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national football leagueNational Football League (NFL) is an American professional football association that was founded in the year 1920. NFL is divided into two conferences of sixteen teams each. Total there are 32 clubs. The big names include New England Patriots, New York Jets, Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, Chicago Bears, among others. Total revenue of all NFL teams exceeds over $9 billion. The Dallas Cowboys at $4 bn is reported to be the most valuable NFL franchise. The annual championship game of the NFL is called Super Bowl. Each year the Super Bowl draws over 100 million viewers. The Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have the record for most Super Bowl wins.

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  1. Buckeye Karen Reply

    I thought the Super Bowl game was boring, the commercials were boring and lacked pizazz, and the half time show was also boring. The lack of scoring by either team was so disappointing. The commercials made me yawn due to lack of creativity. Why isn’t a country group like Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, or Jason Aldean selected? Typically they can get the crowd on their feet dancing and feeling good and everyone can understand the words to the songs. I used to love it when Lee Greenwood sang God Bless the USA. It sent chills down my spine. Improvement is needed.

  2. Larry Sieger Reply

    It’s an absolute disgrace that the NFL would allow an “entertainer” on the halftime show of the super bowl and have to block the lyrics. No wonder people are tuning out.. What kind of entertainment is this for the youth watching this so called halftime entertainment?

  3. Michael Canale Reply

    I would like to make a bad comment about The NFL Shop. I have ordered stuff from them (unfortunately several times) and each time gets worse. Their advertising conveniently puts vital order info in small print so no one can read it(like we will deliver on or before 1-31-19 and then they say sorry it’s now on back order for 2-8-19). When contacting their customer service all you get is sorry and have a nice day. I don’t know how a great organization like the NFL let’s their name be associated with them. I don’t know what you can do about this, but I wanted to go on record. The scenario’s mentioned above is making my Grandson very disappointed because he won’t have his favorite players Super Bowl Jersey in time for the SB. Thanks

  4. The NFL has been(like Colin) an institution in this great Country, kids grow up loving sports, idolizing and following their favorite players. This was all good in our house until the Flag of the Country, that many have served was disrespected. This is not okay, not an acceptable new normal or anything we will pay for/fund and allow into our living room. We have grand kids that will be raised loving and respecting this Country and Her Flag, as we were. Disrespect by the privileged few, always sad, always losers. The NFL has spiraled down hard.

  5. The Saint’s got SCREWED on the no call Pass Interference at the end of the game yesterday. The refs had to be BLIND not to see it. The Refs should NEVER work in the league again, this is pathetic! I will never watch another NFL game, and I will urge all I know to skip them as well. I’ll watch my football on Saturday’s in the Fall

  6. Not Telling Reply

    I have lost my appreciation for the game. The officiating in today’s championship game was horrible. If a team cannot rely on fair officiating, then there’s no point in playing the game. New Orleans should’ve won that game 23-20 in the least! In such situations as the second uncalled pass-of-interference, which set the stage for the out come, there should be a way to challenge the call/non-call…or there should be a call made by the booth…overruling the call on the field.

  7. Gordon E. Hampden Reply

    I have a question. How many rugby players have you heard of with concussions?

    I remember Daryl Stingley from New England and that criminal from the Oakland Raiders, Tatum, who paralyzed him and then wrote a book entitled “They Call Me the Assassin.”

    Enough already. Want to stop players from using their helmets are weapons?
    TAKE THE HELMETS AWAY … Let everyone play without a helmet. We will then see the problem go away. Concussions are nothing to be played with.

    There is my suggestion.

  8. Stop fixing the games with strategically called penalties.If you are not fixing the games(and that’s hard to believe)then fire the inept refs that ruin teams chances by calling bs penalties like the one at the end of the Colts Chiefs game.The guy barely touched the kicker and that never would have been called in any other game.You missed out on what could have been an exciting finish if the Colts could have marched down the field with over 3 min left.Then an onside kick could have changed everything but NO!!!FIRE THAT DAMN REF!!!!!I never want people to lose their job and I don’t have a fav team but come on,the NFL is terrible and the refs look stupid every week.Do you hire retards only?

  9. Bryan Hayward Reply

    I think that moving away from Aloha Stadium a few years I think it was a huge mistake. I served as a USN Diver for 6 years in Pearl Harbor across from Aloha Stadium. Years on a salvage ship and then at a SEAL Team. The meaning of the Pro Bowl in Pearl Harbor means so much to the people who sacrificed everything. I think you truly messed up.

  10. Tonie Hampton Reply

    I can’t stand Booger McFarland as an announcer! He is so critical of players, never giving them credit for good plays without making some negative comments. He is so annoying as an announcer and talks way too much. The games would be so much better without him!

  11. It’s gotten to the point where several of my friends and I are going to stop watching your games. It seems that every time there is a play, we have to wait to see if there is a flag which will wipe out that play. There are many cases where the announcers say that they didn’t see anything wrong. Tonight, 12/30, towards the end of the Colts-Titans game there were 6 flags on seven plays against the Titans. I don’t support the Titans, but how are they supposed to try and win a game when they’re plating against the Colts and the men in the striped shirts. It’s now become a game where the best team with the best plays doesn’t win, but the team with the best refereee calls wins. It used to be fun watching football, but not any more. Now it’s just frustrating so why watch?

    There are also too many commercials.

  12. Kevin wilmoth Reply

    I’m not exactly sure who to contact about this issue, so if you cannot give me an answer or help, please direct me to who can. I purchased tickets to Sunday Pittsburg game months ago. I had plane tickets and hotel room purchased. Then a few days ago, the nfl moved the game to 425pm. I can’t make that time. I can’t get to the game. I’ve been dealing with hotel, plane and game ticket vendors. Nobody wants to issue a refund. They say it was out of their control. Which I totally agree. This change in schedule is probably going to make me lose around $1000. The hotel were ok with the cancellation. I have proof of purchase on the plane and game the game tickets I did put back up for resell on stubhub. But if they don’t get sold, it’s a straight loss. I would like the nfl to issue me a check for the amount of these tickets. I mean less than a week before the game it gets rescheduled. My experience right now, it’s a huge nightmare. If you can help, email me for a phone number to where we can discuss this. If you cant, please send this to somebody who can and email their contact info. Thanks

  13. Janny Niles Reply

    To the NFL and team owners:
    I am an elderly lady who has watched the NFL all my life. No more now. The ignorance, disrespect and hatred displayed towards the fans by the players is despicable. Burning our National Flag in the locker room (Seahawks), kneeling during the National Anthem and abusing women is about all these punks can do after being paid millions of dollars. That TMZ can purchase a video of Kareem Hunt slapping a woman in February 2018 and the NFL does not interview him or the woman or make mention of the video, is a disservice to all football fans. These are not men, they are children stomping females and lying about their despicable actions. This Kareem Hunt does not deserve to be on a football field. I will not watch any games, buy any gear or purchase any product they advertise. Boycott them forever. They can never go back and restore our respect.

  14. Richard Wajda Reply

    I am officially out of the NFL fan base. I will never watch this BS entertainment again. Its not a sport anymore. The Pats will win it all because the refs will make sure of it. The bias refereeing is so evident around the league that it ruined the game. I will watch college. I will never buy the ticket again. You made it too obvious!

  15. Why does the NFL continue to recruit,hire players with questionable behaviors? I don’t think men who are possibly involved in drugs,domestic violence ,sexual assault or any other criminal accusations should be given carte blanche and allowed safe harbor in the NFL. Surely there are talented , respectful ,decent young men who would love to have these positions. The NFL needs to look at their players or potential players behavior away from the field before bringing them into the organization. I’m so turned off to the whole astonishing level of indifference to football players behavior. This has been going on for far too long and it needs to change.

  16. Larry Sarraga Reply

    Attendance and ratings problems continue.

    There is a huge number of fans (myself included) who would love to return to football. However I cannot support the NFL when it condones the players openly showing disrespect for our country while representing their teams.

    I miss football and would love to go back to following my team. Unless the NFL decides to enforce its rule on standing for the National Anthem, I will not give my patronage to the NFL in any way.

  17. Randy Oliver Reply

    I am so sick and tired of being forced to watch meaningless games just because they are our locale team. If you don’t have a winning record we should be able to enjoy a game that means something without paying for it. Bucs vs Giants what an exciting match up. I’m glad I live in Tampa, Fl. I guess we’ll go to the beach today at least that will be better than the nfl game of the week for sure. It really sinks!!!

  18. Evan Glasener Reply

    After enjoying watching the game of football since the early 70s, I am at a point where the distractions have outpaced the game itself. Player celebrations not only are a poor reflection on our up and coming youth, sportsmanship and image but, the NFL has lost all control with regard to what the game is about. I can care less about the kneeling during anthem. Now we have coaches dressed in green fatigues with military flyovers, military dressed in uniform on field and American flags all over the place. Give me a break! You should get control here or your numbers will certainly decline further.

  19. Commissioner: I am rapidly losing interest in watching the NFL, probably because I am 76 and clearly remember the pro football of old. I do follow the Eagle since I live near Philly. The NFL is ruining the game–too much money, too many rules, too many lousy calls, too many interruptions that break momentum, too much emphasis on betting, too much political interference. Who needs to watch real when you have a fantasy team? You may think I am a small minority, but I have talked to many who feel the same way. You are lucky that enough people are still willing to shower and shower money on the NFL and the new sports betz.
    I no longer watch baseball, the NBA, etc. I can’t relate to someone making $100 million a day to play third base like we did on the pklayground. I watch a little hockey, mostly AHL or ECHL. I still like college football, but the awful referees’ calls, money and Alabama are ruining this sport as well. The most frustrating things about college football are the overwhelming stoppages and the momentum ending replays. You are all fortunate that there aren’t many alternatives. Some day curling will be more fun to watch.

    Neither email listed for Mr. Goodell worked.

  20. Jason Hutzler Reply

    Dear NFL,

    Please fix the game. I cannot stand to see the game turned into flag football. I do not want to see 50-60 point games due the defense being buffed. I am writing this in desperation as I grew up playing and watching this game. But I refuse to sit and watch Flag Football! Have the players sign release forms that protect the league from legal recourse. Make sure they know the game they are playing. Also maybe take care of your ailing retirees. Look, its a game like Any contact sport that can lead to long term injuries, the further you get ahead and say that you are trying to help looks better. Please just be a little more organized.

  21. Butch Bumgardner Reply

    It is obvious to everyone that you do not care who watches the NFL (especially those that protest our country), because you have enough Communists and anti-Americans that have no loyalty to our country, that are loyal fans to a bunch of rich racist pieces of crap that can play with their balls.

    To the idiots who play and those that are loyal to them and to the recent owner of the Carolina Pussey cats I know why you decide that protesting everything your freedom gives is right; oh wait – no I don’t – because none of you know what it is like to serve your country. You just know what it is like to suck off the benefits of being in a free country.

    I keep looking at the faces of these idiots (players, and fans) and see if you were behind me when I was getting wounded to protect your yellow asses.

    It’s a shame because I remember when great men actually played the sport. I was a huge fan. Now it is infested with diseases like Kapernick. So no I will never watch another game.

    I bet none of these “brave” people will ever have the courage to talk with me.

  22. Christopher Kusnell Reply

    I’ve watched my last NFL game. I’ve been a fan and season-ticket holder since 1978, when I was 7 years old. September 30, 2018 was my last weekend watching NFL football. And no, it has nothing to do with a handful of players disrespecting the flag. I know the vast majority of the league’s players do respect and honor their country.

    No, I’m leaving because the officials have taken over the game, and it has gotten progressively worse each season. I don’t give my time and money to watch games be decided by corrupt or inept officials. Today was the last straw. From here forward, my Sundays are free.

  23. Kurt Larson Reply

    Is the NFL trying to lose the support of fans. I don’t understand how a sacked player can fumble the football and then the other team gets called for roughing the passer. As stated by the referee the flag was for “Personal Foul, the result of the fumble was recovery by the offense, and unnecessary roughness roughing the passer.” If he fumbled the ball and attempted to recover it – how can it be roughing the passer. Get it straight. But since you don’t answer fan inquiries I guess it will never get better.

  24. Dear sirs:
    I have been a fan of the NFL for many years. Growing up we would turn on the tv every Sunday and watch games on CBS and NBC. That used to be free tv, but now the providers have lobbied and set up a system to charge all of us for free tv and then they refuse to show games even when we pay for free tv! We had a local cable provider that raised our monthly fees to $460 per month (for basic cable, no premium channels) until we finally gave up. How many people can afford $460 per month to watch local network stations? We tried other alternatives but they are even worse. We paid for CBS all access and it locks up every single Sunday come game time. We could not get ESPN even through Sling so we signed up for their app and lo and behold, it locks up just as MNF starts! Of course the service rep fumbled around for the entire first half before confessing that they were “having trouble with ESPN tonight”. I suspect the trouble will amazingly go away just as the game ends! I have had my fill of not being able to watch your league anymore due to the out-of-control corruption that cheats us fans out of watching games EVEN WHEN WE PAY DEARLY TO DO SO!!! If this is your business model not only is it broken but your league will follow suit as soon as enough of the paying public grows weary of being cheated. Too bad because I really enjoyed watching NFL games until it became impossible to do so at any reasonable cost.

  25. Steven Berkoff Reply

    Do not subscribe to NFL Game Pass. Worst app ever. Crashes all the time, and there is no one you can call to solve technical issues. Submitting their trouble tickets is an exercise in futility. Worst customer service I’ve ever encountered from a major corporation.

  26. Paul Brennan Reply

    Still don’t get it do you???? I was a season ticket holder for the Eagles for 4 years back in the GREAT Jerome Brown , Reggie White era. I’ve LOVED them with all my heart for many years. I got priced out of my tickets long ago but i was still very passionate about my Eagles. It BROKE my heart when the protest involved the national anthem!!!! I understand there are social issues that need to be addressed, but NOT DURING THE HONORING of our FLAG. Most of the protesters do nothing in their off time to actually DO SOMETHING in their community. Too many of the players are criminals or just Bad people. I didn’t watch last year and it hurt. This year looks like I’ll be doing something other than watching the NFL. Very sad that you can not fix this!! I’M DONE WITH YOU !!!!

  27. Much as it makes me sad, I’m not watching any NFL or doing any fantasy leagues this year. ESPN is no longer broadcasting the Anthem and I’m done with players kneeling during the Anthem.

    IMHO, whether they understand it or not, this is disrespectful to the nation and to the military. As the father of an active duty service member I do not find this acceptable.

    Sure it’s within the players purview to do this action. If the NFL ever has the guts to enforce their own policy or the players figure out there’s a better time and place to express then I’ll come back.

    In the meanwhile this is in my purview. The NFL will not get one dime of my money or one moment of my time. I was once a season ticket holder, not any more.

  28. Robert Sligh Reply

    Your customer service sux. I bought NFL game pass but did not recieve it and I can’t resolve it because I can’t speak to a person. Your worth 9 billion and you can’t talk to me. I’m disputing the credit card charge with the bank and forgetting the NFL. Should have known better after you became political.

  29. Darryl Barnett Reply

    When the NFL came out with the rule back in the summer that the players could stay in the tunnel or locker room during the playing of the National Anthem if they wanted to,they could do so. But, if they came out onto the field, they must stand and respect the National Anthem. I was about to be really encouraged. That is until the commissioner, Rodger Goodell, kept talking. When the comment was made that it would be up to each team to discipline their own players if one violated the rule, I knew that it was just smoke and mirrors; acting like they are doing something when in fact they are doing nothing. I made the comment to my wife that there would be no change. SHAME ON YOU!!! You are a party to this disgraceful activity by not having the guts to put some teeth in your rule. I will not watch the NFL anymore. Our men and women have bled and died for our precious Country, which our Flag represents. Just for kicks, Google the men who up carried the Flag up Iwo Jima. See what a diverse group that was. See what happened to those brave men in the weeks and months that followed. Of course that is just one instance of so many many more throughout our Country’s history.

  30. Brian R Burkardt Reply

    You will eventually learn that the radical left is a mob. They won’t compromise, they aren’t sensible, and they aren’t reasonable. You either cave to their caterwauling and gnashing of teeth or you stand up to them and smash them down. They are after one thing and that is to get enemies to cave and their enemies are everyone who do not agree with them unconditionally. You just tried to meet halfway and they will not play by the rules they only recognize their own rules. Expect teams and rich socialites to pay the fines for players who defy you.

    You had a chance all along to suspend players and take a hard line in support of fans who don’t want their game politicized. The left leaning media doesn’t even like football!! They will always be adversarial to your brand so why bow to radicals and their demands? You’ve lost TONS of money and the longer you take to curtail these self aggrandizing attention seekers the less true fans will return with their ticket and merchandise money.

    Don’t delay another minute. I’m not tuning in again until this is resolved and I get the game back I love. You won’t see a dime of my wages in the meanwhile.

  31. I just turned off the Super Bowl in the third quarter. I refuse to watch a game that reuses to allow an ad in the official program asking people to stand during the National Anthem and the show a racist commercial about blackture. I will never watch another game, I have college football to watch.

    • Bonnie eisenberg Reply

      Our soldiers fight for the right to protest. Our flag is a symbol of our rights. Denying players the right to protest racial mistreatment is the WORST form of anti-American behavior possible. True patriots applaud the players who take a knee and the NFL’s support of those who act on their moral obligations. If the NFL bans players from making a moral statement by taking a knee, the USA will be one step closer to a dictatorship and a giant step away from democracy. That would be the biggest disrespect for all who have lost their lives in the fight for freedom. Everyone should lock arms together to oppose injustice where ever it appears. I ask all of you who love the flag more than the rights it stands for to think about our forefathers who made sure citizens were allowed the right to protest. I believe we can come together as a nation if we keep justice for all front and center in our minds, hearts and actions.

  32. Stu Palmer Reply

    After a tumultuous NFL P.R. season, starting with Colin’s protests on-field, we were just starting to return to watching a game on Sunday. However, after watching the Seattle/Jacksonville game, we are disappointed in the behavior of the players and the fans. What a spectacle.

    What happened to one of the great professional sport games in this country? We’ll skip the NFL games for this year.

  33. Shawn Switzer Reply

    I will NEVER watch another game again. Even if they put an end to protesting during the National Anthem. If they banned it now, it would only be because they are forced to financially, and not for the right reasons. They’ve exposed who they really are and I’m done!

  34. We have just turned off the Eagles Redskins game. We are avid Eagles fans but when you refuse to show the National Anthem being played, your sport does not warrant being watched. Let’s see what happens when, these players who are making an amazing salary in this country, no longer can make this salary because people who love this country will no longer stand by and support their behavior. They are, in fact, being paid by us. What other company would allow a salaried employee to demonstrate the way these players and the NFL as a whole have been allowed to do. Football as we have known it may never recover from this.

  35. What a bunch of BS to hear Robert Goodell say that the NFL isn’t political. If I remember correctly, Tim Tebow was politically humiliated for kneeling to thank his God. Personally, I am not religious nor do I even believe in God;however,freedom of religion is a right in this great country. Yet, Tebow was instructed by the non-political NFL to stop kneeling. It is so apparent to any human being that the NFL is, in fact, not only political but that they will support specific issues and also assist in suppressing and penalizing employees that are targeted for such. So, my husband and I will only watch college football, and my husband said he’ll watch soccer before he watches the NFL again. Good call Goodell hope the NFL goes broke supporting non-political issues.

  36. Glen Gehlker Reply

    I am a 71 year old, retired Air Force member. I will NOT watch or take part in any event that promotes or supports the NFL or it’s sponsors until the pathetic behavior of “taking a knee” is banned and the participating players admonished for their behavior. If they think they have it so bad, let them play football in the Middle East !!!!!! Or when they need help, let them call one of their butt buddies instead of a police officer! If I had my way – they would be eliminated – FOR GOOD !

  37. Kevin McMullin Reply

    Shame on the NFL for allowing this insult to our flag & service members who protect, and sometimes die for this great country. Does bottom dollar rule all. No backbone, no moral compass. It’s heartbreaking to see a bunch of spoiled, pampered, utterly ignorant, overpaid athletes trying to shove their leftist politics down the throat of the American people.
    Maybe they should start protesting (or helping) the dads that have 7 children with 7 different woman and leave them to fend for themselves. But they won’t.
    Now the NFL is getting politically involved with letting them out of jail early. How convenient for you.
    I am sick to death over this NFL. You, ESPN, and all your cohorts are banned!!
    Police are scared to death, because it’s a WAR ZONE in the inner cities.

  38. Pete Pedersen Reply

    I am thoroughly disgusted by the national anthem fiasco and the apparent lack of interest by the NFL in making the issue go away. Count me as one more person that will not be watching any future games

  39. Jerry alford Reply

    I have been watching and supporting the NFL since 1959, and it breaks my heart, but I will never watch another game, I will never buy NFL gear of any kind, I will never buy anything that you advertise, I will never have nothing to do with the NFL ever again. I am sick and tired of any individual, company, or anything else who does not respect or love: my GOD, my BIBLE, my right to PRAY, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, this Nations FLAG, and the United States MILITARY. Jerry

  40. I have watched the National Football League games on television and as a fan in the stands for over 50 years. This year I find myself conflicted and often disgusted. I watch football for the competition.I could absolutely care less if someone demonstrates or does not demonstrate their political or social economic positions. There certainly is a place for these demonstrations and I honor them . I just don’t need the NFL or any other person,business or politician inserting their opinion or policy on my entertainment. I think it’s time for everyone to get over themselves. If someone wants to sit down, stand up kneel or do a backflip,who cares ?it’s just football friends and let’s keep it that way! if the political atmosphere continues to interject itself on what is just entertainment I will just turn it off and I doubt that I will be alone. It’s time to get back to football and leave all those other distractions to those that need it for an agenda that has nothing to do with football.

  41. Jerry Mitchell Reply

    After viewing a player for the Seattle Sea Hawks burning an American flag in the locker room, while the team sat out the National Anthem being played on the field, I hear by pledge to never ever watch another NFL game at any venue or use any product that serves as League advertisers. I will make it my mission to tell all my friends to do like wise. If these men who are laughing and cheering the burning of our Flag they are not worth watching. I hope you NFL officals some how decide to stop this sort of degrading behavior and reaffirm your loyalty to the American Flag.

  42. Larry Ingle Reply

    There remains a far better method for those paid athletes who wish to protest racial discrimination than refusing to stand to show unity in the freest country on the planet.

    And most importantly at a time when North Korea and radical Islamic terrorist are plotting this very minute to destroy our national electrical grid and thus kill 90% of our population in the first year.

    If you don’t believe this, you’re deceiving yourself.

    Not one single nation on earth, not China, Japan, Russia, Great Britain or any of the other 170 countries would allow paid players to exhibit such disrespect by giving what is in fact, the Finger.

  43. Gus Hawkins Reply

    I am boycotting the NFL due to their cowardly concession to players who have over inflated egos. They think that they are more than players, that somehow, they are entitled to a place at the Bully-pulpit, simply because they can do things with a misshaped ball. They are merely paid performers, and I refuse to continue to contribute to their salaries. Freedom of Speech is protected by those who serve under the very flag they scorn. Are there problems in the US? Certainly. But protests from multi-millionaires on the playing field are inappropriate. This is their workplace. The league and team presidents have the right to control employee’s behavior in the workplace. No, they have the responsibility to do so! Let the players protest elsewhere. It would be interesting to see how much attention they would receive then.

  44. Dear NFL, I will no longer watch, buy, or attend anything ofiliated with you. I have been watching football all my life and never been so disgusted. To not let a player wear pink cleats to support his mother surviving breast cancer. To not letting a team wear a decal for officers fallen in the line of duty. And you allow a player to wear socks dipicting police officers as pigs. I can assure you that if Paul tagleabue were still commissioner this would not be happening! You have lost a life long football fan!

  45. Once again, professional football players are refusing to stand for the national anthem. As a veteran I find this insulting and offensive. I did not risk my life to be insulted in this manner.
    Unless the NFL commissioner does something ASAP (i.e. fine/suspend) these players for these POLITICAL actions the NFL has lost me as a fan. I refuse to watch any game this season, purchase any merchandise to support my team (who by the way has ALL players standing for the national anthem).

    How sad that professional sports has become political. Leave the politics to the politicians or if you have to make a statement make it on your own time.

    Nancy Day

  46. Count me in as a non-watcher this season. More childish behavior in the end zones after scoring. Isn’t scoring what they get paid for? But more importantly, the apparent support of the commissioner, his staff and the owners for the kneeling during the national anthem. Brave men and women the ages of these “brave” athletes are putting their lives on the line wearing the uniforms of our first responders and military and and this is what they get to see from those who they protect and defend! Shame.

  47. Mike Davidson Reply

    I will not be watching or attending NFL games this year because of relaxing celebration rules. This sets horrible example for young fans. No wonder NFL viewership is down. Sad NFL fan.

  48. I am a woman of a certain age who has loved professional football for a long time. The current support of the “kneeling” football players is so ridiculous that other women and people of my age are simply fed up with the political correctness of Roger Goodell and his politically correct support of them. If his attitude continues, I and my colleagues will simply stop supporting the NFL. Either make Roger punish these players or get ready to lose a lot of support and money! Enough is enough! The NFL is not an agency of social change. WAKE UP !

    Beth Rohr,
    Detroit MI

  49. James Bond Reply

    The protests of nfl players of our national anthem is an anathema to our country and those who gave their lives for it. And, the NFL, with its tepid response of equating disrespect in this forum to patriotism or free speech is despicable!

    If the NFL can demand ALL the players wear pink for breast cancer, then the NFL should have the same decision-making for this obscene disrespect for our country and our national anthem. The multi-million dollar “cry-babies” don’t deserve what veterans, policemen, and others who gave and continue to give their lives sacrifice every day.

    I am done with the NFL and will no longer watch until the NFL stops this nonsensical and abhorrent behavior of these unpatriotic “whiners”.

  50. Keith Hechler Reply

    I refuse to watch another NFL football game until something is done regarding the disparaging actions of a few players towards our National Anthem and the flag. They are acting like spoiled little brats instead of professionals. They make millions of dollars doing something they love to do, not many Americans can say that. Us normal people do what we have to do to pay the bills and put food on the table. That flag stands for a lot more than what they realize, and I expect everyone that lives in this country, and prospers because of the freedoms we enjoy, to pay their respects to the flag. That flag represents all of the soldiers, men and women, that have fought, sacrificed and died, protecting this country and her citizens. That flag is above and beyond all of our petty little squabbles and indifferences. That flag has nothing to do with someone felling oppressed, discriminated against, or making their little panties get all twisted up. I, as a military veteran, am disgusted by the actions of the players, the team leaders, coaches and executive personnel. I know, I know, you are scared of the ramifications of denying their First Amendment right. Guess what, I don’t care. I can’t hold a protest, or say what I really want to say in my place of work, for fear of being blacklisted and eventually let go. The same can go for anyone, in any workplace. Suspensions, fines, benching, doesn’t matter to me. I’m sure this message will go no farther than file 13, but at least I have a true, patriotic voice, and I could care less about political correctness. Good luck with all of your future endeavors, which will not include this veteran.

  51. Fred Duquette Reply

    I am one of the people that is disgusted with the QB of the 49ers. See if he knows how to use google and have him google crime statistics. He may find out that his stance is is unfounded. I will not watch a NFL game this year till him and all like him show respect for the country they live off of. Thanks for college football.

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