Singapore is a vibrant, dynamic, and multi-cultural city-state, known for its efficient public transportation, clean streets, and towering architecture. Being a financial center and a hub for international commerce, the country’s culture features a perfect mixture of varying influences – from Indian to Chinese to Eurasian. And the same is reflected in the city’s festivals and food, as Singapore is a great place to enjoy Asian cuisine – whether it is simple street food or a more lavish fine dining experience.

Singapore is also home to several popular tourist attractions, including notable places such as Sentosa Island, which is home to Universal Studios Singapore; Gardens By The Bay which is a futuristic park; and the Singapore Zoo, which is home to more than 2,800 animals from over 300 species. So, if you are a student who is looking to explore Singapore on a budget and want to know the places where you can enjoy special discounts, then our in-depth listicle guide should be your way forward.

1) Singapore Botanic Gardens

Spread over a 163-hectare space, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a tropical garden situated in central Singapore. Being a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, the gardens were initially found in 1859 by the Agri-Horticultural Society of Singapore and are currently home to more than 40,000 plant species. Every year, the place attracts more than four million visitors and is considered to be a great location to enjoy picnics.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens also often hosts concerts, plays, and other performances throughout the year. And there are options for guided tours as well. Also, the good news is that there are currently no entry fees for students, adults, children, or senior citizens.

2) National Orchid Garden

Nestled within the sprawling Singapore Botanic Gardens is a major point of interest, known as the National Orchid Garden. Dedicated to the exquisite beauty and diversity of orchids, it is a captivating sanctuary that features a mesmerizing collection of more than 60,000 orchids across 1,500 different species from around the world. What makes the garden so different from any other on the planet is the curation and showcasing of orchids’ numerous forms and their vibrant colors – whether it be the delicate petals or the sweet fragrance.

The National Orchid Garden also houses ‘Cloud Forest,’ which is a humid conservatory known for replicating the features of an equatorial rainforest. Such a pleasant environment allows orchids to thrive easily and effectively. In addition to being a tourist site, the place also serves as a research and conservation center, as the garden has already developed more than 2,000 new orchid varieties over the years. If you are looking to pay a visit to this beautiful garden, keep in mind that the admission fee for students is $1 (the usual price is $3), and you need to produce a valid ID to prove your student identity. Also, tickets can be purchased on the spot.

3) National Museum of Singapore

Being a prominent landmark at the heart of Singapore, the National Museum is a showcase of majestic architecture and rich historical collections, captivating tourists from around the globe. Initially established in 1887, the museum has undergone a series of renovations to bring it to its current state. Today, the venue spans 120,000 square feet, comprising exhibitions, galleries, and numerous interactive spaces, along with an artifact collection of over a million.

The two most notable galleries situated within the museum are the Peranakan Culture Gallery and the Asian Civilizations Gallery. Additionally, there is also a Global Treasures Gallery featuring exceptional artifacts, including Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese origins. Apart from its magnificent galleries, the venue also hosts temporary exhibitions and collaborations with various international institutions. Entry is free if you are a Singaporean student. However, for foreign students, the fee is $7 (the usual price is $15). Tickets can be purchased here.

4) MacRitchie Nature Trail

Amidst the bustling environment of Singapore lies a place of lush greenery and tranquility known as the MacRitchie Nature Trail. Covering a length of 11 km, this trail walks through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, offering visitors a unique insight into the country’s natural heritage. Featuring towering trees and leafy branches that form a canopy over your head, the place is filled with exotic species of flora and fauna.

One of the major highlights of this place is the iconic Tree Top Walk, which is a 250-meter-long suspension bridge that offers an elevated vantage point above the forest canopy. And the trail also offers opportunities for aqua-sports enthusiasts, including activities such as boating and kayaking. Apart from that, there are also designated picnic spots that you can take advantage of to enjoy a leisurely meal surrounded by Mother Nature. Lastly, entry is free of charge for everyone, including students.

5) Singapore Sports Hub

The Singapore Sports Hub is a multifaceted sports and gig venue well-known for its watersport activities, especially kayaking. Featuring a 55,000-capacity stadium, mall, and aquatic center, it is a fantastic place to visit for those who are looking for an adventurous experience without paying through their noses.

If you are unaware, kayaking can be a great way to enhance your cardiovascular fitness, weight management, flexibility, body balance, muscle strength, and tone. And the great thing is that – students with a valid ID can enjoy a 2-hour rental kayaking experience for just $13 (the usual price is $18). For Singaporean students, the price comes down even further to $10 (the usual price is $14). Also, ticket booking is carried out in person on a first-come, first-served basis.