Mount Rainier is a natural icon in the Washington landscape for its magnificent wilderness surrounding the steep valley. It is one of the oldest national parks known for its active volcano. Mount Rainier is the highest and most glaciated peak in Washington and the origin of five major rivers.

A day trip to the national park offers you a peaceful day amidst the nature and brilliant colors of the wildflower and an exciting experience in the hike up the valley. Overnight camping in the park presents you with a lifetime of discovery of the wilderness and the mysticism of nature.

Timings & Ticket Info

Mount Rainier National Park is open all year round and 24 hours a day. Though the National Park is open all year round, the visitation peaks in warmer months, such as in July and August. The park also operates on all national holidays. If you want to witness the blooming wildflowers in the warmer weather, July and August is the best time. Book your tickets well in advance as it gets sold quickly. Additionally, plan your visit before 10 AM or 2:30 PM to avoid the crowds.

Visitors can experience a more leisurely time in spring and autumn at the park. The National Park gets a visit from the fleeting waterfalls this month, along with bright and colorful flowers reaching deep into the valley. However, the weather may restrict entry to some areas of the park; hence it is recommended to check the road status beforehand.

Though winter is a great time to visit Mount Rainier National Park for its snow-capped landscape and fun activities such as skiing, some entrances and roads remain closed due to the seasonal changes.

The tickets are affordable; however, advance booking is recommended as it sells out fast. You can book digital passes through the official website to save time at the entrance. The ticket price starts from only $15 per person who wants to walk up or bring a bicycle, and it also allows unlimited entry for the next seven days from the date of booking. A private car entry fee is $30, and a motorcycle entry ticket costs $25. These tickets grant unlimited entry to the Mount Rainier National Park for seven consecutive days. Annual passes are also available at $55 and save a lot of money if you plan to visit more than once a year.

Camping facilities in the National Park start from $20 nightly and go up to $60 for group sites that accommodate 25 to 40 people. Check the website for the entrance fee-free days to save a little more on your trip to Mount Rainier National Park.

How to Reach

The park is in southwest Washington, only a two-hour drive from downtown Seattle. You can take a day trip with your car to the park and make an entry through the most popular Nisqually entrance. Organized day tours are also available from Seattle, providing pick-up and drop-off facilities. These are also great when you do not want to worry about car parking and driving on your day off. Public transportation does not take you directly to the park but drops you off close. From here you need to hire a cab or taxi to reach the park entrance.

Things to Do in And Around

When in Seattle, you can book an all-inclusive small group tour to Mount Rainier National Park and enjoy the majestic landscape or indulge in a guided hiking or snowshoe trek. These small group tours also provide delectable breakfast, beverages, and snacks for the visitors to enjoy on their journey to the National Park. Apart from these, you can choose from several options, such as the Seattle Harbour Cruise or Yakima Valley Vineyard. Moreover, you can go for shore excursions or a sunset sail tour to soak in the beauty of nature.

How to Contact

The Nisqually entrance of the Mount Rainier National Park is located at 39000 State Route 706 E, Ashford, WA 98304, United States. For any queries or feedback, you can reach the support through phone on 360 569-2211 or 360-569-6575.