Located at the heart of Milan, Italy, Fiera Milano is more than just a trade fair complex. With a legacy that dates back to 1920, it has established itself as the leading trade fair organizer in the country and is also ranked fourth-largest globally.

Currently, Fiera Milano boasts two distinct exhibition centers, namely the ‘Fiera Milano Rho’ and the ‘Fiera Milano City’. The latter one is a historic venue that focuses on smaller and more specialized exhibitions, while the former is a much more modern complex housing all amenities. Fiera Milano Rho hosts large-scale industrial trade shows, attracting visitors internationally. In addition to that, the place also houses an open-air concert hall that is utilized for hosting musical and cultural performances.

Over multiple decades, Fiera Milano has been playing a crucial role in promoting Italian excellence across different industries, from fashion and furniture to food and design, while also giving Italian companies the opportunity to showcase their hard work, talent, and innovation. So, if you are planning to attend Fiera Milano, then knowing the different transportation options from the nearest airport will make your journey more comfortable.

What are the Available Public Transport Options

If you are looking for seamless transportation options from Milan Linate Airport to Fiera Milano, then following the recommended steps stated below can prove to be worthwhile.

Traveling via Subway

  1. First, you need to board a subway train from Linate Aeroporto at Milan Linate Airport, Italy. Subway services in the area are provided by the ATM (Amo Troppo Milano) Group, and trains are available every 5 minutes.
  2. Your primary stop should be at San Babila in Milan, which will take around 12 minutes. After that, you need to make a change so that you can catch a train going towards Rho-Fiera Milano, Italy. The subsequent journey will take another 25 minutes.
  3. Once you reach the Rho-Fiera Milano station, deboard the train and walk to your venue on foot. Expect to pay around $4-5 for the entire journey.

Traveling via Bus And Train

  1. Begin by first catching a bus from Aeroporto di Linate (Segrate) at Milan Linate Airport, Italy, to Segrate (Stazione) in Milan. The journey will take around 16 minutes to complete. Bus services in the region are offered by Autostradale and are available on an hourly basis.
  2. Once you reach Segrate (Stazione), Milan, head over to the Segrate (Stazione) train station and catch a train to the Rho Fiera station in Rho-Fiera Milano, Italy. Train services are usually provided by Trenitalia or ItaloTreno and are available multiple times throughout the day.
  3. After reaching the Rho Fiera station, complete the rest of the journey on foot. Also, expect to pay around $1-13 for the bus journey and $1-4 for the train commute. However, keep in mind that the prices for trains can fluctuate depending on the service provider you select.

Traveling via Taxi

  1. Catch a cab from Milan Linate Airport to Rho-Fiera Milano, Italy. Cab bookings can be done via numerous service providers, such as Taxi Milano, Taxi Blu, and Etaxi SRL.
  2. The total distance covered will be 20 kilometers, and the time taken will be 21 minutes. Also, expect to pay around $30-40 for the commute.
  3. Once you reach Rho-Fiera Milano, complete the rest of your journey on foot.

Notable Attractions Around Fiera Milano

Whether you are visiting Fiera Milano Rho or Fiera Milano City, there are a number of beautiful attractions you can explore besides enjoying the main exhibition. Starting with the CityLife Shopping District, which is just a short walk from Fiera Milano Rho, is a modern district with restaurants, high-end shops, and even a multiplex cinema theater. The district is also home to the iconic ‘Three Towers’.

Located nearby is also the Alfa Romeo Museum, which is a treat to behold for car enthusiasts. The place houses a collection of historic Alfa Romeo cars as well as interactive exhibits that conveniently tell the story of the company and its journey. Additionally, you can visit Villa Arconati and obtain a guided tour. It is essentially a 17th-century villa surrounded by a beautiful park, which also showcases exquisite architecture.

Talking about elegant architecture, you also have the Castello Sforzesco, which is a 15th-century castle and home to several museums, including the Pinacoteca di Brera. For the uninitiated, the Pinacoteca di Brera is a collection of Italian paintings from the 14th to the 19th centuries AD. As a result, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Milan.

Once you have explored the Castello Sforzesco, be sure to also take a tour of the Santa Maria delle Grazie. Presently acting as a church, the venue is best known for housing ‘The Last Supper’ mural, which was painted by none other than the famous Italian maestro Leonardo da Vinci. Finally, wrap up your tour with a view of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is a 19th-century-inspired shopping arcade hosting designer cafes, restaurants, and shops.