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Interjet Head Office
ABC Aerolineas, S.A. de C.V.,
Ignacio Longares 102
Lote 2, Manzana 2
Col. Parque Industrial Exportec I
Toluca, EM 50200, Mexico

Interjet Customer Service
Phone: 1102 55 55 or 1102 55 11 (Mexico)
Phone: 1866 2859 525 (USA)
Phone: 1800 835 0357 (Guatemala)
Phone: 01800 952 0704 (Colombia)
Phone: 08000-521588 (Costa Rica)
Phone: 01800 01 12345 (others)

Email Support
Email: [email protected]

About Interjet
interjet customer serviceInterjet is a Mexican airline that began its services in the year 2005. With its main hubs at Mexico City and Toluca, the airline connects to some 50 destinations in Mexico, US, Central America and South America. Interjet is owned and operated by the Aleman Group.

Within Mexico, Interjet operates flights to Acapulco, Campeche, Cancun, Cozumel, Culiacan, Chetumal, Chihuahua, Hermosillo, Huatulco, La Paz, Leon, Los Cabos, Merida, Mexico DF, Minatitlan, Monterrey, Oaxaca, Palenque, Puerto Escondido, Puerto Vallarta, Reynosa, San Luis Potosi, Tampico, Tijuana, Toluca, Torreon, Veracruz, Zacatecas, among others. International destinations include Bogota, Guatemala, Havana, Las Vegas, Houston, Miami, New York, San Antonio and San Jose. Interjet has codeshare agreement with Iberia, allowing fliers to also connect to over 80 destinations in Europe.

Interjet allows booking of tickets using American Express, Visa or MasterCard credit cards on the website. One can also visit an authorised sales office to make the payment by cheque or cash. If looking for good bargains, scout through the promotions page or ‘Intertours’ section for a flight+hotel combo. You can also now rent a car on the Interjet website. Upon confirmation, view or manage your booking, also do web check-in and print boarding pass 48 hours before flight. Interjet allows passengers to carry one cabin baggage with max 10kg weight and two checked baggage with max 50kg (2 pieces). Read the baggage guide for dimensions and other details.

If you are a frequent flier join the Club Interjet loyalty program that rewards members on all purchases. Members will also receive special offers and personalized discounts. After registration, simply input the membership number when making a booking, to gather electronic wallet cash or Payback points. For more information or queries on payment, cancellation, lost baggage, reach the Interjet customer service via phone or email.


  1. This is the worst airline that I have flown in my 30 years of flying. INTERJET was late leaving Guatamala and by the time I got to my connection in Mexico City to LA my flight had already left. I assumed that because I missed my connecting flight they would put me aboard. Instead I was forced to buy another ticket that wasn’t leaving till 7:00am. When I asked to speak to a manager the people acted like like they did not speak English. They were the rudest people I have ever met while at an airport and flying. I honestly do not understand why they are still in business. Since I’ve been home I’ve tried in every possible way to make them understand that I need to be refunded the plane fair. At this point the only thing I have done is stop payment on the card I used for a full refund. I’m still waiting to hear from my bank. It doesn’t matter how cheap a flight is stay away from INTERJET.

  2. My wife and I have both been members of “Club Interjet” since 2013 and have flown often with IJ both within Mexico and to other countries. We have also booked multiple tickets for friends flying to various locations in Mexico. My flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles was uneventful. It left a bit late and as is normal in Mexico City the parade of planes delayed take off for half an hour or more. I was the first passenger at the luggage carousel in LAX and waited for an hour for my bag to arrive. It never did. I gave all my information to the IJ employee, who thanked me for being patient and polite. She said that that was not something that most people with missing luggage do. Well, now I know why. The night flight arrived without my luggage. There is no morning flight today and I have tried calling the joke of a customer service phone number that I was given when I called the regular number that I obtained on the website. I waited for an hour on hold and finally gave up. Get me my luggage today or I will no longer fly Interjet. If I am going to be treated as a pasajero en una combí, mejor que yo compre boleto con Viva or Volaris.

  3. zineb anrar Reply

    Zineb Anrar
    363 saint hubert apart 106
    12 fevrier 2019
    Subject: urgent!!!

    Dear interjet,

    I would like to ask for a refund for the flight 2820 from Cancun to Montreal january 24,2019 , that I purchased from your compagny weeks ago.

    I had flight at 16:50 january 24 th . I went to check in my luggage 14:30 ,
    I I had a bad experience with an interjet agent he didn’t allowed me to check in under the pretext that my passeport was a bit damage … I tried to explain to him and try to figure out what’s the situation and that i came with this passport like this from Montreal and its just due to my multitude trips AND EVERYTHING WAS VALID AND MY VISA AND AND WORK PERMIT are clear and correct …. but he doesn’t want to listen he was categorical and he defunded me to take my flight and he told me that i have to go to mexico city to take a give away from my ambassy !
    I was so made and deceived of the attitude of this person that made me loose my flight without a concrete reason.. .
    And this cause me a lots of troubel I had to spend the night in the aeroport to wait till the morning to call the Canadian embassy and after telling them all the situation they told me that i’am allowed to fly and ther is no reason to stop since my visa and work permit and passport are correct and valid( and a little passport cover damage wasn’t reason to make me loose my flight ).
    the Canadian embassy get in contact with interjet supervisor who apologize to me about the situation and told me that i can fly but i have to pay for another flight ..
    So the agent made me loose my flight without strong reason and he was wrong and had to spend the night at the aeroport and they are asking me to pay another flight ?! this is not my fault .This is interjet agent fault he made me loose my flight because of wrong pretexte or lack of professionnalisme and i had to pay for his mistake by bying a new ticket missing a work meeting in canada and spending the night at the aeroport.
    In this case I will be glad to make my compensation by reimbursing me the amount of of 226.75 $ ca corresponding to the damage suffered, in accordance with the terms of the conviention.
    In the absence of regularization on your part I will be forced to refer to the competent authorities in this case.
    You will find enclosed all the documents relating to this application.


    ZINEB anrar

  4. Marlys Feder Reply

    On June 8, 2018, I and my husband were scheduled to return from Mexico City to Oaxaca. On June 7th, he had an adverse reaction to medication that he had been prescribed and had to be hospitalized until five o´clock in the afternoon. He was still woozy and too ill to fly. I called customer service at Interjet and they transferred me to another number where I was retransferred to my original one. I was asking them for a reassignment to another day because of my husband´s illness. The only answer I got back was a terse, uncooperative answer¨You must make all exchanges four hours in advance. After having been given the run around for nearly half an hour, I ran to take care of my sick husband. We flew back to our home on Aero Mexico. I do not intend to fly Interjet again, even though they had been our exclusive airline within Mexico for the past ten years.

  5. Leisa Pugsley Reply

    I was scheduled to fly from Las Vegas to Monterrey Mexico Feb. 20th 2018 on a business trip. My connecting flight from Salt Lake City was delayed by 3 hours. My flight leaving Vegas was scheduled to leave at 12:25. I made it to the Interjet counter at 11:00. I was told it was too late flight was closed and that there were no more flights that day. I found out about 30 minutes later that there was indeed another interjet flight that I could possibly make. Your agents sent me to the supervisor who refused to even look to see if there was room on the flight. She shrugged and basically said too bad. None of the agents were interested in helping me at all. I feel that because it was a connecting flight and that the delay was not my fault there could have been at least some kind of action taken to help me get to where I needed to be. Your airline may have made $200 on me missing my flight but it could lose much more in the long run due to me not using your services. I travel extensively in Mexico and was planning on using your services more as I like your airplanes and up until that day the service was pretty good. Thank you for basically nothing.

  6. Denise Hodgson Reply

    My family of 5)are travelling from UK to Cancun on Saturday 12th August, 2017; staying at an all inclusive resort for 1 week.
    Then, on Saturday, 19th August, 2017 we had planned to fly direct from Cancun to Miami where we have booked and paid for a Hire Car, to take us to Fort Lauderdale where we have booked and paid for a one night stay. On Sunday morning, 20th August, 2017 we have a 1 week Royal Caribbean Cruise booked. This is a special we have booked for my daughter (who will be 40 this year) and her 2 children.
    Last Friday, 28th July, 2016 I received a call at 3:30 a.m. which frightened the life out of me and my husband to say our flight (booked September, 2016) had been cancelled. Reference No. 2960470717.
    I had to spend nearly 4 hours on Friday trying to sort out another flight quickly and then trying to sort out how much and when I would get refunded on your flight.
    No responses are now coming to me via email although I keep requesting information.
    We are pensioners and have to dip into our spending money to pay for this flight.
    I want to know how much (including compensation) you are giving me and when. This is not good enough.
    A very unhappy and dissatisfied customer.
    Denise and John Hodgson

  7. Your airline has the worst customer service! I will not use your airline again! I got to mexico city airport 2 hours early for a domestic flight and you closed my flight. Not only me but 20 other upset customers and the supervisor was rude! I was traveling with my elder parents and two children, your staff was so disrespectful!

  8. Jessica A. Reply

    My daughter missed her flight to mx cty because you chose to close your boarding pass gate early. She could not check in. She missed her flight, and was told to bad no refund. Shady shady shady airlines. I will never purchase tickets from your airline again. Please give her a refund!!!

  9. I have been waiting for a refund on a refundable ticket for 4 weeks…..I have called many times and have been told to please wait for a supervisor….I guess all supervisors are on VACATION!

  10. Max Jenkins Reply

    I am writing to complain about the treatment of my checked in luggage and it’s contents.

    In Terminal 10, El Dorado Airport, Bogotà, on the 5th of April 2017, at around 2:00pm I checked my black and blue/green rucksack in at departure desk number 14 for flight number 941 with Interjet Airlines from Bogota to Cancun. The flight was due to leave at 4:05pm, however departure was delayed for over an hour.

    On arrival in Cacun, my rucksack turned up on the conveyor belt all misshapen, swollen and bulging with the lid half open and some of my clothes hanging out. It seemed as if all the contents of my bag had literally been emptied out together, pockets and all, the tent taken out of its bag and shaken about and my ceramic candle holder smashed in the process.

    They had thrown all the loose small items from the pockets etc in the bottom, shoved everything else in very badly, didn’t even bother putting the tent equipment back in it’s bag so nothing would fit in the rucksack properly, leading to the bag bursting open at somepoint between Bogota and Cancun.

    When I re-organized my bag, I discovered that my fathers ‘red swiss army pocket knife inside its hand made leather pouch’ was missing. This knife has extreme sentimental value and importance to me as I have carried it with me since he passed away over 2 years ago.

    There are three possible causes for my missing knife. After my bag was searched by the security team in Bogota airport –

    1. The knife was placed at the top of the very badly re-packed bag, and fell out when my bag split open.
    2. The knife was accidentally not placed back in my rucksack.
    3. The knife was stolen by a member of the security team.

    I assume my bag search was performed by the security team, however there was no note left in my bag to inform me of this, which I feel is either due to negligence and bad practice, or the search was unauthorized.

    The knife in question does not fall into the category of contraband items, and therefore should have remained safely with the rest of my belongings.

    All of these possibilities are unacceptable and leave the airline and/or security team responsible.

  11. Maysel Markham Reply

    I have been trying to get a response from your offices about a complaint that I filed six weeks ago. My case number is 2753140217 your customer service people tell me that someone will contact me. I have called three times and asked for a supervisor each time. The people that answer usually refuse. When I do they tell me that I have to wait for corporate offices to get back to me. I have not yet asked for any refund , but I will as soon as someone contacts me. I hope this email gets to someone at your corporate office. Please respond via the email listed below.
    Thank you for your prompt response!

  12. Danielle Ohayon Reply

    My boyfriend and I were travelling from Cancun to New York on the 13th March 2017. A snow storm hit New York and our flight with Interjet was cancelled . I completely understand that this is no fault by Interjet and was a complete accident and misfortune by nature , However, your Interjet employee’s were completely unhelpful and uncompassionate. My boyfriend and I were in an impossibly hard situation . Our flight was to New York on the 13th and from there were going to catch our flights back to South Africa on the 15th. Your employees would only offer us a flight to New York on your airline on the 21st of March . We would obviously miss our international flights aswell as the fact that both our visa’s were expiring before the 21st of March. We explained our situation to your employee’s and all they did was shrug their shoulders and continue to offer us an alternate that we obviously were unable to take . They put other people on flights to new york the next morning but despite our desperation they still pushed us to the 21st March knowing our desperate circumstance. As an airline it is your duty to take care of your customers and as a human you should show some compassion and be flexible to helping others. We had to buy 2 new flight tickets through another airline . We were at the last leg of our travels and had not budgeted for such a set back . We were not given a refund for our tickets and even if we took the flight on the 21st of March we were required to pay more for that ticket over and above our original tickets .

    I am disgusted, dissapointed and feel that you have completely robbed us .
    I will make sure to share this occurance with others and make sure they dont have to fall victim to your unfair and terrible customer service .

  13. Barbara Scharf Reply

    My luggage was lost one week ago on a flight from MEX to jFK….I try calling customer service and get no where I am Upset and angry. I was a big fan of your airline but am totally disappointed with your customer service

  14. Lori Ritchie Reply

    My husband I was suppose to fly to Puerto Escondido Mon Jan 30th. My husband became very ill needing a nurse 24 hours a day Doctor said he cannot travel for at least 3-4 weeks. Yet don’t get any refund and to change dates if we could it would cost us even more. NOT HAPPY with interjet

  15. Fernando Lee Reply

    Hello, my name Fernando and I have a complaint to make.
    On December 21, 2016, I made the Cancun to Mexico City by Interjet (flight number 3301). From Mexico City, I traveled through LATAM (flight number JJ 8113) to São Paulo – Brazil.
    My luggage was misplaced in the connection between the flights and neither LATAM nor Interjet are able to locate my luggage. LATAM has opened a report to locate the luggage, but InterJet does not provide this service.
    At the time of check-in I personally asked the clerk to identify my luggage with a luggage tag in connection and he did not.
    Traveling through InterJet was a terrible experience.

    Before taking off from Cancun, flight attendant (Erika Camacho) who was supposed to give the example of security, and should turn off the cell phone, she kept sending messages ie the phone was not in airplane mode. During the landing procedure, no commissioner checked whether the seat belts were buckled or whether the seats were upright. Surely this will be my last trip with this company.

  16. Kevin Green Reply

    We are very unhappy with the recent service received from Interjet. We had originally booked flights in April 2016 as follows with a confirmation code supplied to us U73W9P;
    09/11/2016 Flight 2961 Miami to Mexico City ( arriving at 1410 hours ) This flight was fine. Then however our flight from Mexico City ( flight 3707 ) to Acapulco was delayed by 4 hours and we had to go to 4 different boarding gates whilst waiting, as they were changed almost on the hour.This I’m quite sure you’ll understand is bad enough but the misery gets worse. We had return flights booked as follows
    16/11/2016 Flight 2702 Acapulco ( 15:35pm ) to Mexico City ( 16:40pm ) and then
    16/11/2016 Flight 2964 Mexico City ( 18.00pm ) to Miami (22:00pm ) and then a hotel already paid for without any refund available at The Holiday Inn Express, Miami Springs which cost us $139.95 (USD).
    However on the evening of the 15/11/2016 ( less than 12 hours before our departure from Acapulco we were informed that our flight times were to be changed as follows;
    16/11/2016 Flight 3708 Acapulco ( 18:50pm ) to Mexico City ( 19.55pm ) and then 17/11/2016 Flight 2960 Mexico City ( 06.20am ) to Miami (10.20am ). We were on the phone to your customer services for a long time ( they phoned us at The Holiday Inn Express in Acapulco where we were staying. We explained that this wasn’t satisfactory as we already had a hotel booked in Miami and a hire car also booked but that I would be too tired to drive the car. They said they would provide a hotel for us at Mexico City and we had to approach the Interjet stand and quote Report number 2582031116 and they would have a hotel and transport to it already booked.
    Our flight from Acapulco was delayed until 22:45pm ( another 4 hour delay ). This meant that by the time we got to the Interjet desk at Mexicom City it was midnight. The man on the desk hadn’t been informed about any hotel and said that they were all booked. We had to try to sleep on the airport floor and I have just had a hip operation. We were moved 3 times by security staff who told us we couldn’t sleep where we were and at best we managed to get half an hours sleep. Even the flight the next morning was delayed by one hour.
    I have already told you that we already paid for the hotel and I have already been told you will reimburse this but I also believe that we should be reimbursed for non use of the hire car for one day which is $85.15 (USD ) and also we should be reimbursed our flights.
    We were asked many times as visitors from the the United Kingdom to say how nice it was in Acapulco ( and it was ) but the journey supplied by Interjet was apalling. The saddest part about all of this is that you at Interjet knew well before the evening before our depature that the flght times were changed and if we had known we could possibly have made alternative arrangements. You spoilt at least 3 days of our vacation and the hire car was for the purpose of driving the Florida Keys. I was too tired to start with so we couldn’t enjoy it as I was too exhausted to drive.
    Please let me know how you intend to compensate us.
    Kevin & Kim Greem

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