Contact of LaserShip customer service (phone, email)

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Contact LaserShip: Find below customer service details of LaserShip, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the courier company. Reach the customer service below for queries, complaints or feedback.

Head Office
1912 Woodford Road
Vienna, VA 22182
United States

Customer Service
Phone: (804) 414-2590
Email: [email protected]

About LaserShip
LaserShip is an American last-mile delivery company founded in the year 1986. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia and has 63 distribution centers. LaserShip is a trusted delivery partner for several leading e-commerce companies to reach large segments of East Coast population. It offers Same Day and Next Day delivery, thanks to the 1,300 employees and network of 4,600 couriers.

LaserShip has close to five sortation centers. It offers GPS monitoring of shipments and offers detailed data capture of every delivery issue. LaserShip also partners with ADSI, ProShip, Agile Network, FedEx, Malvern Systems, Intermec and RAA. Industries served by the company include E-Commerce, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Supplies and Professional Services. For more information or queries on payment, cancellation, tracking, delivery, or others reach the LaserShip customer service.

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  1. Angela Williams Reply

    Worst delivery company EVER!! I have NOT received anything- obviously the drivers are stealing and getting away with it. When you call customer service, I feel so sorry for the agent who has to hear disgruntled customer after customer. This is the biggest rip off for the consumer but the drivers are having a wonderful time with paid for packages. Sending a formal complaint to the corporate office. I’m sure corporate will find a way to excuse incompetent behavior

  2. I am beyond angry and completely disgusted with your company and the complete lack of accountability and care in the world, for not doing their job!!!

    We ordered a package through Butcher Box and long story short, our package sat in the Meriden, CT facility for 40 hours before it was reported as “delivered” which clearly never happened. Was told by “customer service” that the package was not delivered and would arrive the following day. Never happened and then we were told that the package was discarded, so not a bone in my body believes it wasn’t stolen by one of your supposed drivers. Zero accountability and your entire company is a complete disgrace!

  3. Paloma Souza Reply

    I am writing to say this is the worst delivery service I have ever worked with in my life. I got hung up by 2 of your customer service representatives. TERRIBLE customer service! I didn’t even offended her verbally and she hung up me! WHO does that!?? I wasn’t able to catch their names, it was 2, I was calling from work and I asked her if I could put her on hold and she hung up, when I called back and made her put in a note and I said “you better” she responded “you better!?” I said yes and she hung up on me. Both started off awful attitude. And I am calling for the 3rd time as I am writing this and just got hung up on AGAIN!!!! I have been trying to get a package delivered from Sephora. The shipping address is to be delivered to my job. You delivered the 1st package SUNDAY at 8:30 this is a big building and business with over 500 people. (the package was stolen and it was nowhere to be found) Why would you just leave a package in front of a business? I called Sephora and they sent out a new order on Monday (1 day Shipping). Today is Thursday, they tried to deliver my package yesterday at 6:30pm I called at 2pm and advised the business would close at 5pm. And now I have no idea where is my package. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a courier service! I will NEVER be buying from Sephora online ever again! Seems like the girls who answered my calls doesn’t have basic education and has 0 skills with Customer Service!


  4. June Hoffman Reply

    Dear Supervisor: I think this incident happened the 2nd or 3rd week of August 2018, a young man short black man with short hair cut,wearing a faded FED X T SHIRT came into the front door of my bldg. with a large hand truck with at least 6 or more boxes, I tried to tell him he had to use the service entrance he wouldn’t do it, the lobby has 3 steps to floor of lobby boxes were going to fall off his hand truck for sure I couldn’t stand around to keep him
    from going in but a porter spoke to him. Del. from your co. has be left in the mail room for the customer to carry up on the elevator themselves. UPS,FED X OR MAIL CARRIERS DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES IN OUR MAIL ROOM, THEY ARE BROUGHT UP TO THE APT. We as customers rely on service we can depend on packages left at our door if no ones at home. Since I personally complained to Walmart about your service after 3 X’s it hasn’t happened to me since, possibly Walmart don’t use your service anymore. Please

  5. Sheila Kitson Reply

    My tracking # is 1LS718506550837 shipped 6/16/2018
    The tracking info says that my pkg. was Delivered 6/18/2018
    at 4:09 pm, Left With (Mr (Mailroom)
    Who is that? I was home that day, went out a few times, but I never got any noticed that my pkg. was delivered or left with someone. My bldg. does NOT have a mail room or an attendant. What happens now?
    This seems like a nightmare.

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