Flying can be a stressful experience, especially long-distance flights, leading to headaches and difficulty sleeping. That is why the Al-Fursan Golden Lounge in Saudi Arabia offers a haven of comfort and luxury for travelers wishing to get a much-needed break from their schedules. It should be known that this exclusive lounge is available at select airports in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, catering to both first- and business-class travelers on Saudia Airlines as well as SkyTeam Elite Plus members flying on international routes.

The Al-Fursan Golden Lounge is currently operational at the following airports in Saudi Arabia: King Khalid International Airport (RUH) in Riyadh, King Fahd International Airport (DMM) in Dammam, Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport (MED) in Medina, King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) in Jeddah, and Cairo International Airport (CAI). With its luxurious amenities, delicious food offerings, and dedicated relaxation areas, there is no denying that this lounge will ultimately elevate the travel experience for premium passengers flying through Saudi Arabia.

If you are looking to take a stop at the Al-Fursan Golden Lounge in any of the aforementioned airports in Saudi Arabia, then our insightful guide can help you know all the information you need to obtain access to this wonderful place.

What Membership Gives Access to Lounge

There are primarily two ways through which you can access the Al-Fursan Golden lounges across all the airports in Saudi Arabia. The first option is to be flying in business or first class on Saudia or another SkyTeam airline, while the second option is to hold an Al-Fursan Elite or Elite+ membership card and be flying on Saudia airlines. The aforementioned memberships are part of Saudia’s frequent flyer program.

Al-Fursan Gold and Silver members embarking on international flights can bring three registered family members on a first class ticket, two registered family members on a business class ticket, and one registered family member on an economy class ticket. And for domestic flights, only the cardholder can access the lounge. However, Gold members have an additional perk where they can bring one extra guest (in each ticket class) in addition to the registered family members. And finally, SkyTeam Elite Plus members can bring one guest. Also, keep in mind that guests and family members must be traveling on the same date as the cardholder.

For more information on Al-Fursan Golden lounges, visit here. Additionally, you can contact the customer care team at +966 920022222 for more information, as entry rules and regulations continue to change over time.

How to Pay and Access Without a Membership

If you are flying on Saudia, the published walk-in rates are: SAR (Saudi Riyal) 161 for business class lounge and SAR 184 for first class lounge – with both featuring six hours of unlimited access. On the other hand, for SkyTeam or foreign airlines, the first-class lounge access cost is SAR 287.50 and the business-class lounge access cost is SAR 230.

To access the lounge without an Al-Fursan membership card, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. The first step involves heading over to the reception area of the Al-Fursan Golden Lounge of the specific airport in Saudi Arabia that you are traveling to/from.
  2. Talk to the receptionist for walk-in access to the lounge, and you will be required to show your travel proof.
  3. After that, based on your presented travel data, you will be required to pay the requsite walk-in fee with your preferred mode of payment.
  4. Once done, you will be able to access the lounge at your own will.

Everything Else You Need To Know

Once you obtain access to any of the Al-Fursan Golden lounges across airports in Saudi Arabia, there are various ways through which you can keep yourself occupied. The lounges offer spacious seating options, including armchairs and couches with multiple television screens and a diverse selection of newspapers and magazines. You can either decide to relax and unwind or simply proceed to work on any unfinished task without anyone disturbing or interrupting you.

Talking about amenities, the food and beverage area offers a wide selection of hot and cold dishes, snacks, and drinks to suit both local and international tastes. Some of the notable dishes that you can find include salads, sandwiches, sweets and desserts, pastries, burgers, wraps and rolls, soups, pasta, rice and chicken dishes, and much more.

When it comes to the beverages section, you get the usual selection of non-alcoholic options, such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, soda, non-alcoholic beer, and fruit juices. However, remember that since Saudi Arabia is a conservative Islamic country, you do not get access to alcoholic drinks within any of the Al-Fursan lounge premises.

Other noteworthy amenities will include fast and reliable WiFi internet facilities, dedicated business centers with computers, enough charging sockets to keep your devices juiced, clean and tidy restrooms, and special rooms for kids and families. Finally, please note that the size and amenities of the Al-Fursan Golden lounges can vary depending on the airport they are situated in.