Contact of Vumatel customer service

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Contact Vumatel: Find below customer service details of Vumatel, South Africa, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.

Head Office
Parkhurst Johannesburg,
Guateng South Africa

Customer Service
Phone: 086 100 8862
Email: [email protected]

About Vumatel
Vumatel is a South African fibre optics company whose infrastructure supports speeds up to 1Gbps. Vumatel only acts as an open access fibre network as customers need to choose from a number of Internet Service Providers for packages. Customers get access to superfast Internet, can stream HD movies, connect home monitoring/security systems and much more. You can check for coverage by entering your address on the Vumatel website.

If your suburb has coverage, you will be able to enjoy the services instantly. Vumatel charges an installation fee that covers material and labour. There is an e-shop on Vumatel website where users can purchase from various internet services that support Vuma fibre. There include data and voice plans from major brands like Comtel, Vodacom, Vox, Webafrica, among others. For more information or queries on store locations, payment, refund, cancellation, technical support, or others, reach the Vumatel customer service.

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  1. We had MAINTENANCE in March (around the 15 March to 19 March ) for 5 days. We were not given any ALTERNATIVES or even any sort of rebate on our bills, we swallowed that and made alternative arrangements for the days. Now LESS than 2 months later there is so called maintenance AGAIN (18 May to 21 May) for another few days, please explain to the people of Florida how it is that maintenance has to be done so often and NO alternatives are made for your customers. JUST A SORRY FOR THE INCONVIENIRNCE.

  2. Shamilah Abrahams Reply

    Fibre down for 3 days. I phoned Mweb numerous times wasting my airtime. Vumatel will take 3 to 7 days to come sort the issue. Vumatel don’t have a phone line to call. So frustrating… Probably need to find another provider

  3. Having endless problem with mweb . I applied for my fibre on 24 Feb .paid an all .but they only installed me on 25 April .finally got installed but not activated as yet ..Made numerous calls n msgs but nothing has happened till date .Spent hundreds of rand’s on airtym .This is getting pretty annoying .

  4. I’ve moved into a new complex where the previous tenant had fibre. I want to be connected and have been waiting 3 weeks now. I don’t understand. Apparently a technician was assigned but I am yet to get a call. It’s shocking the type of service you are providing and that it takes this long in this day and age. It’s worse than the government department

  5. Device has been installed but not connected to the box and the technicians told me they are coming back from 1 April till today they never came back, i am very very frustrated I never see such kind of poor service like this in my life.

  6. Shannon gray Reply

    Yet another month and I have been charged again. Same issue upgraded the account Oct 22 and still line has not been upgraded and we are still being charged the higher rate. And still the same excuse. Mweb blames vumatel and visa Versa absolutely ridiculous ! We have given a week. If it’s not fixed by then (after dozens of calls and a month and a half of waiting hoping and begging it’s more than enough time) we will be cancelling our contract and telling every person we know to proceed with caution when going through either vumatel or mweb

  7. Nelly Desele Reply

    I have been waiting for more than 2 weeks now for fiber installation. I’m already frustrated by your poor service and I’m not yet a customer. I’ve also seen a comment like mine, which means that this is the type of service that is offered to new customers.

  8. I have been without my internet for more than 10 days. My fibre was suspended due to not enough funds available. i am trying everyday to get this sorted advised the money is iin my bank account and no luck. I am told it will take Vuma 7days to redebit and this has not happened. i get passed from pillar to post just to make a simple payment and all i am told is that they are working on it, and spend almost hours on hold only to drop the line and not having spoken to anybody.

    Utterly appauled at this service.

  9. My name is Calvin. My fiber was scheduled to be installed on Monday the 18th of may at 8233 makhetha street at Orlando West in Soweto. but instead i was told it could not be installed because i’m a tenant and.i was advised to get an approval from the land owner but now that i have her permission, i’m now told that my order was declined because my application needs to specify that i’m a tenant yet i did specify when i applied on the Web Africa website..i have made payments and now i’m stuck.
    please help

  10. Bert Dietmar Dirr Reply

    Since yesterday afternoon i have had no internet. When I phoned this morning I was told that everything was fine . I said it was not fine. The person then asked me if I stayed in the Retirement complex down the road because it was connected to Unit 19 in the complex. I had this problem before when my line was connected to that unit. I do not stay in that unit and/or the retirement complex, I stay in a freestanding house. It is now 3.40 pm and my internet has still not been restored. When is somebody in your organisation going to rectify this.

  11. I have been trying to arrange my installation at my home for weeks now with no progress and been left on hold endlessly? What more can i do and should I trust a fiber provider to offer service when they cant even organize an installation? Already frustrated and not even a customer yet.

  12. Please explain why we have to have such shocking service and why your infrastructure is so poor. It is bad enough that we have to endure 2-3 power outages a day but your system takes an additional 2 hours to come back on line. 4-8hours a day to be without WiFi and internet, which also effects our phone system. I spoke to your Cape Town technical department 16.15 and although very sympathetic said they would phone at 17.00 to see if my system had been restored. It is now 17.22 and my system has only just been restored, 3 hours after the power came back on. Our next power outage is scheduled at 20.00 this means that I will not have any internet this evening based on your performance. My question is, how am I going to continue to run my business.

  13. Just been updated on loadshedding issues. Vumatel states a 2 hour restoration period. This is totally unacceptable in this day and age. You are actually confirming that your network is under dimensioned. Please give an decent explanation as to why it would take so long after a power failure. OR you have incompetent “engineers” who designed your networks and backup facilities. This issue was never stated in your contract either.

  14. Ian van Rhyn Reply

    This must be the worst internet provider in SA. I am 3 days without internet. Zero client service and no one calls back. All I hear is “we are working on the problem” but I am paying for a service which Im not receiving

  15. I had an installation on 2/02/2019. Object no. VT-TN-OB-0490. there were damages, my water pool pipe was punctured resulting in a loss of almost half of the pool water with a capacity of 30000 litres. no effort was made to limit the loss by at least blocking the puncture. When the automated motor ran it sucked sand into the pump resulting in more damages as well. I had to get a technician myself at my own cost to come and do the repairs on Sunday 3/02/2019. I have logged my complaint with 3 different people and there is little interest and lacklustre service generally. The service is really poor. I am leaving this comment here with the hope that somebody will pay attention.

  16. Since Friday the 18. Jan. we have not telephone nor internet.
    I looked up the Vumatel Address in Ferndale just to find out that they have moved to Bryanston. If you phone them you have to listen to music and that’s all. Then I left messages to call me back. 5 hours later nothing happened. This is totally unacceptable.

    Please send someone to sort out the problem otherwise we will change to another provider.


  17. I was told that my application would be processed a week ago and to date have had no feedback can someone please tell me whats going on should I look at Open Serve who have just installed in our are. I have had no connection for over a month and asked that this be marked as urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Will be no connectivity from 28/9-31/9 2018 this is totally unacceptable,reside in Westdene Jhb. Who pays our contract with no service available you are wasting our time and money surely, four days with no service is extreme please explain.

  19. Hello there, my house mate is moving out and our Fibre is through you on his name. How would I go about getting this on my name as I work from home and connectivity is very important. Our Fibre gets cancelled tomorrow and I need to be up and running by the 2 November. Could someone please contact me urgently to sort this out.
    I look forward to your speedy response.

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