Contact of Roma Termini station (phone, address)

Find below the visitor support details of Roma Termini. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the railway station.

Piazza dei Cinquecento
00185 Rome Latium, Italy

Phone: 89 20 21 (tickets)
Phone: +39 02 22199621 (general)

About Roma Termini

Are you planning on visiting Rome and need to know how to get around? Look no further than Roma Termini, Rome’s main railway station. Built nearly 140 years ago in the centre of the bustling city, the transport hub is a great way to travel around Rome. With over 500 trains a day and easy access to rail services, Roma Termini is the perfect way to get around the Eternal City. This blog explores the best ways to travel around Rome with Roma Termini.

Overview of Roma Termini

Roma Termini is the main railway station in Rome, Italy and is a major transport hub for the city. The station is located in the city’s heart, near many of Rome’s most popular attractions. It serves as the terminus for regional, national, and international rail services and a connection to the city’s underground metro system. Roma Termini also includes a wide range of shops, cafes, and amenities for travellers, making it an ideal starting point for exploring Rome.

Roma Termini Station is the largest station in Rome and one of the busiest in Europe. Major train lines operating from Roma Termini station include the Roma-Orte Line, the Roma-Lido Line, the Roma-Viterbo Line and the Roma-Fiumicino Airport Line. All of these services are available regularly throughout the day. Additionally, regional and interregional trains also run through this station, making it an ideal spot for travellers who wish to explore Rome and the surrounding areas.

This busy station serves many train services in and around Rome, including the region’s high-speed rail network. Travellers can easily buy tickets to destinations all over Italy and Europe, making it a great option for international travellers. Additionally, Roma Termini is well connected to the Rome metro network, making it easy to travel between the station and other parts of the city. Even buses travel directly to the airport from Roma Termini, making it an ideal starting point for any trip to Rome.

Facilities at the Station

Roma Termini Station is the main railway station of Rome, providing access to transport links across the city and further afield. As well as being an essential connector, the station houses a variety of facilities designed to make travellers feel comfortable and at ease. Alongside ticketing machines and ticket offices, the station contains several amenities: there is an information desk run by a staff of Roma Termini, which provides tourist information and assistance in English and Italian, and a government-run post office which can handles mail, payments, and more.

There is a cafe in the station’s waiting hall for those looking to relax, while retail outlets include bookshops, convenience stores, and gift shops. On top of this, there is a currency exchange booth and a pharmacy should you need medicine or other necessities during your travels. Roma Termini is essential to getting around Rome, and its facilities are an invaluable asset to travellers.

In conclusion, Roma Termini Station is one of the best ways to travel around Rome. With its convenient location, a wide variety of trains, and an array of amenities, you’ll be sure to get around in comfort and ease no matter how long your stay in Rome is. The station is well-connected, with many facilities and services to make your journey easier. With Roma Termini Station, your trip will be stress-free, comfortable, and enjoyable.

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