Samsung Galaxy S20 FE: Common problems and solutions

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This is the late version of the Galaxy S20 series that in its own segment stands true to the FE (Fan Edition) moniker. For everyone who wants to have the best of flagship series offered by Samsung but is tight on budget, this is the perfect choice. The smartphone comes with a 6.5 inch super AMOLED display with 8 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of storage. It is backed by Samsung’s top tier Exynos 990 SOC and juiced by a 4500 MAH battery with up to 25W fast charge support.

Clearly, the device has all the ingredients to be a flagship phone but it is offered at a budget. Sure there are a few cost cutting aspects but to most users, they would not be significant. The toned down camera set up at the rear with 12-12-8 MP set up and 32 MP front facing camera perform really well. The 256 GB version is currently available in only one colour option, which is the Cloud Navy while the 128 GB version has five colour options, Red, Mint, Lavender, White and Navy.

Even though the Galaxy S20 FE is an impressive smartphone, it still has a few flaws like every smartphone. A list of such customer complaints are compiled below with support options and solutions that you could try out.

Ghost Touch Issue:

There are reports from Samsung user community that few units are showing ghost touches on their smartphone. It happens when you are not using the smartphone but the screen is responding to touches on its own. This could happen for both hardware and software reasons.

Possible Solutions:

  • Remove the screen guard you have been using to see if the problem still persists.
  • Force restart or factory reset your smartphone. This would curb the chances of bugs in the software that might be causing this issue. (Update build number BUA 5 of 263 MB)
  • If the problems still persists after factory resetting then you might want to take this up to Samsung customer care for a repair or replacement of the display.

Overheating Camera Issue:

Experts at GuidetoRoot pointed out that the phone significantly heats up when you are using the camera app. The cameras are a highlight in the S20 FE and any bug associated with it cannot be taken lightly.

Possible Solutions:

  • Samsung has addressed this issue for the few set of people who were having this issue with an OTA software/bug fix update that actually fixed this issue. So look out for any software update available on your smartphone.
  • You can also choose to get rid of any third party application that could be contributing to the heating. Boot your smartphone in safe mode and check if any application was causing this problem.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issue:

Few users have complained about faulty Bluetooth connectivity on their Galaxy S20 FE where the connection to paired devices keeps dropping. Some users also reported they were unable to connect to a new Bluetooth device.

Possible Solutions:

  • The fair way to see if your S20 FE has a bug in Bluetooth setting is to reset it. Reset your Network settings under the Back Up and Reset tab and check if the problem persists.
  • Bluetooth connection issue may be hardware based and an authorised Samsung service centre would clear it in no time.

Touchscreen Sensitivity Issue:

This one was similar to the ghost touch problem that few units were already facing. In this issue, few phones were unable to recognise touch inputs and taps. Many users were continuing to use the phone and have been doubting a hardware defect in their units. This was affirmed by Android Police team.

Possible Solution:

Samsung has addressed this issue through an OTA update under the build number CUD1. This reportedly resolved touchscreen related issues on many devices. If you are yet to update your Galaxy S20 FE, it is advised to do that first.

Screen Dimming Issue:

Users in a thread at Samsung community pointed out that the adaptive brightness dims the screen under sunlight after a few seconds of flickering. One user also suggested that he has factory reset the smartphone and it is possibly a hardware issue.


Samsung has released a bug fix under the version DUE1 which has fixed the issue for all S20 FE models.

Customer Support

  • Find your ideal customer service centre at Samsung’s website. The service centres are fairly located at most parts and can be accessed easily.
  • Troubleshooting over telephone is also offered by the brand which is the best way to connect and solve the issue remotely.
  • Door step pick up and drop service is available in some regions for hassle free repairs and replacement.

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