Contact of Poshmark customer service (phone, email)

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Contact Poshmark: Find below customer service details of Poshmark, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the e-commerce website. Reach the Poshmark customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
Poshmark, Inc
101 Redwood Shores Pkwy, 3rd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94065, United States

Customer Service
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (650) 262-4771

About Poshmark
Poshmark is an online marketplace for buying and selling fashion apparel and accessories. The company was founded by Manish Chandra in 2011. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Poshmark though initially specialised in women’s clothing it has expanded to include men’s as well as kids clothing. The platform also is accessible through its smartphone app for iOS or Android.

On the website or app, registered users can buy and sell new as well as used fashion at a price that’s surprisingly affordable. You get some of the top brands for 70% off retail. Categories found on the platform include dresses, jackets, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, swimwear, jeans, suits, blazers, shoes, slippers, handbags, to name a few. Some of the top brands featured include Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, PINK Victoria’s Secret, Coach, Nike, J.Crew, Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Zara, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Jordan and GAP.

On each listing you have clear and large pictures, discounted price, size, color and shipping options. There is a small fee for sellers to list their items. Used items can be listed only if they are clean and in good condition. All Poshmark sales are final. For refund or returns, talk to the customer service. Orders are shipped within 3 days of purchase. You can receive them in one to two weeks. You can also expedite the order by paying extra shipping. All orders are shipped using USPS Priority Mail. Poshmark offers free item authentication and shipping on orders over $500. For more information or queries on payment, refund, cancellation, returns, or others, reach the Poshmark customer service.

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  1. There was a fraudulent charge in my bank account for almost $600 and now I don’t have access to my account. The customer service voicemail is full, so I sent an e-mail. I’ll update when/if they help me out with this issue. So far Poshmark isn’t a safe place to keep your personal information.

  2. I’m so freaking annoyed right now I swear to God I don’t know what the hell happened but somebody got into my account and I cannot find a way to contact somebody to get my damn account I can’t change the password because I think they change the email so I can’t get on it’s really annoying. I had a bunch of stuff up there and luckily I had already taken all the money that I had got from my cells but this is really annoying that I can’t talk to somebody.

  3. I report in the double to triple digits quite often. Too often if you ask me. I sent Poshmark 3 emails with no return response of saying how annoying it is to see these people selling counterfeit purses. I have been harassed by these scammers for warning gullible people to not purchase. These bags are overpriced and posh takes forever to take them down to only have them make new accounts and repost. We pay 20% in fees, for what? Security lacks. Customer service lacks. I think something needs to be done.

  4. They are very unprofessional and uncaring. Who has a site that doesn’t have phone communication? Why aren’t they working from home to answer the phone. They don’t want to deal with the requests.They are full of shit. I purchased an item from Seller
    @moniquepsmith11 and was definitely had. The item was not what I ordered and she sold the same item to another buyer for a third of what she charged me-just shameful and greedy for money. You request a refund and they take do long to respond before the request period expires. Poshmark doesn’t give a damn. Better Business Bureau need to be contacted on both of them. Trifling and disgusting

  5. It has been over 72 hours and I haven’t received the payment that I am owed. Something fishy is going on. I mailed the item weeks ago and they told me it was delivered within days. Once I requested that Poshmark release my payment I was emailed and told that there was a “glitch” in their system which caused me to get a message stating that the item had been delivered. Poshmark has the gall to not send me the new tracking info. I requested it. Had to plead in email for a manager to contact me. And 72 hours have passed and my payment still hasn’t been released. Something very suspicious is going on.

  6. Sandy Esber Reply

    I am also very disappointed. I made a $620 purchase and was told via email from Julia it would require a signature upon delivery. I kept tracking delivery and said July 27 by 8:oopm. I thought I was good to get away Sat and back Sunday to get my package and sign on Sunday. It was supposedly delivered on Sat morning and text said left with someone. I’m a single mom with 4 kids and a daughter who can’t even walk. The USPS says signed for Sandy E. I am so upset. I arrived late Sunday and no package at my door or front of home. Now I have been emailing HQ and no rely back at all. I am requesting a refund since I didn’t sign for the package and was told it would require a signature upon delivery. Very upset and not getting anywhere or any returned emails to help resolve the problem. Will never do business with Poshmark again.

  7. Susan L Manning Reply

    For a company that thrives on customer service I have been trying to clear up an issue you took 500.00 out of my account for something that was fraudulent because I NEVER purchased it. I email and you say we will get back to me within 24 hours we’ll it’s been 9 days and all I get is the same standard reply. As I read your reviews they are not good, alot of negativity. All I want is my money back considering I did not make this purchase. I was a loyal customer but I wouldn’t ever purchase anything from Poshmark again and if someone and if anyone asked me about Poshmark I’d tell them lousy customer service

  8. I had just sold my mothers Chanel bag for $1200, so she is supposed to receive $960. The bag was purchased from Chanel years ago (vintage bag) so I was not worried about the authentication part. It reached Poshmark headquarters and then my order all of a sudden states that the BUYER cancelled. I believe the buyer is lying to me as they said Poshmark sent them an email that it is not authentic however the only information I received is that my buyer cancelled the order as it was already being shipped to them. The buyer also refuse a to send me said email from Poshmark that the bag is not authentic, because the bag is authentic and I believe this email does not exist. With everything going on currently my mother is out of work, and I only sold this purse for her so she could afford to pay her bills. This purse is from her father who passed away, so it was a tough decision whether or not to even sell it. Now my mother is without her bag and unable to pay her bills that she was relying on this sale for. I have never been so upset or disappointed in a company before. Wished I had found this site earlier to read these reviews before sending out such an expensive authentic item

  9. Sylvia Novoa Reply

    I have written 8 emails regarding a purchase that was sent but the recipient said they had not received. They stopped the sale after the item had been sent. I have proof that the package was received. I want to be paid! There is no phone service. HELP!

  10. Morgan Lajaunie Reply

    I bought some Kendra Scott Taylor earrings from a seller. She advertised them as Taylor and the size, desc and everything about the posting was for KS Taylor earrings. What your seller sent me was NOT what she posted and not what i rec’ed. I tried to rtn without paying anything and your customer service declined it saying that i rec’ed what was according to the listing. I tried again and was told I should have asked for more pics. Obviously they didnt look into this or have enough knowledge to make that decision. They didnt even bother to research it and only went based off her false listing. Customer Service refused my return bc I bought what was posted. The only thing that was right was the color otherwise it was a false advertisment and catfish.i want a return without paying anything Order 5e83e028f9de51d111d43c3c

  11. I bought a Louis Vuitton purse from Poshmark for $2395.00. I contacted the seller who was away at the time and stated she would send it when she gets back. When she arrived she sent it to the authentication center and they authentication center notified me that the purse was authentic and sent it to me. When I picked up the item at the post office I didn’t think anything of it but the clerk at the window stated that the box is so big to be so light. Once again I didn’t think nothing of it until I opened the box and saw that the actual purse or dust bag wasn’t in the Louis Vuitton Box. I immediately contacted poshmark and asked if it was left in the authentication center. Poshmark investigated and sent me a video showing that the item was packaged with the purse in the bag. They DENIED my claim because of the video shows that the purse was in the box before it was taken to USPS. Then the paid the seller. I file a mail theft claim and they tell me this cannot be investigated by their internal investigators because it doesn’t meet the criteria. One must actually see the theft in order for their department to take the case. POSHMARK Stated that they are working with the USPS investigative team. How if they would not take my case, they are sending my complaint to the local post office. The local post office says that the box was like that when they received it and also made note of them telling me that it was a big box that was extremely light. Why would POSHMARK leave the responsibility to me because someone how before the box came to me it was empty. This is a purse I really wanted and saved up for. AND NOW FOR THE GRAND FINALE…. POSHMARK didn’t put insurance on the purse so all the USPS can do for me is send me 50.00 dollars. This is a total nightmare. If anyone has been through anything similar please let me know. That’s a lot of money to lose.

  12. I have been constantly emailing the support team for more than a week now and all my concerns are completely unanswered nor did poshmark bother to explain things. A buyer bought a luxury item from me which I listed as clear as possible (clear photos) and with honest description on the wear. Buyer reported the item as not described and won a case against me which I do not know why since I provided all the details. When I received the item, it was damaged and not in the same condition as the item I sent the buyer. I reported a problem on the return on Posh right after I received it. But no reply or update whatsoever. It’s been 8 days. I send an email everyday for 8 straight days, Will you please follow up on this? This business of mine is not a joke. I am losing money because of your inability to provide customer service to buyers who need your help.

  13. I would please like help figuring out why the transfer of my earnings is still in processing a day or two later. I dont believe I had this issue the last time i sold something on your platform.

  14. Angela Deal Reply

    I have contacted Postmark 4 times with no reply back. I sold a luxury item and sent it to you to be verified. I received an email saying the item could not be verified as real! Ridiculous! The item is 100% authentic as it was purchased from a luxury seller and bag is in excellent condition! So, I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that is was not real? I have bought at least one luxury item on there before with less proof and have had no issues. I have been emailing you for almost 4 days because i was told if I  don’t send them a PayPal payment of $20 my item will be destroyed! Several emails later I have not heard anything from poshmark. For fear of losing my item forever I sent the $20 payment. I want my item back ASAP and an explanation of how poshmark my item was not authentic! Guess the next step will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and a lawyer, and free advertising on all social networks for Poshmark on how they are trying to steal and scam people like me!

  15. I have written email after email about not being able to set up my damn direct deposit and have not gotten an answer back. I cant update anything without getting a verification code and it wont send me one because i have reached my limit apparently. Every time i send them an email asking for help i get an automated response saying they will get back to me at their earliest convenience.

  16. Please contact me. My buyer is lying. A claim was opened and I can’t talk to anyone except the rude buyer that is saying my item is fake. This is awful and I need a resolution ? What can I do???

  17. Hello,
    Can someone please help. I sold an expensive item where I shipped the item right away. It was authenticated by Poshmark, buyer opened a case as item not as described, since item was authenticated Poshmark told me they will deal with buyer. Poshmark let me know that because of sleeve length the request was approved. I took a screen shot of the listing where in the communication part the item sleeve measurement and chest measurement was answered. It has been 4-5 days no tracking or communication from Poshmark. My biggest concern is not receiving my item and the way their customer service operate. Once I receive my item I am going to Ebay right away. What should I do next and how long till I get my item or hear from them?

    • Wendy Wilkens Reply

      When I tried to order something on Poshmark’s website, the transaction never was completed. It just kept spinning for about 15 minutes. Of course, there is no customer service number that works, so I called my credit card company and told them that I would not pay because I didn’t know if I was going to receive the merchandise. They disputed the transaction and refunded the money back to my account. From now on, I am going to make sure that whoever I do business with has a customer service PHONE number.

  18. Apparently this is the ONLY way to get any kind of contact! I’ve been emailing now for 9 days because of an issue with a $200 order that went to the wrong customer! I’ve received no reply to the MANY emails I’ve sent and neither has my customer! This site only works if you have no issues. The second you have one that requires actual help there is no one! At least Mercari has actual support and EBay has actual human customer support! Poshmark is just about the worst selling app I’ve worked with. You CANNOT have thousands of people buying and selling and then have ZERO customer support other than automatic replies!

  19. I accidentally sent the wrong the packages to the wrong buyers. One sent hers the very next day to the correct buyer with the label Poshmark provided her. The other woman who bought a $16 item from me STILL has not shipped the $150 item after 9 days back to the other buyer because she no longer has the email and Even after both contacting Poshmark several times they haven’t replied or sent her a new label to the correct email! I am not getting my money or items from this woman plus my other buyer isn’t getting them and her money stays on hold!! I have emailed them several times but no replies or anything in the last 9 days!! If I pay for postage and email her the label then it won’t track in their system and I don’t think I’ll get my funds released but at least the buyer will get her items so apparently that is my only option. I end up losing out on $100 because there is ZERO customer service!

  20. I ordered a pair of shoes and they were not shipped within seven days so I canceled my order. However, I am still being charged for the shoes and I’m not aware of any refund. How do I know that I got my refund?

  21. Scam! Buyer beware! Poshmark drafted the money from my account and refuses to ship my bag which has been authenticated and I’ve sent several emails. I’m out $643. Worst experience ever! I think they steal the money and keep the merchandise from the sellers. Awful.

  22. I wish I had read the posts on this forum earlier. I just made my first poshmark purchase and the item I received was different than the item shown by the seller. I took pictures and sent them to the seller and the seller refused to allow me to return it. She said she would do whatever poshmark would advise, which of course was useless. I had to wait 72 hours for poshmark to reply and they did not state why they rejected my claim, just stated that they rejected it and that there was nothing more to be done. I think poshmark only cares about the seller because that is how they get the bulk of their money. If they have a lot of sellers selling items, they will make money- but they do not care at all about the poor buyer who has gotten cheated out of their money. Definitely will NEVER buy from here again- whatever amount saved is not worth the risk. Ue eBay- they are more impartial and have true customer service.

  23. Seller posted multiple items I had been watching for a while. Then when I purchased they took one off when I said something about it they said their daughter gave to a friend which pissed me off but they still took my money! Now all I get is email can’t talk to a actual human which is so stupid to me having a big site like that. But just beware of seller’s like this so unprofessional I think the seller should be put on suspension or something makes the site look bad. I’ve always been an eBay shopper (10yrs) actually never had this problem. Poshmark got to do better I’ve told all my friends about this and Family warning them!

  24. Infuriated Reply

    Customer service is awful. I have complied with requests for the order number and sent pictures multiple times. As someone who has used Poshmark for YEARS and is a posh ambassador, this is deeply unsettling. They do not care about their buyers, sellers, or customers in general. I will not be using poshmark any longer.

  25. Irene Ford Reply

    I put in a bid on a pair of Louboutin Shoes. In less than an hour I asked the order be cancelled. I couldn’t cancel the order. I received those shoes in less than 5 days of the purchase. I couldn’t wear the size 9.5. Those shoes could be worn by a person who wears size 8/8.5. I ended up reselling them for one third the price I paid. I have not received any money at all.
    I have tried every possible mean to get this problem resolved.
    I regret not getting more information about this company.

  26. Hello fellow disgruntled Poshers,
    I recently was told I could no longer purchase or make offers on items without first providing a scanned copy of my driver’s license or passport, through their app, to verify my identity!! Have you ever heard of anything like this before?!? It is a setup for identity theft. Now, I have missed out on purchases as no one has responded to ANY of my 8 emails trying to resolve the issue. No one answers the phone and their message claims their mailbox is full. I have never in my life seen a business operate like this. Has anyone else been asked to scan their personal identification over the Poshmark app? Outrageous. Is there any other phone number or contact available? Maybe time to picket outside their headquarters.
    Good luck all!

  27. Hi my name is Sarah, I am disgusted and out raged with the entire Poshmark platform. They do take care of buying customers a hell of a lot better than they take care of their own selling customers. They neglected to understand that without us sellers there would be no buyers. I have had several incidents with this company over the last year and I have tried my level best to correspond with them through email and to follow every single guideline that they set forth. I have been with Poshmark for a year and they have caused me grief and heartache on three different occasions. eBay is where everyone makes the big bucks anyway, so far I have only got 100 items moved over to eBay and I’m sold on eBay now for six months and I can tell you that I have never ever been scolded or punished or dealt with like a child on my eBay selling platform. Everyone in the world that has a business has a phone number to contact support, eBay, Mecari, Amazon… And so on.

  28. Brittany Chapman Reply

    I recently sent an Authentic Louis Vuitton (I bought it. I know it’s real) and they are now saying it’s fake and that I need to PayPal them or send a check to them. OR THEY WILL DESTROY MY BAG. How is this legal? Someone please help me. I am so confused and if I loose this purse and the money I needed from
    It I don’t know what I would do.

  29. shelly valek Reply

    I am having a terrible time communicating with this company. I simply need to reset my password. I e-mail the support address, they e-mail me back, ask for my user name, I reply with the information – and then my e-mail comes bouncing back to me!! The phone number in Google specifically says no one monitors the phone! In the meantime, some nice person is waiting for me to release my funds in Pay Pal, which I want to do, but I can’t sign into my account!!

    • They suspended my account last week over something that I have no clue about? They are saying that I filed a dispute, which I clearly never did. Poshmark is basically my full time job and now I can not get on there at all. I have sent numerous emails and No one has ever tried reaching out to me at all! I am so fed up with poshmark customer service that I am about to get a lawyer involved. I am sure that Manish Chandra the creator never thought that there would be such horrible reviews about her customer service dept. I am so deeply disappointed in this app. I mean they take more than 20% I can easily go to Mercari and sell on there but I choose Poshmark because I love it so much. Honestly, Poshmark should be ashamed of themselves. Horrible I mean absolutely horrible customer service EVER!!!

  30. Poshmark is a scam! Not only are they keeping my Louis Vuitton purse but claim after the buyer received the purse she didn’t like it. 10 days later no purse no money. Hmmm. If I don’t hear from them by Friday February 1, 2019, I will post information about it’s owner that most people have not read.

    • Did you ever receive communication from Poshmark, or receive the item back? I am going through the same thing, but for the sale of a $2800 Louis Vuitton handbag. 3 days since the handbag was received by buyer. She reported it as “item not as described”, and received the Poshmark email that they were reviewing the claim and would get back to me as soon as possible. It’s been 3 days. I’ve sent an email to Poshmark Support everyday, only to receive only a generic reply back about how they strive to get back to customers within 24 hours. Right!!!!! WORST. CUSTOMER. SERVICE. EVER!!!! As far as I am concerned, it is a theft. I have all documentation, including postal tracking and receipt signatures. I also have the name, address, phone, email and employment of the buyer. I sought advice from a detective, and I can press criminal charges for that amount. Can Poshmark be trusted, do they protect the sellers?

  31. Patricia Knight Reply

    I wish I had seen these comments before I purchased from this horrid website. I bought a handbag that was presented as authentic. After I pushed click, I noticed a difference between the one being sold and one that I already had in a different color. I contacted the seller who claimed she had already put it in the mail (right). Then when the bag came, it was an OBVIOUS fake. I detailed what I got vs what I had and even took the extra step of contacting the brand to verify my suspicions. I sent it all to customer service and they sent some robo mail claiming that they were busy because of the holidays. After several prods (and days), they replied asking for the order number which was in the heading of my original mail. Then more prodding for a reply and when I get one, they say that I did not contact them soon enough in the right way, so tough luck for me. For the record, I had contacted them within 20 minutes of receiving the package and opening the box. This is DISGUSTING customer service, I will tell everyone NEVER to purchase from them and I’m going to keep complaining until I get some response that acknowledges that what I bought was FAKE and the sale was a fraud. Incredibly unprofessional, no ethics, and definitely not customer driven.

  32. This company needs a reality check. They don’t want anything to do with their Poshmark people. I have emailed Poshmark over 8 times and have never heard from them. You call their phone number and all you get is a list that all things you should email them but they NEVER EMAIL YOU BACK. I do Poshmark and I think I am going to close and go somewhere else. If they won’t support you or talk to you then why should I be there when I can’t get the answers I need. There FAQ’s are a joke. They tell you everything just not what you want to know. I see so many people with problems worse than mine. They need to be investigated. Their Corporation SUCKS. I am livid with this so called company.

  33. Angela Mauldin Reply

    I wish I had read all of these reviews before I spent $70 on a pair of boots. I purchased a pair of flat knee high guess boots and received a pair of steve madden thigh high high heel boots. I sent an email to poshmark, got the robo email in return that they would look into the matter. There site states payment would be released three days after delivery if I did not contact them if there was an issue. Well, they released the payment to the seller and have not contacted me or the seller about my incorrect delivery. The seller said she sent the wrong boots. Still no word from Poshmark and I still have the wrong boots. Very disappointed and will NEVER do business on their site again.

  34. I placed an order for two rings that cost me $148.99. when I received the rings one the center stone is loose and the other the stone was out of the ring. I messaged the seller. She stated to file a claim. I did this and no response from Posh. I have made several other attempts to get this issue resolved and no response. The seller said pretty much too bad. due to posh not responding it is now past the three days and the seller has been paid when I wanted to return. I still keep trying to get this issue resolved and all I receive are emails stating We have not forgotten about you. well you have. I want this issue resolved ASAP. Order number 5c20f950d6716ae648056db8

  35. Kelly Martin Reply

    I have also just been scammed, and I am unable to contact anyone about it. Even when I try to submit my complaint via email, it does not go through. Stay away from Posher Ryan P. When he comments, his name appears as sneakers100. Extremely frustrated!

  36. I am absolutely furious! How is it possible to not have a contact number so I can speak to an actual human about an issue! I purchased a pair of apple airbuds for over 100$. The item was not delivered, and my address was not listed when I tracked the tracking number so the seller must have changed it because I have never had this problem before with other purchases I have made on Poshmark. The seller also deleted the listing as well as any other information on their profile so I am unable to contact them. I emailed Poshmark as soon as I realized there was an issue and told them my item was not delivered. They said to wait 3 days and if I didn’t receive it I should email them again. I waited the 3 days and now my the airpods are marked as delivered and my funds were released to the scammer! Now I keep getting automated replies from posh’s “customer support”. unreal. This is the LAST time I will ever deal with Poshmark.

  37. I also don’t know how Poshmark stays in business with such poor customer service. I ordered a watch, Poshmark accepted payment and said that watch was on its way. Then I get an e-maii that the order was cancelled. ????? I went back on the site and made an offer on another watch. It was accepted by the seller and suddenly it was no longer visible on the site and I have no way to get in touch with the seller to see what happened.
    As I’m looking to resell, Poshmark is definitely not who I will work with. Their customer service is terrible d one gets the sense that they are completely unorganized and don’t know what’s going on.

  38. Kimberly Wilks Reply

    This is my first experience with Poshmark and I am outraged. You cannot get a hold of anyone and right now they have my money but I have not received my order. I confirmed this with PayPal who stated the funds had been sent to them. This appears to be nothing but a scam. A legitimate business would have a way of contacting them via phone with actual people you can talk to not a phone number with a ridiculous message and that the mailbox is full so you know they do not listen to the voice-mails. I have sent 2 emails just today so we will see if I hear anything but in the mean time I will make certain that people know about their practices and will pursue every avenue to get my money back.

  39. Janice Herrington Reply

    I am sick of attempting to deal with Poshmark. I sold an authentic Tory Burch handbag to a lady cheap. When she gets it I assume it’s not what you wanted so she demands a refund for the handbag saying it was damaged, etc. she attaches photos that look nothing like my handbag condition. I emailed Poshmark showing my photos compared to her photos. She tells Poshmark what an important seller she is. They refund her money. I am out of town and my handbag was returned for my inspection. Since i dont reply within 24 hours they refund her. I won’t be back home for 4 more days. Tell me how any of this is fair. If my handbag is damaged i am out all the way around. I’m done with Poshmark. Newbies avoid this like the plague. Don’t even think about personal contact with Poshmark – there is none.

  40. I’m a top-rated Seller on Poshmark and deserve better Customer Service. I’ve written 6 times in a week providing the USPS Tracking number because it’s different than the one they gave to me, due to weight. After reading FAQs, this is an option noted on the site and also suggested to me by the one response I received from an inquiry. I sent pictures of the number as well as typed the USPS number in the body of the form. What else can I do? My Buyer has received her package and is thrilled, but cannot Accept & Release Payment because the status says USPS Pending. She has emailed Customer Support as well, and there has been no progress. My money balance is sitting there and will disappear soon if it’s not released to me. We may live in a technological age, but there is NO excuse not to have support readily available via telephone.

  41. Kacie Bernhardt Reply

    I will NEVER do business with Poshmark again. I have purchased TWO orders, which neither one has been delivered to me. And what business doesn’t have a customer service team available by phone? And when I called to leave a voicemail, their mailbox is full. If you value your time and money, do not waste it with Poshmark.

  42. Arrived in an insulated envelope and was a broken mess. Who sends a candle without packaging it well. I too cannot figure out how to contact the person. STAY AWAY FROM POSHMARK!!!

  43. I am so frustrated and can’t seem to get in touch with anyone!!!! I have a very expensive watch I sold and shipped out and it’s been three weeks and the shipping status just stopped. I want my money or my watch back and be done with with website. If I don’t hear anything back or get any resolutions I will have no choice but to file a Lawsuit!

  44. Margherit Cirino Reply

    I just purchased a Juicy Couture diaper bag from a customer and I emailed Poshmark 4 times and nothing. What is going on? This is absurd that us customers have to deal with this issue. Never again will I use Poshmark.

  45. I am furious that I have been scammed this way. I have been sending emails doing what I can to return an item but since there is NO customer service what do you do? I will NEVER buy anything from this horrible company again. I’m still working n getting this taken care of. How on earth are they still in business when all I read is how terrible they are. I sure wish I had looked them up BEFORE I tried to purchase something!! Call me disgusted!

  46. James G. Yougblood Reply

    Couldn’t agree with these comments more. I believe Poshmark should also have a customer support line. It shows just how cheap they are. I made a purchase this morning by a seller accepting my offer. Money transferred and the seller was paid. Then three hours later the seller cancelled the transaction citing she had changed her mind. Sounds like sellers remorse to me. It was. She re-posted the same item and is not asking $75 more than what I paid for it. This is totally against community guidelines as well as unprofessional and unethical. When I told the seller I was reporting her to Poshmark she said thank-you. The reason why is she knows that Poshmark doesn’t do anything and there are no consequences for her actions. e-Bay would kick her off.


    It is absolutely ABSURD that there is no way to contact a customer service individual. Who runs a business this way. I purchased a David Yurman bracelet and thinks that it’s a knock-off, but am unable to get in touch with the seller. TOTAL NONSENSE!!!

    • I agree! I too ordered an item received the confirmation that I ordered the item, my card was charged and I have not heard another thing! I have emailed a number of times I get a generic email saying they are updating their email system and their voicemail is full….shocker! POSHMARK is a terrible company and I am contacting my credit card company to dispute the charge and I will delete anything to do with poshmark…after I blow up social media to be aware!!!!!

    • I agree. I’ve been getting the run around & now they must have blocked the emails they emailed me today – they won’t go through. What the hell kind of “fake business is this?

    • I totally agree with you. I have sent 5 emails and have not heard from them at all. As you and others have stated it makes you wonder about the legitimacy of this company that they do not allow you to phone them, chat with them and do not answer any of your emails. I list on Poshmark and am thinking abut closing down as I cannot work with a company that I cannot get a hold of as I have question that need answered and There FAQ’s are useless.

  48. Martie Russell Reply

    I too have had ALOT of problems with Poshmark Customer Service. After receiving a dress that was torn on both sides, the seller and I agreed to a refund of $12 so I could get it repaired at the alterations shop near our home. Despite 4 emails, complete with pictures, the Customer Service has not acknowledged my requests, but rather has sent an automated response via email that they are closing my case. There is not a Poshmark phone number that receives messages. You are forced to use email, that the Customer Service does NOT respond too. Very disappointed…my last purchase with them.

  49. NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW…… I ordered a top and it appears it was sent to a totally different address and state than I am in. Now my purchase page shows my address but I never received it and when I questioned I was given a tracking number that says it was shipped and received in a totally different state… REALLY…. no refund yet so I contacted Paypal to dispute and get my money back…. I think I am through with POSHMARK.

  50. Gary Stern Reply

    My daughter bought a designer bag from a college friend a few months ago. Before she listed it on Poshmark, she did due diligence to ensure it was authentic. After a week of investigating, she determined it was authentic and listed it on Poshmark. A buyer was interested and they negotiated a price. Because it sold for above $500 it had to be sent first to Poshmark offices for authentication. After a week, Poshmark came back to my daughter and told her they had cancelled the transaction,the reason, not that it was not authentic but rather they were unable to authenticate it? whatever that may mean?. They cancelled the transaction, refunded the buyer and suspended my daughters account. My daughter emailed them to find out how to get the bag back. She was told that she had to pay $20 via Paypal and it would be returned. She made this payment over 3 weeks ago and has not heard a single word from Poshmark since then and of course has never received the bag back from Poshmark. She has sent them numerous emails with all relevant details and it has met with no response. What type of business is this? Is this not consumer fraud? We plan to submit this review on every possible social media platform we find as well as bbb. Companies like this should not be in business. The fact that they have no customer phone support allows them, in my opinion, an avenue to commit unethical acts like this.

  51. I am reading all of these reviews and am wondering if I will ever get my money back. I ordered a pair of Liz Claiborne’s shoes and have not received them. Not able to find the problem/inquiry tab. Hope you will honor your commitment.

    Thank you, Sharon j wiler

  52. Charlie2155 , As a valued customer whom has made several purchases. I’m very disappointed and dissatisfied with Poshmark customer service. I purchased an item which was misrepresented. I was informed via email once package was delivered, I’d receive my refund. After several emails with automated replies. Still no refund !! If this is how Poshmark handles business . I’m will no longer spend my hard earned monies with them . Also the refund policy states within 24hrs refund will be applied to cc. Now 7-10 days !!! I’m not a happy posher. 2/15/2018

    • @tedwards1 I too have had a terrible experience with poshmark. After buying and selling with posh for a couple of years. I recently made a purchase and accidentally pressed the delivered button. I immediately contacted posh and the seller. The seller promised to ship the item and posh responded and asked that I let them know if I hadn’t receive my item. Well after waiting a couple of days and not receiving my item the seller stopped responding and went black and posh also stopped responding to my emails. I have yet to receive a refund and the seller has the funds and the item and posh has done NOTHING about it. NEVER EVER again will I purchase or sell I’m going to Mercari.

    • Stacy Geary Reply

      Hello. Just curious if you ever received a refund. I am currently experiencing the exact same thing. Thank you for any information you can offer me.


    I too feel as if I have been scammed. The fact that they have no phone number for customer service or complaints is insane and should not be allowed to do this.

  54. Hi!! Fellow Poshers!! After reading Megan’s comment on potential scams, I felt compelled to advise that I, too, had the exact same situation happen to me! I question the validity of the website and the safeguards that are in place. I have found this website to be EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING….my email address was entered incorrectly, I was told there are 2 of the same listed, when I have tried to purchase an item, the icons ask for my email and password to facilitate and the screen states a resounding “not found!” Contacted customer service several times to correct….still not corrected. As for the “scam” issue…NEVER, EVER deviate from the site to conduct business..the mere fact that you would be steered away from PoshMark to purchase an item is NOT ETHICAL..whenever “they” ask for your address, phone number, personal information and say that ‘someone” will pick up the item at your house…NOT GOOD!! Have not encountered these issues with other sites…

  55. Terrie Edwards Reply

    They are SCAMMERS! For some strange reason, they’ve (and there are TONS) infiltrated PoshMark (PM). I don’t know if it’s because PM doesn’t have the proper security firewalls, or what. But I’ve NEVER seen such continuous scams on any other website. And it’s not as if PM HQ isn’t aware of it. Their website has been targeted and the only recourse they’ve offered to their members is a blanket statement that says, do not conduct business outside of PoshMark. Thanks PoshMark for your insitefulness and concern!!!

  56. Poshmark is no longer protecting buyers! They used too but apparently since they only get paid when the seller gets paid they no longer look out for the protection or best interest of buyers. Even though I have spent thousands of dollars on poshmark the moment I have an issue and try to email them my emails go unanswered for over 2 week. (I was sold a fake item) Finally I get sent a shipping label to send the FAKE item to their offices to be Inspected and sure enough 1 week later and still no update or response. I even left a message on their number. They have become unprofessional and if I don’t receive a response I will file legal proceedings. Then I will let all 1million of my IG & twitter followers know they shouldn’t use posh. Sad it’s even had to come to this. Moving forward I’ll stick to eBay where the buyer is protected!

  57. Hello, I experienced suspicious behavior today from a fellow “Poshmarker.” It’s quite frightening. Basically, the Poshmarker commented on the item I’m selling, asking me to email him/her to complete a sale. I emailed the address, and immediately after, the comment disappeared from my profile. The email ([email protected]) of the name “Serah Josh.” The email said that he/she has a private fashion store, and he/she would like to purchase my item. The person also said they would send me a check in the mail by Monday and that I wouldn’t have to give up my item until I cash my check at the bank (this part sounded safe and almost convinced me). Then, he/she said I wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of shipping because a worker would come to my house to pick up my item. This was when I became suspicious. I found it odd that a worker would come to my house to pick up my item. He/she asked for 4 things: my name, address, phone number, and price of the item. Also, remember how I sent an email to him/her from my phone? Our emails only show up on my phone–not my laptop or any other device. Just my phone. I just wanted to report this behavior for the sake of other Poshmarkers. I was seconds away from giving them my name & address because the offer sounded great. Thank you!

    • Hi Megan, I too have experienced suspicious behavior from a fellow “Poshmarker.” I purchased a jacket on July 17th I was never sent an invoice or anything to check on the status of the jacket. The person never responded to any e-mails I sent to him. I cancelled the order a week later and received received my money back. The order is still active with my name and address on it he still does not respond to any e-mails I have sent him. Poshmark keeps saying “we are not responsible for his shipping or not shipping out items.” Megan what do you think I should do. Post my disgust on Facebook and see what happens, or reach out to Poshmark one final time. I am glad you did not give out info to this person. It is an old scam I became aware of it in the beginning of Craigslist. Someone usually out of town says “I will reimburse you for expenses usually with a check that is false but it looks identical. You put it in the bank it’s fake and you get a penalty. It happened to me but only for 20 dollars, I was reimbursed for it. My best advice is if it seems too good to be true it probably is, and if it’s a sweet deal where is your money in this. Thank you it’s nice to correspond with someone who has had these issues with Poshmark. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. It is a one of a kind jacket and I hate to give it up without some kind of resolution, but if he is not going to sell it then he needs to pull it off of the Poshmark website.

      Thanks Kreag

  58. Sandra Martin Thomas Reply

    I’m trying to order a bag from overseas with my PayPal account and package is going to my home address in Buffalo, NY, I can’t seem to do this. Why can’t I order using my PayPal acct. The product is going to my USA home.

  59. For such a great app with such potential it is very disappointing that communication is so poor. There is so way to call and talk to anyone. You cannot even message a buyer or seller. I will not continue to participate in a program where I cannot communicate effectively. You are charging credit cards by the hundreds daily you are not allowed to do so without a contact number for errors. With the large amount you are making for simply giving people the formum to sell to each other of 30% you can afford to hire phone representatives. People need to be able to communicate with each other as well. This is ridiculous.

  60. I really did want both of these items this is my first time using Poshmark and I don’t understand that the money was drawn off my card right after I made the order it states that your order comes within 1 to 3 days but I have not even heard anything and it is 5 days now if some way I could receive some information I’d greatly appreciate it or I would like to cancel my order I really would like to have the items but it does not look like I’m going to receive them I thank you very much

  61. Marcee Hirst Reply

    I’m very frustrated. I’ve been selling on Poshmark for about a year. No problems with selling. The problem is that I can’t seem to get my account set up to get my money sent to me either directly to my account or via a check. I’ve tried to set it up with the code but the code is never sent to my email and it says my email is not valid. However it’s the same email everything else is done by me on Poshmark!!! I’m a Power Seller on eBay and sell on other sites and I just don’t get it. I’ve emailed Poshmark “Support” Numerous times with no response. I’m about ready to just discontinue my account with them if this is not resolved soon! Why sell on their site if I can’t get my money????

  62. Lisa Stermer Reply

    For the past few days I can’t list any changes on my listings like photos or prices. When I press list it says not at this time try again. It does not work to try again. I have had to re-list instead. I tried again this morning to make photo changes and it won’t like me change them. This has never happened before. Please let me know how to correct this so I can make changes to my listings.
    Thank You.
    Lisa Stermer

  63. Helen Griffith Reply

    Hello. I have sent numerous messages. You guys were quick to reply to tell me when I let you know the postman wouldn’t deliver my package because of postage shortage. Now that I’m due money you do not reply. I sent you the photos including the duplicate labels that the seller used on both boxes for and the postage due of$13.60 plus the copy of the check to Postmaster. Please refund me NOW or i will file formal complaint. It is not a huge sum of money but just unprofessional.

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