Contact Electronic Arts (EA Games): Find below customer service details of EA Games, including phone and address. You can reach these below contacts for queries or complaints on EA games, online store (Origin), refund/cancellation, technical support or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on EA Games.

EA Games Head Office
Electronic Arts,
Building 250, 209 Redwood Shores Parkway,
Redwood City, CA 94065, United States
Phone: 1-650-628-1500

EA Games Customer Service
Phone: 1-650-628-1001
Phone: 1-650-628-4311
Email: [email protected]

Online Store (Origin)
Click here to access Origin, the online store of EA Games. Purchases can be made by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Once your purchase is complete, users will be prompted to download the “Origin”. Origin is the fastest and easiest way to browse and purchase games.

An order for an item that is in stock or ready to ship cannot be canceled after it is placed. To cancel an order visit EA offers a 90-day limited warranty. For details on warranty visit All physical products purchased through the Origin store come with a 14-day unconditional guarantee. Refund will be by method of original payment; shipping and handling not included.

Register Your Game
To register your game online click here.

EA Games Forum
Click here to visit the online forum of EA Games. Join the discussions by selecting the platform or genre such as racing, shooting, puzzle or others.

Download Manuals
To download manuals for EA Games products click here.

About Electronic Arts Inc.
EA-GamesEA Games was founded in the year 1982. Headquartered in California, US, EA Games develops, markets, publishes and distributes game software and content that can be played on video game consoles, PCs, mobile phones, tablets & electronic readers, the Internet and handheld game players such as PSP, Nintendo DS and 3DS.

In 2011, EA Games had revenue of $1,836 million. Currently, the company has offices in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Romania, India, China, Korea and Singapore. As of 2011, EA Games employed some 8,000 people worldwide.

The EA Games portfolio increases franchises such as Battlefield, Crysis, Command & Conquer, Dragon Age, FIFA, Harry Potter, Hasbro, Madden, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor, NBA, Need for Speed, NHL, The Sims and Tiger Woods. As of 2011, the company published and distributed some 36 titles.

EA Games can be played on platforms such as PC, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation, iPhone & iPod touch, iPad, Mac, Nintendo DS, Xbox Live, Android and Facebook. Games can be downloaded by genres such as action, shooting, sports, racing, RPG, simulation, strategy, family, kids, music and puzzle. Sports-based games are developed under the label EA Sports.

Some of EA Games’ fast selling titles include Mass Effect 3, Mirror’s Edge, Dragon Age: Origins, Star Wars, Dead Space, Mass Effect 2, Battlefield 3, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Need for Speed: The Run, Medal of Honor, Syndicate, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, among others. For more details, visit the website or speak with a EA Games customer service representative.

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  1. Oliver Buggs Reply

    Your server connections has been terrible as of the start of the new madden mobile and the new season for nba. Live it’s seems like every few minutes you lose connection and have to log back in it’s very frustrating and it gives a black eye on some very good games

  2. Sarah Stevens Reply

    Your customer service numbers don’t work. I have tried to reach you many times to cancel. My subscription but I just keep getting charged every 3 months!! I am senior citizen and you are taking advantage of a lot of people. How do you sleep at night?? Please email back!!!#

  3. Ben Reply

    Nothing works with EA, I am wondering if there is anyone at home on the other end? Ea sent me notification that my password had been reset. I went to the link they sent me and around in circles I go with no reset. Tried calling, tried e-mail and I am sent to the frequently ask questions page, damn another run around. My best bet is to just quit using EA/Orgin’s.

  4. Gerrell Reply

    I’ve been trying to get some assistance with sniper elite V 2 that i purchased through origin three days ago. and i want to get a refund for this game. they emailed me a case number and unique access key and that a game Adviser will contact me soon. but still no response! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME AND PROVIDE ME WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE NUMBER IN CALIFORNIA.

  5. Dean Reply

    I spent a lot of money on sims 4 game packs, i log on to the game the next day. But all my items from those game packs were all gone! we expect any help and game packs (to get them back.) Or our money back.
    if at all possible please help!

  6. Lea Reply

    This can be probably the trickiest action for
    me personally because I was very stressed and excited once
    I performed my first few deals.

  7. Don A. Mason Reply

    I purchased a pay as you go credit card with visa.I purchased one year membership and $19.99 for gems. My payment for the gems went through but not my membership for the year.Now there trying to charge me $65.65 for one year membership what is this crap. If not sorted out I’ll never have anything to do with pogo or any other ea games. Trying to talk with someone on line or getting a phone number to talk to a rep. I would be more successful getting a flight to Mars.

  8. Kamala Reply

    I’ve been trying to contact customer support by phone since the ea help online never works!!! I’ve submitted a ticket request to firemonkey about problem with the Sims free play for windows phone I’ve been having since it’s last update. Have tried everything they suggested and let them know that am still having problems. They will not respond now! Maybe you can help since it is your game.

  9. Michael Reply

    I recently purchased battlefield 4 for xbox one and cannot save the campaign. Apparently this has been a problem for several years given the talk online. Why has this company not fixed this problem? It sends a message that you do not respect your customers. Can you please help me save the campaign mode so i can play the game as it was intended?

  10. Paula Squires Reply

    and i would prefer to get a hold of someone on the phone and not a computer, to me things get done faster that way and i can get all my questioned asked.

  11. Raymond Reply

    I think ultimate game is mess up you pay money for a team that you have no control over who you get it’s like playing slots in Vegas if you spend money you should at least get what you want and I know I not only person that feels that way

  12. Misa Reply

    I ordered a product that i did not receive, but was charged for. What the fuck? i can’t get anyone to call me or answer my emails and your phones ring once and then disconnect. Should i simply spread the word that you all rip people off? or should i get a lawyer involved to sue your ass? what do you suggest would be most productive?

  13. Lloyd Norwood Reply

    I have been trying to get help from this damn company for two days now , tec. ph. # 1-215-645-1724 and also customer support , but it seems they only wont to sell their crap . I will never buy another VTree games !!!!!

  14. John Morley Reply

    I have been waiting for about 60 minutes (still waiting), when the initial automatic reply said less than 5 minutes. It just makes me more certain that my decision to never again use Origin was correct. I have several reference numbers now, and here are two of them:
    The other references I didn’t even bother to note down, because it Looks like some kind of veil on your side.
    You should at least inform your customers of problems, or just die, like most dumb companies do.
    My very best wishes,
    John Morley

  15. Anthony Wagner Reply

    I recently moved and remember my previous email which is now inactive but not my password. I can not find an email to send the particulars to to reset the password. Can you help.

  16. Mom Reply

    Many of us have reported a person with many different name he or she uses. We get harrassed insulted and verbally abused by them. We pay so we can play and they get free passes to do all this to us. What is going to be done with this person

  17. diane Reply

    Paypal had informed me that they had paid EA SWISS EARL $54.99 AUD money for an order. But I did not place any order. Kindly refund the amount as soon as possible.

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