Originally known as ‘AsSeenOnScreen’, ASOS is an online cosmetic and fashion retailer headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2000, the company aimed to attract young adults by selling imitations of clothing that were originally seen in films and television. For instance, ASOS sold an imitation of the red leather jacket that renowned actor Brad Pitt wore in David Fincher’s 1999 classic, Fight Club.

Over time, ASOS grew into a worldwide brand and as of the current day, its website sells clothing from 850 different brands, across 196 countries including the United States and Europe. The company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange, with an annual revenue of more than 3,900 million Pounds. The company also has a payroll of over 3,000, as of 2021.

Currently, the major product categories on ASOS.com include beauty accessories, shoes, clothing and sportswear. Also, when it comes to payment methods, there is a myriad of options available at your disposal – from simple debit or credit cards to PayPay or AfterPay to contactless payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Some of the supported major debit/credit card vendors include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Delta, Visa Electron and American Express.

What is the Order Cancellation Policy

When you shop on ASOS.com, do remember that if you have paid for your order using AfterPay, then you will not be able to cancel your order. However, if you have paid via any other payment method mentioned above, then there are multiple time limits that you have to note for cancellation.

If you have chosen ‘next day delivery/express’, then you will have 15 minutes to cancel your order after completing it. Next, if you have chosen ‘nominated day delivery’, then you will have 2 days to cancel before your chosen delivery date. Finally, if you have chosen ‘standard delivery’ or any other delivery option, then you will have 60 minutes to cancel after completing your order.

As for return, ASOS.com allows you to return any item within 28 days of receiving your order, to get a full refund to your original payment method. However, you can also return your order within 29-45 days of receiving your order, except this time ASOS.com will only provide you with a store gift voucher of an equivalent amount. Additionally, all refunds are processed within a maximum of 14 days from receiving the returns.

How to Cancel and Get Refund Online

To start the cancellation process of your ASOS.com order and get a refund for the same, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First, you have to visit the official ASOS.com login web page here.
  2. Use your registered email address and password that you used to place the order.
  3. Once signed in, head over to ‘My Orders’. Look for the order you want to cancel. After you have found the same, click on ‘Cancel Order’.
  4. If you have followed the above-mentioned suggested timelines for order cancellation, then your order status will change to ‘Cancelled’.
  5. A confirmation message will be sent to your registered email address along with the refund details as well.

How to Cancel and Get Refund via Chat

To cancel your ASOS.com order through customer care and get a refund for the same, follow the subsequent mentioned steps.

  1. To chat with ASOS.com customer care, you have to first log in to your account.
  2. Once logged in, launch a new chat session with customer care by visiting the link here.
  3. Ask the virtual agent to connect you to a live agent. After connecting to a live agent, provide your order number and ask for cancellation.
  4. If your order can be cancelled, provided that the timeline matches ASOS’s cancellation policy, then customer care will straightforwardly cancel your order, without any questions asked.
  5. Once your order is cancelled, you will receive a confirmation message on your email address along with the refund information.

How to Cancel and Get Refund via Post

If any of the above-mentioned steps were not helpful, then you can cancel your order by returning your ordered items and getting a refund for the same. To do that, follow the suggested steps below.

  1. First, allow the contents of your order to reach your doorstep.
  2. Once you receive your order, visit the following web page.
  3. Enter your country to see the recommended way of returning your order. For instance, if you are returning your order from India, then you have to return your order via your local post office via a return note. All the necessary directions will be provided by ASOS.com on that specific web page.
  4. Once the parcel reaches the ASOS.com warehouse, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered email address.
  5. Finally, the refund will be processed within 14 days of receiving the order by ASOS.com at their warehouse.

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Last Update: January 19, 2023