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Head Office
102 W Broadway,
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Phone: 888-44-FERRY
Phone: +1 631-473-0286
Email: [email protected]

About Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry
Traveling by ferry is a joy, with the gentle lapping of the waves and fresh breeze blowing on your face. It also affords a means to commute peacefully, avoiding the snarl of rush hour traffic. Combining this joy with a practical means of transportation is the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry. Officially known as the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company, this ferry company operates regular ferry service in New York, along the Long Island Sound waterway, between the cities of Bridgeport, Connecticut and Long Island Village of Port Jefferson. The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry began operations in 1883 and covers a length of 18 miles.

The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry is a popular destination for families out for a day of relaxation and fun, or as a way to and from their vacations. The ferry ride with blue skies and blue seas has a cathartic effect – bringing a sense of peace and calmness. Even business travelers use the ferry ride to reflect on the day ahead or past without worrying about traffic and rushing around looking for parking spots.

The fleet servicing the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry has been quite popular, and over the ages has seen some iconic ferries. The current fleet consists of three strong ferries. The first, Park City, popularly called the Green Ferry, which is fuel efficient and contributes to improved air quality in the local area. It is 280 feet long and has a solid, enabling it to carry up to 95 vehicles and 1000 passengers. PT Barnum Ferry, named after the company’s first president, started operations in 1999 and is capable of carrying 120 vehicles and 1000 passengers. The latest ferry in the fleet is the Grand Republic, which commenced operations in 2003 is a sleek 300 foot ferry with a speed of 20 knots and a maximum capacity of 120 cars and 1000 passengers.

Along with the beautiful travel experience, Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry offers a host of refreshments and drinks to make the journey enjoyable. Beverages- both alcoholic and non-alcoholic can be purchased onboard at the bar in the bow and specialty cocktails, wine and draft beer can be purchased from the Sports Bar or back deck bar. Those feeling peckish can partake of delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Galley. The menu includes specialties such as Eggs, Ham, Cheese, Bagels, Cereal, Fruit, Muffins, burgers, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, Hot Dogs, Fries, Pretzels, Salads and a range of finger foods from the bar menu.

One can make a social event of the ferry crossing by meeting fellow travelers in the Steamboat Lounge – a great place to chill with a drink, catch up on a sporting event or chat with friends and like-minded people.

The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry has a range of exciting tour packages to include the iconic ferry trip with local favorites. Check out Spring Blossom in New England, take a skiing break or a visit to a local winery or try your luck at a casino. Ask for the latest tour itinerary to check the latest schedules and availability. Entry is through bar coded tickets that are available on the company’s website, at the terminals and call center. For queries on tickets, cancellation, lost baggage or others, reach the customer service via phone or email.

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Last Update: December 19, 2022