If your journey involves passing through any of Saudi Arabia’s major airports, then stopping by at one of the many Hayyak Lounges in the country should be your priority. Operated by Al Khaleejia Catering Company, Hayyak boasts a network of 29 lounges spread across 19 regional airports within the Kingdom.

At any Hayyak Lounge, passengers are offered a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional Arabian hospitality, where they can unwind themselves in a stylish and comfortable setting, enjoy complimentary refreshments, meals, and beverages, and ultimately ensure a seamless and relaxing experience. And to further add to the overall convenience, the location of these lounges is conveniently done within the departure areas of the respective airports that they are in (typically near gates). Also, keep in mind that some Hayyak Lounges cater specifically to international and transit flights, while others are open to domestic travelers as well.

With that being said, if you want to take your traveling experience to a different level altogether, then learning more about the Hayyak Lounge can help you plan your journey efficiently. That is where our comprehensive guide comes in, letting you know everything there is to know about these fantastic places of interest.

Here are the List of Cards Accepted

There are multiple ways through which you can access a Hayyak Lounge of your choice. Starting with airlines, if you are traveling with Saudia, Nile Air, Egypt Air, Fly Dubai, Gulf Air, Fly Nas (Nasmiles), or Qatar Airways, then you will automatically be accepted at one of these lounges. However, remember that eligibility for these lounges depends on your flying class or membership status (if any).

Then you have the credit card and lounge membership programs, where Hayyak Lounges are supported by Priority Pass, Diners Club International credit cards, Lounge Club, Lounge Pass, American Express credit cards, DreamFolks, Dragon Pass, and select MasterCard-branded international credit cards. Additionally, if your international credit card is issued by either the Al Rajhi Bank or the Saudi Insurance Bank, two of the most well-known banks in Saudi Arabia, then you can also get access to these lounges.

Since these above-mentioned entry terms and conditions are subject to change, it is always suggested to confirm before you start your journey by visiting the official website or sending an email to [email protected].

How to Pay and Access Without a Card

It should be known that the walk-in fee for getting into a Hayyak Lounge of your choice depends on the airport that you are at. For instance, the Hayyak Lounge at Yanbu Airport costs around SAR (Saudi Riyal) 158 per person, while that at Gassim Airport is around SAR 129 per person. To purchase your access, follow the steps outlined below closely.

  1. First, head over to the reception area of the Hayyak Lounge at the airport of your choice in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Show your travel credentials and ask for access. You will be required to provide your personal details and contact information.
  3. Once done, pay the requisite fee via your preferred payment method on the spot.
  4. After successfully paying the charges, you can then access the lounge at your own will.

Everything Else You Need To Know

With your access sorted at the Hayyak Lounge, it is time to know more about the facilities offered. Being one of the primary airport hospitality service providers in Saudi Arabia, these lounges prioritize creating a quiet and serene atmosphere with comfortable seating to allow passengers to unwind at their own will. Most Hayyak lounges feature an open-floor plan with multiple partitions to carve out distinct zones. You get access to plush armchairs, recliners, and message chairs for the seating area, while the dining area offers usual seating options, accommodating both groups and solo travelers.

Accessibility is a key factor in these lounges, as they are designed with disabled access in mind. And you get flight information at your fingertips, with display screens keeping you updated on your departure times. Apart from that, you also get the usual complimentary WiFi facility with multiple charging ports to keep your electronic devices juiced up.

Talking about food and beverage, the lounge features a hot and cold buffet, with the primary focus being on items that are high in carbohydrates. Of course, you are not going to experience Saudi cuisine at its finest, but what you do get is a pretty generous spread. Start with breakfast; you will find eggs, chicken sausage, and hash browns, while at other times of the day you will mostly get to eat items such as salads (pre-packaged), chicken nuggets, pasta, and pizza. There is also a wide selection of desserts, including cakes, cookies, and croissants, along with supplementary pastries and sandwiches. And if you are looking for ice creams, well, you can only get them after noon.

Moving on to the beverage side of things, bottled or canned juices or sodas will be the first thing that you will see, along with a small selection of milk and yogurt options. Tea and coffee are also available, but what you do not get are alcoholic drinks, which are as per the local Saudi Arabian customs.

Some of the other amenities that you can expect include pristine bathrooms, prayer rooms, smoking cabins, shoe polishing machines, business centers with conference rooms, luggage storage facilities, and a respectable selection of reading materials (newspapers and magazines).

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Last Update: June 1, 2024