is available. It is requested that suitable disciplinary action may, kindly, be taken against the person responsible for taking the meter reading so that the consumers should not be suffered for no fault of them.


    Sir, I have paid EB bill on27/10/2014 from my ICICI Bank (BIL/000667708559) account for the service number 05402002223 for Rs.131/-No receipt received and the amount shown as pending. Subsequently on 28/10/2014 I have paid the bill through the counter (cash) receipt MDS402AR3S4264 and this amount was credited and the receipt received. Now I request you to refund the amount deducted from my ICICI bank SB account.Service Number 05402002223 Name S.Meenal , 522/P RamalingamNear, Aruna Nagar Karaikudi.Please look into the matter and kindly refund the excess amount paid by me to my SB account with ICICI ban where the amount is debited..

  8. Dhiya Reply

    Hi ,

    My new house is still unoccupied and the electricity connection has been disconnected.
    I tried registering online to pay the bill as requested by the builder.But as it has been disconnected I am asked to contact the electricity board directly. Has anyone experienced it before and what have you done ?Does it include any fine ?

  9. baskar Reply

    Dear Sir,

    My TNEB service 07070005584 bill for amount of Rs.910,I have paid the TNEB bill through online on 21-07-2014. The transaction was not successful, but the amount is debited in my canara Bank account(Transaction ID 0911201022308). Still it shows amount is due to be paid and it shows the error message as “your transaction is pending “. Please resolve this issue and send the mail to me.

  10. Sathish Reply

    Worst service from the Electricity Board.Why do they provide the complaint contact number. It rings but nobody respsonds to the call. It is irritating. They are not ready to work for people. I am facing power cut regularly at 10 pm . We tried to reach the customer care. No response there either.

  11. Vigneash Reply

    Consumer no is 069-022-240 Name T.Shanmugam

    I paid TNEB bill (Rs.640) dated 30.05.2014 using net banking. Amount was debited from my account but receipt has not been generated and it is also showing “Transaction failed”. So kindly request you to issue me the receipt.

  12. Sivakumar Reply

    My house was un occupied for last 3 months and I am getting the bills as below. March (7935 INR). April 6785 INR. I have paid for the March by mistake without enquiry and the April bill is due now. I have raised a Complaint ( Id:4395506052014 ) in TNEB portal. I am trying to contact the authorities through the Phone numbers given here and no one picks!

    My Service No : 09245236****.

    Dear Team, Request you to kindly look into this matter and please do the needful. Thank you.

  13. Kasi Reply

    I have occupied my new house and found that the EB meter which has 5 years warranty is fault. I registered a complaint online and also in person gave a letter to the JE. Concerned persons visited my house and confirmed the fault on EB meter. They are asking 3500 to replace the meter. Can any one confirm why we need to pay for the fault meter which is new and i never used. Also in the meter, it says it has 5 years warranty. Can any one guide me the correct way to get the meter replaced.

  14. N. Rakesh Reply

    I paid the bill this day 23-07-2013 Via online for Rs. 460/-. Since the amount was debited from my HDFC debit card, the receipt is not generated.

    Request you to kindly confirm and forward the receipt

  15. muthu Reply

    hi , additional deposit amount is included with my EB Bill.i want to know whether this amount is refundable or not. being a tenant, do i have to pay this amount? or my house owner has to pay this additional deposit amount? pls clarify.

  16. Suresh Subbiah Reply

    There has been no power supply to my home since yesterday morning 8 am, since then i have been calling the EB officials to get the power restored, i have called them 6 times, i went to there office a couple of times, and i have written a complaint in their register 3 times, but still no official has come to my home. Cant understad why do this people work. Why do the higher officials dont look into the issues faced by common peoples like us. These people sit in air conditioned rooms and enjoy government benefits.

    Suresh Subbiah

  17. Raj Reply

    TNEB – Guduvancheri

    Hi I am residing in Gandhi Nagar 1 st Street – Guduvancehri. and its 1.30 am where ny child age around 1 year is crying for air, ( fan is nor running due to voltage drop)
    I am born and bought up here and its almost 34 years now.

    In My Area ( Gandhi Nagar) i face frequent power cuts, If power is not available that is beyond our control,
    But whenever there is power we face low voltage, where fan will struggle to rotate and motors for pumping waters will not running.

    We face this issue frequently in our Area, Could there be a solution ?

    I know that full Tamil nadu is facing power problem , but if there is power, can that be distributed without any voltage problem.
    We have requested TNEB – Guduvancheri many times to install a Transformer in Gandhi Nagar 1st Street, but they remain deaf.

    Now I have my child at age nearing 1 year, and my child is crying for air but the fan is struggling to run ..

    TNEB staffs please help our locality to be use our electricity Utilities without Flauctions and voltage problem.


  18. jeeva Reply

    I lost my EB card. i dont know my service number.can anyone suggest how to get through online?

  19. sathish Reply

    Why provide the contact numbers when no one picks the call. This state is going into darkness in all terms.

    • shanthi Reply

      Hi, i am shanthi living in Kottur, I am facing daily and regular problem with infrequent power cut and severe low voltage. I have called customer care several times regarding this problem. Please do not ignore, as it is making severe tension in our life, as washing machine or system does not work becasue of this severe low voltage. We cant able to sleep at night because even fan doesn’t go fast because of this power cut and low voltage. Please consider this problem as serious and do the needful at the earliest. Thanking you

  20. Vinod Reply

    Im in Singapore and came to know my house EB has not been paid by the tenant who has vacated. Now they have taken the fuse and i need to pay the dues. I dont have the EB card with me. How to find the consumer number for my house for making an online payment? Pls help

    • P. Arun Prabhu Reply

      Hello Vinod dont worry send a request petition to the concerned officer. That the officer should give the service No. to you. If he/she is not respond you, send a COMPLAINT on him to his/her chief authority .

  21. Vasanth Reply

    I tried to pay electricity bills today. I have 2 service numbers. When i try to login with that, not able to view bill details, account summary, payment details… previous payment details…. nothing..
    So not able to pay the bill. How can i pay bill online?

  22. Antony Reply

    Every month i paid bills online. But since last two days i cannot login to my account. when i login it says that is is forbidden. Asks me to try to login again. I tried registering as a new user, but failed again to get through.

  23. Krishna Reply

    Am staying in Ambattur…… I haven’t kept my EB card near the meter while assessment/reading…….

    Now i want to know the amount……….How can I

    Shall I pay my bill in any post office without knowing the amount……….

  24. Aswini Reply

    Need to get new connection for the land which was bought recently..referred with friends and they said ,they wont give connection for empty land,Is is true?
    pls provide me the correct rules

    • P. Arun Prabhu Reply

      Hai Aswini , yes it is true. you cant use the electric power in your vacant land. Usage is important .

  25. Abhishek Reply

    I just moved into this residence last month. I lost my EB card. Hence do not know my service number to pay my bill online. Please tell me how to find out my service number.

  26. venkatraghavan Reply

    Unscheduled power cut is very serious issue from 10 PM to 12 PM at kankar lane, thiruvottiyur for the past three days. Particulary yesterday(28/06/12) the supply was disconnected at 4 PM and till 10 AM(29/06/12) not restored. Not able to contact any official of EB to understand the cause due to continuous engaged telephones.

  27. Harikrishnan, Chennai Reply

    We understand there is problem in the power supply. But who stops to give proper reply to the affected people. Taking proper care and answering to the questions raised by the paying public will ease some tension. For heavens sake , please don’t cut power during 6.00 PM to 6.00 AM on any day and maintain the required voltage for house hold articles. Change all the existing underground cables to withstand the load for each locality. Plan well in advance.

  28. Kannan Mahadevan Reply

    Unscheduled power cut is very serious issue from 11 PM to 3 PM at Sriram Nagar back side of Vyasarpadi fire station for the past ten days. Particulary yesterday(05/28/12) the supply was disconnected at 3 PM and till 10 AM(05/20/12) not restored. Not able to contact any official of EB to understand the cause due to continuous engaged telephones.

  29. vijay william Reply

    I got my user id locked and am not able to pay or view my accounts. Is there any option to make it active.

  30. sai subramanian Reply

    there is an unscheduled power cuts every day from 9.30 pm to 1.00 am in the night for the past one week in sri ram nagar perambur near vyasarpadi fire station.

  31. murali Reply

    Guduvanchery EB is the worst centre with respect to service. From 3 pm till this time power is cut for no reason. Telephone numbers give a standard reply that they are out of service. Power is available for companies and the college nearby, but not for voting public.

  32. kannan Reply

    There is no scheduled power cut in my area. I stay at Ambattur, The power cut happens just unannounced, Not able to plan our routine due to this unscheduled cuts. No proper response from the customer care as well, When will this situations be corrected. Customers are the priority for any Organizations, TNEB has to bring in the need for customer relation on high priority.
    After paying huge amount against electricity bills we not getting the benefits and privilege!

  33. Ravindran Reply

    My consumer no is 2040072500. This is rental house and i shifted this house. Now i need to map my own user name to this consumer no but the application is not allowing me to do this. Please help immediately. URGENT.

  34. Kesavan Reply


  35. n muthukumar Reply

    There is no Electricity in Karaikudi area. Please close all the Eb offices in Tamil Nadu and save electricity and salary.

  36. R.Sundaresan Reply

    Consumer No : 063 037 236

    Service No : xx

    I paid the bill this day 6th Feb 2012 Via NET BANKING IOB, Chennai Villivakkam and the bank transferred the fund Rs 658
    0120206 [email protected]
    Request you to kindly confirm and forward the receipt


  37. Shobanbabu Reply

    I have registered for the ebill facility online. But i’m yet to receive the link to activate my account.

  38. rahul.p Reply

    I have registered for the ebill facility online..but i am yet to receive the link to activate my account.

    • sudhakar Reply

      I have registered for the ebill facility online..but i am yet to receive the link to activate my account.

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