The aviation industry thrives in a world that is driven by online reviews and aggressive customer ratings today. The secret to Lufthansa’s global airline success, the highest customer ratings, and the edge it enjoys over its competitors in the market can be attributed to many of its great airline qualities and top-tier features. From a modernized fleet to incorporating futuristic inflight technologies, the Sustainable Aviation Fuel program in the effort to reduce carbon footprint to serving the maximum number of destinations in the world – Lufthansa stands a class apart!

Lufthansa qualifies as Europe’s biggest airline and is comparable to Emirates both in terms of the number of passengers it flies daily and its fleet size which is approximately 656 aircraft as we write. The Lufthansa Group operates a network of subsidiary airlines like Swiss Airlines, German Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and Brussels Airlines. Lufthansa Airlines serves over 250 destinations across 77 countries, giving its fliers a premium flying experience – one they would cherish for life and return for more!

Lufthansa’s inflight services, business deals, pricing policy, comfort factor, and flexible flying features are top-notch. But flying with the world’s largest airline with a comprehensive route network can sometimes be intimidating, especially when you are dealing with lost luggage.

Following are the things to do on priority when your baggage gets waylaid in transit due to reasons galore like flight delays, flight diversions, technical difficulties in handling baggage, congestion and high traffic at the airports, or bag tags getting detached due to manhandling.

1) Approach the Lost Property Office

Locating lost luggage can be as much a source of anguish for airline staff as for the passenger concerned, given the time and resources required to invest in tracking the lost property and dealing with the passenger’s anxiety and sometimes unwarranted emotional rantings. With Lufthansa, however, it is different.

The airline staff is forever keen to reunite you with your bag at the earliest, and they compensate you fairly and suitably for any losses you suffer in the absence of your bag or in case of delayed arrival or damaged property. No sooner do you realize that you are missing your baggage, report it without delay at Lufthansa’s baggage reclaim service counters or baggage tracing desk; it is better to go online for faster processing though. They have a link to report delayed baggage, which you must do immediately after realizing that your baggage has not traveled with you at the destination airport. Keep a mental or physical note of the reference number, also called the PIR number, which they send to you via an email or text message. It is equally important to keep other documents handy like your boarding pass, baggage claim tag, and your ID. The PIR will help you to track your baggage status online. It is always a good idea to stay put at the arrival airport till you reclaim your luggage. Remote conversations can be time-consuming and may result in inordinate delays in baggage delivery.

Alternatively, you can place your inquiries at Frankfurt’s lost property office, Lufthansa’s main operation base, Mondays through Sundays between 8:00 hours to 16:00 hours. You can avail of this only if you took a Lufthansa flight from or to the Frankfurt airport.

Remember, the airline has clear guidelines that make it liable to compensate its customers adequately and insure them against the lost or damaged property. You can check out the statutory regulations and time limits on their official website. To make a claim though, you will need to retain the required receipts.

2) Fill the Online Baggage Claim

Online is the way to go to ensure speedy service. Most fliers realize missing luggage or spot damages to their property immediately on arrival. However, if you notice items missing from your baggage or notice major dents and tears to your belongings after you reach your home or the hotel, Lufthansa authorities recommend that you report damage within seven days of your flight and with sufficient proof that the damage occurred during air transportation and in the care of Lufthansa officials.

For prompt processing, fill in the online baggage claim form to report your loss. You must be specific about reporting where you suspect leaving your baggage behind – at the Lufthansa waiting lounges or onboard the flight. The staff will make suitable arrangements to track it and commission an agent to have it returned to you in the shortest possible time before you leave the airport premises.

In the rare case that Lufthansa fails in reuniting you with your baggage within five days of the baggage missing report, you will have to fill out a detailed contents list to enable the officials to launch a more intensive search.

3) Reach Customer Service via Phone & Social Media

The customer relations officer should be your go-to guy in such grave instances where you fear missing or losing your bag/s. This may not require unnecessary legwork. You can always reach out to the concerned authorities through phone and social media. Here are the numbers for key regions: +61 0 280 989 008 (Australia), +1514 673 7286 (Canada), +33 0 387 130 113 (France), +49 0 69 867 99400 (Germany), +31 0 70 770 9396 (Netherlands), +972 0 3 927 2021 (Israel), 000800 4407 031 (India), +81 363628114 (Japan), , +44 0 151 237 3300 (UK) and +1954 635 4549 (US). You can also access the Help and Contact section on their official website, but the better alternative lies in dropping an SOS on their social media page in the ‘Problems With Your Baggage’ section. You will be contacted soon.


No matter how urged you may be to lose patience, you must keep your composure for your own sanity and to allow the officials to do their bit. Understandably, it is a harrowing experience to lose your prized possessions, especially in a stranger land, but it is important to note here that the delay was never intentional on anyone’s part.

Lufthansa pulls out all the stops to ensure they provide a world-class flying experience to their customers, but in the odd event that you lose your belongings in transit, they leave no stone unturned in locating, tailing, and delivering your belongings intact – so that you enjoy a peaceful and stress-free vacay!

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Last Update: January 19, 2023