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La Perle Dubai: Visitor guide, timings & contact

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Dubai is a city of extravagance, grandeur, and luxury. It never believes in doing anything on a small scale. Proof of that has been the opening of the La Perle Show by Dragone in Dubai in August of 2017.

If you are willing to take a detour and explore Dubai and its culture from a slightly different perspective, visit the spectacular La Perle by Dragone show that is presented by the Al Habtoor group right in the heart of the city.

Building a strong, visually appealing narrative through creative art using special effects and sounds – the show sweeps you off your feet! A fine blend of imagery and avant-garde technology, the show impactfully demonstrates Dubai’s 7000-year-old pearl diving history.

La Perle is the product of Franco Dragone’s creative mind — the legendary European art director. He weaves and fuses elements of technology, acrobatics, and action into an inspiring piece of visual art. It is an hour-and-a-half-long show that encapsulates Dubai’s history most magically, leaving the audience spellbound!

It is a 1300-seater capacity auditorium and is interestingly built to facilitate a 270-degree view to the audience.

Trained artists take the bespoke stage to display their mesmerizing talent in various art forms one after the other. Aerial and aquatic, sublime and dangerous feats are performed with such gusto and utter perfection that you wonder what to applaud more for — performer agility and fitness, or dramatic excellence in sync with the rhythmic beats playing in the background! The surround-sound experience is top-notch!

What are the Highlights

Let’s give you a quick sneak-peek into the show’s top draws and best features.

Larger-than-life Show — You have to live the experience to understand the magic!
Stellar performances, amazing visual and sound effects together with the right fusion of technology and artistic creation — the La Perle Show is unreal, surreal, and totally out-of-this-world. In toto, an incredible show!

Show Theme — The show recreates the history of pearl diving in Dubai and makes the audience time travel back and forth. It juxtaposes it with the rise and success of the City of Gold in the present century through traditional tales and a fascinating narrative.

Techniques Used — Franco Dragone has intricately used and combined multiple elements to augment the show’s features. These are light, sound, technology, action, acrobatics, and projections. At least 65 artists are part of the show.

The Highlights — Visitors to the show do not stop gushing about the marvels characterized by many stunning and daredevil leaps and stunts by artists. The icing on the cake is the enhancement with the water element in the form of pool, rain, and cascades. They use gallons of water to create the right effects. You remain wide-eyed as you see the athletes take a plunge into the water pool from a height of 25 meters!

Your heart skips a beat as you watch the jaw-dropping, scary bike performance. Another show-stealer, the stunt performers run their bikes in circular motions at high speed inside an enclosed ball that is suspended in the air. You will never catch another one like this anywhere in the world! It is, indeed, a show of a lifetime that is worth every penny. No other show in the world will appeal to your senses after you walk out of La Perle. A complete show that is a visual treat!

Interiors and Seating — The theater has an opulent and striking interior, tastefully designed by the world-renowned Jean Rabasse. The seats are comfortable and strategically positioned to allow a full 270-degree view of this spectacular, one-of-a-kind show! The theater is a 1300-seater.

Info on Timings and Tickets

The La Perle Show is a permanent show in Dubai that is staged from Tuesdays through Saturdays. There are no shows held on Sundays and Mondays.

There are two show timings, each lasting 1 and a half hours or 90 minutes. The first show of the day is scheduled at 18:30 hours and the next/last one begins at 21:00 hours. They recommend guests arrive at least an hour before the show.

You can purchase tickets online on the website. They cost AED 209 for a single entry. The show is a bang for your buck. It is a show of a lifetime that is never worth a miss in Dubai.

How to Reach, Contact

Located in Al Habtoor City in Dubai, the La Perle Show is a famous attraction on Sheikh Zayed Road in Downtown Dubai. For queries or feedback, you can call +971 4 437 0001 or write to [email protected]

Traffic conditions are often congested given the city’s famous address hosting many tourist attractions in the vicinity. Plan your visit to the theater carefully, keeping adequate time on hand especially if you are taking public transport.

Bus lines 7, 21, 29, F14, F20, 93, and 98E, and metro M1 have routes that pass near the La Perle Theater. The nearest bus stations are the Gulf News- 01, and Emarat Headquarters – 01. The Financial Center Metro Station is the nearest to the theater.

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