What is Amazon US return policy for apparel

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Like most people, you have likely used Amazon at least once in the past five years to cater to your clothes shopping needs. Despite being a tricky thing to shop for online, we rely on online shopping for almost everything nowadays, and clothes are no different. But clothes bring with them a certain level of nuance in the way they fit each individual person. You can’t shop for them online without being dissatisfied now and again. They are a vital part of the way we present ourselves; and even if you’ve measured yourself to a T, that top may simply look…off after you’ve put it on in person. Although it isn’t as convenient as asking the store clerk for another size or style, Amazon does have a sturdy returns policy in place for just these instances where you find yourself dissatisfied with your purchase.

You have 30 days from the date of delivery to return an item, as is the case with most other orders from Amazon. If you think you are going to return the item soon, you should try to preserve the original packaging, any tags or stickers, warranty cards, etc. that came with your package. There may be a chance your return will not be accepted if you are missing one of the components that were included with the original delivery, so make sure to include any accessories such as belts and extra buttons that came with the item you ordered. The clothes themselves must be in their “original” condition, which is to say any clothes with stains, marks and pulled threads may be rejected for returns. To avoid this possibility, always make sure to check your return items for any accidental stains or marks it may have gathered from casual wearing or handling within the 30 day period.

Do remain aware that not all clothes are equally returnable. As a rule, most inner-body garments such as lingerie, socks and shapewear are held to somewhat of a higher standard due to the need for hygiene in these garments. Often underwear will have strategically placed protective plastic stickers on the inside to ensure the item can be tried on without compromising its ability to be resold. If you see such a sticker, make sure to keep it in place until you are certain you are not returning the item. Think of it in terms of yourself buying this returned garment from someone else, would you wear it in the condition you are about to return it? If the answer is yes, Amazon will most likely not object to the return. They have an A-Z return guarantee in place, so if your item does get rejected for a return, or you do not get a response within two business days, you can submit an A-to-Z Guarantee claim form.

But is it free? Sometimes. Most of Amazon sold-and-shipped apparel will be eligible for free returns. One exception to this are orders from The Drop, which are a service by Amazon that make clothes to your specifications. If an item has the option for free returns, it should be stated below the product description or the “Buy Now” button. These products will be shipped with a prepaid return-shipping sticker inside your package. Amazon encourages you to use the exact sticker for the exact return, and discourages combining different items together for returns. For clothes that do qualify for free returns, the cost is usually $3.99 for each return shipment, and an additional $0.99 for each item within the shipment. So if you are buying clothes from a third party on Amazon who do not offer free returns, it is more financially prudent to combine your returns in one shipment.

You can drop off these returns at a convenient drop off place near you, or at pick-up options from Amazon. The options available to you should be listed specifically for each item you are returning. In case of confusion, Amazon are always very customer oriented, and their social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook, their customer help emails and chat services are always available for the disoriented buyer.

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