Contact of WesBank customer service (phone, email)

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Contact WesBank: Find below customer service details of WesBank, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Enterprise Road
Fairland 2170

Customer Service
Phone: 0861 288 272
Phone: 0861 937 265
Phone: (011) 649 6000
Email: [email protected]

About WesBank
WesBank is a financial services company in South Africa founded in the year 1968. Part of leading banking group FirstRand Bank Limited, WesBank is today one of Africa’s top vehicle and asset finance providers by market share. Products include automobile loans, personal loans and insurance (comprehensive insurance, shortfall protection, debt protection, vehicle protection and leisure insurance). You can use the tools on the website to calculate vehicle finance or purchase price.

For those who want to apply for a loan or insurance, you can do same right on the website. You can finance your purchase of a new vehicle, purchase of leisure items, buying an asset among others. Note that all cars you plan to buy must be sold by a dealership approved by WesBank. It also must be worth R30,000 or more. You can see the list of documents needed for processing your loan on the website. There is also a car buyers and sellers guide to help you with your purchase or sale.

WesBank customers can sign into their account online to keep a track of their purchases, payment, cancellation and other details. For more information or queries on office locations, payment, cancellation, or others, reach the WesBank customer service.

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  1. Christa Polley Reply

    To Whom It May Concern
    I have been emailing Wesbank since end of March to advise that my husband is not working during Covid-19 lock down and not getting paid.  Emailing weekly, not getting any response.  Did the online application.  Nothing still.  Spoke to Clive Mtshali 3 weeks ago, he was personally going to get back to me.  Nothing, I emailed him twice already, no response.  I email the relevant emails, no response.  

    Called the call centre last week, was transferred and cut off the whole time.  Called again today, think the lady was Naomi.  I told her about my frustration, she said maybe I should speak to a senior person.  I said that every time I get transferred they cut me off.  I don’t have money to keep buying airtime.  She had me holding on while she was checking the account and then transferred me back to the start of the voicemail where you have to put in your details and hold on again, eventually it went to a voicemail service.  

    What do I have to do to get assistance?  

  2. Sonja Breytenbach Reply

    I phoned yesterday to find out my balance on my vehicle payment and change my address. The person who answered the phone was so rude it was unbeleivable, he spoke very fast on purpose and he was clearly irritated with me for no reason? He said I must email my proof of address and when i said I did email them he said i misspelled the email address which I did not. I am still waiting for my statement

  3. My late Mother, Yvonne Dorgan had a vehicle financed through Wesbank. The vehicle was financed in her name, however I, her daughter paid for the vehicle as I was too young to apply for finance at that time.

    The vehicle was settled and Wesbank couriered documents to my mother in order for her to change ownership into her name. In the meantime she passed away and this was never done.

    Now that we have sold the vehicle we need to change ownership from Wesbank to my father’s name, Douglas David Dorgan. When I contacted Wesbank with regards to some advice on how we need to go about changing ownership to my dad’s name as he is the surviving spouse and only beneficiary of the estate they informed me that we need the following documents from the Power of Attorney stating that my father is in fact the surviving spouse and beneficiary of the estate, copy ID’s of both parties, etc.

    After I was informed, I requested all the above mentioned documents from the Attorney, which they have couriered to us.

    I have then emailed all these documents to Wesbank and to make 100% sure that I request the right documents from Wesbank, I went to the licencing department and was informed that there is an NCO document outstanding from Wesbank (which was never couriered to start off with) that would be needed to change ownership.

    I then requested for the NCO document from Wesbank and was told that I need to first make a payment of R57.00 in order to courier the document to me – which I have done immediately – the lead time on this document was 3 – 5 working day. A day or two after this I called Wesbank again to follow up with document and was informed that they need a letter from the Power of Attorney confirming that ABSA gives me authority to request for any documents from Wesbank in behalf of the deceased and surviving spouse Douglas David Dorgan. Once I received this letter I emailed it to Wesbank, thinking that all is in order. Once again I received another email from Wesbank, wanting a letter from my father confirming that he is giving me authority to request for documents in behalf of him.

    By this time I was extremely frustrated, I called the call centre again (this was call number ± 7). Luckily I spoke to a very helpful and friendly lady at the call centre on Friday the 21st June 2019, confirming that she is not sure why I need another letter as the Power of Attorney already gave me authority. She apologised and told me to ignore the email as she will make sure that the letter gets couriered to me.

    Unfortunately I had to follow up with Wesbank again today and was told that it will only be sent today (25/06/2019) and will take 5 – 7 working days.

    Again I had to call Wesbank as it is the 02nd July 2019 and I have not yet receive any documents. The friendly consultant informed me that he will escalate this to management and will call me back with a reference.

    After all that’s been said, I just want to bring it to your attention, as I’m sure this happened to other Wesbank clients as well.

    I’m sure that if the initial communication was more clear and specific, I could have avoided the back and forth, the countless telephone calls and not to say the least, the frustration I had to go through.

    Coming from a customer service industry, this type of service would not be tolerated.

  4. ABSOLUTELY ROTTEN “service” because one cannot call it a service. I contacted Wesbank on Fri, 1 Apr 2016, 16:22 for a consultant to contact me. I am still waiting. I am a retired pensioner and do not have the finances to “contact” their supposed service line as the waiting time is ridiculous. I will be trying once more to make contact. I can only agree with the other poor Wesbank “clients”.

  5. Abbi Smith Reply

    Terrible customer service! It’s been well over a month that I have sending emails back and forth as they cannot find any trace of payment made into the account number that they had sent to me !
    Eventually someone contacts me and all I get is that they are looking into it !
    It’s taken a whole month !

    Seriously so irritated

  6. Paul Greyling Reply

    The worst experience of my life to try and get issues sorted, i spend R 355 cell phone calls ,numerous e-mail ,but still no respond.
    1. Account was settled by Bryte Insurance with proof of payment send to Wesbank, with references as asked by Wesbank—Wesbank cannot trace it. ?
    2. Phone get slammed in my ear after +- 23 minutes of hanging in for help.
    3.Vehicle papers of a vehicle settled +- 2 years ago still not send after numerous e-mails and requests.
    4. It takes up to 10 minutes before a call is answered,
    5. I was given a name to contact but never available (Miles).Phone just rings and rings

    What must one do to get some assistance and help from Wesbank
    Keep the good work up Wesbank

  7. Chris van der lingen Reply

    I need your legal rep to call me. I wish to transact one of my Hp agreements. I wish to enter an agreement with a private indivdual. Wish to enquire whether it would be legal or what steps should I follow. Person X does not qaulify for finance.
    Much blessings

  8. Deon Louwrens Reply

    Wesbank deducted another installment after I have settled my vehicle according to the Wesbank settlement letter. I have been trying to get this returned (refunded) but no luck.
    I have in the mean time discovered that they have seemingly paid this into a wrong bank account. It is a Standard Bank account with the same account number as my ABSA account.
    I suspect fraud or theft by Wesbank or somebody working for Wesbank.
    I will not stop before this is resolved.

  9. Dawn Oppelt Reply

    I have today had to contact your settlement department regarding the problems I have at the post office trying to change ownership of a paid up vehicle. All relevant documents were received to do this on 12 February 2019. Yet they knew that I would encounter problems as the proxy is different from what the post office has on their system. So there was no proactive thinking at all here. I was told to email the documents back, pay R317 and Wesbank JHb will do this transaction on our behalf. What a lot of hogwash and bad service to say the least. Apparantly this problem has been ongoing since early December. Please inform your settlement staff on the correct procedure to avoid customers to be inconvenienced. We all know that the waiting period in the post offices are more than four hours at a time. Businesses can ill afford to waste time sitting around.

  10. Mpilo Dladla Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Kindly assist me in getting a logbook. My dad had bought a car with you which he later paid it up but did not follow up to get the logbook. He now has decided to sell the car, privately and the logbook is required.
    Your assistance to this regard will really be appreciated.


  11. Lentswe Mosweunyane Reply

    I have been having a problem with the dealer of the car financed by Wesbank. I made a trade-in but the dealer did not pay for the car that i traded-in with. Mr Wayne Broodryk, you representative, promised to help me regarding the issue with no avail. The car financed by you did not have a spare key and a hooter as well. I have spoken to the dealer and your representative and they are not helping me. I would not say i have a good experience dealing with Wesbank. May you kindly assist in this regards.

  12. I have been sending mails back and forth and every time they ask for more information, I send it and then still get the same response email! My car was settled and I need documents to scrap it as it was written off and the case was with ombudsman. Wesbank tells me documents were sent to insurer, insurer says no it wasn’t as it was an Ombudsman case. Such a frustration!!!

  13. Good day

    I’ve applied twice now for a balloon payment to be refinanced and have not even received any correspondence regarding the application. I called on Friday, 5 October and was advised that someone will contact me on Monday. I called again on the 9th October then I was told that the person is on lunch. I’ve been holding on for 20 minutes waiting for someone to assist me.
    Really not happy

  14. Mr Naicker Reply

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my disgust at the service that I have received from Wesbank Financial services. I have been a loyal and faithful customer for over 10 years but I am now a very disgruntled ex customer. My complaint is specifically directed at the re – financing section which is headed by the team leader , Prinola Reddy. She has two very incompetent personnel working under her by the names of Tamlin Adams and Refoeliwe… who handled my account. Both could not , over two months sort out my refinancing issue even though I had submitted the necessary documents on time. They both apparently went on leave and no one could help. Consequently , I have applied for finance at another finance company and will no longer require your services. Please refrain from sending me any mails or contacting me in the future as I no longer wish to have anything to do with your company.

    Thank you.

    Mr Naicker(0767496444)

  15. Hi Westbank.
    What a huge problem trying to contact customer care, I have made 9 calls and two mails with no joy, why are you so unresponsive.
    I need the registration papers for my JETTA , ca 491456, AAVZZ1JZ2U020486, which has been written off and in the scrapyard, why is this so difficult. Your phones are never answered.

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