Touted as one of the ‘busiest transportation facilities in the Western Hemisphere’, the New York Penn Station boasts a rich history. The original Penn Station, which was demolished in the 1960s, was in a league of its own with its beautiful design and architecture that even rivaled European train stations. And even though the current design is a far cry from that architectural marvel, it still proves to be functional and efficient.

The New York Penn Station acts as a vital transportation hub, serving as the entry point for hundreds of thousands of travelers daily. And the national passenger railroad service, known as Amtrak, uses Penn Station as its Northeast Corridor hub. This means it connects New York City to major destinations like Boston, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. Additionally, New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) also use the Penn Station, providing commuter service to New Jersey suburbs and Long Island getaways, respectively. The station also seamlessly integrates with the NYC subway system, allowing travelers easy access to all five boroughs of New York City and handling over 600,000 passengers daily.

The Penn Station authorities have also established a robust ‘lost and found’ system that allows any passenger to recover or report any item, such as lost baggage or electronic gadgets such as mobiles or laptops. To learn more, be sure to go through our extensive guide explained below.

3 Ways to Report Lost and Found

Before you initiate a ‘lost and found’ request with the New York Penn Station authorities, keep in mind that the Penn Station does not possess a central, dedicated lost and found office. Instead, reporting or recovery must be done to the specific railroad service in which the item(s) was lost. For instance, if you were traveling via Amtrak and your specific belonging was lost, then you need to report the same to Amtrak only.

Lost and found services can be found for Amtrak, New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit), Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), and the NYC Subway. Steps for each convenient process have been provided below.

Report by Physically Visiting the Location

Visiting the official customer service locations or centers for your specific railroad service can help you get a quick resolution for your ‘lost and found’ request. To start the reporting process, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Begin your journey by heading over to the office location of your required railroad service: Amtrak Headquarters at 1 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001; NJ Transit customer service locations; and Long Island Rail Road and NYC Subway office locations here.
  2. Once you reach the office location, state that you want to report a ‘lost and found’ request and then provide all the necessary details.
  3. Start by first providing information regarding yourself (personal and communication details) and then your travel details, such as the route you undertook, your train or bus number, time and date of travel, etc.
  4. After that, state all known details regarding your lost belonging(s) and complete the process on the spot.
  5. Finally, wait for a follow-up response from the relevant authority once their inquiry is completed.

Report via Phone

If you are unable to physically visit the customer service offices mentioned beforehand, you can go ahead and get in touch with the relevant authorities via phone, as mentioned below.

  1. First, make a phone call to your preferred railroad service authorities: 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) or 1-800-331-0008 for Amtrak; (973) 275-5555 for NJ Transit; and 511 for both Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and NYC Subway.
  2. Navigate through the on-call menus and select the option to speak to a customer care executive.
  3. Once a customer care agent connects to your call, start by providing details of your travel, such as the route you are traveling on as well as the number of the bus, train, or light rail vehicle. All of these aforementioned details can be found on your travel ticket.
  4. After that, state the date and time at which you were traveling, as well as your seating position (seat number). You also need to provide a detailed description of the item you have lost.
  5. Finally, let customer support know how they can reach you after they complete their cross-check or inquiry. If a potential match is found, you will be asked to come and retrieve the item.

Reporting on the Web

Apart from making a phone call, you can also submit your ‘lost and found’ request online or via email. To do that, follow the steps given below.

  1. Start by first heading over to the official ‘lost and found’ reporting websites for each railroad service: Amtrak, NJ Transit, Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), and NYC Subway.
  2. Once you have visited your preferred website, start filling out the ‘lost and found’ form.
  3. You will be required to first state your personal and communication details, such as your name, email address, phone number, etc.
  4. After that, mention your travel information, such as your train or bus number, date and time of travel, route details, terminal or station details, etc.
  5. Lastly, you need to provide details regarding the item that you have lost. Ensure that you properly categorize the item, state the item’s color, make, and model, and add any additional comments (if required).

Once done, submit the form and wait for a follow-up from the relevant authorities.