Xiaomi has always been at the forefront of smartphone innovation, allowing users to enjoy top-notch technology at affordable price points. From primarily focusing on budget and mid-range smartphones, Xiaomi has grown substantially over the years, offering the citizens of the United Kingdom with value-for-money devices that fit every one’s budget. And the recent launches of the Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Ultra further cements the company’s legacy, as users can experience flagship-grade user-experience without paying through their noses.

Xiaomi is also a major supporter of device sustainability in the UK, which is the reason why they have been successful in their smartphone trade-in program. Through the company’s official trade-in offers, a user can purchase a new smartphone of his or her choice, while submitting the old device, for which the estimated value will be deducted from the cost of the new device. The process is carried out in a straightforward and secure manner, so that the end-user can start enjoying his or her new device right away.

If you own an old Xiaomi device that you want to exchange for a new one, then you can absolutely do so by following our comprehensive guide.

Steps to Officially Trade-in Old Device

If your old device’s data is backed up and has been factory reset, then you can start the trade-in process by following the below-mentioned steps closely.

  1. Start the process by first visiting the official website here.
  2. On the landing page, click on ‘Smartphone > All Products’ and then browse through the list of new smartphones available for purchase.
  3. Once you have selected your preferred device, click on ‘Shop Now’ to get redirected to the purchase window.
  4. On the product purchase page, select your new device’s color, storage, and quantity options.
  5. After that, click on the ‘Start Your Trade-In’ option to exchange your old Xiaomi device, for which you need to sign in to your MI account. If you do not have an account, you can always create one.
  6. Once you have signed in to your MI account, enter details of your old device, such as its make and model, IMEI number, and its overall condition. And based on your inputs, an estimated value for your old device will be quoted (including any trade-in bonus).
  7. If you accept the exchange value of your old device, the estimated value will then be deducted from the cost of the new smartphone. And you only have to pay the difference.
  8. After successful payment, your order for the new device as well as the trade-in option will be booked.

During delivery of your new device, simply hand over your old device in the exact same condition as was described by you during the purchase process, and you will be able to complete the exchange process effortlessly.

How to Exchange if Buying on Amazon UK

If you are looking to purchase your new smartphone as well as complete the trade-in process on Amazon UK, then follow the suggested steps properly.

  1. Begin your journey by first heading over to the official web page of Amazon UK here.
  2. Proceed to type in your desired smartphone model in the home page search box, and you will be provided with a slew of results that you can choose from.
  3. Select the variant you want to purchase, and you will be redirected to its product page.
  4. On the product page, click on the ‘Trade-In Your Smartphone And Save Money’ option, and you will be redirected to a new Amazon website.
  5. From there, you can simply type in the model name of your old Xiaomi device and then select your desired search result.
  6. After that, the maximum estimated value of your device will be shown, and you will be asked to enter the device’s IMEI number.
  7. Once done, book your trade-in order and then mail your old device to the stated address (after backing up and deleting your personal data, as well as performing a factory reset).
  8. As soon as Amazon receives your device, your payment (equal to the trade-in of your old device) will be sent to your bank account, which you can then spend on a new device.

Other Platforms to Consider In Your Region

If you are in the United Kingdom, then you have access to multiple platforms through which you can trade in your old Xiaomi device for cash (direct transfer to your bank account) or vouchers, which you can then utilize to purchase a new device.

Platforms such as Currys, The Big Phone Store, and Back Market allow you to sell your old smartphone seamlessly. All you have to do is disclose the make and model of your old device, along with its working condition and IMEI number, and you will be provided with an estimated value that you can expect to get in return.

Alternatively, you can also use the aforementioned platforms to purchase refurbished devices of your choice, especially if you are looking to save some of your hard-earned money.