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Moto Razr 2022’s possible complaints and fixes

The Moto Razr 2022 is one of the hottest mobile handsets from Motorola. Launched in August, 2022, the premium foldable device comes with latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. The device has been known to take a few knocks and remain working. But like most gadgets, something is bound to go wrong at some point of time. Discussed below are some of the most commonly occurring issues with the Moto Razr. A step by step towards resolving the issues have also been included in the write up.

Battery Draining Issues

It could be said that the battery of most mobile phones remains the weakest link in its design as well. Often phones are needed to be changed due to issues with the battery and not with other hardware parts.

The Moto Razr 2022 comes with an Octa core processor that runs at 1.2 GHz of speed. Thus, the very design is to ensure that the battery does not consume much energy and is energy conservative. The handset must be able to do any of the every day operations with battery power being an issue. However, it is possible that the battery could be draining out prematurely as the phone ages.

In case you suspect that the battery is not standing up to the full usage of the handset, it is possible to know the usage time after the last recharge. Navigate to Settings>Battery>Show Full Device Usage.

This would give the hour and minutes that has elapsed since the battery was last charged. It would be advisable to perform the above task after a full charge of the battery has been done. And if the usage time falls below 10 hours or still less, then it is time that the user paid some attention to the phone set.

The following steps could help prolong the life of the battery and should be considered before opting for a new battery change.

  1. From the Settings Menu, turn off the Auto Brightness feature. Then proceed to bring the screen brightness to the least possible level. This should in normal circumstances improve on the battery usage times.
  2. Open Settings>Apps and disable Show Notifications for all not used applications. This is bound to improve on the battery performance as the idle apps are disabled from view.
  3. Turn off the following to improve the usage times – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and Mobile Hotspot. These can be done by accessing the shortcuts that appear above the screen display.
  4. Reduce the screen on time to less than a minute.
  5. Update all software to their latest versions.
  6. Lastly take care not to overcharge the handset.

With the steps taken as detailed above, it is inevitable that the Screen Usage times must improve. Changing of battery must only be attempted after ensuring that the most life has been squeezed out of the current power unit.

Experiencing an Unresponsive Screen

If the screen of the touchscreen phone is not functioning properly, there are some common steps that would try to fix the problem. Changing of the screen is rather an expensive affair for the Moto Razr and must be resorted to if all else fails

  1. Reboot or restart the phone using the power on button. If the issue with the screen is that of a software update that has not be installed properly, then this step should fix the problem for good.
  2. If after step 1, the screen is still not responding to swipes, then try installing and running the Display Testing app for Android phones. The testing takes care of major and minor issues with the screen and would point correctly to the fault with the phone.
  3. The last step should be to try and Factory Reset the phone. This would return the software components to the state that they were shipped from the factory as brand new. There are times when bugs in the system or display could be fixed with this step. But care must be taken to back up the phone to be able to restore it to the original working condition.

Overheating Issues with Moto Razr

Most electronic items heat up with they are in use and mobile phones are no exception. But if the user were to notice an abnormal heat build up then it means the handset needs attention. There are some very simple causes to heating of the phone and of course, there are the not so simple reasons as well.

If the Moto Razr 2022 is found to be heating up beyond a point, then it is advisable to perform the following steps. They are intended to reduce the heat build-up while at the same time giving sufficient time to approach an authorized service center for further attention.

  1. Check to see that the charging is done using a genuine and approved Motorola charger. Sometimes when using an incompatible charger, it is quite possible that the handset might heat up. Another point to note is to see that the battery is not charged beyond its capacity. Not only can over charging cause the batter to heat up but it could also lead to fires occurring.
  2. Try Restarting or Rebooting the system. This would turn off all the apps and restart them again which should take care of any errant software that could have been running prior to the restart.
  3. Pay attention to switching off the following when not required – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and Mobile Hotspot.
  4. Check the Apps section on the Settings and turn off any app that is not being put to immediate use. This should reduce the load on the processor and batteries which could mean a cooler phone.
  5. Update the phone and make it a habit to check for system updates regularly. Since an non-updated phone is running on old software it is quite possible that there could be incompatibilities with systems that are already running on the handset.


As with any machine, the Moto Razr 2022 is designed to last a long time with regular use. But it is quite possible that something might go wrong at some point of time or the other. It is reassuring to know that help is at hand and emergency fixes like the ones outlined above would allow the user to enjoy the device without having to repair or replace. Should at any point, you need to take it to an authorized service center you can locate one nearest to you on the link here. You can also speak to the Motorola customer support on phone for more assistance.

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